Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Gets Restraining Order on Estranged Husband David Eason; He Threatens to File Missing Person Report for Their Daughter Ensley (Exclusive Details!)

“Stay away!”

Jenelle Evans has kicked her husband David Eason to the curb…and now she’s seeking legal help to make sure he stays there.

The Ashley can confirm that Jenelle filed for and was granted a restraining order to keep her former soulmate from contacting her, or their daughter Ensley for the time being. The Ashley’s source tells her that David was just served the temporary order.

“Jenelle is in hiding,” the source said. “She has no plans to return to The Land. She has left the state and does not plan to come back to North Carolina for her stuff or anything. The kids are with her.”

(The Ashley is not reporting where Jenelle and the kids are, or even what state they are in, so that their safety can be protected.)

“The restraining order was granted because Jenelle was able to show proof [to the judge] that abuse had occurred,” the source added. “Now that David’s been served, she can begin the divorce proceedings.” 

On Tuesday, David took to his Facebook page to claim he didn’t know where Jenelle or their two-year-old daughter was, so he was going to file a missing persons report for the pair.

“So since Jenelle has disappeared and I have no contact with her or Ensley, I have no option but to file a missing person’s report,” David wrote.

He later told someone in the comment section of the post that Jenelle had not filed for separation yet, and The Ashley’s source confirmed that detail.

“She has not filed yet because if she files in North Carolina, she has to wait a full year and be separated before she can file for divorce in that state,” the source said. “She is going to file in [another state] so that she can bypass that.” 

As The Ashley has told you in previous posts, the separation is very real, and not a scheme put together by David and Jenelle to get Jenelle back on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

Earlier this week, David declared that Jenelle was “still stupid” after it was reported that she planned to file for full custody of Ensley. He has slowly started to post negative things about Jenelle online.

Radar Online reports that David did follow through (kind of) with his threat to contact authorities about Jenelle and Ensley “going missing.”

“Columbus County Emergency Services confirmed to Radar that David contacted authorities on November 5. The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office revealed a report had been made, but has not yet been filed,” the site reports. 

UPDATE! TMZ reports that the call David placed to the police on Tuesday was to report a missing dog. The site claims David believes one of his dogs– which he got over the summer following the Nugget death scandal– was stolen from The Land.



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(Photos: MTV, Facebook)


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    Hope this is all really true & she stays away from him forever!!

  2. I think MTV should have protected Jenelle from David (even though I think she’s a bad person/mother) as they should have Amber (no, don’t think she’s nice) from Matt.
    I really, really blame MTV most of all. Raitings, dollars. Let’s film some young, mentally ill women f*ing up their lives.

    1. Right…this comes down to the classic if you see abuse, you intervene. MTV turned a blind eye and let this happen for ratings. Disgusting and shameful.

    2. Absolutely right! And Dr Drew is the biggest joke of all! Celebrity Rehab, this Teen Mom cheap, he doesn’t give a crap at all…and i always swore that back in the day, before she became a reamed-out, backdoor porn star, he had a thing for Farrah

  3. I think Jenelle is a pos too. But I also think David did an almost good job in the beginning, pretending not knowing who she was and pretending he was a nice guy and that he had her back.
    Many scenes on TM2 showed him listening to Jenelle complaining, him feeling sorry for her and comforting her.

  4. So question…. If She is now opening up about all the abuse and admitting he did kill her dog. If charges for him killing the dog were dropped, can they now re-open the case and go after him for animal abuse? Also I am in no way defending Janelle for not getting out sooner especially since he abused Kaiser and probably all the kids. But, he is a psycho he scared me and he doesn’t have a clue who I am. He probably threatened to kill her, her family, and anyone else for that matter. I am not a victim of abuse but I would think even to someone like Janelle that has to make you fear for you life. Just glad she is doing something about it. Just lucky all her kids are still alive….

  5. You can bet this is all being filmed for the next season. The ratings Bonanza will be insane. I’m still on the fence about whether or not it’s a legitimate separation, but I do think MTV is not missing a chance to film this, whether or not it was a set up. What a great “redemption” arc for Jenelle. And the money.

  6. I think David will try to hold on to Maryssa and fight for Ensley…..NOT out of love….but for the fact he’ll be going straight for the child support!

    1. I’m not even sure it’s solely for the child support…He seems like a spiteful douche bag. It would be another way to abuse and control someone.

  7. Lets face on fact Jenelle lies like other people breathe.. This all seems so sketchy to me and i just dont buy it .. All the things she is saying happened she denied so many times it is so hard to believe anything she says she lives for the drama and the lies

  8. I am pretty sure that you can’t file for divorce in another state that you don’t have residency in. My guess is that she is setting herself and the kids up in a state with much more relaxed divorce proceedings to get this over with as soon as possible. I also bet MTV and their lawyers are most likely guiding her through the process.

    1. SHAME ON MTV if they take her back, whilst Jennelle MIGHT NOT ( and I specify MIGHT) have physically abused the kids , she most definitely abused
      them verbally she also is responsible for keeping them in that toxic volatile and dangerous living environment.
      MTV ACTUALLY filmed David being physically abusive to the kids they were terrified of him……YET MTV KEPT filming until their sponsors and viewers were dropping off like flies!
      They got rid of Jenelle for their own selfish greedy money hungry sakes NOT for the well being of the children!

  9. Is the missing dog a twisted warning? Why the hell would he ever report anything, to any authority about an animal period! I hope this nut job didnt kill another dog! He has been too quiet which is when abusers are the most dangerous

  10. She should have left when the kids were taken away. There is no excuse. Stop saying “good for her for getting out”, because she dug herself in this deep deep hole and took all her kids in it with her. These poor kids will never have a normal life, except for Jace, who thankfully has stability provided by Barbara (you owe your mom big time, Jenelle). I do not have sympathy for someone who swears up and down that her husband is a good person, great father, loving, happy etc and then suddenly wants a restraining order against him. Just shows what a liar she is

    1. Marissa’s mother should take David to court again for custody now. Since they don’t have any money they cant hire those high powered attorneys Since David has no income she would have a good chance to get her back.

    2. She’s only leaving now hecause MTV told jer she could come back if she did.

      She thought they could live well even without the check from the show.

      Reality has hit her and she has one option to get the money rolling in again and this is it. Still, great for the kids, but it’s full on greed driving her.

      1. So she is really just a greedy, selfish bitch who only cares about her wants and no one else? MTV better not hire her back! I will go to every sponsor and boycott their products! I hope Greenies, the pet product company won’t be a part of this dog murderer and his nasty mate, EXC-teen monster mom/child abuser!

    1. It also takes guts to charge after a random man in a road rage incident,,,;whilst waving around a gun AND her poor child in the car…Im sure Jenelle will be just find! Won’t be long ( if not already) she’ll have her hooks into the next guy !

  11. I’m sorry but the sympathy I had for Jenelle flew out the window years ago when she had To play single mom and couldn’t handle it so she lashed out at barb and had tori handling the kids. A couple months later there was David, fresh out of the slammer and moved in like a month later. The fact that he damaged what could have been a decent co parenting relationship with Nathan and Jenelle was red flag number one. Both kids were terrified of him and PoorJace several times begged her not to marry him and she told him to suck it up. Way to put your kids first right? I’m even more angered that her jealously of David facing Olivia in court made her rush back to David’s side after the dog shooting and the perfect opportunity for not only David being accountable for the shooting but also going to jail for child support she gave up. I’m glad her kids are out of harms way but she left poor Maryssa who spoke against her dad alone with him as she protects herself with a protection order. Judge was right the first time when he said she failed to protect her kids.

  12. I’ve predicted from the beginning, this ends with one or both of them dead, and I just hope all of the kids are safe and well away when it happens.

    1. Everything you said, plus the fact that she left Ensley alone with him on “THE LAND” while she traveled to NYC to talk to MTV. Now, when it’s convenient for HER she’s claiming David is dangerous. They’re both self involved psychos and neither one should have ANY children.

  13. That uncircumcised, knife making, dog killer is going to get half of the Teen Mom 2 fortune from Jelly. You know she wasn’t smart enough to pre-nup that hillbilly. Was she?

    1. The Ashley confirmed when Lurch and Jenelle got married that there was no prenup.

      Beyond getting half of their marital assets there’s a good chance she will he ordered to pay spousal support to him. Because she was the primary earner and has gone on record (in media AND in court) as supporting all of the reasons he is unable to work.

    2. Jenelle thrives off the energy and drama that David exudes. Drama is like air the Jenelle. The only way she would leave David is if she met someone that is a like a schizophrenic Tasmanian devil. Jenelle would rather go back to a heroin addict like Keifer than be alone.

  14. If this whole thing is real then good for Jenelle for getting out, better now then never. Still doesn’t make her a good person but at least those kids won’t be around him anymore. They will just be around the next soulmate she’ll have in 6 months- a year from now… we will definitely see Jenelle on mtv soon cause there is NO WAY they are missing out on all this drama. I hope David doesn’t find her or the kids anytime soon cause I have a feeling it’ll be really bad if he does. I wanna know after everything that has happened and everything those two have been through what was jenelle’s last straw?

    1. MTV can’t film the drama without filming Lurch and the ant film Lurch. Especially since the crew is scared of him. If the film her it will,be more scenes in the park or at a restaurant talking the Babs. Lurch will try to sue MTV and place a gag order on Jenelle so that she can’t mention him or the divorce or the pending custody battle on tv. The same thing Amber and Andrew have e going on right now.

  15. If Jenelle left in a hurry she may not have had time to grab her remaining eyebrow kits!!!!!!! David could destroy them?????? With the nasty break with the company that was producing them we may have lost the secret recipe foreva!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Just saw on another site that David is reporting his dog missing. We all know he killed that poor thing in a fit of rage over Jenelle. He is one dangerous Mo Fo. >:(

  17. If she left the state how does that affect Kaiser’s schooling? Was he pulled out of school? Re-registered somewhere else? I am assuming Jace is with Barbara.

  18. I couldn’t have said it better. You are 100% spot on. She can’t be without a man… guessing that shes already found one and he’s just waiting in the wings !

    Her wedding dress hasn’t even had time to settle in with the mothballs yet!!!!!

  19. Honestly no matter what anyone thinks about Jenelle having to file a restraining order isn’t a joke. I’m no Jenelle fan but the fact that ppl are still sitting here judging her and saying why now or why didn’t she then blah blah she is doing it now and none of us have the right to judge. Ppl forget that she is human regardless of what we see on tv. And believe me many times I’ve watched her and wanted to go through my tv screen and say wtf are you doing and shake her. That being said, this is a young woman with children who are in danger. David is a psycho with weapons who can turn his insanity into a very sad ending. I PRAY she is serious about this all and is finally putting her kids and herself first. This girl has serious low esteem and makes horrible choices but maybe just maybe this time she has learned. Maybe now she finally sees with everything that she has lost thanks to that marriage that it’s time to grow up, put her big girl panties on and do what’s right. Whatever happens I hope her and those babies end up safe and okay!

    1. Who’s judging? It’s a fact. She has NEVER had a good track record when it comes to picking men.

      Everyone in her family, friends and social media friend circle warned and she didn’t listen. Hell, even Amber said, “You need to get the fuck out of that relationship. Straight up.” If anybody knows about dv, it ought to be her.

    2. Fuck Jenelle. She’s 28 years and has never cared about her kids. She only cares now because the money was shut off. She’s like a cockroach, she’ll survive anything. It’s the kids I’m worried about

    3. I really appreciate your compassion. It’s rare to find in these spaces. I struggle to understand the hatred people have for the teen moms. We don’t know them! They are getting paid to entertain us with fragmented versions of their lives. I am happy with my life so I don’t really feel a need to be angry at the teen moms even when they make terrible decisions. I don’t crave their comeuppance, I just want to see them, and frankly all people, thrive. The bottom line is Jenelle and her children may be in danger. I wish them safety first and foremost. I also hope she sorts through her trauma and pain leading up to and during this relationship. Abusers rarely change, but they can. I also hope David admits he has a problem and seeks real help, but very far away from Jenelle and the children.

      1. I also have compassion. But I also believe in “giving credit where credit is due” (or in this case the blame NOT credit).

        Yes, at least she FINALLY took the steps that needed to be taken. But the girl is what 27? She’s been making selfish decisions mistakes for 10 years (at least). You would’ve thought she’d have learned by now.

      2. Thank you! I agree no need for all this hatred. It’s a sad situation and yes she has put herself in many of these situations but again there is something terribly wrong with her. Why continue to put someone down who puts themselves down all on their own? If the kids is all everyone is worried about than they should be hoping Jenelle is serious and be happy for her to finally be out of that situation because that benefits the babies.

  20. Im hoping her official statement will have this jem of a line included “he put bruises all over my bawdy!”. I know that domestic violence is never funny, but they way that Jenelle was bawling her eyes out to her mom and really trying to make a point that she was victimized. Im sorry but she was really being over dramastic about it. It was probably the drugs she was using at the time. I think the incident happened with Courtland.

  21. This os David and Junelle’s effort to create more drama so that Junelle’s ‘story’ can seem more interesting to MTV and then maybe they’ll take her back. He’s playing along with it. She’s full of it.

    If it were real they would have gone back and forth on social media A LOT MORE. She’s doing this most likely because MTV probably told her if she doesn’t get a restraining order against him, they can’t film her. Otherwise, he has every right to show up while they are filming his daughter. By getting a restraining order she can start filming right away!

    And because they are both most likely broke, she’s doing what she has to do to get back on MTV. He knows where she is…she knows she’s just doing this to get back on TV. It’s all a show. I doubt she has another guy …right now… yes, she is an abused woman, but she’s also an abuser. And yes, people who are abused do sometimes have problems leaving their abusers, but this is NOT the case. These are two people desperate to not get a real job. These are two people who are both assholes who just want more MTV money. Mark my word…once she gets back on MTV, she’ll whip up more drama and then go back to him once she’s roped MTV back into filming her ‘moving on’. And believe me if it were real, Barb would be piping up. She hasn’t said a word. Otherwise if it were real Barb would be saying…’I told ya so Junelle!’

    1. That’s all pretty fucked up! Those two are conniving, lying pieces of shit! If MTV take her back because she’s “divorcing” David SHAME ON THEM
      The crew witnessed the abuse and did NOTHING, It was only the pressure of losing sponsors , viewers that they decided to act.
      It had NOTHING to do with them “complying with duty of care” or even plain old conscience. It was about their ratings.

  22. Someone stole the dog?! Oh please..the poor thing either ran away or sadly David killed it in a fit of rage. Who would sneak on the land and risk being shot to SAVE (not steal) only one of the two dogs? Those poor animals on the land right now😭

  23. David-I hear Amber is single and still has untied tubes and wants a baby in the next couple years. More importantly she’s got that tm $$$$$ lol. It would also drive Jenelle batshit crazy.

  24. I wish his rights to the girls could be terminated. The animals need to be rescued. Swamp Thing can sink into, “The Land,” just like the house.

  25. How can you file for divorce in a state you don’t live in? Is that a real thing? I’m still on the fence whether is this real or not, but ready to watch this shitshow unfold!

  26. Maybe the dog got nervous cuz he said it sure had a pretty mouth and it took off lol. I hope all the animals ditch him.

  27. Good for you Jenelle get that divorce and stay out this psycho life he is a danger to society !!! Start your life fresh and stay out of his life and make your life better and happier for you and your kids

        1. Im guessing both of these reasons are behind David filing for custody
          A) For the child support he will get for having custody of Ensley

          B)Assuming that if he’s got custody, he’ll play the “poor single dad” card and he won’t get any jail time.

    1. These two just loovvvee to waste taxpayer money by involving law enforcement in their drama. I will never watch a show with Jenelle on it every again. Good riddance!

  28. Hey, Kai has her giant new house, plenty of room for Jenelle and the kids to move in..:)..(WTF, “kids”..I’m sure Jace is home with barb, but poor little Kaiser….). many think if any of this is real it’s because Jenelle found a new BF and is with him?

    And again, such a great mom…”OMG, my children are ao at risk around this monster! But wait..oh wait, MTV is offering a few days on the house in NYC? Well I”m sure the monster won’t do anything to the kids fora. few days while I”m off having fun!”

  29. Every take I hear about Jenelle and David I think of the old country song, “Stand By Your Man” by Tammy Wynette.

    Who’s with me on that?

  30. How will she keep Ensley? She just testified to what a good father he is. Even if this is for real. Why would she just now have had enough? David jerking Kaiser up and calling him a bitch like his daddy wasn’t enough. I can only imagine what he did behind closed doors. No I don’t have any sympathy for Jenelle. She has never put her kids before herself and she isn’t now or never will. Jenelle is broke and that’s why all this is happening. Living on the land and being in the she shed getting high was her dream.

    1. TOTALLY AGREE! She wasn’t concerned about her kids safety back then…so why is she all of a sudden concerned now????????? She DEFINITELY has an agenda! Jenelle has been and always wil be about “Jenelle “

    2. I was about to say the same thing. David is so dangerous but it was just a few months ago that she was defending him left and right when the state was trying to protect her children.

      I have sympathy for the kids, but not for Jenelle. She’s manipulative and self serving.

    3. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      All the hell we witnessed was while they were rolling in MTV money like pigs in shit and they were still miserable in just about every aspect of their lives. I can’t even imagine how it must have been as the money started dwindling.

  31. I’m relieved for her, if only for the sake of her kids. They didn’t deserve to live in that abusive hellhole, but I’ve also seen first hand how traumatising it is for children when their mother has been murdered, even if that mother wasn’t the best one. I’m sure that’s what would have happened eventually on The Laaaaaand had she stayed, and the kids don’t need that weighing them down for the rest of their lives. I hope Kai and Maryssa end up somewhere safe. Hopefully away from Jenelle and UBT both.

    1. It’s so sad to think that the swamp man has got custody of Maryssa , FUCK Jenelle…Good riddance! But I’m sure Maryssa is going to miss her brothers and sister .I’m with you

    1. Maybe he couldn’t be found on the “Land” all that camouflage print clothing he wears ,,,,he’s keeping himself “hidden” so that the papers can’t actually be served! .
      That way he can play dumb and make out he he doesn’t know a thing about the divorce papers!
      But then again, I believe he’s only going for custody for the sake of child support for Ensley!

  32. Who’s protecting Marissa now that shes all alone on the land, and I wonder what Jenelle was able to show the judge to be granted the restraining order? Considering both of them admitted David murdered their dog, blatant signs of child abuse, verbal confirmation from Marissa that David was abusive, the sheriff saying David was considered the most dangerous person in 3 counties, and Jenelle and David were still able to still keep custody of their kids…it had to be something really bad for the judge to finally take this situation seriously, and actually do the right thing.

    Looks like her being fired from MTV was the fire that was finally lit under her ass to get out, and the wake up call she so desperately needed. Still kindve skeptical about how real this breakup is…but the restraining order and social media posts are making it more believable.

  33. I can’t feel sorry for her however I try. There were HUGE red flags since day one. Her kids have always been terrified of David. She just didn’t give a shit. I only feel sorry for the kids. Those poor babies…

    1. Yep , I’ll say it over and over, Jennelle is /and has always been about “Jenelle. She’s DEFINITELY got an agenda!…..and it’s DEFINITELY not about “The children’s safety ” as she claims. If that was the case she would have left him when the incident with nugget and all the other violence was peaking. She didn’t give a fuck about those poor babies then, she sure as hell dosen’t care about their welfare now! She’s up to good !

  34. Oh, so now she has proof that he’s abusive? Several months ago when she could have gotten the kids back immediately as long as she left David, she defended him and lost her kids for almost 2 months. Kaiser has almost been taken from her multiple times because of suspected abuse. She denied alllllll of that. But, she has proof. As usual, Jenelle’s Number 1 priority is herself.

    Just give Kaiser to Doris, please.

    1. EXACTLY. Where the heck was that proof when they were fighting for custody of those kids?? She knew good n well abuse was happening, but was willing to subject those kids to it because SHE always has to have a man. People, SPARE ME with the DV speeches and how hard it is to get out…when people endanger their KIDS for their own selfish reasons, and because they’re mentally fucked up, I don’t wanna hear it. Better late than never that she’s getting out, but she should’ve been out a LONG TIME AGO. He’s been shit from day one.

      1. I couldn’t have said it better. You are 100% spot on. She can’t be without a man… guessing that shes already found one and he’s just waiting in the wings !

        Her wedding dress hasn’t even had time to settle in with the mothballs yet!!!!!

    2. I would be willing to bet although he has mostly stayed off sm she has a phone filled with threatening and abusive texts from him allowing her to easily get a ro for her and their daughter. Hopefully someone is looking out for Marissa.

    3. Annnnnnnnnnnd here we go again! Police resources wasted, CPS resources wasted…im guessing a “new soul mate” is on the cards ( already)

    4. Couldn’t agree more! How many times did Janelle fake cry on tv about “I want everyone to leave my husband alone! David has never been abusive, he is great with the kids! David works multiple jobs…🤮” Unfortunately her constant pathological lying 🤥 doesn’t play very well. We all know that Davis is a POS no question but she covered up for him time and time again! She chose him over her children! Now, she’s playing wonderful mom so she can blow more mtv money.

  35. I’m not sure the restraining order is going to do anything. Clearly David (and tbh Janelle) could care less about laws and court. Part of the blame sits on the shoulders of CPS, court & animal control. The abuse of the children was videotaped time and time again by MTV. MTV did nothing, CPS did nothing and when CPS finally couldn’t ignore the abuse any longer (not because they cared but because public outrage became too much) the children are handed right back to the abusers! He beats, shoots and kills one dog – they get more dogs. I hope someone does the right thing and steps in before those innocent kids and animals are hurt (and God forbid worse) any more than they already have been.

  36. This was meant as a stand-alone reply but, it ended up on someone else’s comment.

    1. If she got a restraining order, can David really file a missing person report? Honestly, I’m scratching my head on how that makes sense.

    2. If Jenelle took Kaiser, what about Nathan? I know he’s facing his own legal trouble now but, does he get a say in Jenelle taking off with him.

    3. What about Jace and Barbara? I can see David going after them in retaliation for Jenelle leaving. And what does Barb have to say about all this?

    4. What about Maryssa? I know this has been asked but, I’m curious to know if her mother is doing anything. Honestly, this would be the best time to ask for custody because David won’t be able to afford a lawyer.

    5. Kaden is very lucky his mom kept him away from this mess.

      1. Not sure where you get your info but that is not what has been reported. After David filed a missing persons on BOTH Jenelle and Ensley he was served a restraining order on both. So the missing persons is redundant now.

        1. Read the headline of the article, it says “Former Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Gets Restraining Order Against Estranged Husband David Eason; He Threatend To File A Missing Persons Report For Their Daughter Ensley (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS).

        2. Read the headline, it says,.”Former Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans Gets Restraining Order Against Estranged Husband David Eason;He Threatens To File A Missing Persons Report On Their Daughter Ensley (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS)

    1. It’s been said that maryssa is safe….? I’m sure that Nathan would allow Jenelle to take kaiser anywhere away from david. I’m sure Jace and Babs would be protected cause babs isn’t dumb and I’m sure she’s closer with Jenelle then ever now that she left. Just my opinion but who knows

    2. Nathan not likely let Kaiser go with Jenelle since he’s dealing with his own problems and I’m pretty sure Barb is on Jenelles side with all of this. Pretty sure David can’t do anything with Barb and Jace.

  37. Clearly Jenelle has been ignoring Lurch hence him filing a missing persons report on her and Ensley. She has now filed a restraining order forbidding Lurch from contacting or coming near or posting about her or Ensley. Honestly I hope he doesn’t hurt anyone. Maybe he will do something ridiculous on “the land” that will cause him to be incarcerated.

  38. Isn’t there an exception to the year wait if she can prove abuse? You’d think that since she could get the restraining order that the state would drop the waiting period too.

    I feel so bad for Maryssa right now. She’s the only one left around for him to take his anger out on.

  39. What about that poor little Maryssa? Will she be safe? And the animals are all left? I can’t imagine him taking care of them. I think this will get way worse before it gets better.

  40. I called the restraining order. This is gonna be a shit show. Hes lost his control now hes gonna flip. He might have thought he could weasel his way back in. Now there is no chance of that. Mark my words hes gonna flip a shit. No money no cash cow. Karma is a bitch. He shouldn’t be allowed to own animals. They are in danger now. Get them out of there!!!!!

  41. What about Maryssa? That poor girl. I really thought all this was just a ploy to get back on TV, but shiz seems to be getting real. Jenelle is a crap mother, but David poses a real immediate physical threat to her and the kids. I hope she stays far away from him.

        1. That’s sad. But thankfully it shouldn’t be too hard since David “gave up” on Maryssa during the whole custody/visitation stuff.

  42. They are both losers. Everyone is painting her as a victim. She was horrible way before David. I still remember her with the riad rage incident with Jace in the car. They deserve one another. No sympathy here. Reality set in when that MTV pay check stopped!

    1. Shes a pos too. No doubt about that. Pos mother pos human being. I only have a pinch of sympathy for her. Always choosing men over her children. They are both garbage but david is an absolute monster! I feel bad even saying this but not really… if something bad were to happen to him. I would honestly want to celebrate.

    2. ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
      Jenelle will probs paint herself as the victim here.
      I haven’t forgotten her abusing animals, letting her d*ck of the week abuse Kaiser and her using Marissa’a toothbrush to clean the toilet. She has stood by her useless, bully huzzzband because ‘everything is fine’. Zero sympathy for this gaslighting ‘mother’. Zero

    3. That’s what I said, everyone’s so happy for poor Jenelle finally leaving David. But Jenelle was a waste of space way before she met David, David didn’t make her this way.. if she would have told the truth about David in the CPS case her and the kids could have been protected but Jenelle stuck by him and let those kids be abused for 3 more months before the light went off.. I definitely don’t believe this at all.. putting that restraining order against him is there way of being able too keep quite without raising suspensions..

  43. You can’t file a missing persons report when the kid is with her mother. They have no custody order so Jenelle can take her wherever she wants and he can’t say anything. I thought this was a scam at first but it looks like it’s very real! I can’t wait to watch this all unfold in the messy and entertaining way that it inevitably will. I feel bad for those kids but hopefully this is the beginning of some normalcy for them.

    1. I think he can due to the restraining order. But Idk if the order just included her or her and the kids. If the order just includes her, he can’t.

      1. they don’t have a court order so technically it’s not considered kidnapping. she’s also protecting her child from abuse/neglect so a court isn’t going to necessarily say hey jenelle drop that baby back off with david or you’ll be criminally prosecuted. they will have to go through court first to obtain an order of visitation but with davids history.. he’ll see ensley less than he sees his son. especially if JE is back on tv with the funds to fight for her daughter. without mtv money david cant fight for maryssa so hopefully her mother and step father can regain custody.

      2. they don’t have a court order so technically it’s not considered kidnapping. she’s also protecting her child from abuse/neglect so a court isn’t going to necessarily say hey jenelle drop that baby back off with david or you’ll be criminally prosecuted. they will have to go through court first to obtain an order of visitation but with davids history.. he’ll see ensley less than he sees his son. especially if JE is back on tv with the funds to fight for her daughter. without mtv money david cant fight for maryssa so hopefully her mother and step father can regain custody.

        1. 1. If she got a restraining order, can David really file a missing person report? Honestly, I’m scratching my head on how that makes sense.

          2. If Jenelle took Kaiser, what about Nathan? I know he’s facing his own legal trouble now but, does he get a say in Jenelle taking off with him.

          3. What about Jace and Barbara? I can see David going after them in retaliation for Jenelle leaving. And what does Barb have to say about all this?

          4. What about Maryssa? I know this has been asked but, I’m curious to know if her mother is doing anything. Honestly, this would be the best time to ask for custody because David won’t be able to afford a lawyer.

          5. Kaden is very lucky his mom kept him away from this mess.

          1. Nathan only wanted to get Kaiser away from David, he didn’t really have a problem with him being with Jenelle.

            David doesn’t give an eff about Jace. All he wants is Ensley and $$$

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