Jenelle Evans Reveals She’s Divorcing David Eason: “Today I’ve Filed Papers to Start that Process” (Exclusive Details)

“Dude, I’m outta here!”

Population on The Land just decreased significantly! Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has revealed she and her kids have moved away and that she plans to divorce husband/soulmate David Eason

After a couple weeks of near-silence on social media, Jenelle dropped the bomb on Thursday that she was “making some big life decisions”–decisions that do not include David. In a statement released on her social media accounts, Jenelle revealed that she is leaving David. And, The Ashley hears that this is 100 percent legit and not a publicity stunt or a fake separation to get her back on ‘Teen Mom 2!’

“Wait… what??”

“I’ve mostly kept off social media the past few days because I’ve been focused on making some big life decisions,” Jenelle shared with fans on social media. “I’ve lived my life on camera since I was 17 years old. And a lot of it hasn’t been pretty. But it’s been my life. Like anyone else I want what’s best for my kids and I want to be happy. With time away from Teen Mom I’ve started to look at my life differently and I know I need to make changes. I’m starting that now. 

“The kids and I have moved away David,” she continued. “Nobody gets into a marriage expecting it to end but I know that’s what is best for me, and for my kids. Today I’ve filed papers to start that process.” 

The mom-of-three went on to thank fans for supporting her and assured all that both she and the kids “are doing great.” 

“We need some time to be together. But you’ll hear from us again soon,” she concluded her announcement. 

“Well Juhnelle, give me a call if ya want me to join ya!”

Jenelle’s big news comes just days after she made a solo trip to New York City for a meeting with MTV. As The Ashley told you, Jenelle was not in town to make an appearance at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion (despite it being filmed the same week), however, sources said the network is considering bringing Jenelle back “in some form or fashion.” 

As you may recall, Jenelle was fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ in May due to the fallout that resulted from her choosing to stay with David after he murdered her dog Nugget. (The network ended it’s relationship with David the previous year after he made a series of homophobic comments on Twitter.)

Over the past few days, David has posted a series of melancholy/sarcastic messages on social media that are almost certainly directed at Jenelle. While they started being about how lonely David was, they later turned into him accusing Jenelle of naughty deeds and refusing to come home.

“You know you did something wrong when you are too ashamed to even go home to your family,” David wrote.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Jenelle came home from NYC to North Carolina but did not return to The Land, except to fetch Ensley, who had been staying with David while Jenelle was gone. 

“David and Jenelle had been fighting constantly over the past few weeks. David had been being decent since the kids came back but now he’s back to his usual self, treating her bad, now that the dust has settled from the custody case,” the source said. “When Jenelle got the call from [MTV] to come to New York for a meeting, she was thrilled and wanted to go but David didn’t want her to, since MTV would not allow him to film with Jenelle even if Jenelle came back to the show,” the source said. “So Jenelle basically waited until David was sleeping and essentially snuck off to catch the plane.

“The money has run out, no networks will work with Jenelle and every time she gets a small online promo deal, it gets ruined by her haters,” the source said. “She knows she has no other options in terms of making money other than getting back on the show.” 

“Just sign on the dotted line, buddy!”

The source said that after she returned to North Carolina, she took all of the kids and has been staying in a location off The Land. (The source says David does not know where Jenelle is currently.) 

“When Jenelle went to New York, she knew she was filing for divorce but David had no clue,” the source said. “While she was up there, she took care of some of the legal stuff. She was originally going to file a totally different lawsuit against someone else, but now she’s focusing on the separation.”

As for her coming back to MTV, The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources tell her that the crew has “no problem with filming Jenelle again, if David is out of the picture.”

“Most of the crew found out about the split when Jenelle released the statement today,” the crew source said. “Even though Jenelle has put everyone through a lot of crap over the years, we are all really happy for her. Very relieved, and we are very proud of her for finally seeing the light and doing this. We’re all pretty nervous for her safety, though, because we’ve seen David do some crazy stuff.”

While Jenelle is trying to cut ties to David, she will have to wait a while to finally unload him. In the state of North Carolina, a couple must be legally separated a whole year before they can divorce. So she hasn’t technically “filed for divorce” yet, as she’s not legally able to…yet. 

Jenelle must be living apart from David for one year before she can file. If Jenelle moves back on The Land at any time, the clock starts over and must run another year before she can file. 

And, as The Ashley previously reported back when Jenelle and David got married in 2017… Jenelle did not get a pre-nuptial agreement signed before the wedding; therefore David is entitled to some of her assets, although there is not much left in terms of money, from what The Ashley hears.

This will be Jenelle’s second divorce. She was previously married to Courtland Rogers

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available! However, she feels the need to add this disclaimer to those who are skeptical that Jenelle is leaving David. This is Jenelle, so anything can happen. All The Ashley can confirm is that she did get the legal ball rolling toward separation. Whether she sticks with it and goes through with it is anyone’s guess….

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter; Instagram) 


  1. I see where Jenelle is coming from. My sister was in an abusive relationship and had to leave when he was at work, she had to defend him in order to survive.

  2. A sociopath will dispose of people who don’t serve their interests. It could be Jace who cramps her style, her Mom who doesn’t co-sign her BS, MTV if someone else is paying, or David who stands in the way of her getting rich.

    Jenelle was a lying sociopath before David and will continue to be. She just realizes that people will more easily believe David is the bad one because she sheds some crocodile tears. Jenelle has dead eyes. She engaged in animal abuse, drug abuse, elder abuse, and child neglect long before David. MTV should not reward her by hiring her.

    1. AGREED. I’m glad she left him, but let’s really look at the common factor with all of her soulmates: Hurricane Juh-nelle!!! MTV will be fools to bring her back, make her get a real job and take care of her children then let’s revisit her and see how she’s doing. These girls have been given so many opportunities and done nothing but bought houses and cars and squat out more oopsies.

    2. This 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Although David is equally psychotic, Jenelle has done some truly crazy, fucked up shit since Teen Mom started. And she’s done it all on tv. Mtv disgusts me and I’m not surprised they’ll probably hire her back

    3. Couldn’t agree more!!! I’ve been saying this for years, she is dead behind the eyes and her tears are always so fake. I have always said she’s a sociopath/narcissist. She is not a victim In all this, her kids are!

  3. Everytime Jenelle said, “I want some fucking respect dude.” I would yell, “well fucking earn some you stupid bitch.”

  4. Either this is bullshit or I’ve somehow found myself in the Upside Down. I’ll believe it when I see a divorce decree.

  5. This “split” is too random to be true. Wasn’t she just saying something that she and david were “stronger than ever” last week? And theres no way in hell knowing David’s temper that she would leave the STATE while he was sleeping on the couch. YEAH RIGHT! In all honesty, if this split is true, she’s only doing it to get back on mtv because she has absolutely nothing and nobody anymore because of him and she’s too busy pathetic to do anything real with her life. The sad part is that she is not doing it because of the abuse and trauma he has put their children through. And even though I’m glad she might actually divorce him (glad for the kids, not her), the fact that she allowed him to abuse not only her, but her kids and pets, will always make me think that she is a disgusting human being

  6. As you all said, it is a ploy to get back on MTV. Whether it is real or not, it’s really convenient that it happened now. I will believe it when she shows us their divorce papers. And when she stays away from other men for at least a year. (It’s the maximum I expect of her and even that is reaching).

    What is with these girls that they can’t be single for 5 seconds?! Even Leah who is ‘officially single’ is hooking up with Jeremy now. Have some self-respect girls, I’m sorry, grown ass women!

  7. There has been so much crap from both of them, how is anyone meant to take this seriously.. I mean if she is truly serious & leaving his ass I say good on you girl. But I very much doubt it. I think she’ll play for the cameras and the pay & go back with his ass the minute they’re not rolling. It’s just who she is.

  8. Bullshit. They are truly desperate for money and don’t want to get a real job, well they can’t really because they don’t have any skills,useless,disgusting pair. I really hope MTV doesn’t re-hire

  9. We all know that the cameras only follow the TM family a week of the month, so this whole “separation” is easy enough to claim. The week they follow her, she stays in “her new place” with the kids, while Lurch lives the bachelor life on The Land. When the cameras are gone, they reconcile and laugh all the way to the bank. I guess time will tell. I do hope that if she truly came to her senses and left Lurch, that he doesn’t harm any of them. And hopefully now that Maryssa is older she can choose where she wants to live. Her mom had indicated that she was filing for a new custody agreement back in the Spring when all the kids were removed. Hopefully she has her act together now and is fit to raise her.

  10. The timing of this announcement after her recent trip to NYC, is too coincidental. I think she and David will continue to be together, while pretending they aren’t, and this is just another one of Jenelle’s many lies to be back on the show because they have no money. David doesn’t work, so he’s dependent upon Jenelle. I don’t ever envision their divorce/separation being amicable. Only if David received a lobotomy, would it ever be amicable. If Jenelle has really left David, the worst is yet to come.

  11. I am so happy to hear this…divorce sucks… but David’s a WEENIE! I wish Jenelle & the kids the beat of luck… I think she’s in for a battle with this one…. BUT therea plenty of footage to show what kind of man he is… Good Luck Jenelle!!! Stick with it girl! You’ve got MY support!!!! 100 percent

  12. Doesn’t add up. There are Reports that no divorce documents have been filed at the courthouse. On Snapchat Ensley is with David and these two are oddly calm about everything.

  13. I SWEAR i better not see one article along the lines of “Jenelle says David is a changed man, takes him back”

    We’re either going to have the above, or a tell-all book in the near future. Mark my words!! 🤦‍♀️

    1. She won’t have to “take him back” because she’s never left… ever.

      I’m not buying this entire stunt.
      We all know there would be some serious mud slinging going on if it was legit.
      Still waiting on it swampland…

  14. MTV is totally crazy if they take her back!! All the kids have different daddies. MYV pays women to be whores and have children out of wedlock

  15. Do we all think she’s smart enough to use the state laws to her advantage? If she files for separation and moves out, it sounds like MTV is seriously considering bringing her back. After she signs with them again, she can “reconcile” with David, as they aren’t legally divorced and her “separation” would be null and void. I assume once she signs a new contract, MTV would be held to some sort of stipulations, as a contract is typically meant to protect both sides in some way.

  16. Jenelle has been a shitty human being since long before she met her dog killing husband. Let’s not forget that, folks! The only thing that happened was that David turned out to be even shittier than her. So let’s not delude ourselves into thinking she’s going to turn over a new leaf. The only thing that matters is the safety & wellbeing of the kids, and Jenelle has never been able to manage any of her kids on her own. So while I find great happiness for the kids in being away from David (except poor Maryssa) I’ll always be concerned about those children.

    1. Exactly! She was an a**hole before David. Its like people think she became terrible after David. She treated her mom like absolute garbage and basically walked out on Jace.

    2. Amen to this! People are forgetting all the disgusting behavior that precluded David. She was a horrible person before David and was a horrible person while with David. She’s not going to walk away from this relationship and suddenly be a decent human being. She’s still incapable of making adult decisions, still incapable of properly caring for her children, still incapable of taking proper care of her pets, still chooses what SHE wants over what her children NEED. This decision to leave (if it’s genuine) wasn’t because she finally had some epiphany and was finally going to do right by her kids, this was purely because she needs money to avoid having to get a real job. Good for her for finally getting away from him (again, if she really is) and getting her kids away from such a lunatic but at the end of the day…a leopard never changes its spots.

  17. OK, but what does Babs have to say about this?
    All of this is, as everyone has pointed out, a scam for Junelle to get back on TV and back making money.
    Look if they were really splitting up, there would have been a whole lot more drama on social media before her announcing her leaving him. They would have been back and forth and he would have said more than just the little psycho things he’s posted recently which are similar to what Andrew and Amber were doing.

    I think MTV sucks. and it sucks that Amber and David can get away with very violent behavior with not much more than a slap on the wrist. If these people were not affiliated with MTV, they wouldn’t get these passes. If it were you or I, our asses would be in gel.

    I say boycott, boycott, boycott! MTV AND the advertisers if she comes back.
    She doesn’t deserve to make $400,000 a year sitting on her ass pontificating about how wonderful a mother she is…NOT! Or how horrible it was to be with that psycho asshole she’s with and we know will continue to be!

    That’s what makes me the most mad! All that money and not much is going towards the kids college fund. It’s all going into failed makeup lines, trips to NYC, etc. cars, guns, dead animals, etc.

    I could see it if it were say $100K a year, but almost half a mil a year to sit on your ass and act like one? No. I won’t watch anymore if they bring her or Amber back! It’s not fair people can be jerks and make that kind of money doing literally NOTHING!

    And Junelle is far less entertaining than Babs. I would rather see her, in all her dysfunctional glory make that kind of money since she’s a mom raising someone else’s kid!

    1. I don’t know what Babs would be saying about this, but she should be kicking myself pretty hard right now.

      I honest to God think that 95% of the men problems Jenelle has are Babs’s.

      I mean, first you have Babs’s ex husband (and father of her children) who lived right fucking next door for years and didn’t come to see his kids. Then you have Mike, the guy that Babs was with for years and was both mentally and emotionally abusive towards her.

      It’s no wonder Jenelle has trouble picking a winner. We model what we know and Babs doesn’t exactly seem to get a Mother Of The Year award (especially in the men picking department.)

  18. We all know that this bitch ain’t going anywhere. There’s no chance that David would allow it.. and we all know that David probably has some serious dirt on her to threaten her with.

    But only Jenelle would consider leaving someone because SHE needs money, not because her kids are being abused, animals being slaughtered, etc..

  19. If she were REALLY getting divorced her and David would be trashing each other every moment of the day! THAT’S HOW I KNOW IT’S A SCAM TO GET BACK ON MTV.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Jackie, my first thought was “this must be David’s idea”. I can totally see it:
      David: “Well, we’re out of money, our products don’t sell and mtv won’t let you back
      on unless you leave me, so how can we convince everyone that we’re not together?
      Divorce! Tell everyone we’re getting a divorce, that should help get the ball
      David’s a sociopath, he knows the game better than most.

      1. If it was not HIS idea the proverbial fan would be plastered with 💩

        The ONLY reason he’s not on a Murderous rampage is that HE is the puppetmaster.
        He freaks out over minor things.
        Divorce is most definitely not minor.

    2. Everyone’s talking s&&t. Jenelle and David are silent. That’s how you know. It’s fake. JW. Who could Jenelle be seeing? Jeremy or Nathan?

    3. If they were really getting divorced, someone would be badly injured or killed. The cops or the SWAT team would be on “The Land”. It’s really cute that there’s some people who actually believe her and are “rooting for her”.

  20. This is probably going to get downvoted to hell but good for her. I hope it’s real for her and the kids’ sake and I hope she can ultimately use her star power for good. Love her or hate her, she’s had a pretty traumatic go of it and she deserves to heal and live a happy and healthy life just like the rest of us.

  21. “She knows she has no other options in terms of making money other than getting back on the show.”

    So getting a job isn’t an option? I guess I’ve been doing the impossible since high school – working.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking! Even if MTV takes her back, she’ll eventually have to get a job when the show ends. I know she got a certification or something from a technical college for medical assisting, but I don’t think she can’t get a job in that field because of her arrest record. The problem is she thinks she needs to be paid what is equivalent to MTV money and she’ll never make that again.

    2. You don’t get “The Land”, the good lawyers, the fancy car, and the good drugs with minimum wage (what Jenelle would be getting paid if she hadn’t been picked up by MTV for getting pregnant when she was 16)….

  22. She is disgusting…MTV is disgusting.

    She said to the world it’s ok for David to abuse my kids and murder my dog..She was fine having all her kids taken from her when she was told she could leave him while the investigation was going on and stay with her kids but she didn’t do that she chose to stay with him. But the thing that she will finally leave him for is to be back on TV. She is a disgusting human!

    MTV Viacom your are a disgusting network for allowing her to comeback!

    End of rant.

    Should we start taking bets as to when she has found her new soulmate!?

  23. Later she’ll say she really didn’t file for divorce because it wasn’t a legal marriage. Seriously did they have a marriage license. And what, wasn’t it a security guard that officiated the marriage. What authority did he have to officiate a marriage. Probably none which made it null and void in the first place. Bring on the lies!

  24. Jenell has realized , it will take two years of working a job to make the same money as one episode of MTV.

  25. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    Jenell has realized , it will take two years of working a job to make the same money as one episode of MTV.

  26. We all know this is scam. Do you people really think she will just walk away from him and he’ll be okay with that? This is complete bullshit! I am already trying to find out the sponsors and they will be boycotted! That nasty bitch is putting on an act! And what about Maryssa? She has to stay with him? This is not going to happen! There are already petitions getting started.

    1. Petitions for what? They have not said she is back on the show. She needs to leave him for herself and her kids. Poor Maryssa yes but David is her dad. Hopefully her mom will take custody

  27. I can’t stand Jenelle but for the kids sake I hope she is serious about this.My heart breaks for poor Marissa she should have a say in where she lives now at her age.

  28. I call BS! I literally was sitting here yesterday thinking “Hmm…Amber and the Ashley/Jade/Kail saga has gotten some air time. I wonder what Janelle will do to get more likes on her IG?” I know – another pretend break up with David! I’m through watching any Teen Mom shows. I’m tired of the disregard that MTV shows. There are cameras filming abusive situations with kids who have no choice. If I saw abuse happen in front of my eyes, I would drop my camera, get the hell out of dodge and make sure that child was safe. Teen mom has been saying for a decade that “MTV has lowered teen pregnancy”. MTV has made teen pregnancy look like a walk in the park. Make millions of dollars at 27-30 years old!

    1. Yeah the point of the show is no longer to show the struggles of teen pregnancy. Even Chelsea’s segments have annoyed me lately and I still like her a lot and think she’s a great mom but to watch someone just say over and over how excited they are to purchase a large field is a WASTE of my time.

      I hope no girls see this show and think having a baby is no big deal. I’m 29 and just had my daughter 3 weeks ago and I physically, financially, mentally and emotionally prepared myself as much as possible and it’s SO HARD. I can’t imagine being 16 with these changes happening to my body and my life and having no partner there to support us. So stressful even just thinking about it. The first episode of Y&P this season where the girl AND HER MOTHER have no idea what role a cervix plays in childbirth – UGH UGH UGH. I am ashamed and so angry at the education system and society in general for failing so many young people.

  29. I’m glad she is leaving him, only because the kids will be safer away from him.But it pisses me off that she is leaving David because of money!!! She wants back on the show because she is broke. She didn’t leave him after he beat the kids, she didn’t leave him after he threw her down and broke her clavicle, she didn’t leave him when he killed nugget, she didn’t leave him when she lost custody of HER CHILDREN, but she will leave him now, for money. SMH!! This girl is a mess. Her priorities are wack.

  30. Jenelle seems to have these moments of clarity where she speaks and acts sensibly, she did the same thing when David killed Nugget and she immediately left him and said how cruel he was, then for some reason crawled back to him. Please let this be real this time.
    Also, are you saying that Jenelle snuck off to catch a plane leaving her baby daughter alone with David?? Knowing how pissed off he’d be?? This is a very scary thought

  31. Couples can speed up the divorce process if there are safety issues involved and as we all know, David is a danger to himself and his family. If Jenelle is serious and eager to close this chapter, she can absolutely make an application to waive the 1 year separation rule. Time will tell how serious she really is. Can’t stand her, but I am genuinely hoping that she’s seen the light with this one and is DONE DONE.

    1. Hmm I have a feeling that besides the fact that David is a horrible person, the money is out & Jenelle cannot get back on TV with David in her life. I think that MTV meeting in New York was an offer to return IF she ditched David. Now let’s just see if David allows her to leave him, safely. And no doubt, once the ugly divorce & custody fight begins, we are going to start hearing of the abuse we all knew about that she continuously denied. I admit she has made some SERIOUSLY bad choices the last 15 years but I really hope she has matured & can actually be who she is capable of being & I wish her the best.

  32. One thing Jenelle has proven over the years is that she DOES NOT know how to be alone. Period. The end.

    So needless to say, my guess is that she’ll be back on Tinder in 5…4…3…2….

    1. No doubt there is someone already waiting in the wings. Next will be the statement “{insert new garbage-bag soulmate name here} gave me the strength to walk away….” I give it a month maybe two before they’re happily posing on social media.

    2. 100%! I think she got her tubes tied so thank God she isn’t bringing any more innocent babies to be abused. If this is legit, and I have my doubts, we should see a new man very soon if he isn’t already in the picture.

      1. Pretty sure Keifa’s still locked up, he was running a meth lab or something, but it’s 2019, the “moms” now hook up with savvy randoms from the internet looking to get in for about a year and get a TM oopsey baby out of it. There is no doubt in my mind that she’s already got someone lined up. I actually believe she might really have left Lurch. With Jenelle it’s not about loyalty (that’s why she’s already had as many soulmates as McDonald’s has sold burgers today) it’s just about having a dude (any dude will do).

  33. I still don’t believe she will stay away from David. The nudes, porn, and drug videos will be out soon.

  34. Jenelle needs to stay off tv and learn to be a mother to the tribe she has. If she goes back to filming it will enrage David and the film crew will be be in danger. He has no problems showing up and losing his mind. MTV should pay for her to get counseling and maybe rent a safe apartment away from David because she has made them tons of money but they should not try to profit off her again.

    1. You’re right. I’m actually afraid for her, the kids and Barbara at this point because David has hair trigger temp and alot of guns and probably,is on drugs too. She really really screwed up and has put alot of people in danger by bringing David into their lives.

  35. Whatever, they’re both still the epitome of garbage. The damage is done to the children, she’s only leaving this douche because the lifestyle of sloth that she’s known for so long has slipped away and she’s looking to get it back. This will never change all of the bs she’s permitted to go on, co-sign, etc. He’s trash, she’s trash, within a year she’ll go on to find another soulmate/trashbag, within two years her tubes will have magically untied themselves and she’ll be pregnant with baby #4. Hopefully once she’s back on TM2, people will be so mad they’ll boycott the sponsors and Mtv will finally shut the franchise down.

  36. I’ll believe it when I see it. Convenient how this announcement is made right after her New York meeting.

    1. Exactly. The timeline makes it very suspect. Shortly after her meeting in NY she leaves David? How convenient. I call BS. I’m sure they’ve been fighting over the fact that they are broke since the brow thing tanked and the knives David was doing was stupid. Probably discussed getting back on MTV and how they would have to pretend to no longer be together. Don’t know how they will pull that off long term though.

  37. I’d only believe it if the Ashley said it! I’m glad they’re getting away from David, but god, Jenelle has NO maternal instincts, nor desire to be an active single parent, nor warmth, nor any parenting skills at all. Getting away from David is a step up but they’re still fucked with just Jenelle.

    1. 100%. She has absolutely no maternal instinct and has never ever parented any of her children alone for more than a night or two. I can recall so many instances over the years where she acts completely overwhelmed, like the children are ax-murderers or something, just because they were acting like normal kids (the best example is the time she and Lurch took the kids to that cabin and they both completely lost their s**t and the kids were doing nothing wrong). Just thinking about that makes me so mad, she’s let David treat those kids terribly for years, she’s trash, no sympathy here. Her children are two things to her: man keepers and photo ops.

  38. yeah right!

    they both conjured up a little plan to keep up the appearances that they’re parting ways so that she can secure her spot on mtv again. once that is done she’ll act like they reconciled, organically. he’s posting things aimed at her to play his part but thats it. if Jenelle ever actually left david.. it would not be this peaceful.

    we all want to think an actual mom would come to her senses but this is Jenelle. we all know that no real mother would “sneak off to catch a plane” after “he wouldn’t allow it” and leave her baby girl to fend for herself.

    1. It would take police, and maybe a restraining order for her to leave.
      No way is this true. David would flip out, and Pinocchio Evans would be crying on FB. She’d be all over social media
      They are broke

  39. She will go back. Unless he is hitting the kids. I dont believe her, because she is loyal to her loser men. Grow Up, it would become her but chances are slim.

  40. If it is for real, Jenelle will be with another loser in three…two…one.
    Maybe David can crowbar his way into the life of another reality personality.

    I hope this results in us not having to hear or read any more crap about these assholes. I was getting sick AF of hearing that David’s a homophobic, animal abuser, gun hoarding dick because he was “raised” by (apparently) a family of like-minded assholes.

    stay on the land.

  41. We should all just support her now. Leaving an abusive relationship whether it’s physical or mental is never easy. I’m sure he’s telling her people will still hate her. He seems clearly abusive to me and we should support her exit from this person. If this is true, for now, the kids and Jenelle are safe. Let’s just hope they remain safe.

    1. Delujenelle is just as abusive as David. She was a self-made abuser long before David came along. My Gosh, no one needs to look any further than Jace for proof. Though I do not condone any violence, and no one should ever be violent against another, let us not forget who this girl was before David.

    2. To the people downvoting this comment.. why? Show some humanity. She is obviously a damaged young woman that, yes, did stupid things and made bad choices, but isn’t this what we’ve all been saying she should do? It’s easy to degrade her, but ask yourself why she is the way she is and who and which circumstances made her cope with life the way she does. No, not a Jenelle fan, but I work with families like these and the harsh comments on this site bother me sometimes. There is often a lot of trauma underneath these patterns of behavior! Not an excuse but an explanation. And yes, some of us do great after trauma. But that might just mean you’ee more lucky or resilient.

    3. You’re right but
      She has lied for him so much, it goes hand & hand with his abusive manipulative behavior but it is so hard to believe anything they say or do

    4. if this is truly legit, then yes, Jenelle needs support. But I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just them trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes in an attempt to get more money one way or another. I can see it now: “I filed for divorce from David, please help me get back on my feet by donating to my gofundme page.”

  42. TUH! I’ll believe it when those papers are signed, sealed, and delivered to wherever they need to go to make this “divorce” official.

  43. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    I practice law but not in NC. Most states with the one year provision for divorce use this as a no fault ground. Fault based grounds for divorce such as abuse, adultery etc do not require a year long wait.

  44. I don’t believe for a second that this isn’t a bid to get back in TM2. Those two are the most immature people on the planet. If they were getting divorced because they hated each other, we’d have heard a lot more out of them about it. Especially David. I predict that they’ll “reconcile” after she’s signed a contract and gets a paycheck.

    1. Exactly. Until those divorce papers are signed and filed, I don’t believe she’s got any plans on leaving him for one second. There is no way in hell she’s going to be able to keep Ensley away from him, and there’s no way in hell this divorce would ever be as amicable as they’re trying to make it seem. They’re both too classless to ever be amicable, especially towards each other.

    1. She’s filed the papers to start the process….wtf does that even mean? She hasn’t filed for divorce yet and I think in NC you have to be separated for 12 months before you can even file for divorce. I dont trust these two at all. They are broke, no job prospects and will probably do anything to get back on TV. Including pretending to be divorcing. Teen Mom 2 better not fire Jade either! I like her much better than Jenelle and I’m invested in her story now.

      1. Her attorney likely drafted a Post Nuptial agreement, it often doesn’t make it to the courts but a lot of couples enter into a Post Nuptial agreement in states where you have to wait a year before filing.

  45. I am happy for the kids. I really am, even if its just temporary. What does this mean for sweet Marissa? Marissa has endured so much in her young age.

  46. I find it hard to believe any of it, especially that David let her take Ensley away from him without things really going south

    1. Literally just said the same thing. No way in hell David would ever be ok with Jenelle taking Ensley. Ensley is his pawn to keep Jenelle around and further control her. They’ll be back “together”, “working” on their marriage by the end of the year.

  47. It’s about time! I hope she really did get her tubes tied so that she doesn’t have any more children with yet another “soulmate.” I have a felling this divorce will get very ugly as far as custody of Ensley goes. I also won’t be surprised if Lurch ends up talking Jenelle out of the divorce and talks her into going back to The Land.

  48. Don’t believe it. It’s way too mellow of a parting for these two hot heads. I smell something fishy. Like them moving into a temporary place that allows Jenelle to film with Teen Mom and David to stay at the land, while pretending to be divorcing all for the paycheck. She cannot seem to live without that MTV money. MTV is stupid if they take her back in any form. What a trainwreck.

  49. Kind of crazy they have to be separated for a year to file for divorce. I guess the law wants people to think it through before filing, but that must make it tough on people who are trying to leave an abusive relationship.

    1. Lala here in New Zealand we have to wait TWO years before filing for divorce. Extremely hard and long wait when trying to move on from a extremely violent and abusive man.

  50. Don’t believe it. It’s way too mellow of a parting for these two hot heads. I smell something fishy. Like them moving into a temporary place that allows Jenelle to film with Teen Mom and David to stay at the land, while pretending to be divorcing all for the paycheck. She cannot seem to live without that MTV money. MTV is stupid if they take her back in any form. What a trainwreck.

    1. That is just what I said, no way In hell this is for real and of course when people ask her is this a stunt she is gonna say no it’s for real bc she doesn’t know who she can trust and they need that money

    1. LOL Facts…but I don’t think she’s not going anywhere…she can’t make anymore trap babies with any other “soul mates”.

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