‘Teen Mom 2’ Fans Refused to Watch Monday’s Episode Following David Eason Dog-Killing Incident: Here’s How Their Boycott Affected the Show’s Ratings

“You can’t get rid of me that easy, guys!”

The Teen Mom Universe has been in an uproar over the past week, with some longtime viewers of the show vowing to stop watching Teen Mom 2 until MTV removes Jenelle Evans from the show, following the brutal murder of her dog at the hands of her husband David Eason

As The Ashley previously reported, numerous major advertisers have pulled (and are continuing to pull) their ads from running during ‘Teen Mom 2,’ due to the backlash from the dog’s murder and Jenelle returning to David following the incident. 

The first ratings for Monday’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ episode are in and…it appears that the show’s protesters are going to be very disappointed. 

According to cable ratings posted by Show Buzz Daily, Monday’s episode was actually watched by more people than the previous two weeks’ episodes were! 

The most-recent episode was the 10th-highest ranked cable show of the night (down one ranking from last week), but clocked in with 930,000 viewers, which is up 20,000 viewers from last week’s episode, and up a whopping 45,000 viewers from the ‘Teen Mom 2’ episode that aired two weeks ago on April 22!

The episode also did well with the coveted 18-49 year-old viewers, getting a .49 ratings share in that market. Last week’s episode garnered a .50 ratings share, and the April 22 episode received a .47 ratings share, so there was virtually little change in that market as well.

‘Teen Mom 2’ has been one of MTV’s best-rated shows for years, and continually beats its big sister, Teen Mom OG, as well as its little sister, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant in the ratings. 

MTV has yet to comment on the incident involving Jenelle’s dog, despite numerous ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast members speaking out against David and his actions. 

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  1. I’m very proud of the stand people took against this show of bottom-feeders. I had already stopped watching due to the pigfest of Briane and family.

  2. It was the non-watchers that thought they were going to see David kill Nugget on the show. Not realizing its taped months in advance. Lay money on it.

    1. That and the idiots who thought MTV would make a statement about Nugget in a totally unrelated episode.

  3. Was anyone else a little horrified when Barbara said that Ensley is turning into a “mini” Jenelle?? God help us…Kids mixed with Jenelle and David.

  4. I watched it as soon as she got fired….and she won’t be missed. When she was complaining that it wasn’t fair David didn’t get to film and is making her choose between their marriage and filming….HA! The irony.

    1. Que the sex tape ( as that’s the only thing they’ll get to film together)

      I hope and pray that the kids and remaining animals get removed.

      David and jenelle both fark off I do not give a shit about those two evil psychos.
      They are as crazy as each other.

  5. Well, the increase is easy to explain – Juhnelle begged, pleaded, and cajoled all her soulmates to watch last night’s episode.

  6. I choose not to watch it. It’s just a show of adults now with children born with different fathers and all the drama involved. They get paid mega dollars to “star” in the show. They all own nice cars and beautiful homes. They get paid for all their appearances in public. It’s gotten way out of control. Are these “adults” now suppose to be role models for “teen” moms? Maybe MTV should just do reunion shows once a year to see how all the “teen moms” are doing and what they have been up to. I wonder what kind of “jobs” they will be able to get once the show is over. People do have to work in order to make an income. At least that is what most of us do. As far as I know, none of the pursued an education except for Kailyn. Janelle took some medical courses and has a certificate. MTV needs to shut the production down NOW.

    1. Actually Chelsea went to school as well and her husband actually works to support his family. Not like that low life trash mooching scumbag David who does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!

    2. Jenelle has a certificate for Medical Assistant, but she did not pass her NC State Boards so she is unable to get a job as a medical assistant! I believe you have three tries to pass the test within 3 years, and that time period has likely passed!
      Whatever will she do for income?

  7. Oh Bullshit! I will allow enough time for a “reputable source” to crunch the numbers and meanwhile folks. KEEP BOYCOTTING THE SHOW. I don’t believe everything I’m told, I’m not that gullible.

    1. Neilson rating are not accurate at all. They would have you think the whole nation is watch long Keeping up with the Kardashians. With TIVo, DVR, Netflix, Hulu, Redbox and such network alternative that Neilson can’t track, Neilson ratings have become nothing but a relic. I’m sure the numbers are heavily skewed. There’s not that many people watching network tv on any given night.

  8. I boycotted. Although she filmed all this before David killed the dog. Maybe next season if she’s on more people will not watch. I refuse to watch unless she is fired. Brandon Lee has said he has spoken out to MTV as well. He’s on the newest season of The Hills. Maybe if more cast members speak out from the different MTV shows that will help make a difference too.

    1. Thise ratings aren’t because of Jenelle. She hasn’t filmed in forever. People doactually watch for the other stories. I watch because the kiddos are cute.

      1. I could watch Watson put stickers in his hair for an hour but mainly I watch to see what Addy and Gracie come up with. Those two are so funny.

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