Jenelle Evans Has Been Officially FIRED From ‘Teen Mom 2!’ Here’s How it Happened (Exclusive Details!)

“When I said leave me ALOOOONE I didn’t mean it guys…guys?!”

This is the story that Teen Mom 2 fans (and haters) have been waiting for for years!

The Ashley can reveal that Jenelle Evans has been officially fired from the show. 


The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources tell her that it all went down on Tuesday, after she was scheduled to have another phone call with the show’s BIG bosses from Viacom. However, Jenelle never actually was able to talk to anyone from Viacom on Monday before MTV released a statement announcing her firing.

“Jenelle ended up finding out she was fired at the same everyone else did!” one source tells The Ashley. “The phone call never even happened like it was supposed to!”

“MTV ended its relationship with David Eason over a year ago in February 2018 and has not filmed any new episodes of Teen Mom 2 with him since,” an MTV spokesperson exclusively told Us Weekly in a statement. “Additionally, we have stopped filming with Jenelle Eason as of April 6, 2019 and have no plans to cover her story in the upcoming season.”

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle was given another chance by MTV execs on a similar call  last week; however in light of the brutal murder of Jenelle’s dog at the hands of her husband, David Eason, last Monday and the fallout that has resulted from her staying with David, the network reversed their decision and finally gave Jenelle the boot!

The Ashley’s sources tell her that several others were also scheduled to be on the call. As of yesterday, Jenelle felt that she and her manager would be able to figure out a way to keep her on the show. Obviously that is not the case. 

Although Jenelle signed the Season 9 contract, which, technically sealed her into filming the 9B season (as MTV chose to extend the season, as it has a right to do per the contract), Jenelle is an “at will” freelancer, essentially, so production has the right to drop her if they want to. 

“But when you say I’m ‘fired’ you don’t mean it, right? Right?….Hello?”

One source tells The Ashley that this is likely why MTV refrained from making any kind of statement regarding the dog murder last week. Various cast members including Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus have released statements regarding what happened but MTV has yet to respond publicly (to The Ashley’s knowledge) to the situation until now.

As The Ashley previously reported, David admitted to killing Jenelle’s dog, Nugget, last week, allegedly beating and then shooting the poor pup after she snapped at his daughter Ensley. Jenelle initially left The Land and stayed at her friend’s house, but was back very soon after and is currently back there living with David.

The backlash to the show has been strong since the incident, though. Numerous large sponsors have pulled their ads from running during ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and Columbus County, North Carolina, has launched a joint investigation with Animal Control into Nugget’s death and the circumstances surrounding it. 

While “someone” told TMZ that David was remorseful and seeking help to manage his temper following Nugget’s murder, he shot down (no pun intended) that story as a lie, claiming on Snapchat that he has no anger problems

“Those are just talkin’ words! I don’t reckon we’ll have to get real jobs…right?”

As for who will replace Jenelle on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ The Ashley hears that the producers already have a plan in place as to how to fill Jenelle’s spot. (And, no, they are not hiring Mackenzie McKee –or Farrah Abraham… although The Ashley’s sure the clickbait people will try to tell you that.)

The Ashley will reveal who is replacing Jenelle as soon as she gets it 100 percent confirmed!

“Jenelle has always said that if she were to ‘leave’ ‘Teen Mom 2’ she would have no trouble getting another network to sign her and David,” one source said. “She doesn’t seem to understand that everyone in the industry knows what David has pulled. She will have a hard time getting any other shows on her own, and there’s no way it will ever happen if she has David in tow.

“The line to hire us starts right over by the swamp!”

“Without her MTV money, Jenelle and David only have one or two social media deals that Jenelle is doing, which pay very little, plus the clickbait she puts on her social media,” the source added. “That’s all the money they have coming in at the moment.” 

The Ashley will update this story when she has more info! Stay tuned…

(Photos: MTV)


  1. Sorry Jenelle but your man has problems and you do too. The kids are the most important thing in your life but you have problems with picking the wrong man and your kids are not that important to you. Anyway I’m done with your ass because you been through a lot and I will sympathize but not if you continue doing the same thing over and over again and don’t care about your kids welfare.
    Don’t care about you because you made bad choices but I care about your kids, that’s what matters! YOUR KIDS!

  2. all I have to say is it is about time .that they got her and the idiot off of there. I feel sorry for the kids now he will have to get his racist ass out and get a job .that’s what he should have did from the start. Been a man and been out working taking care of his blended family. goodbye see you David and Janelle .it’s been a long time coming but viewers are so happy.they should have put Barbara n tow with them when she threatened to kill kaelyn. She looks just as worse as David. 😂😪

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    What happens to Barbara and jace?
    It’s not fair they lose out because of her stupidity!
    I bet she is so regretting staying with that loon but then again can’t help but wonder if it’s not through fear !

  4. I wish both of them david and Janelle had been fired long ago. I think he is a very abusive personality and proved it when he shot the dog. He is dangerous and Janelle knew it long ago. She allowed her children to be abused by him especially Kaiser. I do not think anyone will miss Janelle at all. She has been unfit for parent hood a long time ago. GOOD FOR YOU STANDING UP FOR RIGHT. SHE WANTED TO GO HER MARRIAGE IS SOOO IMPORTANT SO I CAN NOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME FIGURE OUT WHY SHE IS SO SHOCKED. I was shocked when YOU kept her after the way Janelle spoke to her MOM. KUDDOS TO YOU I AGREE100%

  5. Jenelle deserves what she gets bad karma bitch !! I would of left my husband if he killed my dog !! Your next honey watch your back !!

  6. So glad they have gone! David is a nut job and needs major help for his anger before he kills somebody (not just a poor pet)

  7. It’s about time! Jenelle should have been fired the second she allowed her violent, evil, disgusting husband to put his hands on Kaiser. I hope that sweet little boy is permanently removed from the land when Nathan and Jenelle got to court at the end of the month. Until then, I really hope that the children still stuck on the land will remain safe until CPS actually does its job for once and removes ALL of the children from junky Jenelle and her psychotic soulmate. Shame on MTV for taking this long to take action! Also, now that Jenelle and Lurch are officially unemployed, I wonder how they will come up with the funds to pay their property tax and their income tax. With all of the vacations they take, and with all of the toys Jenelle buys for David, I highly doubt they have much saved. And if they do end up having to sell their property, well, good luck with that! There isn’t a single bank that will approve a home loan for a house that is sinking into a swamp.

    1. SHAME ON MTV. THESE GIRLS ARE NO LONGER TEEN MOMS. I watched it from Day one too. Sixteen and pregnant. They milked the system…

  8. After that ROAD RAGE incident where Jenelle FOLLOWED that man to his house & then began to pull out a GUN with her SON JACE sitting next to her in the car…..THAT should have been her kiss of death.

    How many times was David allowed to RUIN FILMING by showing up? David is seen home ALL the time, he’s always around. Doesn’t David work anywhere? We’ve seen the other “baby daddy’s” Corey, Cole, Jeremey going OFF TO WORK to support themselves & their CHILDREN…but David who has THREE KIDS by THREE DIFFERENT WOMEN does not appear to work.
    He owed his former girlfriend baby mama…the mother of his SON KAMDEN $5000 in back child support, which he just paid…..since he does not appear to work & isn’t being paid by MTV since they won’t film him…WHERE DID that $5000 come from..??? Jenelle’s earnings more than likely.

    LOOK at the size of this idiot, he’s HUGE. He MURDERED a 10 to 12 lb dog by body slamming it & then tossing it outside & shooting it in FRONT OF THE CHILDREN. WHERE is CPS in all this? These children after witnessing the brutalization of this little dog have to be traumatized. The ONLY reason Jace was NOT there was because he was off on a vacation with his Grandmother Barbara. I can hardly wait to hear what SHE says.

    FIRE JENELLE & let DAVID find a way to support HIS FAMILY, which includes Jenelle.

  9. Hello
    I usually like your articles but have to say I am not impressed by your joke. David shot-down the story!! No PUN intended!
    Well I can tell you it wasn’t funny especially under the circumstances I’m sure you could have found different wording for that.
    That was said in poor taste and I am very disappointed in

    The Ashley👎👎👎👎👎

  10. Watch how the idiot is going to blame Barbara somehow, or say David has PTSD because of all the “bullying” he gets from “haters” online, whatever bullshit she can come up to defend the indefensible. Now that mtv has finally fire her, not because of the animal abuse,or kids abuse or domestic violence but because loss of ratings and sponsors, just because of that. They allowed that to happen,they enabled them for years. Now people should stop following her on social media, stop clicking on her bs articles. Those 2 scumbags need to start filling work applications, for what? I don’t know. Does anyone know a company in need of 2 useless gun loving, homophobic ,racist ,animal and children abuser drug addicts?

  11. Maybe she can just go and find a 4th guy to have a baby with..because the third time obviously wasn’t a charm. Is there a SINGLE teen mom alumni that only has one child by ONE partner? Oh wait.. Farrah, our backdoor queen…

  12. Music to my ears to hear Janelle has been fired. But what about Barb and Have? And the other boy?

  13. Any reality show or sponsor who may hire her is going to get backlash from the teen mom community. I have no interest in buying any product she promotes, nor supporting any company that chooses to hire her.

    For the sake of her children and that they may have a chance to grow up not learning to hate, I hope they are pulled from the land.

    And as Nathan says, maybe then Jenelle will hit rock bottom and re-evaluate her life and grow as a person.

  14. I’m devastated… I really don’t care for the vicious remarks made involving Janelle, she was an extremely, extremely. Young girl when she had Jase and she made a few mistakes. All relationships have bad days… if this David is a truly violent man I hope one day Jenelle will feel strong enough to move on because she is a lovely girl. I wish her all the luck she deserves and happy lives for all her children and everyone involved!

    1. IF he’s violent??!! We KNOW he’s violent. Jenelle has never shown anyone, including her own children, an ounce of kindness. She deserves the vicious remarks and then some.

    2. Jenelle is an Academy Award winning actress….she can CRY a the drop of a hat. Notice how NOTHING is ever HER fault…everyone else is to blame for her bad choices. She goes on and on about how no one loves her. Well, it’s apparent her mother Barbara loves her, but she pays no attention to her mother. Barbara does seem to have a problem with alcohol drinking, many shots have shown her as Nathan remarked…with a glass of wine. Next up, Barb says to her daughter “let’s get a box of wine, drink it & then go….Kail! WOW really stupid statement to make even in jest.

      It’s also apparent that David does like Kaiser at all. David is very mean to Kaiser & that little boy seems afraid of him. What would happen if Jenelle does LEAVE David…he’ll simply find another DUMB ASS female to take him on and pay all his bills like Jenelle does.

      IF Jenelle stays with David it is because she CANNOT live life without a man..ANY man…in her bed. She is co dependent on any male that comes her way & wants to be in a “relationship” with her.

      David IS a VIOLENT man & one day he WILL hurt her or one of the children. They DO have guns in the house AND a Pit Bull pet as well.

    3. U must not watch the show! “she’s a lovely girl” 😂😂😂!! Not sure ur definition of “a lovely girl” but that b”$ch ain’t it! She lets whatever man at the time come into her life n run it! N what Mother lets a man abuse her kids, kill a dog infront of them, n lord knows what else we haven’t seen. Janelle should have BEEN off teen mom! hell the recent episode her dumb ass goes on vacation with her friend Instead of her son because her “husband didn’t want her to?!” Dahhh fuck kind of “lovely woman” is this?!? But comment was🤣😂

  15. Oh come on please give Jenelle Evans another chance I have been watching her for years and believe me it isn’t easy to find work out there. So people need to give her a chance
    I care about her and I am a big fan

    1. Jenelle should have thought about how hard it is to find work before she made it impossible for MTV to keep her. She’s had multiple chances.

    2. What people need to care about is the welfare of her kids…
      MTV’s been dealing with her bullshit for over a decade, so how many chances do you think they gave her??

      Was it the 40 mugshots she accumulated? Was it the bullshit video where she expressed she wished Nathan died in combat? Was it the many times she blew Jace off for penis and drugs? Was it when she continuously defended the moronic actions and comments from her ass hat of a husband? Or was it when she could’ve had Jace and herself killed when she followed a complete stranger home with a firearm?

      I’d say she had a dickload of chances…and she don’t deserve anymore. She made her bed, now she’s gotta lie in it. She choose a sorry piece of shit over her kids and her bag.

  16. this is the only proper thing Mtv could do. Better later than never. They should not finance these psychos. I am only concerned what will happen once source of money is cut, poor kids.

  17. Mtv didn’t grow any balls. Advertisers did. Had so many not publicly pulled out, she’d STILL be there next season with the dramatic music and black screen typed statement about the latest shenanigans on the land that they couldn’t show.

    1. My fat fingers down voted you by mistake but I whole hearted agree with you. MYV is ballless.

    2. @The Ashley, has MTV released a statement yet? More of a formal one instead of reporting to a magazine and most likely profiting from it.

  18. Watching this white trash, piece of shit, sorry excuse for a mother, single handedly destroy her $300,000 plus year lifestyle has me giddy. If it was just her, I may be inclined to give her some sympathy, but what she’s allowed to happen to her kids and animals makes her worse than David. When he called Kai a little bitch, just like his daddy, she should have ended it right on that dock. Karma finally came a callin. Nugget didn’t die in vain, he took them down

    1. Say it was cheynne who was fired would you call her **** trash??? No because it’s racist, her skin Color shouldn’t be the issue.

    2. Nuggett and a bunch of Women,a few men a couple of gays and even some old golden girls took that Sob out!!!!

    3. KATIE- I have never commented on here but I have to because your comment was the best one I have read about this whole thing. The part about Nugget not dying in vain made me feel better about this and nothing has until now. Thank you for your words. I hope someone paralyzes David. RIP Nugget

    4. What’s gonna happen is David will leave her now that the gravy train has ended. Then he’ll file for spousal support and I hope they grant it to him. That’ll eat up all of what she has left of any MTV money. I bet she was too stupid to have him sign a pre nup.

  19. I’m so glad she was fired Jenelle has always been a hateful, lazy, girl here’s hoping it want be long till the foreclosure signs ate up on the land, no more fancy vacations.

  20. About time they fired her. She did it to herself the man and I use that term loosley is a monster and after the current MURDER of her dog and her going back with him says it all. Goodby Janelle 🖐👏

  21. It’s a shame that MTV fires her because of losing $$$$. Why couldn’t child abuse, drug use, gun pointing, child neglect, animal abuse, domestic violence, and all the other crap she’s done. It’s all about the money.

  22. GOOD!
    Jenelle has everything she wants with her loser, unemployed, grotesque swamp creature named David! She passed every opportunity she had to leave him, even down to turning into Olivia’s little bitch by paying DAVID’S CHILD SUPPORT!!! She kicked her mom out of her life again when her mom is really the only person who would ever love her unconditionally and is raising her son… She chose David. Through and through, she chooses David. So. Let her be, David is the man of her dreams, she’ll be happy now. No more puppy, no more Jace, no more Barbara and no more MTV money. She should be jumping with joy…

    1. Now all she has to do is get rid of Kaiser, I would say Maryssa too but they will need a babysitter. She will be in hog heaven!! Everyone of her dreams will come true.

  23. YESSSSSSSSSS finally those 2 scumbags, pieces of trash are GONE. I hope the kids get taken away from them, and whatever other living being from their trailer in the swamp land. Throw that marbled douche in jail, take his guns and burn them along his confederate flag. Racist homophobic animal and kid abuser POS. And Jenelle should get spayed and never ever have another kid, those poor souls don’t stand a chance. Guess it’s time to start doing Porn like Farrah , junkie trailer trash Porn ewwwwwwww. Nobody wants to see that,and nobody wants to buy her shitty makeup.

    1. Lol,the people who gave this post thumbs down MUST be David and Jenelle themselves! I can’t see anyone else defending these pieces of shit, child and animal abusers, drug addicts, violent psychos except for themselves and if it’s not them, whoever you are, PLEASE get help asap bcuz u need it!!!

  24. Wow. I’m legit shocked. I mean we all wanted this but we know how mtv is. I really did think the only way she would get fired is if she did porn. Kudos to mtv for finally growing some balls.

    1. Mtv didn’t grow any balls. Advertisers did. Had so many not publicly pulled out, she’d STILL be there next season with the dramatic music and black screen typed statement about the latest shenanigans on the land that they couldn’t show.

    2. Mtv????
      It wasn’t them it was the sponsors and the public who did something about this.
      Mtv are as disgusting as the Easton’s.

      1. Who fired her? Not the sponsors. They had what five sponsors pulled? Yeah not a big deal and honestly when I did watch I never saw any of those commercials. So again mtv grew some balls.

        1. No we had at least 15 or more.Big ones too
          Hereshy, Kotex Persil, Greenis, Twins, There’s a list

  25. He’s so pathetic, she is too for staying with him, it seems like he hits her, the children always look like they are terrified when David is around, I feel so bad for them.

  26. Everyone leave Jenelle be right now she doesnt need drama. She is a great wife standing with her husband and putting her family above a TV show. She always puts them first! She will make great money shes not worried lots of sponsorships have reached out to her to do paid posts for fashion and she runs a successfull makeup line. This isn’t the straw that broke the candle’s back but she’s living with her happy family with a perfect little homestead. Oh yeah shes also great at film editing and will run a very successful Youtube channel she already does….lol…you comment penners think you know but you dont know the truth…

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 shut up.

    2. 😂 riiiiiiiiiiight… either you’re as delusional as she is or you are Jenelle. Her makeup is dead. Done. The website doesn’t even work and the url is for sale on GoDaddy. Nobody wants it. Just like no one wants her.

  27. Everyone leave Jenelle be right now she doesnt need drama. She is a great wife standing with her husband and putting her family above a TV show. She always puts them first! She will make great money shes not worried lots of sponsorships have reached out to her to do paid posts for fashion and she runs a successfull makeup line. This isn’t the straw that broke the candle’s back but she’s living with her happy family with a perfect little homestead. Oh yeah shes also great at film editing and will run a very successful Youtube channel she already does….lol…you comment penners think you know but you dont know the truth…

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 shut up.

    2. The straw… that broke the CANDLE’S BACK?!? Oh man the schools really aren’t “well” there. Perhaps put your kids above an abusive maniac, as long as you are prioritizing.

  28. Jenelle had so much support from all around her including MTV to help leave his and her abusive behaviors , instead, she never left and pretended she did for click bait $$ along with lies about the dog for stories. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit, she gives zero crap about her kids being surrounded by the abuse, mainly Kaiser since David Eason despises Nathan.

    1. Radar Online reported that she was crying and hysterical because she is broke and didnt expect to be fired. She’s probably screaming LEAVE ME ALONE, LEAVE ME ALONE!

    2. I’m sure her and the killer will be putting up some shite on YouTube ?? At some point regarding this.

  29. When your ignorant “beliefs” bite you in the ass…TWICE. I told y’all Jenelle was going to be her own demise.

    She should’ve saved that $5,000 she blew on keeping his little bitch ass out of jail…now she’s gonna need it.

    Who wants to bet David blames all of this on Jenelle for telling on him???…she can always be a medical assistant…she went to medical school right? LOL

    1. Absolutely!!! Who does that?!! Who pays for a man’s sole responsibility like child support?? David is a grown ass man!!! He really needs a woman to support him THAT much?? I bet u she wipes his ass after he sh*ts, too! I wouldn’t put it pass her to do that, she’s so stupid!
      I have zero sympathy for her, she made her bed. Hopefully some of that 500K/year was saved over the years… What an idiot

  30. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    I see the ashley had Jade Cline as a tag at the bottom… mistake or will she fill the spot?

      1. SW calling him a Honky isn’t being a bigot…HE calls HIMSELF that! Don’t ya know the new name he gave himself for IG? If he calls himself a Honky redneck how is it wrong for anyone else to call him something he calls himself? ??

        1. Yeah, his handle on Twitter & Instagram is something like @BigOlHonky. Hahaha, he is such an idiot.

  31. Maybe this is what is best for both of them. Now they can be free of the anxiety and stress of having their angered-filled lives broadcast to millions of people. Hopefully the show was part of the reason they behaved in that manner, because otherwise that would just mean that they are headed for complete and total chaos regardless, and to make matters worse… no MTV money to go with it.

    1. I wish Barb could stay on with Jace.

      I like to think Barb has put away $$$ for Jace. She doesn’t seem like a spendthrift, blowing money on drugs, flash cars, double-wides, St Thomas holidays and back child support.

      1. I don’t know why everyone is so concerned about their future, Jenelle can concentrate on her medical career and her home school duties while David saves lives down at his swamp scraping boat business.

      2. I believe MTV also sets up funds for the kids, no? I think at least there’s something for his college. Idk how CS works, if Jenelle was paying anything to Babs or if Andrew was supposed to pay. Hopefully MTV has given her funds throughout the years

        1. All the children get paid into trust funds and I believe their parents can’t touch them.
          And Andrew pays Barb support but Jenelle doesnt.

          1. I remember Babs saying something about not getting anything from Andrew, which, eh, not surprising… can’t believe Jenelle doesn’t have to pay anything, not even ensure medical coverage with all the money she was making off the show

  32. I am scared for Kaiser. I wish they would’ve waited til Nathan got Kaiser out of there. I wish they would shut the whole show down.

  33. Poor Barb is living on a fixed retirement income and probably really used the extra MTV $ for Jace. Jenelle and Andrew better start figuring out how to bring in some money they’re about to finally have a child to support.

  34. And now I am legitimately scared for what may go down on The Land now that it’s finally happened. David and Jenelle must be fuming and fighting all over that damn sinking house. Maybe the kids are in bed, maybe not. But I doubt they’re sleeping. David is going to snap.

  35. It’s about time that this vile couple is no longer on TM2. Her clown husband will now need to actually get a job… Now he got what he wanted; full control of janelle. She’s not aloud to do anything on her own. She’ll be tied down to the swamp, cut off completely from family and friends. Sad but true… I hate to say it, but they deserve being fired. Just wish it had been sooner.

  36. WOWOWOWOWOW!!!! I’m glad she’s gone and UBT has no more $$$ for the drugs & foolishness. Jenelle can follow through with all those other plans she bragged about with other companies wanting her on the tee-vee.

    I will worry about the kids tho.

  37. Pray for the safety of the kids. Pray for Jenelle. They are in more danger now than they have ever been. David has been publicly embarrassed, and MTV has cut off his livelihood. David’s rage knows no bounds, and he is mentally unstable. Pray for those poor kids.

  38. Notice they stated that they ended their relationship with David last year, but in regards to Jenelle they said, “No plans to cover her story in the upcoming season” …. What about any future seasons??

  39. I called this crap months ago! Hope they paid cash for that modular home and “THE LAND” ( oh and can keep up the property taxes) or they’ll be trading them in for a double wide in some trailer park real quick since we all know David ain’t gettin no job and Jenelle’s all but unhirable with her criminal history. Please remind me why these people’s kids are in daycare all day???

  40. This is when we find out if Jenelle is more scared of being broke or being alone.

    I wonder if they would take her back if she left him. I wish I could say no, but they’d love the drama of her trying to cut it by herself before finding a new soulmate in the first episode.

  41. Thank you, MTV and Viacom for firing Janelle. Took you long enough, but glad you did the right thing.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA thank the mtv gods!! She will NOT be missed. The first episode were she wasn’t included, I didn’t even notice. This is the rock bottom that Barbara and everyone talked about. We will all have to wait and see what happens next on the land because we all know, this isn’t the last we hear from them.. I still hope she leaves him for the safety of her children. But that will never happen, it’s extremely clear now.

    2. No, thank you sponsors and the public, mtv would have swept this under the carpet, and it was losing money that ended up in her being fired.

  42. Not sure why anyone is giving MTV props at this point. They finally did what should have been done a long time ago and did it only because the money started rolling out the door. Cant wait to see the next piece of trash they throw money at.

  43. Hallelujah 🙌🏽

    Bet Brianna is regretting tying herself to Jenelle’s sinking ship, especially when the next reunion comes around.

  44. With all the money gone I can only wish her one thing: I hope you have fun livin’ on the street with ya boooooyfrieeeend LOL.

  45. Next on the list is to get Kaiser the F outta there! Idk what to say about poor Marissa and Ensley. Hopefully someone will come out of the woodwork for them eventually.

  46. It’s about damn time.

    Unfortunately, I (along with many others I’m sure) now fear even more for the lives of the people and animals involved and within reach and range of her pathetic excuse for a human being husband.

    1. No one will hire her. She better hop on the pole. Because that’s about all shes gonna be able to do. Poor David is gonna have to get a job. He will probably just whore out his wife tho. Who’s gonna pay your child support now dead beat!!!

      1. I recall an episode where Jenell bagged Barb for working at Walmart while SHE will be a brain surgeon (sarcasm).
        Well Jenelle, go get that medical job and show Barb, the (retired) lowly Walmart employee!

  47. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    How sad that because of David’s jealousy of poor Nugget, he set up the whole thing so that he could justify his cowardly act to Jenelle. Video taping the incident as it happened. He is so transparent! Why isn’t CPS investigating him for not only allowing a toddler to be on a sofa unattended, but also for letting her play with an animal without close supervision. Wake up Jenelle!

  48. I’m happy they listened but I’m all done watching these lazy entitled people making big bucks for getting pregnant young.

  49. Someone above was looking down and smiled upon us all today!! 🙌🏻

    It’s the perfect time for this line..

    Don’t let the door hit ya on the ass on the way out bitch!

  50. Thank God the sponsors refused to run their ads, I think that’s what finally made MTV fire Jenelle !

  51. Holy shit balls it’s about time!!!!!! Drinks are on me!!!!! Whoop whoop!!!! Still scared for the kids tho. Now she cant afford those fancy pants lawyers!!!! Omg!!!!!!

  52. Hallelujah!!! This is soooooo great!!! She without a doubt deserved to get fired many times over!! Welcome to the real world Jenelle- betcha that $5000 in child support you just shelled out to your vile murdurous husband would sure come in handy about now!!! Bye bish 😜

  53. Looks like Lurch finally got what he wanted. I’ll bet he’s feeling more like a man already. She’s gotten him accustomed to a certain lifestyle and now that the income has dried up they’ll all be feeling the pinch soon. No good will come of this, can anyone honestly think of any positive ending to this story. I hope the children make it out ok.

      1. Oh I bet she’s so happy.

        But She can kiss goodbye to anymore child support, and hopefully David will finally get the jail time that is awaiting him!!!’

  54. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I’m surprised it took that long to fire jenelle, that poor dog went through hell. I’m a pet lover myself. Thank you for thinking of nugget and doing what’s right…

  55. while I dislike her very much and she has screwed up a lot. The entire should be cancelled and I’m sitting here legit worrying about her after all this. she is back with him she got fired there is no saying what will happen and I honestly am afraid for her

  56. I couldn’t be happier!!! But I wonder how long it’s going to take before they drum up some more drama in order to remain relevant and we’re reading about it in the headlines again?? I just pray it isn’t anything tragic, or backlash from this firing.

    1. Barb has had jobs before, I think at Walmart. She’s also been on TV a decade, if she was smart she would have saved a lot of it.

    2. From what I’ve seen and read Babs is very smart with her money (even before MTV). She worked that Walmart job when she didn’t need too and had loaned money to Jenelle over the years. I do think her and Jace will be fine.

  57. Well, I guess there’ll be no more screaming arguments from David about Jenelle having to go out of town to film. He’s now free to look at his former meal ticket’s jobless mug 24/7.

    Please let’s all CONTINUE to pray for the safety and welfare of those poor kids left in that swampy house of horrors.

  58. Thank GAWD!!! This was WAY too long in coming. Glad MTV showed they have some ballz. Hope they have enough class to “keep a watch on” the kids and report anything they see. #savemaryssa

  59. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    What about their boat company?

  60. Please, someone in her life get her TF OFF the land. Shes next if she doesnt get away. I’m not a religious person but I’m praying someone helps her and the kids get away from Lurch.

  61. I can not wait for this shit to hit the fan now. I want them to continue filming Barb and Nathan very minimally just because dirty Dave will have a cow.

    Predictions: She leaves David, begs for her job back, they film her trying to fix her life.

    Hope not prediction: He kills them all when the money runs out and the stress gets high.

  62. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I wonder who they are bringing on!

  63. AMEN!!!’ Only think I’m worried about is now David can really beat her ass. Sad but she should have left his lame ugly butt….

  64. while I’m happy I think the whole show needs to go. I know she screwed up and has been and done some shitty things I’m legit worried about her and her safety as well as those kids.

  65. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Ding dong the witch is dead.

  66. Finally!!! Its about time MTV stood their ground and fired her. Now hopefully she’ll realize the consequences of her actions and leave that psychological sociopath of a husband and protect her children! Bravo to babs, the boycotters, and MTV

  67. Cue both Jenelle and David’s claims that she quit, not that she was fired, in 3…2…1…

  68. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! This is the best day of my fucking life!

  69. Thank God! I hope Nathan gets custody of Kaiser and God Bless Maryssa and Ensley. Jace is safe with Barbra. Jenelle…get it together and pick your children over a man for a change. You need to get away from that dangerous situation.

  70. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    Finally MTV made the right decision..Now make sure the kids get out of that house safe

  71. Jenelle…
    I hope David’s really worth more than your income….🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  72. Jenelle I’m so excited to see your new show that Netflix was knocking down your door to shoot!

  73. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Finally. Honestly her and Farrah needed to be gone. All that money makes then feel invincible that they need a taste of reality, real reality. Seriously good riddance anyone who wants these girls to continue their dysfunction on TV need help as well. Time to get a real job

  74. Finally! David is disgusting and violent and should be in jail for what he has done. Bruises on Kaiser and now the poor innocent dog.

  75. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    OMG, If put Farrah back on I’m done period…..

  76. Thank goodness MTV decided to do the right thing. Now just figure out how to make sure the kids get out of that house..

  77. Wow, this is stupid. She shouldn’t have gotten fired for something she didn’t do, but David did. Wish she was still on but I know she’ll be back eventually.

    1. She defended and supported a man who beat a 10lb pound dog in front of children then exploded its body with a shotgun. How is that stupid?

    2. Normal people don’t run back to someone who just murdered their dog, and not press charges of any kind. So, she clearly supports David and his disgusting animal abuse. Do you support animal abuse too?

  78. Finally. Honestly her and Farrah needed to be gone. All that money makes then feel invincible that they need a taste of reality, real reality. Seriously good riddance anyone who wants these girls to continue their dysfunction

  79. YES! A billion times YES! Thank God! Thank you MTV for once!! Now get David in jail! Someone needs to get the kids and animals out of there! They can’t afford them anyway!! RIP SWEET NUGGET!!

    1. Wondering if she really left David she’d get her Job back,she makes it interesting show for me,she’s in a bad place , horrible relationship and abuse they should give her a chance if she left David bc she’ll b poor and loose everything

      1. She’s been giving chance after chance. In “real life” actions have consequences. She’s never put her children first. Always some POS loser guy. She deserves to loose everything and be poor at this point. She could always get a real job to pay her bills.

      2. She’s been giving chance after chance. In “real life” actions have consequences. She’s never put her children first. Always some POS loser guy. She deserves to loose everything and be poor at this point. She could always get a real job to pay her bills.

  80. Unfortunately I am sure it is the sponsors leaving that resulted in MTV finally standing up to her. I hope Nathan os able to get Kaiser out of there now! David is getting worse and clearly is a sociopath.

  81. They need to cancel BOTH teen mom shows. These girls need to grow up and see what the real world is like.

  82. I’m so glad she’s finally feeling the weight of her choices. Thanks for reporting this.

    1. Maybe she’ll finally grow up a little. All these years her life has consisted of arrests, subsequent mugshots, court cases, drug use, videotaped fights, social media attacks, abusing her mother, allowing her kids to be abused and all the while she has never faced any real consequences of this (I don’t even think she had to miss that Kesha concert) because Mtv was enriching her beyond most of our wildest dreams. You are so right in saying that she’s finally going to feel the weight of her bad choices.

  83. Yes!!! Now let’s just hope without the money rolling in and no real reason to keep Kaiser around (cause you know she was just keeping him with her to keep herself getting paid) she’ll hand him over to Nathan. Ensley and Maryssa…well we can only hope Jenelle started savings accounts for them. They’ll need that money for therapy in the future.

    1. Or she’ll quickly be filing for child support from Nathan. Maybe even from Barbara for Jace.

  84. I knew it! It would be a dog that did her in and not the abuse of her kids. Either way glad she’s gone!

    1. UBT may have some employable skills, Jenelle does not. Not to mention that she has really never worked a job in her life and he is a lazy freeloader. Those saying “good now they’ll get jobs”. No they won’t. They’re too lazy, entitled, delusional and fucked up on drugs to hold a job. This won’t end well.

  85. About damn time! It is really sad that MTV took this long to address the situation and it was only after multiple advertisers pulled out.

  86. This is FINALLY happening??!! 😭🙌🏽👏🏽

    I’m heartbroken it took the murder of a puppy to finally get Jenelle kicked off the show, but hopefully this is the beginning of the end. Kaden and Jace are being kept from The Land and hopefully Kaiser is next.

  87. I’m really upset about this. Jenelle was one of my favorites to watch. Yes, she does need to get away from David. But she does try to be a better person.

      1. Her and David are both those things. Scary! Sociopaths never change because they never do anything wrong in there eyes. They are both disgusting human beings. I feel terrible for those kids. Hopefully nathan gets full custody. It’s going to be rough without that teen mom money. Welcome to the real world scumbags!

    1. My ass she tries to be a better person. She allowed her son to be abused, she let herself be abused and when that psycho killed her dog, she helped him stay out of jail by paying his back child support and she ran on home to him. She’s trash.

      1. Not to mention, profited off of this tragedy by selling clickbait articles. She is the lowest of the low.

      2. I’m entitled to my opinion. I like jenelle. I dont at all condone what David did. Calling someone trash that you dont even know is real classy unless you’re trash as well.

        1. I don’t have to know someone in real life to call them trash. David abuses women, children, and animals. He is trash. Jenelle defends his actions. She is also trash. That doesn’t make me a trash person. You are absolutely right that you’re entitled to your opinion. But we’re also entitled to let you know you like trash people.

    2. 😂😂😂😂 spat my frigging tea out.
      Your sooo frigging funny.
      Jenelle a better person, yep because a better person condones child abuse animal abuse, racism, homophobia etc.
      Yep she’s a great person, NOT!!!!

      Says a lot about your mindset.

  88. Let’s hear that collective sigh of relief from around the world. Thank you mtv, for making the right decision, finally!

    The only negative thing about her firing – now Barb and Nathan won’t film, and that hurts Jace and Kaiser…

    Otherwise, OH THANK GOODNESS!!!!


  89. This honestly made me cry a bit from happiness. People always get what’s coming to them, sometimes you just need to wait longer than you want.

  90. About time…. looks like UBT will need to dig out his swamp janitor gear and get scrubbing them boats again!

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