Jenelle Evans Shades Chelsea Houska’s Departure from ‘Teen Mom 2’: “I Feel Her Story Wasn’t Honest”; Other ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Comment

“Who’s gonna break it to Jenelle that TikTok isn’t meant for her?'”

Chelsea Houska is leaving Teen Mom 2 after 10 seasons and her former cast members are sad to see her go. Well, some of her former cast members…

The soon-to-be mom of four confirmed this week that she and husband Cole DeBoer have decided it’s time for their family to move on from the MTV show – news that was met with well wishes from some of Chelsea’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-stars, including Kail Lowry and Leah Messer, both of whom have appeared on the show with Chelsea since the first season.

However, Jenelle Evans slapped down some major shade when she was asked how she felt about Chelsea’s departure. 

“We’ll miss you but I’m so excited to see what y’all do next,” Kail wrote on Instagram.

“Sad to see you go, but so excited to see where this new journey takes your family,” Leah tweeted.



Jenelle was also asked to comment on Chelsea’s decision to leave the show (willingly, unlike Jenelle who was fired from the MTV reality series in 2019). She told E! News that she felt that Chelsea wasn’t cut out for the whole reality TV thing to begin with. 

“Good for her,” Jenelle told E! News. “I feel her story wasn’t honest to begin with so maybe TV isn’t meant for her.” 

In addition to throwing some shade, Jenelle reminded her (dozen or so) fans that she still hasn’t ruled out the idea of making a return to reality TV herself. 

“I would like my fans to know that I am willing to still share my story if I had the opportunity,” she said. 

“I thought ya had tons of offers from the Netflix and that Amazon waitin’ for ya?”

In February, Jenelle claimed she was “in talks with certain people here or there” about either returning to ‘Teen Mom 2’ or getting another show once her Viacom contract – specifically, the non-compete clause in said-contract – expired in April; however, neither of those scenarios have come to fruition for her. (The Ashley can confirm that Jenelle was never in talks to return to ‘Teen Mom 2.’)

 That same month, she also expressed an interest in producing her own reality show.

“I have a lot of show ideas – a lot of different reality show ideas,” she said. “Kind of like Bachelor-like style ideas, dating ideas, you know young mom ideas basically – I wouldn’t say teenagers though.”  

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans may recall, Jenelle claimed back in Season 8 that she had received offers from Netflix and Amazon that she was interested in pursuing if MTV wasn’t going to allow her husband, David Eason, to continue filming with her. Of course, MTV ended its relationship with David in February 2018 and in May 2019, Jenelle was fired from the show as well. 

“Please someone hire me!”

Jenelle has yet to announce any upcoming projects with Netflix or Amazon. 

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter) 


  1. In teen mom jenelle she need to get it together and put her son before any man. The entire time she go after her mom and yet when her mom ask her to get up so she can run and erran she stays in bed. Oh yes she called the boyfriend and than chased after him not once she chased after her son. Jenelle get it together leave all guys alone everyone has stress your mother is doing more than enough to raise your son.
    Chasing after men really not once when you left did you ever look back at your son. Damn figure it out.

  2. How has Chelsea not been “honest” about her story? Because it doesn’t involve the killing of a dog, CPS, drugs, and domestic violence? Because Chelsea didn’t latch on to Adam and his BS and instead found a solid dude that is a stand up father and man? Who has a job? Or maybe because any drama Chelsea MAY have, she probably doesn’t display it for public view? YEs, Jenelle- that all exists and is possible. I know- hard to believe (eyeroll)! As she casually slips in “I would like my fans to know that I am willing to still share my story if I had the opportunity”. What fans?! LMAO. I guess the money is running out after your eyebrow kit deal went South, eh?

  3. “I would like my fans to know that I am willing to still share my story if I had the opportunity,” she said.


    She’s so transparent it hurts to hear her speak.

  4. No, Jenelle, it’s not that Chelsea was dishonest; she was just smart enough to keep most of her private life actually private and off of TV. She saw the possible repercussions of having things out there for the world to see, and for her children to have to deal with later in their lives.

    I agree with the previous poster who said that Jenelle just can’t fathom that most people live a life without drugs, guns, jail and domestic violence (which is actually very sad, when you think about it). Jenelle thinks Chelsea’s life is “a lie”, but no – she’s just normal! People have said Chelsea’s storyline is boring for years now, but boring doesn’t equal bad. She’s providing a good, stable childhood for her kids, while taking advantage of the opportunities (financial and otherwise) that MTV has brought her way. Almost everyone would have done the same thing in her position. I think Chelsea and Maci have been the best about keeping as much of their lives private as they can, while still maintaining a life on TV. Leah used to let it all hang out there, but she has gotten more circumspect over the years. I have a lot of respect for the moms who are walking a line between living a reality TV life, while still trying to provide their families with some privacy and sense of normalcy.

  5. Jenelle no one cares what you think. Do I believe the show shows everything about Chelsea and the other girls lives, no but that is the case with these shows but Chelsea has always loved her children and been a good mother to them, she has used her money from the show wisely and has a qualification that she has actually used to fall back on if she needs to and her children are always well cared for by her and Cole. Jenelle has never put her children first, drugs and men did and the qualification she got is now useless because she didn’t pass the state exam and let it expire, she will be bankrupt sooner rather than later and her children only look well cared for when other people have them.

  6. Lol, Jenelle, who is the least honest of the bunch, talking about honesty. We all know you are just jealous of Chelsea for having a stable life (and maybe she even is jealous of her getting a guy like Cole!)

  7. “I would like my fans to know that I am willing to still share my story if I had the opportunity,” she said. After making it impossible for the crew she had to film. She spent her whole time on the show whining about how hard it was to film, complaining about the ‘bad edit’ she got and saying she was done. She doesn’t like it now she’s actually done.

  8. Jenelle is so damn delusional, I think her best bet at making easy money will be to bottle up her hubris and try and sell it. “She’s willing to continue to tell her story”!??! as if she has something special to share with the world, as if there is anything, interesting, inspirational or entertaining going on on The Land. No one likes her or her Tiger King/Sasquatch/eunuch/house-bitch husband and both of them need to bite the bullet and see if they qualify to flip burgers because I predict the tax man and whoever’s financing their sinking prefab house will be knocking on the door in the near future.

    1. Janelle has no business talking about people being honest when she is the biggest liar of any of the girls and actually all of them combined!
      And her disgusting abusive husband David has ruined Janelle’s life worse than it already was before he came into the picture.
      And I’ll be straight up honest whatever’s going on with Janelle’s son Kaiser’s medical condition with having abscesses up in his private areas David probably kicked them or did something to make that happen because you know he hates that little boy!
      Janelle should not have any of those kids and certainly they shouldn’t be allowed around David even if supervised.
      good luck being the loser that you are Janelle and quit hating on the women that are stable and have stable relationships in their lives! You dummy.

  9. Why won’t Jenelle disappear! She’s just a nasty racist freak, who refuses to care for children or her home! An she can’t dance or lip sync! Go away loser!

  10. “Jenelle was also asked to comment on Chelsea’s decision to leave the show (willingly, unlike Jenelle who was fired from the MTV reality series in 2019).”

    “Jenelle has yet to announce any upcoming projects with Netflix or Amazon.”

    Fucking. Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Shouldn’t jenelle be more worried about kaiser who was just hospitalized instead of worrying about commenting on others?! Jenelle doesn’t have a story worth telling. Chelsea made good and level headed choices after she grew up a bit and her family thrived. Good for her.

  12. The jealousy runs deep with that one!

    And can she not wrap her head around the idea that not everyone has a hidden dark side with abuse, drugs, arrests, violence, and guns? Just because Chelsea has a normal story, it’s like she can’t believe it could be true.

  13. Oh Juhnelle Juhnelle juhnelle! Your jealousy is showing. Chelsea is in a better place in her life than you are and you cant take it. Nobody want to watch Juhnelle on TV she needs to give up. She is never going to be on tv again. She gave it all up for lurch. Which was the dumbest thing a person could do.

  14. The word ‘honest’ should never leave Delujenelle’s mouth. She is the most dishonest person I’ve ever encountered. Delujenelle cannot stand it when anyone makes better than she has. Her bad decisions have brought everything she has ever received. Just as Chelsea’s good decisions has brought to her everything she and her family so greatly deserve.

  15. What is her “story” she keeps referring to? Like, how to be a racist, homophobic, Qanon fanatic?
    How to build a sinking house in a swap?
    Hoe to find the next psychopath soulmate?!

    Take a damn seat, Jennele. Nobody wants your story.

  16. Jenelle is still bitter that Chelsea stole her baby-birthing thunder by delivering a child only a couple of days after Jenelle. Chelsea got praise and congratulations and Jenelle got massive criticism and hate.

    If Chelsea’s story wasn’t “honest”, its because she was smart enough to keep the ugly parts of her life off-camera. Chelsea has, and is, everything Jenelle wants—a loving husband who doesn’t abuse her or drugs, a strong family support system, the potential for a career outside of tv (she’s a makeup artist), a home that isn’t sinking into the swamp, and friends. Chelsea also has children who are well-cared for, loved, in her custody, and were wanted. No oopsy babies or on-camera abortions. Chelsea also only introduced the audience to one “soul-mate” after her disaster baby Daddy Adam. How many boyfriend’s has Jenelle had in the same time period? If Chelsea was hooking it up before Cole, she was smart enough to keep it off-camera.

    I’ve said this before and I will keep saying it—Jenelle, stop trying to be on tv. No one is interested in your stories. Focus on your kids. They should be your priority. Emotional support is very important for kids. Read to them, take them to the library or the museum. Join the PTA. GET A JOB. And stop trying to convince us that David is the greatest husband/father/protector/animal owner. We aren’t going to change our view of him. Drop it and focus on your family. You will be far happier if you choose a “normal” life, over one on tv.

  17. Did anyone actually ask Jenelle her opinion or did she offer it up, all on her own?

    Quit being thirsty, Jenelle. It’s embarrassing.

    1. I doubt E! reached out to Jenelle. She said Netflix did too and they formally came out and said they never reached out to her and have no desire to film anything with her. She just says that crap because she thinks that will make MTV want her back. Lol

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