Briana DeJesus Sued for Over $5,000 In Unpaid Townhouse Construction Fees; ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Says She’s Fighting the Lawsuit

“Who has time for that? I’ve got baby daddies to chase down!”

Briana DeJesus has added yet another battle to her growing list of current feuds. In between fighting with her baby daddies Devoin Austin and Luis Hernandez, as well as her nemesis co-star Kail Lowry, Bri is now battling the construction company that worked on her new home.

The Sun broke the news on Thursday that the Teen Mom 2 star is being sued for $5,585 in unpaid fees by a company that provided materials used to build Briana and her family’s new townhome in Florida. Briana, her two daughters, her mom Roxanne, and sister Brittany moved into the home last year, but the supplies were reportedly used to build the house from November 2019 to January 2020.

The Sun reports that the construction company filed the lawsuit against Bri and Roxanne in February, claiming that the pair failed to pay their tab for a variety of building supplies, including granite, paint, plumbing materials and labor.

Warning to the construction company: This house contains a large closet to hold ALL of Roxy’s high heels…enter with caution!

Briana told The Sun that she and her mom are refusing to pay the bill because they were not satisfied with the products they received.

“Granite was not cut right and they messed up the plumbing. We are fighting to not pay for it because they messed up,” she told the site.

“If there’s one thing we DeJesus women know how to do it’s fight!”

The two-story townhome– which replaced the overcrowded apartment the DeJesus clan had lived in for years— features four bedrooms and cost Bri $269,600. On this week’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Briana sat down her baby daddies to discuss them pitching in financially to help pay for the care of their daughters.

“You may think I have extra money than you guys because of this TV show. But all my money went to this house,” Briana told the guys.

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41 Responses

  1. All the ladies have jobs what are you talking about Bri’s girls should be well taken care of that’s her job and also she has two extra people living with her the other young ladies do it all a lone don’t put the other ladies down like they just sit on the couches all day everyday they have jobs and businesses as well oh and they don’t owe anyone

    1. Whose putting other ladies down? The article is about Brianna owing the contracters materials they used to build her house. What article did you read???? That’s the longest sentence I’ve ever read!! Where is your pronunciation?? Lol

  2. Looks like it’s time to blast another MTV employee out of that ham wallet Bri, that should cover these costs. Que some random dude at the club.

    stay lit

  3. This hoe needs to learn to budget. She found a way to spend damn near 6k a month living in an apartment with just two small kids to feed. Not a surprise to find she’s accumulating overlooked expenses that aren’t related to gymnastics schemes.

  4. Lawd she is dumb. She is gonna run up legal bill fighting paying for a service and goods she received? Brianna better pay these folks and then sue them for the shoddy work and materials because if these folks win the case they can have a lien put on her house. If they are awarded legal bills too all that coat will be on Breonna to pay.

  5. Wasn’t this moron just on Twitter ranting about how she “got her house and that’s all she needed” from MTV, because she was mad her new random of the month had to get tested for COVID on the regular? See, this is why I don’t like this girl. She is dumb. All bark, and no bite…Guess you’re gonna need TM2 to help pay for these lawyer fee’s too. Dummy

  6. So, does the townhouse belong to Bri AND her mother? Why would they both be sued unless both names are on the contract? Hmmmmm….

    1. I don’t think the elevator goes all the way to the top with that one, so her mother is probably on the house because Brianna isn’t capable of making such decisions herself. Because they aren’t using that as a storyline, they aren’t referencing that.


    1. Kail is no better than Brianna. She did try to fight Brianna at that same reunion. She has a bum baby daddy who she constantly sleeps with and has more children with, knowing he’s a deadbeat dad. Kail also was just arrested for hitting her baby daddy. She’s no better than Brianna. They both suck and both need to act like adults and get it together

    2. Brianna claims that she used all of her money to buy this home… And on camera she has told her baby’s daddy’s that she didn’t need their help financially.
      she forgot to mention how much money she spent on her body surgeries boobs but liposuction and whatever else she’s had done I’m sure that wasn’t cheap.
      Pay your important bills Brianna grow up already this is ridiculous!
      You can’t pay a $5,000 bill that you owe because you’re broke really you think we believe that no we’re not stupid quit spending money on your body that still looks messed up and weird and spend it in the right places or quit complaining about not having any money!

  8. If it wasn’t ” done right” why go ahead and move in? The plumbing? Call the people that put your plumbing in.You didn’t see that the ” granite wasn’t cut right” BEFORE you moved in? I thought they were suing for the material? They still used the material right? The company said she didn’t pay for the MATERIAL. She needs to pay for the material they USED and go after the people that installed the things. IMO

    1. I agree. In the end, she still is using what they installed. That doesn’t mean she just gets it for free because it wasn’t up to her standards. She should have resolved it with the company, which I’m sure would have came to some sort of a better resolution then being sued. I don’t really see that one going well for her.

  9. I don’t understand why people are putting Brianna down. Hell, she’s the ONLY one who has kept a real job! She’s the ONLY one who takes damn good care of her two children. And just maybe, she smart enough to know that this show isn’t going to be on the air for much longer, so she knows that she can’t afford a bigger house. Some of the other girls have been lucky enough to get different gigs, because they are being spoiled by MTV. I’ve noticed that all the other girls that MTV spoils are “white” thank God us women with a little color know how to take care of our family by working a real job. Bree pay them off and then take them to court, this is just another way MTV could have stepped in and helped her out with a solution, like they do for their fair skin gals!

    1. Which girl was helped by MTV in a legal dispute? Amber when she didnt pay her bills, did MTV pay their taxes when they “forgot”, did MTV help their cash cow Kail in the dispute about the books that were left in the rain by Kail?

      1. Where did you hear that? If MTV paid for their mess ups like that they would be doing a lot more stupid shit knowing MTV would take care of it!! Tyler and Cate still owe taxes too

    2. Nobody likes Brianna because she’s an idiot…has nothing to do with color. And Briana and the word “smart” should never be used in the same paragraph. She the least intelligent out of all those girls.

    3. Why is it even necessary to bring color into this? Seriously (eyeroll). The “white” ones you refer to that get the “spoils” have been on the franchise a LONG time Otherwise, the one from Bri and later, I don’t see really reaping any benefits they didn’t hustle for. And I don’t see MTV providing the spoils” anyway- it’s mostly endorsements from other companies. But okay. Stay lit

    4. She hasn’t been on the show as long as the others. Most of them had jobs in the early days when they weren’t making much from MTV.

  10. Briana is no different then any other single mother. You put these girls on this show and they are no better role model. They making money and having kids by different men. This show should be taking off the air.

  11. Hmmm.. they really must pay Brianna substantially less than the other girls if all she can afford is a townhouse, even with a real job, and everyone else is living in freaking mansions, or at least own multiple houses, like Tyler & Caitlyn, with no real jobs!

    1. I think Briana only got around $30k the first season she was on. No doubt she’s gotten raises bitbisnt making $400k like the other girls who have been on 10 years. Briana also has a full time job like a normal person.

    2. Well she hasn’t been in it for as long. But maybe she just has also been saving her money. To spend it on a huge house is ridiculous.

      1. Not that I’d defend any of these fool but Tyler and Caitlyn have been on the show a LOT longer than Brianna. They also do that click bait crap and tons of other endorsements for other companies. Also, some make better decisions with money.

        1. How is spending money on a house ridiculous? It’s an investment. It usually means some sort of stability. Typically it appreciates in value. You can refinance it to pull cash out. You can fix it up and sell it for double what it’s worth, sometimes more, in certain instances depending on the market. You can buy it and rent it out. It impacts your credit, sometimes in a very good way if you are smart about it. Renting- you are literally giving money to someone else for something you will never own. What else should she have bought? Just curious.

    3. Maybe they liked the idea of a townhouse? Honestly I felt very safe being connected to so many people in my apartment and now that I own a detached home I’m always worried about safety since we’re all alone! I can see the appeal if they’ve lived in that little apartment for so long.

    4. She gets paid what everyone got in their first season, second season, etc to keep things fair.
      She signed that deal eagerly but Devoin and Bri felt a bit overly secure in their job when they started to moan they were not paid enough. They get what they agreed to.

      1. Complaining about not being paid enough to live your life while cameras follow you?? That is The biggest blessing of a “Job”. But at least bri has a real job and puts the kids in daycare rather than putting them in daycare while she sits at home like a certain someone we all know and loathe…

        1. That is true that bri and her family do seem to work a lot. Good on them. But I don’t sympathize with women like bri who say that they are paying for their kids all by themselves and how much it is. When it seems to me that bri buys more expensive ite s than she should. I don’t know for sure. But I know it is something that kailyn does. You can see it on her and all her boys. Nike and whatother brands. They are not cheap. And they outgrow it every year. I can understand wanting nice things sometimes but to spend so much. They definitely get a lot for just being followed by cameras.

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