Jenelle Evans Talks About Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Stars During Instagram Live; Claims She Was Ignored at Reunions

“This is your weekly reminder that I have plenty of time to kick up some petty drama.”

Despite getting the boot from Teen Mom 2 nearly two years ago, Jenelle Evans is clearly holding onto some anger when it comes to her former cast mates. 

The fired MTV star took to social media this weekend to spill the lukewarm tea on her ‘Teen Mom 2’ grudges after some gentle nudging from her fans. First up in Jenelle’s burn book was Chelsea Houska, who like Jenelle, is no longer part of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ (Though unlike Jenelle, Chelsea chose to leave the show.)

“Not tryna brag or anything… “

“How was Chelsea? Chelsea was just very quiet, she stayed in her room a lot during the Reunion,” Jenelle told her followers in a clip shared by the Teen Mom Tea Instagram page. “But ya know, when s**t was poppin’ down, she’d peek out her head and see what was going on and she wasn’t like stuck up, but she just was very like, to herself I guess you could say.

“I’m trying to figure out the best way to say this without being a bitch … umm, let’s just say Chelsea and Kail [Lowry] had their own clique and that was very important to them,” she continued. “So every time we went to Reunions or anything, it was no talking to Jenelle, no association and I would be there alone on my phone just pretending like time was passing by.” 

Two months ago, Jenelle told This Family Tree podcast (in a now-deleted episode) that ‘Teen Mom 2’ producers portrayed Chelsea “as the Golden One.” 

“Like, I knew some things she would do behind closed doors when we would go to the Reunion shows but that was never brought up,” she said on the podcast. “I’m not trying to rat her out, or even say the things she did but I’m just saying she’s not a goodie-two-shoes. It makes me upset that they wouldn’t show her raw footage but they made me out to be like a villain.” 

“Time to sing a new tune, Jenelle.”

After Chelsea announced she was leaving ‘Teen Mom 2’ in October, it didn’t take long for Jenelle to offer her comments on the departure, which of course, weren’t particularly nice. 

“Good for her,” Jenelle said on Chelsea leaving ‘Teen Mom 2.’ “I feel her story wasn’t honest to begin with so maybe TV isn’t meant for her.” 

Jenelle’s grudge towards Chelsea and Kail seemingly began long ago and in fact, both were among the recipients of cease and desists from Jenelle and husband David Eason back in 2017. The following year, Jenelle let fans know she still wasn’t ready to make nice with Kail after torching the mom of four’s Pothead Haircare products on social media – a move Jenelle addressed again this weekend on social media. 

Jenelle burned the free hair products to teach Kail a lesson…

“I know a lot of you are like, ‘why did you set Kail’s haircare on fire?’ Because she was talking mad s**t about me and my husband a week before that to the media and that’s where me and Kail kept having falling outs,” Jenelle explained 

Jenelle went on to accuse Kail of talking “a lot” about her on her Coffee Convos podcast, without ever having her on as a guest. Jenelle also called out Kail for talking about her own exes and her exes’ exes, claiming that Kail’s ex-husband “Javi [Marroquin] was pissed off” about podcast topics at the time as well. 

“She would always make her podcasts about what was happening around her personally … I felt very attacked at the time,” Jenelle said, adding that Kail doesn’t do this sort of thing on her podcast anymore. 

“Would you have preferred that I talk about what was happening around YOU personally?”

Looking back on that time, however, Jenelle recalls Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood being a guest on Coffee Convos and spewing some Jenelle-hate as well. 

“She even had Amber on there talking s**t about me one time,” Jenelle said. 

Of course by mentioning Amber, Jenelle had to throw in her thoughts on Amber still being employed by MTV. 

“Whatever Jenelle, life isn’t fair. I find that having a great couch helps, though.”

“ … Isn’t that crazy Amber gets to stay on,” she asked. “Just sayin’… “ 

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(Photos: YouTube; MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Why is it my pork pies started disappearing around the time Chinelle had to start taking drug tests? I noticed she started packing on the pounds at this time.

  2. Just wondering when Chelsea will be taking the time to make a video clip about how she felt about Jenelle at Reunion shows ten years ago.

    Oh, wait…

  3. Ok yeah Kail and Chelsea are no saints, especially Kail. But Jenelle was posting fake clickbaits about all of them, she was always drama, but not the regular shoe-throwing, hair-pulling one, but violent acts, like dog killing or slashing balloons with a knife at an MTV party. No wonder nobody wanted to hang out with her.

  4. Imagine being so miserable that the only thing you can talk about are your former “co-workers” and the past ‘accomplishments’ you had on reality TV. This girl never met her full potential, she just allowed men to stunt her from making something of herself. Her whole self-esteem and worth is dependent on a man. That’s just sad.. Not even her kids give her that motivation to do better than David.

  5. Damn, Jenelle looks so different without the TM money to pay for hair, make-up and nails, yikes. So when are we going to see all those “other projects” she’s been busy working on?

    1. She’d probably tell you to frig off but its absolutely true.

      I noticed that right off, she looks like quarantine was very rough on her.

  6. These women were nothing more than your co workers on a job. That’s it. Maybe it’s time to be like Elsa and let this shit go.

    1. Exactly. And I don’t even think calling them coworkers is fair, considering they don’t even have to interact with each other on a regular basis! Not everyone is going to like you Jenelle…

  7. Every reunion show consisted of Jenelle screaming. Who would want to be around that? Jenelle is sjealous of Chelsea. One day Chelsea is a secret villain, the next day she’s a nice girl who keeps to herself. Jenelle does make valid points about Amber and Kail though but at a certain point she needs to talk to a therapist because this are old things to still be upset about.

  8. It IS crazy that Amber gets to stay on. She should absolutely have been fired as well.

    However, Jenelle needs to find a new hobby (maybe a source of income?) than talking about TM constantly. Can’t believe it’s almost been 2 years wow.

  9. uh idk jenelle maybe because nobody wants to be around you and you’re psychotic boy toy??? like how does she not see that she’s the problem, the girls even get along with jade.

  10. Jenelle you can’t be both the victim with everyone attacking you AND completely ignored sitting in a corner by yourself…you can’t have it both ways babe, pick one and stick with it. Bless your heart. 🙄

  11. Ugh jenelle stop, you’re making yourself look dumb and desperate for attention. She is right about amber, 100% though. Abuse should not be condoned no matter the circumstance. Also, kail needs to get off her high horse. She is jenelle level trash with all her baby daddies and court cases for domestic violence and PFAs and child support crap. Tbh, kail is horrid the more I rewatch the early seasons… only difference between kail and jenelle is that kail prioritized her kids (at least before lux and creed lol) and takes care of them.

    1. Agree re: Kail. Kail is more dangerous because though she makes stupid choices, she’s not a total idiot. Janelle is clearly low IQ and once her TM money is gone she’ll likely lose everything including her kids. Kail probably won’t do anything stupid enough to lose custody of her kids even after she’s pissed away all of her money. Also Janelle’s substance abuse issues were on display for the cameras. If Kail does indulge, she keeps it quiet or she’s fairly clean in that respect.

  12. It’s always about what so n so did to Jenelle, never what Jenelle does to anyone else. Perhaps the other girls were clicked up together because they didn’t want to be around her psycho husband. But she does have a point about MTV letting Amber stay…

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