EXCLUSIVE! Owners of “The Family Tree” Podcast Reveal Why They Yanked Down Their Interview with ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans; Jenelle Responds & Says She’s Starting Her Own Podcast

“Why can’t I find the interview? Is the dial-up on The Land out or something?”

UPDATE! Jenelle has responded after finding out the episode was pulled down. Scroll to the bottom of this story to see what she had to say about it.

The owners of a podcast that recently did an interview with Jenelle Evans found themselves scrambling to delete the episode after Jenelle’s dedicated army of haters were outraged that the former Teen Mom 2 star was given a platform.

During the episode, Jenelle talked about a variety of topics, including why she feels she shouldn’t have been fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’; how her husband David Eason feels about shooting Jenelle’s dog Nugget last year; and why her MTV contract was unfair, among other things.

In an interview with The AshleyThis Family Tree podcast owners Alex and Shane talk about the reasons they pulled the episode down, and their feelings about Jenelle after they learned more about her and David’s past.

Shane stated that he wasn’t very familiar with Jenelle’s story before he reached out to her.

“We have been trying to get a variety of guests— we had yet to talk to someone who was a teen mother,” he told The Ashley. “We wanted to examine that life.”

Shane said that when he Googled ‘Teen Mom’ stars, Jenelle’s name was at the top of the search results, so he reached out to her and she agreed to be on the show. When they revealed that Jenelle was going to be a guest, Shane said their podcast audience gave them “pushback”; however, they weren’t concerned as they have interviewed many controversial figures in the past.

“We weren’t looking at having her on as an endorsement of her character; it was more an examination of her character,” Shane said. “Our intention wasn’t to prop her up or give her a platform.

“We weren’t endorsing her character, we were having her on to examine it.”


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During the interview, Alex and Shane did tackle some hard subjects (you can read about some of those here), asking Jenelle how she felt about exploiting her children on TV, and if she was worried that David’s behavior would escalate from hurting animals to hurting people eventually.

After Jenelle began promoting the interview on her social media, though, Alex and Shane said they began to take a lot of hate from people who felt it was wrong to give Jenelle publicity, given the history that she and David have had, which includes David admitting to killing Nugget the Dog, and the accusations of David abusing Jenelle and her son Kaiser

“I understand [why people are upset],” Shane said. “Children and animals is a line that you don’t cross. Although she didn’t hurt the dog herself, she did end up staying with her partner and that’s unforgivable for a lot of people…The last thing we wanted was to seem we were sympathetic to anyone being unkind to animals and kids.”

“We had no idea [about their past]; we definitely know that now, though,” Shane added.

Alex said that after they realized the episode was only getting negative feedback, they made the decision to pull it.

“We don’t endorse any of those things. If any harm was caused, that’s the last thing we’d ever want,” she said. “If it didn’t help anyone we were more than happy to remove it.”

As of press time, the episode is no longer online. (You can read the transcript of it here, though. It’s quite a doozy!) 

“I hope this is a huge learning lesson for her,” Shane said. “I do appreciate her coming and we are sorry it spiraled the way it did.”

“Whatever, dude.”

This is hardly the first opportunity Jenelle has lost. In addition to getting fired from her job on ‘Teen Mom 2’ in 2019, Jenelle has also had several businesses end their relationships with her due to her past and association with David. In July, an Oregon cannabis dispensary cancelled a meet-and-greet event with the couple after they were inundated with online hate.

Jenelle has lost multiple sponsorship deals— including with Blue Apron, Prana Mat, and PatPat Clothing, to name just a few. In September 2019, the New York City salon that was due to host Jenelle’s launch party for her JE Cosmetics company abruptly cancelled the event, stating online that it was unaware of David and Jenelle’s histories.

UPDATE! After finding out (from The Ashley’s story, apparently) that her podcast episode was yanked, Jenelle hit Instagram to deliver a message to the podcast owners. 

“I want to thank The Ashley’s Reality Roundup because actually you guys just kept me informed,” Jenelle said. “I didn’t even know that podcast episode was taken down. No one notified me. No one explained why, but they’ll go on the media and explain why.

She then addressed the owners of the podcast.

“I went on your podcast as a favor for you guys, not for myself,” she said. “I didn’t need any of this attention. I didn’t need any of this publicity. Not to mention, I scheduled it in advance and made sure my kids were nice and taken care of. [I] poured my heart out to you for 45 minutes. And you just threw all that away? Keep an eye on my Instagram because I will be explaining all of this and more on three other podcasts that I actually have scheduled next month.

“I poured out my heart…and then poured some coffee!”

“I just want to add one more thing. It’s really hard for me to trust anyone from the industry, anyone from the media. And for me to open up and do this podcast for you? I just ..after being on TV for so long, you try to break out of the shell that you were in and you try to open up and trust people, and do interviews and be on a podcast. Now I’m back. I can’t trust anyone.”

“When you’re one of the most hated people on the Internet, like me, what do you do in a situation like this?” she asked. “You use your platform to speak your mind and use your platform to explain your story.”

She then lifted her coffee mug (which had images of “thaaaa weed!” on it) and said, “I probably need a new co-host for my new podcast and a graphic designer for my new logo.”

“We all know ya podcast co-host is gonna end up bein’ David, Juh-nelle!”

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. Come on, Family Tree people. You had no idea about Jenelle’s history? You just googled teen moms, and her name just pooped up?

  2. Jenelle has never been a victim. You are mistaken, only their kids & animals are the victims. You apparently didn’t know her history before David. She just found someone this time in her ranking. They are 2 Peas in a pod. Open your eyes.

  3. And Jenelle responded on IG. The rundown:

    •She thanked actually The Ashley because she wasn’t aware it had been taken down.
    •It wasn’t for attention and she was doing them a favor!
    •She poured her heart out for 45 MINUTES!
    •She has three other podcasts lined up to share her side. (There was a hesitation when she said the number). God speed to those podcasts.
    •She can’t trust anyone in media and though she is one of the most hated people on the internet, she will continue to speak her mind and share her side of the story.
    •She may need a co-host for her new podcast (interested, The Ashley?) and a graphic designer for her logo.

  4. That picture of them looks as fake as they sound with their “we didn’t know” apology. Who wouldn’t want to sit uncomfortably on kitchen counter holding a baby and a cup of hot beverage? 🤔

  5. I TOTALLY believe the podcast company did this for publicity. A not very popular podcast somehow scores jenelle on their show. Anyone who follows pop culture and news knows who this skank is. Even my 60+ year other man who’s never watched the shake before knows whk jenelle js. She’s infamous, and not in a good way. No way these 2 didn’t know who she was. It was all for publicity, even though they ended up pulling Jenelle’s episode, I bet other podcast listens have skyrocketed.

    1. I agree. It says they asked jenelle if she was worried that David would escalate from hurting animals to people….. So obviously they knew about her history.

  6. Let this be a lesson to all blogs and podcasts who put up interviews with super controversial folks like Jenelle Evans. Then, quickly pull them down while playing the “Sorry, but we didn’t know” victims.

    The truth is you’re not victims. You’re just incredibly dumbassed. Period.


  7. If they did there research on this “teen mom” they would know she only gave birth to her son at 16 and her name is on the birth certificate. That’s as “teen mom” Jenelle has ever been. They should have done a “senior citizen mom” search and had Barbara on the show instead to talk about how she has raised Jace from day one.

    Don’t think people are stupid enough to believe your excuse as to why you had her on your show and then when it comes back to bite you you play the “dumb card”.

    1. I agree! If you wanted to interview a teen mom, then maybe you should pick someone that actually raised the child they had as a teen.

  8. I dislike Janelle as much as the next person, but there is some serious victim blaming going on here in this article. If you do not understand the dynamics of abuse then you do not get to ask someone why or how they could stay with their abuser. Cutting Janelle off allows David larger wins in his controlling and abusive behaviors. It helps him “show” Janelle that no one wants her, how horrible she is, and how no one but he [David] would put up with her. It allows him to further control and to break Janelle down even more. Sucking her further into his cycle. Its easy for us who have self esteem and healthy relationships to blame her for staying because we have never been placed into that position. But those who have survived abuse from a partner also understand HOW the abuser uses psychological warfare to make sure you stay and endure the abuse.

    1. Jenelle has never been a victim. You are mistaken, only their kids & animals are the victims. You apparently didn’t know her history before David. She just found someone this time in her ranking. They are 2 Peas in a pod. Open your eyes.

    2. Except Jenelle is NOT a victim. She is an abuser herself. She has always mentally and emotionally abused her children.

  9. Idk how things like this can always happen with Jenelle and then she still tries to convince people that there are networks lining up to work with her. She can’t even be on a podcast without causing outrage. No network or sponsorship would be dying to work with her and certainly not her AND David.

  10. They’re such liars. By pulling the podcast they have gotten even more attention because I have never heard of them before. A simple google search on Jenelle would tell you all you need to know about her.

  11. Whoever wrote this article speaks of the podcast being pulled due to Jenelle’s “army of haters,” as if to say poor little Jenelle is unjustly disliked. Use of the word “haters” to describe people who JUSTLY object child abusers slash animal murderers having a platform is just wrong. Matter of fact, one can almost hear Jenelle sniveling “We’ve done nothing wrong – the protesters are just a bunch of ‘haters’.”

  12. Whoever wrote this article speaks of the podcast being pulled due to Jenelle’s “army of haters,” as if to say poor little Jenelle is unjustly disliked. Use of the word “haters” to describe people who JUSTLY object child abusers slash animal murderers having a platform is just wrong. Matter of fact, one can almost hear Jenelle sniveling “We’ve done nothing wrong – the protesters are just a bunch of ‘haters’.”

  13. Upon googling Jenelle’s name, some of the links are negative and some are from barely reputable sources that aren’t necessarily negative.

    But look up her name on YouTube and the first several videos all very negative – David killing nugget, domestic violence 911 calls, Jenelle pulling a gun with Jace in the car and a video comparing Jenelle to Diane Downs. And those are just the first five or so videos listed. Like the others said, BS that this podcast didn’t know. Is that podcast one people even listen to that actually generates revenue, or is it wannabes trying to make it?

    1. According to their Instagram, they have 12,000+ followers. So that’s not too many IMO, unless most people who listen to them don’t follow them on social media? IDK

      1. That’s what I figured – there are many Insta accounts belonging to cats and dogs that have more than 12k followers. They just interviewed a controversial H list “celebrity” to raise their profile.

  14. I’m not sure why they would be asking questions about David killing poor nugget in their interview with JE if they didn’t previously know that had happened so that just doesn’t add up. DE has know said that nugget was anxious around the kids before and so what does he decide to do, he films a video of him telling Ensley to grab nugget and kiss the dogs face and then has the ignorance to act surprised when nugget snapped at Ensley. I mean how stupid can you be?? That whole video smells like a set up to me for something he was already thinking about doing but thought the video would give him an excuse. Neither JE or DE should ever be allowed to have animals ever again. It’s bad enough that JE kids have to suffer in that situation but let’s not add on a bunch of innocent animals to that. As far as the interview goes, I don’t believe that they didn’t know about JE past and they absolutely should have taken it down. JE should not be given opportunities to speak on any public platforms, period.

  15. How many people suddenly know about their podcast? Unless you were born yesterday, you have a general idea of who she and her family is and what they are about.

  16. They pulled a stunt. We all know about their podcast now. There’s no way that Google didn’t tell them immediately what we all know about her. Please, when they saw their reviews start to tank, that’s when they pulled it.

  17. First of all, he said that he googled her so there is NO WAY he didn’t know about her disgusting past, so that’s a bold faced lie….and 2ndly David has ruined any teeny tiny bit of credibility Jenelle had left, and you’d think she’s realize that by now, but alas here she is…unemployed, livin on a swamp.

  18. How would they ask questions about the dog without any knowledge of the dog being murdered? Either they are completely lying to cover their butts or they are horrible at their interviews?

    1. They thought they’d get some clout. Even if it was negative attention they knew they’d be talked about, that’s all this was.

  19. They did’nt know? Who interviews somebody without making research? Its like one googlesearch and ALL of her drama is right there. Come on man, thats just bullshit ..

  20. Jenelle brigs it on herself just like David Nugget nipped her face and should have been taken to a no kill shelter because he probably let her do something she did not like they don’t nipped for no reason.I know that for a fact have had so many that even who come from abused homes I have one that will nip if you put your face in his but if he puts his face in you’re it just great no nip so we don’t stick are face in his. I know MTV filmed Kaiser being abused by David all his mom said it fine she don’t care he kill someone she would cover it up lie for him protect him even if it her kid she just as sick as David she can’t be without a man that why she went back can be without a man.

  21. I call bullshit. There is ZERO chance these people knew nothing of Jenelle’s past. How were they able to conduct an interview with someone they claim to know absolutely nothing about? They took it down because they were receiving hate for their stupidity in giving her a platform. Now they are claiming ignorance much like Jenelle herself does!

    “Although she didn’t hurt the dog herself, she did end up staying with her partner and that’s unforgivable for a lot of people…The last thing we wanted was to seem we were sympathetic to anyone being unkind to animals and kids.”

    Ummmm…..except for when she was abusing Nathan’s dogs on camera. Screaming at her own children, allowing her children to be abused, starving Kaiser so she could have a photo op with Uncle Bad Touch, pulling a gun out on someone with her son in the car and then calling him a liar and saying it didn’t happen on national TV! I could go on and on. We all know what a piece of shit Jenelle is and these people did too. They wanted her for the controversy. They got it.

  22. Hmmm I must be missing something here: how could the bloggers not know anything about Jenelle but were able to ask all sorts of questions about her dog being murdered and her son being abused? Not only is that shoddy interviewing, it just straight up doesn’t make sense. What BS on their part to act all innocent and act like they taught Jenelle a lesson. The woman is a small-time mommy blogger who seems desperate to get more followers. I’m sure she knew exactly who Jenelle is, has followed her story for years, and hoped the controversy of it all would get her more attention. Basically, it was a bunch of attention whores talking at each other and not worth anyone’s time.

    1. “I hope this is a huge learning lesson for her,” they said. !!!!!! A huge learning lesson for JENELLE? Jenelle got everything she wanted: she got to talk to the public for 45 minutes: lie, manipulate, deny, make herself and David into the saddest victims of MTV ever. Then she got a bunch of articles written about her being on the podcast. Then she got to play the victim AGAIN when they pulled the podcast, and throw in a bunch of crap about how hard it is for her to trust anyone “in the business.” !!! As if a couple of parenting bloggers no one has heard of are “in the business.” So she gets to self-aggrandize a bit and try to guilt everyone into feeling badly for her. It’s not like she suddenly got more hate than usual or lost any fans—she has no fans and her social media is full of hate already. She got publicity. She got to spin her story. She gets to claim she was a special guest on a podcast recently and try to turn that into some more work.

      The podcast people probably lost a bunch of subscribers, got their social media overtaken by justified criticism, and had to pull their episode. But they hope JENELLE learned a huge lesson? This just sounds like a couple of narcissistic mommy/daddy bloggers attempting to out-narcissist another narcissist. No one comes off looking good, here. They do not come off looking good here. But somehow they think that they’re very innocent and good-intentioned mentors teaching Jenelle some kind of deep life-lesson? They all seem like narcissistic attention-seekers who can never ever be wrong.

  23. I don’t get it… they’re saying they didn’t know about all these things they asked her about during the interview? Am I lost?

  24. Poor JE just has the entire world against her (in her own mind only)!
    My favorite is “I hope this was a learning lesson for her”…we all do, however, she cant keep ANYTHING going longer than a few hours, youd think at some point she might realize that the ONLY common denominator is HER!
    But of course there is a “massive conspiracy” against her, probably started by MTV, because it simply could not be the way SHE has handled and presented herself for a decade…
    Shoot, I start blaming myself when 1 minor thing doesn’t go as planned(I recognize it’s also not the healthiest), she has a decade of MAJOR losses and is still somehow the “victim”…
    Pretty conceited to think the entire world thinks about her and the best way to screw her over all day every day…however she sure spends 24/7 online trying to dig her hole deeper!!

    She went from being “the star”(but not really) of a recurring MTV show to being cancelled by tiny online platforms.
    JE: that is more than a hint, it’s essentially a brick in the face explanation of your (self proclaimed) “celebrity”… Youre on minute 14:59.87 / 15:00.
    Please ffwd the rest!

  25. Hahahaha jenelle definitely saw this as an opportunity of someone “wanting to work with her” on a “project” meanwhile the owners of the podcast just didn’t do their research and had some nitwit on the show. She definitely felt so famous and “celebrity” for being on the podcast which makes it all the more funny that they shut her down now

  26. So, what, these idiots that give her a platform or collab with her look her up on Google but don’t go past the first 2 results and sure as hell don’t read any of the results?

    They deserve everything they get. Saying you Googled then saying you didn’t know anything about her makes you sound as stupid as Jenelle is trash.

    1. I agree!!
      Youd think people giving ANYONE a platform would do more research than picking the first name that comes up. Heck, as you say, those first 2 results are entirely guaranteed to hold horrific stories.
      Quality interviewers ALWAYS do background research even just to know what questions to ask.

      I hate to say this because they ultimately did the right thing by removing it (too late, the interweb is forever! Plus it gave her ego a boost and we know she will blame it being deleted on everything other than herself), but I do not buy this second story. They were initially very clear that they were trying to give her a platform for a redemption story, as have MANY others where SHE only ends up sinking HERSELF deeper each time.
      It’s always the same story: small platform sees desperate for attention self proclaimed “MTV star” with 2M (purchased) followers, throws SOFT BALL QUESTIONS, which JE cant even hit properly, feedback is 100% negative BECAUSE JE CANT PURCHASE POSITIVE COMMENTS to PAD & dilute mass negativity, or thousands of views, interviewers eventually see their reputation plummeting and recognize that not all attention is good attention, especially when it involves supporting an animal & child abusing narcissistic waste of skin that has NO desire to change because she is not the problem, the rest of the world is, so pull everything swamp related within mere hours.
      Who will take her platform & career suicide bait next??

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