Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Nathan Cries Out for Help Getting Son Kaiser Away from David Eason; His Ex Jenelle Evans Accuses Nathan of Only Pretending to Care About Kaiser

All is not well on The Land, according to Nathan…

Nathan Griffith stirred up quite a swampy situation on Monday night when he posted several tweets expressing his panic over his son, Kaiser, being around his ex’s husband, David Eason.

In the now-deleted tweets, Nathan— who shares Kaiser with Jenelle Evans— revealed his frustration with the Emergency Services Department for Columbus County, North Carolina, as well as social services and the justice system in general. He was upset that Kaiser is still allowed to be around David, despite his past accusations of alleged abuse and David’s recent charges (which include an Assault with a Deadly Weapon charge).

One day later, Jenelle fired back at Nathan via Twitter, stating that her ex is just “playing pretend” when it comes to caring about Kaiser (who turned six on Monday).

Nathan— who has accused David of abusing Kaiser in the past— demanded Jenelle and David talk about the signs of alleged abuse Nathan claims have shown up on Kaiser over the years.

“How do you explained marks on my son’s back, black eye, whip marks on his rear end, continuous police investigation,” Nathan tweeted. “Charges against David Eason for multiple violence and aggresive behavior…NOTHING HAPPENS. What am I supposed to do besides being a panic[ked] parent!

“Since NOOOOO one is hearing I will say this. [Columbus County Emergency Services] will not help, social services tried their hardest but NOOO one listened…makes me realized there is something wrong with the justice system.”

(When referencing Social Services trying to help him, Nathan is likely referring to the events of last summer, when all of Jenelle and David’s children were removed from their home and care. The kids were returned on July 4, 2019, after the case against Jenelle and David was dismissed.)

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle got back together with David despite announcing that she was leaving him earlier this month, following his arrest for Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Communicating Threats against her former friend James Spivey, who claims David pistol-whipped him and threatened his life when he came to The Land with Jenelle to fetch her stuff and kids.

In her own series of tweets posted on Tuesday, Jenelle first explained (via a not-so-fun “Fun Fact”) why she got back with David. 

“Fun Fact: Emotions change everyday,” she wrote. “Don’t get ‘hung up’ on feelings like ‘she’s sad’ or ‘she’s angry’ or ‘she’s leaving him!’ Because the next day a person can feel completely different. #Truth.”

“But ya the one who keeps tellin’ us on the Twitta Machine that ya leavin’ him, Juh-nelle!”

Jenelle then launched into a tirade against Nathan about his lack of concern for Kaiser. In the tweets, which were obviously directed at Nathan, Jenelle claimed that he often skips visits with Kaiser.

“Scream on the top of your lungs to social media but don’t call to check,” Jenelle wrote. (And, no, that’s not a typo. She really did accuse Nate of screaming “on the top” of his lungs.)

“Skip out on visits and cut short the ones you do attend,” she continued. “You’re not really concerned, just playing pretend….and that goes for all of you. #IfTheShoeFits.”

As The Ashley told you previously, Nathan has been involved in a years-long custody battle with Jenelle over Kaiser. Nathan and Jenelle were set to begin their court custody battle on May 30, 2019; however, CPS got involved before that and Nathan’s case was placed on hold.

“Before CPS got involved, I had already started a custody battle with her to get primary custody over Kaiser and me and my lawyer are, of course, going to approach that accordingly,” Nathan told TMZ in July 2019. “We’re still going to fight for primary custody.”

The Ashley can confirm that, according to court records, Nathan still currently has an active custody case.

The Ashley will update this story when more information is available…

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    Domestic violence break the silence!

  2. Doesn’t Nathan have an older kiddo as well ?
    Nathan only takes care of Nathan.

    Pray for lil’ Kaiser.

    1. “Nathan only takes care of Nathan.” Pretty sure Babs said the same thing during her solo special awhile back.

      1. I really wish someone would help Kaiser and get him away from David before it’s to late. David just keeps getting more and more violent and he is clearly becoming so unstable. And my biggest problem is with the state of North Carolina because it seems like they let David get away with everything. I don’t get it. Why is he not being punished for this latest incident with Jenelle s friend who David attacked???

        1. Lets hope it’s never physically “too late” (yet we all clearly see it coming!) but I’m afraid it’s already emotionally, developmentally, socially and cognitively too late!
          He has regressed in a massive way and has started to pick up their disgusting behaviour, trashy language, beliefs & lack of intellect as well as corrupt morals. He used to be such a cute caring sweet kid…now just thug dances to “hate you too” lyrics while grabbing crotch and copying Endtables concerning ticks & odd tongue movements to get his so called mother’s attention, it seems to work for the drooling brat but he doesn’t understand that it won’t ever work for him

    1. It’s not going to be good. Kaiser in particular is at-risk for extreme anger issues. Even if he has a naturally sweet disposition he has several major strikes against him:
      1. Both of his parents have anger / violence issues
      2. He’s growing up in an unstable and violent home
      3. Aside from his grandmother, he doesn’t have any other advocates and he might become angry over how his father let him down when he could have helped
      4. Doubtful education is stressed in the home so unless he is blessed with superior intellect, academics probably won’t be an escape route

      The only hope at this point is that he becomes a star athlete in middle and high school and a caring coach takes Kaiser under his wing. No guarantee on that scenario happening.

      1. I agree with you. Those kids are probably going to have some major behavioral issues, and just might turn out worse than their parents, which is devastating. The last thing we need in the world is a 2nd coming of Jenelle and David Eason.

      2. she’s never going to learn her lesson and she must like the way david does her and if i was nathen
        I would call dhr and see what thay say i hope and pray that david dont end up killing her are the kids david is not going to change

      3. The change in him over the last 3-4 months is profound!
        He never would have thrown apples AT chickens before.
        They have successfully broken him and will inevitably regret that. He WAS a sweet child, now she has him thug dancing grabbing his crotch singing “hate your friends and hate you too” because he doesn’t know the words to ABC song on his 6th birthday!!!
        He has also started copying the brats behavior and even her bizarre (nasty)tongue movements.
        I had such high hopes for him! I really hoped he would beat the statistics but the change since they moved back to swamp is substantial & a major leap in the wrong direction.

        They without question got sick of hearing how cute & sweet Kai is and how challenged Endtable is in many many ways…developmentally, cognitively and physically. JE even said she was homely!? she wasn’t wrong for once. They don’t seem to understand that dragging other people down DOES NOT make them (or Bratley) look better! In fact, it has only made the entire family look trashier IMO. Insulting CURRENT TM CAST does nothing at all for the swamp other than confirm their lack of class & integrity.

        Congrats swamp monsters, you successfully ruined everything Kai had going for him! Now you have an entire house of ??. Hopefully Maryss is old enough to not fall into their trap. Who would have thought that being ignored by her so called parents would be the best parenting she has ever gotten!! Lets hope they let her continue to raise herself!!

      4. The “star athlete” thing would be amazing but we all know that the swamp monsters will sabotage that too just like they already have.
        JE posts how much fun Kaiser had at football (as a prop) but forces him to quit after they were caught in herb another lie about DE “coaching”
        Selfish POS piles of pure dung

        I swear they are actively delaying Kaiser to compensate for how severely challenged and delayed FilthyFeral is. In their twisted minds if they are both delayed and don’t leave the house the bar is low ans she will seem less severely delayed…until they are both in front of peers.
        That will be harsh day for everyone!!

  3. What is it with white people and needing to personally be negatively affected by the justice system to think it needs reform? THE EVIDENCE IS EVERYWHERE! You don’t need to wait to see it to believe it. Poor Kaiser, as much as I think Nathan is right about what he’s saying, he’s a piece of work too. All his parents suck.

    1. Nathan it would help tremendously if you would straighten your life out as well. Maybe spend one whole year NOT getting arrested or some grown up responsible sh*t like that. Don’t get drunk and pass out in your car…you and Jenelle are barely decent parents but she is worse than you because she is married to an abuser, but damn dude, try harder and be better, you have a kid to think of FFS.

      Kaiser is so fu**ed with these two as parents. Maybe he could write Brandon and Theresa a letter. Poor kid.

  4. Get your shit together and take her to court. Get sober, get a job, move closer. You have every reason in the world to do right. Jenelle and David are trash and always will be. Man the fuck up, Nathan. Go get that poor kid.

  5. I like how she says emotions change everyday. Sure they can, but not for mentally stable people sweetheart. She’s miserable & I said it before, I’ll say it again – I think she has Borderline Personality Disorder. It’s hard to diagnose but she fits the criteria. I do agree with Jenelle that Nathan is being fake. He never really seemed to care for either of his kids.

      1. I pray for that little angel.Im so afraid that the dog slaughterer will snap on Kaiser one day. And I would totally blame the North Carolina justice system for it.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      I agree 100% and have been suspecting this since the early days of teen mom. She has all the classic borderline symptoms (intense emotional outbursts that come from no where and change rapidly, many short unstable relationships, threats of self harm if she gets “left” by a boyfriend, no stable identity, categorising people as good or bad and flipping between the two, drug abuse, impulsivity… Yeah many checks on the borderline symptoms list) and without intense therapy she will not get better. Borderline personality disorder is extremely damaging for the children of affected parents. It is also not uncommon that borderline sufferers attract narcissistic individuals. A truly toxic combo that never ends well… I feel for those poor kids and hope some day soon they get removed.

  6. Getting on social media crying to the world about his sons abuse isn’t what a MAN does, what are all of us strangers supposed to do for him?
    For everyone crying for CPS to investigate, why? They dropped the ball so bad already. When all this started a year ago the first thing I said ( and received many thumbs down) is “ they can’t just send someone to his day care to take him, they do t have the authority to do that , not over the death of the dog that wasn’t even investigated yet”
    If David would beat Jenelle bad enough to need EMS, the police can call cps and say come remove these kids, that they can do before getting the the judge involved. Kaiser was safe a daycare and they acted ( at that time) on hearsay.. they messed up bad! That’s why the first judge stepped down and the second had a fit. I wouldn’t be surprised if the idiot that told Nathan ( or Doris ) to go get Kaiser still has a job.If they believed those accusations to be true they should have sent an officer to the daycare while they addressed the judge for a signature.
    So why Nathan’s is crying for help I’d like to know : when’s the last time you picked up Kaiser and had a home for him with all his needs provided there, not your mommy’s house,not your girlfriends, your home?
    When’s the last time you offered any help for Kaiser, school shoes, clothes, pay for a haircut or dental check up, anything?
    Why didn’t you ask for an emergency hearing when Jenelle filed an order of protection against David instead of allowing him to be uprooted to Tennessee?
    Do you earn a respectable paycheck?
    And last, is this your text while self induced with alcohol that you are considering signing your parental rights away?
    This guy is a joke of a father! I don’t know what makes him think he’d be a first choice for Kaiser. Nathan could very well end his son up in foster care.. he’s no father, his mother is up in age and caring for a very sick husband, Barb already supports and raises one and is a senior. And what does Nathan do? Stir up shit in social media for attention.. good job asshole

    1. Love your post!!! Couldn’t of said it better!! Yes, we all know those kids shouldn’t be at that house with those two but CPS has certain protocols they have to abide by!! Unfortunately, your right, David killing Nugget just was not enough!! They need concrete evidence that abuse is taking place. Jenelle making accusations and then denying them a day later is not good enough either!! She’s honestly just making it worse and looking like a complete idiot in the process! Nathan doesn’t even look fit to care for himself, let alone Kaiser too!! He needs to man up and turn his own life around before he’s got a legit shot at custody! Right now, if any judge gave him custody, with no job…no house of his own, the responsibility would either fall on his girlfriend or Doris & that’s not fair!! Your also right, he’s not making his case any better ranting on social media like some lunatic!! I mean, I do think Kaiser would be better off just for the simple fact that he would not be suffering abuse with Nathan! My heart breaks for that child! It’s truly sad! Nathan just needs to get it together, prove to a judge he can care for Kaiser and get him out of there for good!! But, that means keeping his own life together for good, also!! I hope, for Kaisers sake, he can do that!!!!

  7. Well Jenelle, emotions change, but there’s a limit to everything. Your emotions and life sound very unstable. I think it’s been like that from the very begin, when we first saw you on tv. ?

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    I think nathan should get keizer he seems to be the better parent for him

  9. I find it too easy and too stupid to use the same story about Lurch. That they used on their selves. Oh No James had a fight before about key changes. I bet that looks good to the courtcase because basically they both did the same thing. So its a walk away. You both done wrong. Do you know how you need to chang? Yes sir.
    You have my word.

  10. Let’s not forget Jenelle said DAVID finished anger management and the counselor said she didn’t know why DAVID was there. Lying B. Remember Jenelle Kaiser be little today but in 12 years he will be grown. He can make his own decisions. He can fight back. The truth will come out. You hate Nathan that bad that you would let someone abuse your child? Yes you do because you abuse him yourself. The best thing you’ve ever done was getting your tubes tied.

  11. Nathan needs to move to NC, get a cheap place to live, get a job at the supermarket or WalMart or wherever and make his son his absolute priority. Forget the girlfriend in Florida if she can’t move. That little boy could be in danger.

    Nathan’s pleading rings hollow at this point and as much as Janelle sucks and lies, it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s telling the truth about Nathan skipping visits. Nathan’s mom is a senior citizen and her husband is ill. Nathan might not be able rely on mommy – man up!

    Otherwise he’ll be like the loser father in the Massachusetts Baby Doe (Bella Bond) case from a few years ago. The loser father claimed to make half-assed efforts to see his little girl. Meanwhile he also fled to Florida. The child’s mother’s POS junkie boyfriend killed her. The mother was a train wreck junkie who chose dick over her kid. And the mother also had other kids removed from her custody. Multiple CPS visits and long arrest records for all three adults involved too.

    Seems like the only difference is Janelle has notoriety from TV.

  12. Those kids are unfortunately going to be the next generation of psychopaths. They don’t know what normal is. Smh

    1. It’s already evident in their childhood behavior.
      More every day.
      Even Kaiser is turning swamp (not “country”, SWAMP trash like the adults he lives with)
      They have made a lot of progress turning him trashy lately. Too much!
      He used to be absolutely adorable in every way but grabbing his crotch while dancing like a thug to “hate you too” (after proving he doesn’t know ABCs!) while copying Bratleys ?? then chasing down chickens to whip apples at them is the furthest thing from a healthy 6 year old!

      That’s not even mentioning the vacant mumbling drooling 3.5 year old that already ATTACKS DOGS, digs at their eyes & has no soul. She has shown signs of psychopathy since showing personality. It’s freaky!
      Kids I know may hurt pets but that’s by hugging too hard or playing rough for their size, NOT with intention to hurt them!! Plus the adults correct that accidental behaviour so the pets don’t get hurt! Her parents coo, video & post it all!
      Imagine what she does when the camera is off (if it ever is!!) or that they don’t post!

      I won’t even get in to the lack of age appropriate social skills, manners, hygiene, language, educational basics, etc
      They have done a great job at developmentally delaying those kids while instilling swamp trashy morals & lack of empathy for any one or anything but themselves. ALREADY!!!
      Imagine when teenage years come along. They will be nightmares (especially because Bratly literally does not understand “no”. Seriously Actually doesn’t know the meaning, not just a figure of speech!)
      Maybe they are in training for the next series of 16 and Pregnant!

  13. Poor Kaiser. Jenelle knows damn well that DAVID abuses Kaiser. Nathan let’s be honest has never stepped up for Kaiser. He has gotten another DUI. Jenelle should never have custody of Kaiser. Kaiser seems to be such a sweet child. Kaiser deserves to be someone’s priority. Rhe one kids Jenelle and David have all the time can’t speak, not potty trained, eats like an animal, no discipline, Misshapened head, mental, physical abuse witnessed. Want to see something scared? Look at Jenelles Instagram when Ensley was a baby. Ensley is like a wet noodle. It came from Jenelles drug use when she was pregnant.

    1. It’s so heartbreaking . You can literally see the fear and sadness in his eyes in every picture. He never looks genuinely happy. He always looks like he’s being forced to smile and act like everything’s okay because he has no one protecting him.

  14. Didn’t Nathan’s mom say she was pursuing custody like 3 years ago? What happened with that? I despise Jenelle and David and no animal or child should be with them at all for any reason. I think part of the reason that Nathan is having such a hard time “fighting” for custody is because he keeps doing stupid shit that makes him look unfit. He forgets he has been arrested himself 10 times, doesn’t look great in court. (though they ignore Jenelle and David’s abuse, she is a master manipulator though) I believe and I could have some details wrong but the latest thing was he got into an argument with his mom and locked her out of the house until she apologized. Personally, no one else would ever have custody of my kids to begin with, but if that had happened and there was abuse? Yeah, I definitely would keep my nose clean, buckle down, do what I had to do and fight but if that didn’t work I’m not ashamed to say that I’d probably take the law in my own hands. I don’t think I could lay my head down on my fluffy pillow every night and get a good nights sleep for six years.

    1. They were supposed to go to court but then Jenelle got some mysterious illness again. And then apparently the case was dropped. They probably paid her to drop it just like they paid Maryssa’s mom. I always wondered what would happen the day they had no more money. That day can’t be far away.

    2. Nate’s mom dropped her request of custody of Kaiser, because her partner got sick and needed her care. She couldn’t balance that with fighting for custody. That’s when Nathan filed, if I remember correctly.

      1. They paid Maryssas mom off? Wow. That makes sense, I could be wrong but I believe she has issues with drugs. I had hoped Maryssas grandmother would step up.
        I didn’t know why Nathan’s mom had dropped the custody case but she does appear to really love Kaiser. What’s so sad is that these kids truly aren’t these grandparents responsibility, I’m just so desperate for them to be loved and safe!

  15. At the end of the day, there’s two sides to every story!! Do I think Jenelle or Nathan are parents of the year?! HELL NO! They both probably should’ve stuck to raising fish or something!! Although Jenelle has proved she can’t even raise any animals either!! I do think there’s definitely some truth to Nathan’s claims about David though! The guy is a psychopath!! If it’s true that kaiser has marks all over then obviously something is going on at jenelles house… things that she’ll obviously never admit bc saving David’s ass is more important!! Even Barb said she thinks David abuses Kaiser..if Jenelles own mother says that…that says a lot!!! At the same time, if Nathan really thought his child was getting abused that bad, he should move closer so he can be a bigger part of his life! It’s a lot to uproot your whole life, I get that, but your child is your life!!! He’s obviously not that adamant about protecting Kaiser!! Plus, he hasn’t exactly been father of the year either!! Bottom line.. someone needs to step in for these children.. every single one of them.. not just Kaiser bc this is out of control and sad for them!!!

    1. In reality there are three sides to everything: his, hers and somewhere in the middle is the truth.

      1. Very true bc, right now, I think they’re both full of it!! I think Jenelle is honestly incapable of telling the truth. That happens with drug addicts. With addiction, comes pathological lying. However, once they get clean, their ability to tell the truth should return. If she’s clean, like she claims to be, she should’ve grown way past that!! Maybe the counter top full of pill bottles is an indication that she still needs a little bit of help in that area of her life!!!

  16. Jenelle is so blind when it comes to David,for whatever reason she doesn’t think she can live without him. Nor does she believe she deserves better. I do hope Nathan can get through to child protective services and they can do an investigation into the allegations . It is sad that no one is listening.

    1. David manipulates her into coming back because I’m pretty sure even he (GASP!) is afraid to be alone. But because he is a “man”, he will never admit it. Women aren’t the only ones who are desperate to stay together, men are too. And Lurch knows that he will never find anyone else because if his potential mate just googles his name, she will find everything she needs to know to GTFO fast! So they are basically stuck with each other until something REALLY BAD happens! (I do think he will seriously injure or kill her sometime in the next few years…)

      Also, her saying emotions change?! Yeah, they do but you don’t constantly break up/go on a break with someone you’re supposed to love so much! (Learned that in my previous relationship, we were constantly on/off)

  17. Jenelle is in what’s known as the “cycle of abuse” the worse the abuse gets, the sweeter he’ll pretend to be, then he’ll abuse her again, and she’ll leave and go back. She needs to leave for good, get a PFA and stand her ground or she’ll be dead or in a coma by the end of the year.

    1. It’s hard for me to tell if Jenelle is truly being physically abused or not because she lies so much. But, mentally and emotionally..absolutely she is. Jenelle is also pretty abusive. The whole house is toxic and she is there because she thinks it’s profitable to be there. People want to read stories about Jenelle and David drama, she counts on it. I think they manufacture a lot of it so they can sell it to tabloids. It’s a sad situation. Unfortunately I feel like pfas are about as good as the paper their written on. If your abuser is psycho enough and he wants you hurt or gone sadly a piece of paper will do little to stop him.

  18. Nathan is never going to do anything for Kaiser. The only hope is Nathan’s mom. What’s she been doing recently?

    1. Probably living her life as a retired individual that doesn’t feel the need to deal with her man-child of a son. Poor Kaiser. Two clearly unfit parents and a psychotic step -dad. It’s not the grandparents responsibility.

  19. I think Nathan if you really wanted to help your son stop drinking get a job go to counseling grow up don’t miss a visit are cut it short. I would use her court records against her she said she lied to the court for her protection order but we know that not true also have it on film where she pulled a gun aon a stranger with Jace in the car. David MTV filmed him grabbing by the arm pulling him to the house. I think it time for you to grow up because she never will and she will let him do anything cover for him.

  20. I truly believe that Nathan cares about Kaiser, but I question whether he is in any shape to raise him, due to all his issues. think it would be best if Dolores got custody (permanent) because that poor child has been dragged around by Jenelle ever since he was born. On another note, it is so trashy and funny that all three of her kids look completely different because of they all have different fathers. Just watch, baby number for and five will look totally different too. She’s such a trashbag.

  21. Poor Kaiser. Jenelle has got to be the most clueless self absorbed POS walking this earth! Along with UBT. I’ve listened to some of Nathan’s 911 calls and they act like they could care less about Kaiser being abused. I hoped at the time it was just the 911 operator being nonchalant. Six years is a long time to still not have any custody resolved. Does CPS not pay attention to the videos, the lies, the bruises? Ugh…my heart breaks for those kids.

  22. Please do not set up a GFM for him. He has money coming in and if he needed more he should get a job. He always wants someone to do something for him.

  23. I’m so sick of this asshole already, he’s not even a part time father ! Nathan is an alcoholic with his on legs length record and mugshots. Nathan’s already had an attorney drop him for alleged , I believe it was financial reasons. Nathan first needs to move to the state where his son lives in order to accomplish anything .. no, he stays in Florida with his piece of ass!
    Move to North Carolina, start some help for yourself while you get a JOB, get a home, and pay an attorney to fight for your rights! Stop trying to get a free ride ride off the system to take your kid away for you, they can only do so much.
    The bottom line is both parents are shit and poor Kaiser was shuffled an awful hand, God Bless him.. it’s all he has!

      1. They’ve done it, yes a free ride! He thinks they should take kaiser and give him Nathan .. I don’t right the system , but it’s not how it works. Their main ridiculous goal is to keep a family together and offer them help that they truly don’t want!
        Again, yes a free ride.. let him get a job and go into court RESPECTABLE and fight for his son!

  24. Jesus christ, can we set up a go fund me or something to buy a freaking safe house so the DAY any of these kids is old enough to leave they have somewhere to go? Breaks my heart.

    1. Kaiser is the one I’m worried about the most! Shitty mother, father who isn’t really there, abusive step father…only Doris is the one who REALLY cares for him but she can do only so much…this little cutie deserves an adoptive family who will love and cherish him if nothing else is a possibility. Although I do have a slight hope that if Nathan really gets full custody of him one day, he will change…but who knows with this guy, he is unstable himself too.

      Ensley is the one I am becoming worried about too, not only because of her parents but because she saw so much for such a little kid…her father shot their dog in front of her eyes because he bit her.

      1. Endtable will be just fine. She has no clue what is going on anyway
        Her issues will be developmental, entitlement (because of being treated so superior to siblings) & cognitive…and never fitting into a helmet or hat

  25. So what Jenelle is admitting is that she’s extremely emotionally unstable. I guess that’s her excuse for James getting pistol whipped.

    When is the next court date for the active child custody case for Kaiser? I

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