Breaking News! Custody Case of Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Jenelle Evans & David Eason Dismissed: Get Exclusive Details

David Eason and Jenelle Evans‘ battle to regain custody of their children ended abruptly and unexpectedly on Wednesday. The Ashley can confirm that the judge has dismissed the case, and ordered the Easons’ children be returned to them immediately.

“The kids will all be back with Jenelle and David by tomorrow, most likely,” The Ashley’s source said.

The source tells The Ashley that the new judge in the case stated in court that she “did not see evidence of neglect” on Jenelle and David’s part.

“Despite everything [David’s daughter] Maryssa said on the stand in regard to the [alleged] abuse and [alleged] substance abuse, and some of the kids’ teachers taking the stand, and the release of 911 calls, including ones that have not been made public, the judge still dismissed the case,” the source added. “There was a particular recording played in court that was especially damning and helped Jenelle and David’s case.” 

The source stated that Jenelle and David obtained an old recording of [David’s ex-wife] Whitney saying Maryssa was a good liar. (It was not given to them by Whitney, though.) 

The Ashley wants to clarify that this was NOT the only thing that led to the case being dismissed.

Jenelle broke the news before The Ashley could even report it, tweeting out, “Case dismissed” and “Crying in tears of joy.”

David immediately hopped on Snapchat to report, “Yes the kids are coming back. Stay tuned.”

The Ashley’s source tells her that all of the lawyers associated with the case, including the ones with CPS, are appealing the case. However, all of the kids, including Maryssa, who testified against her dad and stepmom, will be heading back to The Land by tomorrow. 

UPDATE: the Ashley hears that David and Jenelle picked up their daughter Ensley from the home of Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, on Wednesday night.

UPDATE #2: In a statement to clickbait tabloid Champion Daily, Jenelle basically confirmed the details that The Ashley provided earlier on Wednesday about the case being closed. 

“[The judge] didn’t find any evidence against us of neglect or abuse of any sort,” Jenelle told the site, adding that the teachers of Kaiser and Ensley testified. 

Jenelle confirmed that the ex-boyfriend of Maryssa’s mother, Whitney “gave insight on a recording of Whiteny that [said] Maryssa will always remain ‘loyal to her mom’ and that Whitney claimed ‘Maryssa was a good liar.'”

“With everything that was presented as evidence, the judge found that CPS only had ‘hearsay,'” she said. “What CPS presented didn’t stand up to the definition of abuse or neglect.”

Jenelle claimed that, “when the judge said her decision it was so ‘matter-of-fact’ tone and blunt that I was in shock but bursted out into tears immediately!” and that she and David “immediately began to huge each other while I was crying.”

Jenelle confirmed The Ashley’s report that all of the children will return to The Land, even Maryssa.

“David has full primary custody,” Jenelle said, adding that Maryssa will be allowed to visit her mom, Whitney, every other weekend.

Kaiser will return, and Nathan will go back to have supervised visitation, even though he cared for Kaiser unsupervised for nearly two months during the custody case.

The only kid who will not return to The Land will be Jace, whom Barbara has full custody of. Jenelle stated, though, that she will be getting Jace “every other weekend,” as well as a two-week visit on school breaks.

Jenelle stated that her mom was “glad to give me back Ensley. I guess she is a handful for my mom.” 

“I’m extremely overwhelmed that it’s over and didn’t expect it to be,” Jenelle stated. “I thought I would have to go another holiday without my kids and I don’t! I feel blessed…I missed it so much and [am] so glad to have that back. It’s been too quiet around here.” 

She then stated that she is now planning to try to get full custody of Jace, and that she and David have been enrolled in “Parenting Classes and Substance Assessments.”

“David completed an anger management course and I have completed a doimestic violence class,” she said. “This was not asked of us by the judge but simply because we thougth it could only make us be stronger people/parents.” 

(Photos: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat) 


  1. I’d be willing to bet that the reason David’s mama said “hallelujah” at the end of the wedding is because she was thinking, “THANK GOD I DON’T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH DUMB DICK BY MYSELF ANYMORE!!!”

  2. I’m glad they got their kids back! I think Jenelle and Barbara should sue Teen Mom 2 and especially Kail! She talks shit about Jenelle on her podcast all the time and was never reprimanded by the producers for slandering! I dont care what others think about my views but I think Jenelle gets a bum rap because shes hinest!

  3. A child’s preference is generally considered when he or she has reached the age of discretion – approximately 10 years old. North Carolina defines “the age of discretion” as the point when a child can form an intelligent and rational preference regarding custody.

    This my 1st time to comment but just had to say something. If the new Judge is related to their lawyer or them somehow the Bar needs to be contacted. I hope CPS can get an emergency order and remove them!

  4. North Carolina courts cops anything justice there shouldn’t exist
    Praying for the kids
    It’s just a matter of time

  5. I am not in the mood to read this idiot crow over her win and see her “happy family” pix. What a farce! I hope CPS appeals this and ASAP!

  6. I’m so angry after reading update #2 ,especially for Nathan. How could he go back to supervised visits after he had full physical custody for two months. That is just insulting. All of the parenting classes in the world won’t help Janelle and Lurch.

    I know next to nothing about family law, but I doubt Janelle and Lurch going to Kaiser’s birthday party played any part in the decision. Nathan probably knew there was a chance of this happening and didn’t want to add fuel to the fire which makes sense.

    Also, if the rumors are true that there is a family connection between the judge and Janelle’s lawyer then the decision should be thrown out and tried by a new judge. I could be fired from my job if I used nepotism to help a relative or friend win a contract with my employer. I have to sign a code of ethics and if I’m ever in a compromising position then I need to recuse myself.

  7. And this is why most victims fail to speak out about their abusers.

    With lawyers and judges like this, the country is fkd.

  8. Amber Portwood has been arrested for domestic battery!!! It’s in the news. What’s going on??!!

    1. My mouth hit the floor when i read this. Who is this judge and wtf is wrong with her? Maryssa is the most honest of them all and you’re gonna put her back into a home with that nutjob?! He will hurt her! If anything happens to that child or kaiser i hope that judge gets arrested. She failed those kids more than jenelle and thats saying ALOT!

  9. You disgusting bitch, “David has full, primary custody” , we’ve seen exactly what kind of “father” he is. All your words are lies, I don’t give a damn what happened in court, we all know the truth! All your stupid, delusional SM posts will never hide the truth.

    1. REALLY!!! Her facebook is too much! Since when does she give a damn about some horses? She didn’t give a shit when the monster dog murderer beat Nugget senseless then shot that precious dog! I want those monsters to suffer for the rest of their lives!!! And she takes inspiration from a child in a wheelchair? Monster mom is one nasty piece of shit and if she was near me, I’d cop a case and beat her ass with pleasure!!! You are a dumb skank slut, and no one is buying your crap! Fucking Bitch!!! I hope the dog murderer does the same to you…and not one of those kids. That poor Maryssa. I am so worried for her and for Kaiser.

  10. Jenelle knows she needs the kids back to earn a living. She sells stories, exclusives, and IG product endorsements. Everyone please unfollow Jenelle and David on all social media platforms

  11. So it’s going around twitter that Jenelle’s lawyer is the uncle of the Judge that dismissed all of this. I’m not going to reveal their names but there are pictures of him at her swearing in ceremony. Do you know anything about this, Ashley???

    1. The whole f-ing system is corrupt! I’ve been raising my grandchild for 2 1/2 years with no help or visits from birth parents but they can swoop in at any moment and take him back!
      If anyone thinks the system is built to protect kids they’re wrong. It’s about money, power, and greed.

      Kids are an afterthought to judges. Sorry but it literally makes me ill.

    2. If that is no reason for an appeal being granted, the system is completely corrupt. If true, I hope the tabloids will pick up this connection between judge and lawye…

    3. If that’s true then that explains the sudden dismiss. If you’re on a case and the judge is someone you know or are related to then the lawyer should walk away from the case or the judge should walk away. It should be illegal to work on the same case and as a judge you’re playing favoritism instead of being impartial.

      The justice system is a complete joke in this country.

  12. Nathan lied to all of us. What lawyer of Nathan’s defense be okay with David coming to Kaiser’s Bday party? Either Nathan lied or exaggerated the truth to calm everyone down for his poor parenting decisions. Protect you’re child Nathan

  13. I understand y’all are mad and want what is best for these kids but y’all need to STOP trying to call into places and send in evidence and what not. That is just making things worse. And then those fake screenshots that some dumb account made probably helped out too.

    Plus as a person who LIVES in NC, there are other people that are having problems too. Y’all are just tying up the lines by continuing to call into the animal shelter or CPS. Bitch about it on here and twitter and any other teen mom group and let the people who are qualified to handle it handle it. If you’re not going to physically come to NC to do something about it then leave well enough alone.

  14. The justice system in this country is absolute farce. And though I think Nathan has done great job with Kaiser, it was stupid as fuck for him to invite those idiots to Kaiser’s party, so I partially blame him for this. And the absolute LAST thing stupid bitch Jenelle should do is try to get any type or custody of Jace. He doesn’t even like you, Jenelle!! He’s made that 1000% obvious numerous times.

  15. Hey, y’all, Radar Online is reporting that Barbara is pissed to no end about this. She said that David started a bunch of crap when they went to get Ensley. She’s really worried about the kids having to go back to “The Land.”

  16. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    So, not long ago ppl were saying there was no way they’d get a new judge and it looked bad that they were even trying. So apparently they were able to get a new judge?? Smdh

  17. Cue the influx of “happy family” vacation photos on Instagram allllllll Summer from Jenelle.

    I saw a replay last night of that episode where Jenelle is asking a confused innocent Jace why he’s lying about the road rage incident and my heart broke all over again. She does not have a maternal bone in her body. All the anger management and parenting classes in the world will not help. She puts men before her kids. She puts “proving the haters wrong” before her kids. She puts getting digs in to her mother before her kids. She puts social media before her kids. Guns, drugs, screaming, fighting, swearing…..all before her kids. Sickening.

    1. They probably took a one hour on line class, they have learned nothin, they have not even accepted responsibility for their poor choice. There reaction to the accusations was to dig up dirt on anyone questioning to their parenting.

        1. I am most worried about Maryssa. She testified against them and they are going to return her to that home? What judge in their right mind would think that’s a safe situation? She’s also old enough to choose for herself. If she has loyalty to her mom, there’s a reason for that.

          1. Maryssa and Kaiser, they’re both obviously upset I’m sure at being back at the swamp. I can just see poor Kai realizing he isn’t going back to Nathan’s.

          2. @Emily: I testified against my parent as an older teenager, both in a custody case for my younger siblings (separate from me) and a custody case for myself. We lost both times because of the “good ol’ boy” system that runs rampant in southern courts. It will not be pretty for Maryssa. That poor child is going to live in fear until the day she turns 18 and runs away like I did. I at least had school to escape to during the day and she won’t even have that. I really hope something can be done for that girl because her life is going to be hell no matter how many forced smiling photos of her they put out.

          3. This is where I do not understand how in the world with all the trauma the kids have gone thru, Kaiser and Melissa witnessing Nugget brutal murder, then being removed from the The Land. Why in the world didn’t the judge do a slow reunification plan for the well being of the children. I do not agree with the judge’s decision to return the kids, that is horrific enough but to rip them out of their caregiver’s care, after all this is inhuman.

    2. What’s done is done. At least she won’t be on teen mom anymore. There’s nothing anyone can do. Now hopefully sites will stop reporting on them and I don’t have to see their ugly asses anymore

    3. Parenting classes are a joke. Maternal instinct cannot be taught. Ask any qualified psychiatrist There is no help available for women like Janelle because they simply don’t want help.

  18. Kinda seems like MTV stepped in again and got her off. Funny how there was a judge that ruled against them and got the kids out, and out of the blue a new judge is on the case, and BAM! Case dismissed. Just like that. Just like every single other case Jenelle has won or it was dropped. Makes you think that MTV is behind this and paid the judge off. Bc they want Jenelle back when the whole Nugget thing blows over. They are thinking, “It will die down. It always does.” Somebody is behind this and they have power and money. This judge got a big fat check that’s for sure.

  19. When all this started I made a couple comments about cps, they’re an unorganized mess and they suck! To take children away is a HUGE deal, they pulled these kids and OBVIOUSLY didn’t have their ducks in a row.
    That’s number one, number two -Nathan! Your child is deathly afraid of David, it’s his biggest fear in the world, you hooped it up that this man beat your child .. and you invite him to your son’s special day! Sorry, that’s not being kind , that’s being a moron.
    Third,the only unbiased ( that we know of) testimony was from teachers, this made a gigantic impact, the majority of their answers must have went in Jenelle’s favor.
    Fourth, Marysa must have not been the great witness we were told, apparently the judge was not convinced with her and the tape sealed that decision.
    Lastly, all the people that only know information from online and on TV that made calls and sent emails.. give yourself a pat on the back! This made it easier to dismiss the case, the “ we hate Jenelle “ from the public did nothing but help her, just as it did for Casey Anthony. This whole case was making a mockery of the system and bringing a circus into the courtroom, this judge wasn’t having it.

    1. There was no public outrage with Casey Anthony until she was found NOT GUILTY. Yes, people were extremely angry she killed her baby but everyone thought she would be found guilty. Everyone was shocked and angry at the JURY for their lack of duty to convict a mother who killed their child.

  20. won’t get Jace. Your mother will not let that happen. I hope Nathan still fights for Kaiser. I was hoping Maryssa was old enough to decide where she wanted to live. Guess not. God bless those kids.

    1. Radar On Line talked to Barbara about how that monster dog murderer acted at her house. They came and got Ensley and he was causing a scene. The courts have just given this monster more power and he will use it to seek revenge. He thinks he deserved those kids and now the judge agreed. This is so fucking wrong!!!

      1. That judge was paid. Also, ironic how when The Ashley did an article about MTV and they told their employees not to accept any papers, and that they won’t testify or give footage. All of a sudden this new judge drops the entire case. Hmmm. MTV has to have played a role in this being dropped. And paid a lot to buy off this new judge. They are saving their asses by not testifying. This was MTV 100%.

      2. The Ashley is the only trash TV website I read, but I checked out the Radar’s interview with Babs. Hopefully she stays mad as hell and doesn’t forgive Janelle this time.

        No surprise that Lurch continues to act like an animal now that he proved once again he’s above the law.

  21. We seriously need to find out who the f’ing judge is and write letters, bombard there office with restless phone calls, whatever is needed. I know I have seen comments from someone who knows the legal system with CPS. We need to do what we can to support the attorneys who appealed. My God, there was more outrage with Nugget. Let’s get on it people these kids need us. It is just too weird, the day before, David said they had new evidence, maybe he was referring to the Whtney’s phone recording or maybe the had something on the judge. They want to play dirty, let’s dirty right along with them an fight (not physically) back!!

    1. I have the information, I just dont if I am allowed to provide it on this site. I liven in North Carolina but not near these freaks thank goodness

    2. Please DON’T!! I know I’m going to get downvoted to hell for this, but bombarding authorities WILL NOT HELP!! Just look at the history here. Animal control urged fans to please stop calling about Nugget because other calls aren’t getting through. They got hundreds of messages a day for weeks. Do I wish it was different?? Of course. But we have all seen how hounding the system worked out. It didn’t. It could possibly backfire. It makes no fucking sense, but that is just the way things are in this horrific scenario. Unfortunately, this douchebaggette has the upper hand somehow. I’m not trying to be a know-it-all I swear, but it doesn’t work and could maybe even hinder things. That is the last thing anybody wants. Even though we’re talking about terrible people and have no clue how they get away with this shit, history shows that this walking apology letter from the condom industry gets away with little to no consequences. Even her own mother pointed out she has this fucked up, miraculous luck with the justice system(her “lucky court stah”) This mess is on a judge that made a serious fuckup. Along with those two deadshits that were representing the Easons. Thankfully the other lawyers, including the ones involved with CPS, see that and are appealing the case. That’s all they can do, as sad as it is. Our justice system is beyond fucked. I’m sure there are other ways we could help that CAN make a impact, but bombarding everyone isn’t one of them :/ There is a twitter account with insider information to show what life is REALLY like out there on the land. They won’t be able to hide it anymore.

      With that said, this little Casey Anthony wannabe has an arrest coming. There’s always been a pattern for her getting real cocky right before she gets arrested. She’s cockier than she has ever been right now. It’s coming. Look what happened last time MTV ditched her. The Courtland era. Their money and resources will wither away. She had several psychiatric holds, there were all these 911 calls, and her stories/excuses just kept getting more and more wild to the point where she was outing herself as a habitual lying drama binger all on her own. Several ER/dentist trips for narcotics when their drug money ran out, these manic tangents where one minute her life is “perfect” and hours later it all blows up, all while live broadcasting it to social media herself. And don’t forget the damning ustream sessions. I just hope nobody is hurt or killed before it happens.

  22. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    who’s the stupid idiots downvoting these comments?

      1. Right? I honestly hate all the stupid sarcastic remarks that they leave on every page. You are not funny, you need a life.

  23. So how come the state didn’t question David when he was on the stand? Last I heard (and maybe I missed something) he was on the stand for a short time and only his lawyer questioned him. Did the state drop the ball or did the judge disallow it?

  24. The police say David is the most dangerous man in the surrounding 3 counties, and the judge is like, “Send the kids back home.” Well, let the shit show begin once again. They will be on their “A” game for a month or two, and it will go back to how it was before. Only this time, Maryssa will NEVER be able to see or speak to anyone, no phone or internet access, and will be watched like a hawk. I’m sure (if they don’t already have them inside the home) they will install indoor cameras to make sure she isn’t leaving her room and trying to get a phone to talk to her Grandmother. They will both keep their cell phones in bed with them, that she can’t get them at night either. This girl will be a hostage in that house of horrors. Kaiser will be abused and neglected again, and they will forbid Nathan to see him. The same “He’s sick” story, and “Nathan doesn’t care about him and never calls him” story will be used once again. I’m over this BS and them. Last comment about these two shit shows. Fuck it. And, North Carolina. You’re a messed up state and allow children to be abused and possibly killed by their abusive parents and step-parents.

  25. Guns, violence, 911 calls, dog murder, no jobs, suspected drug use and they get the kids back without intense therapy and steps that would ensure they both were working towards a parenting goal. They broke every rule set by the court, showed up late, showed up with a gun, harassed the guardian and still the kids are returned to the same situation. I hope to God when David becomes totally unhinged the kids will remain safe. When. Mot if something happens. It falls directly on this judge

  26. out of curiosity can someone who is downvoting all these comments tell me what’s wrong with everyone is saying. I know your entitled to how you feel but I’m curious to know how you feel this isn’t sad or wrong.

    1. I think downvotes are twofold, either someone disagrees or doesn’t like, even if it’s true, what is being said.

  27. I think it’s sad that everyone tried to make this work for them and David and Jenelle broke rules from day one. They should have been in contempt of court. Literally in the parking lot of the courthouse they flashed a gun on the dashboard, both threatened the caretakers on camera, interacted with kids outside a visitation center and wee contacting children unsupervised. Right after they were given that chance at birthday party they called police on her mother and I’m sure they rubbed it in her face as they picked her up. Basically they won’t change their behavior cause this should have been a wake up call and they continued their craziness and still won and acted like they deserved this. I’m tempted to look into their law and see how it was they hadn’t been punished for all the violations I know would have happened in my state. Make me angry. Worse I think it’s awful that Maryssa has to go back. She’s old enough to choose based on Jenelle making statement about have choosing and if she had been in my state she have be assessed by a forensic investigator to determine truths to her statement and prepped for court since kids most of the time are forced to testify in the courtroom and that’s scary. They aren’t even prepping these kids for the return. No therapy or anything. Travesty!

    1. Tried to find the name of the ruling judge and was a dead end. So frustrated and furious like everyone else. I’m ready to focus my rage on this imbecile. Hate to say it but somehow I’m not surprised it’s a woman and I am one.

      1. Would the judge have to be voted in for the county? I’m not familiar with the American legal system.

        This case is garbage and I hope it is appealed and fought immediately. There is blatant evidence which is being ignored and those involved will claim ignorance when something happens.

        Sadly it is a double edge sword, we are fueling her attention seeking by paying attention to all this.

        1. @alex
          Being appointed or elected doesn’t make the term any less. I don’t know what a term is for a family court judge in North Carolina, I’m going to say 8 to 10 years.

    2. The monster dog murderer did cause a scene when they went and got Ensley. I am sick about this!!!

  28. OMG worst thing this judge could do … I’m sick to my stomach this guy remi D’s me of a stupid person in my neighborhood that my bff was dating and she finally realized he was not a good role model for her two boys … They nerve of that judge to look past wat Jace said he would see little white baggies laying around which was probably cocaine Jenelle is a user still and David is a convict do great junkie minds think alike!!!! Good one judge good one

  29. Scum and pure white trash! They need the kids remo ed and find a reason to give them life. Disgusting white trash.

  30. The system is and has been broken for a very long time. This news just proves that it continues to be broken. I guess the only thing we can hope for is that it doesn’t take one of these children dying for someone to realize that it’s not the environment they should be in. Once again, the mother is not always who children should be with.

    1. won’t get Jace. Your mother will not let that happen. I hope Nathan still fights for Kaiser. I was hoping Maryssa was old enough to decide where she wanted to live. Guess not. God bless those kids.

    1. When I first saw that post by David last night, I thought no, that’s just more of his BS. God!!

  31. I don’t give a damn what this beast says, we all know the truth. Nugget is still dead, right?
    I’m absolutely sick over this news. Th The system failed these children. 100%.
    I’m not watching any TM any more. No MTV. And I damn sure will not be clicking on any SM posts.

  32. Can’t help wondering what kind of upbringing and home life this judge might have had herself. To find NOTHING wrong with the violent, squalid conditions these kids were living under according to the recent CPS investigation into all this.

    In any case, I guess we can only pray now for the years to go by quickly, to where all these kids will be old enough to walk away from Jenelle and David’s swamp land shit show — on their own.


  33. This is a disaster! The worst parts – Maryssa being forced back there against her will, and Nathan going back to supervised visits!!! I am honestly baffled

  34. I’m so happy fo u guys I always thought u was good parents u gays always been my favorite on the show I pray u get jace back

  35. At the heart of this is the change in the judge. We know that the original one had put Jenelle in her place when ruling to get the kids out of the house. So was this idiot even there to hear the majority of the evidence or just given a transcript that they didn’t read? The change should be more then enough for an appeal.

    1. I wonder how much she paid the judge. I dont think anyone in their right mind would give Jenelle and David those kids back. Money talks

    2. I thought the same thing. Unfortunately it seems the cretins’ lawyer gave it a shot, requesting a different judge, and God almighty, it worked. Unbelievable.

  36. Holy shit. I have no words. Proof the justice system is a complete farce. Kaiser should be with Nathan and Maryssa should be nowhere near that house. Ensley has no choice and I BET she’s a nightmare

  37. Seriously??? How can the judge not at least make allowance for Maryssa to protect her after she testified so bravely against them? Surely she is old enough to make up her own mind? She didn’t even want to see David in a supervised visitation setting, she must be terrified to be left alone with him. That poor girl will never feel safe enough to speak out ever again.
    Whitney and Nathan, pick up your kids and RUN

  38. “[The judge] didn’t find any evidence against us of neglect or abuse of any sort,” Jenelle told the site, adding that the teachers of Kaiser and Ensley testified.

    Erm what were the marks on kaisers body then????

    I bet maryssa is terrified.
    And why after Nathan let you go to kaisers party, would you go back to supervised visits?

    This is wrong in every level, I bet Nathan is wishing he hadn’t invited those two bastards to his sons party now?

    The judge has blood on her hands.

    #Poor kids, they’ll make maryssa pay for her testimony, poor girl, my heart breaks, for these kids.


    1. I literally would like to spend my 4th of July driving to North Carolina to rescue those poor kids, God!

    2. Im surprised I’m not seeing more concern for maryssa on here. She was brave and stood up to her scary dad (my dad was pretty evil too can’t imagine how terrified she was) but now she’s going back to being the live in babysitter, maid, and, for the love of God, HOMESCHOOLING!!!! I bet she was thrilled when her GM said she was going to enroll her back into an actual school!

      What also scares me is she’s the oldest. She’s seen what non abusive loving families look like. This will screw her up big time.
      I’m betting she’ll run away or self harm (I did both… left home at 15)

      Jeez, I’m seriously worried about her 😥

      1. Oh my Jesus I’m here to wondering where’s the concern for her and homeschool for myrassa is a set up for her not to speak her mind to a consulor or if she has a problem and can’t speak to her parents … they want her to keep her mouth shut omy I hope self harm will not come to her precious soul

      2. I bet she is terrified, poor kid.
        After being brave enough, to tell what happened on the swampland, because she was feeling more comfortable and safe, being away from those two morons.

        She has been let down big time.

        I bet she is scared stiff, she knows she will pay for that, now she is out of her comfort zone.
        Shame shame shame on the ( bent judge and her relative lawyer who defended, 2 psychos)
        Both have blood on their hands.

      1. It was purely a shot in the dark by the see you next Tuesday’s lawyer.
        And of course now they’re all set to collect child support, no need for jobs at all.

      2. This is where the C word is okay. To the judge and to the monster unemployed mom. I am also sick that Nathan will have to pay them child support. And my heart breaks for Maryssa. I have cried about this so much. So Nugget just was beat near to death and shot, and the dog monster murderer wins! And I don’t give a shit about thumb down votes and no one else should either. If you don’t see the wrong in this, then you have serious mental issues.

  39. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Poor kids. Everyone can tell that there are major issues going on and n that house. It is only a matter of time before one of the kiddos the next one shot . What a mess 🙁

  40. Hear me out. This is an awful thing, of course it is. But seeing how they already lost their kids for a few months will hopefully make David&Jenelle think twice before saying/doing anything to them ever again. Hopefully.

    1. Not a chance. They are both mentally ill and impulsive. Lurch had a visible gun in his car at the courthouse for f’s sake. Plus they feel empowered since yet again they proved they’re above the law.

      There will be appeals and Nathan will continue his fight for Kaiser and it’s likely Maryssa’s family will do the same. Ensley is probably the only kid they really want back, but poor Kaiser is a pawn in Janelle’s games and Maryssa is the maid / babysitter.

      Also Lurch has his towing court date coming up soon. Doubtful he’ll get jail time or anything like that but at least it will hit them in the pocketbook. Although at the rate things are going they’ll probably get away with that incident too.

  41. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    Hey lets see if the JERKS get another dog to kill! Noone cared about the innocent animal that was killed by that dirtbag. That judge made a big mistake!

  42. I’m sick to my stomach. Those poor kids. I had so much hope for them and now… nothing. How is this even possible? They bribed the judge with her last paycheck? He’s getting daily blowjobs from David for the rest of his life? I wish him a lifetime of chronic diarrhea, he’s even bigger trash than them.

  43. Does anyone know why there was a new judge?

    My heart breaks for the terror Maryssa must be feeling today.

    1. I believe Jenelle’s lawyers requested a new judge and it was granted… knowing judges used to be lawyers, I wonder if Jenelle’s lawyer didn’t personally know how this judge (former lawyer) operated. This whole situation is horseshit, Jenelle and David had requirements any drug addled CPS investigated parents would have and never completed any of them and skipped out on supervised visits… now they get a new judge and *magically* none of that matters? If any of those kids get hurt or killed, I hope charges are brought to said judge

  44. Even if Maryssa was lying, which we all know she more than likely is not, why would you return her to a home she wants to leave so much that she supposedly lies about it? Did she not gave a court appointed advocate who could see that whatever she said her clearly expressed desire by testifying at all shows she does not want yo be there, does not feel safe, and is totally isolated from being able to do anything about how she feels? This decision makes literally no sense. I’m outraged on behalf of the other kids, especially Kaiser who clearly flourished under the normality with Nathan’s family and at four has told people who hit him and hasn’t been called a liar, but for Maryssa to be returned with no thought to what she has just done, the clear message that gave, and the potential repercussions, is full on insane.

  45. Ashley does it make a difference that Maryssa is about to be 12? Where I live the child can make their own decision at 12.

  46. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Somebody got paid off. Welp this one the one chance to get the kids away from there and it’s gone. I feel really bad for Kaiser and Nathan. Hopefully Nathan can still gain full custody but after this I don’t know if he can. You know he has to be feeling so defeated right now.

  47. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    North Carolina has fucked up yet again! Urgh! This hits home so bad for me. CPS was called on my parents repeatedly in Charlotte, NC. My mom drank too much and bitch slapped you if you so much as rolled your eyes or said the word “whatever” which FYI was a pretty popular word with kids in the 90s. My dad didn’t hit…he manipulated and used terror to keep us in line. Every time we were investigated…CPS never did a damn thing…even after my older sister and I told them we were molested by a family friend and our parents didn’t believe us. We never were even taken to a doctor for sexual assualt exams. My sister was locked in a mental hospital by my dad until they FORCED him to get her out. I was homeschooled so I couldn’t talk to teachers anymore. Hell, once CPS talked to my parents while I was hidden a friend’s house. THEY NEVER EVEN SPOKE TO ME! NC regularly allows children to stay in abusive situations. Remember poor little murdered Mariah last year? That was NC and CPS had been told by her brother that he SAW their mom’s boyfriend force his penis in that baby’s mouth and they DIDN’T REMOVE HER OR TAKE HEE TO A DOCTOR! What happened? That fucker ended up killing her.

    There’s NCs legacy: dead children, abused children, and adults like me with PTSD who had trouble trusting my own husband for the first three years I was with him because I actually thought he was being “fake” because he worked, didn’t abuse me, and actually showed concern for my well-being. I lucked out and found support and love later on as an adult when I was close to a nervous breakdown and self harming myself…not every abused child gets this chance to recover. The best these kids can hope for is to grow up like me and get help…and I still want to weep for them because my life hasn’t been easy and I hurt knowing their living my past. This is one of the reasons I left NC and will never go back. That state is beautiful but it’s laws, bigotry, and general white trash attitude ran me and my husband out. You didn’t even need a permit to own a gun there…just a permit to carry concealed…for those wondering how Lurch was given a permit…FACT: he doesn’t have to have one. Yet, I live in Memphis now and my former Marine (expert marksmen) husband had to take training courses to carry a gun for work (security) and his job made him pass a psych evaluation. EVERYONE should have to do that. Lurch wouldn’t have a gun if that was required everywhere.

    Sorry. Ranting. I just don’t remember the last time I was the pissed off… probably the last time I saw my father honestly.

  48. I have lost all faith in cps! These 2 r going to kill 1 of these kids and maryssa is completely screwed if she goes back!!! Omg id like to give that LOSER judge a piece of my mind!!! Omg those poor babies if i were nathan i would run! Take lil kaiser and go on the run. David will hurt him. We all can see it coming but a judge cant? Im calling bullshit!!!!

    1. I feel the same way! Poor Maryssa! The relatives she lives with are worse than these two? That’s impossible! What about the filthy house, the monster ranting and raging? The monster mom used that child’s toothbrush to scrub a toilet to teach her a lesson? This is an outrage!!!

  49. Lawdy be…bad call… those poor babies… he writes kids are coming home today.. stay Tuned… sends chills up my spine.!! NOT GOOD NOT GOOD. MAY GOD PROTECT THIS BABIES AS THE JUSTICE SYSTEM SUX….. Makes you wonder if the judge took $$$$$ or….. smh

  50. Wasn‘t the former judge a man? 🙄 I swear one should think women would be tougher judges in cases like this but sorry not sorry to say – women in upper positions like this don‘t belong there 🙄 ugh

    1. Wow that’s some sexist shit right there. The judge being a man or woman has nothing to do with their ability to do that job. This judge is clearly an idiot regardless of their genitalia.

    2. It was probably “politics” and nothing to do with an actual case. Perhaps this judge was easier to bribe. Judges usually run in political races… they LOVE campaign contributions… JS 🤷‍♀️

  51. Cps tried at least to help the kids. Please leave Cps alone this time.
    The judge failed those kids. If people complain,these should be directed at him/her instead of cps. What is the name of this judge?
    Would Nathan and Maryssas family profit from a gofundme for lawyer costs?

  52. Those poor, poor children. Things will only be worse for them on The Land now. The system has seriously failed them. This news makes me so sad for them.

  53. So she is doing a course on domestic violence but states there is no abuse in earlier posts? Hmmm.
    Pet abuse is a high risk factor in domestic abuse as is strangulation, previous criminal history and substance misuse.he also has access to a vast amount of weapons despite his criminal record. That is not going to change here. Someone will be killed and these agencies have let it happen.

  54. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    If u haven’t been through a custody situation u can’t really understand how crazy they can be. My husband and I were given custody of my niece and nephew at a hearing that I went to as a witness for my brother and before anything started his lawyer asked me if I would take them that the judge was sending them to a foster village if I didn’t take them. Of course I did. We also have two boys of our own. Things went downhill with the divorces crazy parents. I was witness for my brother at the time cause he lived with my mom who along with me always helped take care of the kids. Both parents had been to multiple rehabs. Meth to prescription drugs involved. The mom has been married since the divorce from my brother and that ex is is in prison now. Things went downhill with parents. Dad got married to woman and her kids hated him and moved to their grandparents hours always they were in high school. The mom got arrested twice for trafficking and credit card fraud and moved to another state. Neither paid child support and missed so many supervised visits. They put drugs in our car after stealing extra set of keys on a visit, they messed with the brakes on my car and we had wreck. They had thugs follow and threaten us. And my nephew was stolen from school on his birthday and the fbi has to forceably get them back. The mom assaulted me. It’s was nightmare. I can’t even begin to go over all each order did. My brother went to the state newspaper and lied so much giving “his side” of the story as well as paid someone to call in complaints on the judge. The judge and guardian ad litem called me and my lawyer separately begging me to file for permanent custody guaranteeing I would get it if I did. So we prayed about it and went did file even though we didn’t have the money for all the huge legal fees that were being forced upon us because I forgot to say the mother’s desperate attempt to beat my brother that first hearing where they both lost the kids brought a man to court saying he was the freak father of my 12 year old niece that my brother wasn’t. They were married for 10 years they got married while she was pregnant and she had lived with him with her two older girls before they got pregnant. This strange man sued me for custody of my niece so I had to get lawyer to prevent her from having to go to some strange drug dealer who was recently out of prison. It’s just crazy. The moms oldest two daughters with her first husband were 17 and 15. The 15 year old overdosed while partying with their mom and went to rehab herself. The dad of them had had full custody for years but got all rights taken away with no visits from a whole different judge. My niece and nephew had to go to a court ordered counselor that did not want them in contact with presents at all but she died 6 months before that last hearing. Anyways the parents had separate supervised visits once a week for two years then all of a sudden we go to scheduled hearing and the kids were given to my brother with weekends with their mom. That was a year ago this coming July 16. We haven’t seen them since that day. My brother stole every piece of jewelry I had when he broke into my house to get their things because I wasn’t back from court yet. It’s been devastating to us and our boys who had grown up seeing them daily even before they lived with us. They also haven’t seen or spoken to my mother that my brother once lived with they have no contact with anyone on our family. I do know that the mother had a visit around Christmas where she allowed my 13 year old niece boyfriend come stay too where they were allowed to get drunk and sleep in same bed. My sons friend who is best friend with my nephew as well also went to that visit with my nephew. The mom wanted the kids to have company so she and her boyfriend wouldn’t be bothered I’m sure. I called my brother to inform him which was first phone we had had and he went nuts but never called me back to see what happened or thank me for letting him know. I have invited them to come visit and go to water park but heard nothing. We r blocked from the kids phones.

  55. It has taken me this long to muster up the strength to read this article.. the headline alone had me so frikkin shocked, disgusted and appalled. Wtf is wrong with the NC justice system? Because I’m struggling to see what’s RIGHT about it!! These a$$holes get away with SO MUCH and now they’ve “won” again. Wtaf?! Because this is just a game to them. They don’t give 2 shits about those children. They’ve made that blaringly obvious. This is simply just another victory to them. Another reason to be smug and vile. Another reason to have those kids be their pawns again. It’s all kinds of messed up and WRONG. So many have become invested in these kids lives and been so happy to see THEM genuinely HAPPY & carefree.. Now all that was for nothing. Forget the abuse, brave Maryssas testimony, the teachers and CPS findings, the MURDER of nugget, the guns, the violence, the 911 calls.. forget ALL THE CRIMINAL THINGS THEYVE DONE because they’ve had their nice little kid-free vacations so the kids can go back to the swamp now.
    Rot in Hell Eason scum.

  56. This is far beyond neglect or even abuse. These children are in immediate danger!

    We have all read stories where an adult snaps and kills family members one by one. David is as angry, violent, and unhinged as any of them.

    Praying, praying so hard for sweet Maryssa, Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley. Jace is just as much in danger. Psycho David could wait for a weekend that he’s in the home.

  57. OMG, do you guys think it’s possible they paid off the judge? These things happen all the time. I think Nathan should take Kasier and go underground with him. I think that poor little child is the most at risk. And David’s daughter Miranda. This seems so wrong on every level to me! There was a movie with Donna Mills called ‘Dangerous Intentions’ it’s based on a true story of a woman who went into hiding with her daughter to save her from her abusive husband. This sadly happens, many women are forced to go underground to save their children. I’m so sad to hear this, it’s so disturbing on so many levels.

  58. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Only a bitch dog lays down and gives bi6 to a litter and allows a mad dog to eat . That’s these two dogs

    1. [I. Am. Appalled!!! That new judge, what was she thinking?! I wonder how much money did she get paid?! It’s happened before!! You can see Ki with all of those big sweet smiles, while being with Nathan. J and D come to his party and he barely shows his teeth. What is the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words?!” My ❤️ really breaks for those kids!! Keeping them in my prayers 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏!!!

    2. I believe CPS filed one… seriously Jenelle and David didn’t meet any of the previous requirements by the first judge, I’ve never heard of such a blatant disregard from a judge over a previous judge’s orders based on CPS’s recommendations.

  59. It’s the NEW JUDGE that Janelle got appointed to the case that did this, NOT the ORIGINAL judge who thought they were guilty. Janelle somehow got that judge removed! This new judge is one of Janelles magical judges that get her off the hook for everything!

  60. I said this would happen from day one I also said someone will be dead by the end of the year. How could they send his daughter back he will torment and beat her for that great job cps

    1. Maryssa ran away crying at arranged visitation…. She was scared of swampman! She got up and spoke up against him!. She must be feeling terrified right now .

      Honestly I feel ill

        1. That is what I want to know and who we can contact for judicial misconduct. Rumor are going around, the judge was Jenelle’s uncle which explains a lot about why Jenelle and David acted so confident thru this process and harassed the caregivers. That alone is a huge violation. I do not know if the rumor is true but that is what is going around.

          1. This needs to be looked in to ASAP, judge and lawyer need to be disbarred arrested, those kids need to be removed from the land and, jenelle and lurch need to have custody taken away.

  61. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    So again @theashley….. why haven’t you mentioned that this was decided by the NEW JUDGE that Janelle and David somehow managed to get assigned to the case, not the OLD judge who was convinced that they were guilty with an abundance of evidence??? Please look into how those two idiots got a the old judge removed and set in plac the new judge that would throw out the case!!!

  62. I love the single downvote on each post. People will never change there minds about u!! We arent idiots. People with half a brain can see what monsters the 2 of u are. All you care about is what others were going to think of u. That’s why you fought for them in court. We all know us rather sit around and blow up shit, do meth, beat eachother up in drug fueled and alcohol induced rages. You better hop on that pole jenelle. And david better put some sunscreen on his vitiligo and scrape barnacles. U have your kids back and ur out of a job. 🤣🤣🤣🖕

        1. I worry the most for Maryssa. She probably exposed them when she testified and who knows what life will be like when she goes back. I was hoping she was old enough to decide on her own where she wanted to live but I guess not. How depressing.

  63. What in the actual f*ck is wrong with this judge?! This is everything wrong with America. Good grief.

  64. They make me fucking sick. They are the biggest pos to ever grace a tv screen. No joke. Everything that comes out of jenelles mouth is a lie. Such an injustice.

    1. I can only hope David only kills janelle, not the kids and then they will finally be free of this monster. SHAME ON THAT JUDGE! I HOPE SHE GETS WHAT SHE DESERVES Garbage pure garbage!

  65. I’m sick over this. When one of more of these kids winds up dead, this judge needs to be held accountable.

  66. Is this a joke? How the @#$% is this even possible with the evidence and testimonies that were heard? Is this Judge some Jenelle fan or TMOG junkie? HOW can this case get tossed? If I were Maryssa’s grandmother I’d be running like hell. Canada is nice this time of year, weather is good, lots of room to hide. HOW???? This is going to end badly. There will be a murder suicide in this situation and then everyone will cry what a shame it was that no one helped those poor kids. WTF is wrong with North Carolina’s court system? Poor Ensley will be back to Benadryl cocktails and Dramamine popsicles, looking stoned and out of it by the weekend.

    1. WTH kind of POS judge is this? The same ones that feel the children always belong with their mothers, even the shitty abusive ones. This sucks. F you Chinelle, F you Amish Sasquatch and F YOU judge!

    2. Ensley does look pretty out of it in photos with David and Jenelle. She looked a lot more engaged in photos when she was with Barbara.

  67. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    So ok she got kids back.what about the justice for nugget he brutally murder her or is that dismissed to.WHAT A CORRUPT STATE..

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  69. Thanks for the update. I think this is a wake up call for them both. This is what needed to happen to get them on the right track so they can be the best people & parents that they should’ve been all along. I have faith that these kids will be properly taken care of now.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      When those kids end up more screwed up than they already are, if not dead, I hope that judge can sleep at night. I worked with the Family Court (NY) for a couple of decades and I am shocked. I didn’t think that was possible anymore. The evidence, that even those not connected to the situation, were able to see, seemed insurmountable. Especially when it comes to Kaiser. Nathan may not be a saint, but it seems like he has straightened out and is a good father. Who did the investigation? This is on them too. I am beyond disappointed and disgusted for the sake of those kids and their remaining animals.

  70. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    This is sad. My heart goes out to all the children involved.

  71. Jenelle and David have medical marijuana cards out of California, that’s how Jenelle got away with testing positive at Ensley’s birth. I’m guessing that’s how they’re getting away with it now. Meth is out of the system in several days, same with opiates… weed does take longer, but if they have a card, it’s the same as having a script. And, if Jenelle got pain pills for her getting her tubes tied, she can claim being dirty for opiates is because of those. If she’s prescribed adderall or vyvanse, she can get away with testing positive for amphetamines. That’s how Leah got away with her drug test when she was dealing with the custody issues with Corey! She had legit scripts for Xanax and painkillers, tests can’t tell that she was taking handfuls at a time!

  72. I can’t believe the judge would place Maryssa back with those evil monsters after she testified AGAINST them and has made it perfectly CLEAR that she wants NOTHING to do with them. How don’t they see what a dangerous situation it will be for her after that? I really feel like I’m going to cry for the poor kids. Nathan, Babs, and Whitney need to band together and get the same lawyer to fight for permanent custody like Chelsea and Taylor did

  73. Oh Maryssa…this is so bad for her. She testified against David and now has to go back just days later. I feel sick for her. Whitney and her husband (or her mom) need to file for custody ASAP. How are David and Jenelle going to treat her after this? This is so bad.

    1. That little girl must be so scared. And poor Kaiser! Why is this okay? I have been so upset about this! He beats a dog and shoots it, he is horrible to these older kids, and he wins!

      1. I bet, He’ll be all nice and loving to the kids for a little while.
        then he and mortician will get high and fight, and then the beast will be unleashed.
        (911 on standby)

        Maybe maryssa will try to escape during the night ? Before dying that, she gets a hold of one of the guns and shoot, mortician and lurch ???
        I do not see things ending well on the swamp.

        Or the land on Money HELL road, will be the scene of a shoot out.

        1. Maybe maryssa will try to escape during the night ? Before doing that, she gets a hold of one of the guns and shoot, morticia and lurch ???

          Sorry for the mistake in that part of my original comment

    2. Totally agree w you Uppercut. This is dangerously bad for Maryssa. I bet she is terrified and will never speak up again about anything thanks to this. David Will have her in fear everyday masked as superdad in the public. Uggghhh it makes me truly sad. And my sweet littlw Kaiser too…??? So now Nathan has to hand him back where he knows hes being abused…im so saddened by this .

      1. Imagine how let down that girl feels, after being brave and not afraid to testify, finally feeling save and secure, only to be forced to go and live back on the land with the two people that she is terrified of.
        The two people that isolated her and made her lie for them. The people who verbally abuse them, and kill the family dog.
        I imagine she is scared stiff.

        I seriously cannnot comprehend, the judges decision, after evidence of abuse and neglect is right in front of their eyes, kaiser is piss ya pants terrified of his crazy short fused ticking time bomb of a step father.
        I’m absolutely devastated for all 3 kids, especially kaiser who David hates.

  74. When they say all the kids, just the 3 they lost or is Jace and Brayden (?) subjected back into ten house of horrors as well?

  75. This is the worst news I’ve heard all day and that’s saying something. My husband is back in the hospital with a blood sugar issue. He’s going to be fine. These poor kids… I just can’t get over this.

  76. This absolutely breaks my heart and I’m terrified for those kids!!! Especially Maryssa and Kaiser 🙁 I HOPE THE NEW JUDGE ROTS AND HELL

  77. I hope karma beats the shit out of everyone who failed these children before we do… I’m sick to my stomach at the thought of the terror and retaliation Maryssa is going to get from David and Jenelle… Poor Kaiser and Ensley, they have no chance either.

  78. What?! This has my blood boiling! What in the hell is wrong with the state of North Carolina?! Poor Maryssa is going to be subjected to so much worse now that she dared to speak against her violent, abusive, psychopathic father and her equally evil stepmother.

    1. Exactly. I really don’t even know this poor kid and I’m feeling a bit sick over it. While I’m afraid for all of them, I”m terrified for her knowing her dad & stepmother will ignore the fact that she is a child see this as some sort of “betrayal”. I can’t even think of what is possibly running through that poor girl’s head right now without wanting to cry.

  79. Oh my God! Are you freakin kidding me?! I’m appalled and disgusted. Is this judge on crack? How do they keep getting away with shit and why is no one protecting these kids?!

  80. Seriously. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is waiting for a “Just kidding!!” hoping this is some fucked up, morbid joke. Sadly, this is reality.

  81. I wonder if Nathan is regretting inviting Jenelle and Lurch to the birthday party now. Is Barb regretting bringing Ensley and Jace? They all basically blew their own case by INVITING the very people that they were trying to convince a judge are so dangerous that all the kids needed to be immediately and permanently removed from them, to come and hang out with the very children who were in so much apparent physical, mental, and emotional danger. Why would they do that!? I have a feeling that is at least one of the things the judge based his/her decision on. You can’t be in court all week claiming these people are psychotic and such a clear and present danger to the children that they shouldn’t have ANY custody or even visitation unless it’s supervised by professionals, and then invite these same people to come to your home specifically to be with the children!

    1. I did not mean to “thumbs down comment! So sorry! I tried to unlike and it just disliked some more. I totally agree with you about the bday party and am literally SICK over M and Kai having to go back 😕

    2. And the sad thing is that they were trying to be good parents and allow their kids to experience life events with all their family versus jenelle and David who resent everyone and everything!

      How does a judge make a new decision like that within days? The social media postings and threats alone should hold some merit.

      Also, neither of these two morons hold a job and most likely won’t within the near future.

      More and more are saying it, this will not end well. If David kills a dog without remorse, openly carries a gun, yells and threatens whomever… what has changed.. it’s going to be a bigger deal next time.

      If you do follow either of them, please remove them from your feed. I don’t want companies to think they are influencers – I won’t support and will boycott any company that decides to feature them.

    3. 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽

  82. No evidence? We watch edited TV and we all know. Killing a defenseless dog not enough?
    Hope they find the $ trail that paid this judge off. I hate this. I am so scared for their children.

    PS- MTV,You’re complicit in all of this.

  83. this is a travesty what do you think is going to Marissa neither of them will forget or forgive that what about jase????

  84. All I can say is WTF? Poor kids. Does Maryssa have to go back too? She’s old enough to decide. What if they are not turned over?

  85. To others who consider pregnancy/children very touchy subjects, please know that my heart is right along with you right now.

    To everyone else, even if you simply look at it as “just internet drama”, it’s okay to be a little heartbroken right now.

    1. I feel like they don’t recognize these types of manipulative personalities. How can the judge be so out of touch?

  86. Whether or not Maryssa lied, she’s FORCED to go back to home who gave up on her. I really hope they don’t punish this poor girl but look what happened to nugget…..

  87. Jesus Christ this judge was so dumb!!! If this dumbass is capable of killing an animal, just imagine what he is capable of doing to children (he already has a restraining order against him for domestic violence against his son Kaden and the child’s mom)!!!! I hope Nathan and David’s ex (Maryssa’s mom) will appeal and get those children away from those bastards!!! And hopefully Barb will come around and realize that that bitch of a daughter isn’t as perfect as she thinks she is and get Jace and Ensley away from them as well!!!!

  88. This is really bothering me. I can’t believe any judge, after hearing testimony, would ever state there was no evidence of neglect. The worst part of this is that now that it’s over, we’re going to start hearing about what was actually revealed in court. If we weren’t completely horrified by these two meth addicts before were sure to be soon. I hope CPS is able to try again and save those poor kids. Jenelle – you are no mother. You and your husband are disgusting.

    1. I’m so scared and feel sad especially for Marissa and what’s to come knowing she stood up and spoke the truth and is now forced to go back I cant imagine and it makes me sick to my stomache to think about what david will do to her.

  89. This is absolutely APPALLING!!! I’m sickened to the core. So because some rando ex accuses Maryssa of being a liar, this completely outweighs the preponderance of evidence against those two child abusers?! Something doesn’t add up…

    He beat a defenseless dog with his bare hands and then murdered it. The man has stockpiles of weapons, practically an armory. We’ve all seen the things Jenelle has done on film, Lord knows what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling with these two.

    I’m just baffled, I can’t even wrap my head around this yet. That judge is literally sending those kids into the lions den. This just can’t be right?!?!

  90. So I guess Whitney didn’t want her daughter why else would she give David and Jenelle a recording saying Maryssa was a good liar.. Poor child will likely be beaten for telling the truth in court.. I bet they will disappear with the kids so Nathan won’t get Kaiser anymore..

  91. I am heartbroken for these children.. I guarantee that they will flee with the kids or someone is gonna die.. This case ended abruptly does that mean the judge was paid off.. Wouldn’t put it past them..

  92. Boy or boy money talks! I have to assume that Judge got a huge payoff somewhere because only that or ignorance explains this. I am absolutely stunned.

  93. I fear for maryssa. I grew up in a house hold filled with fear and abuse. Dad was a narcissist and the second we were behind closed doors we were grilled and interrogated, we got called every name in the book, called us liars, never let anything go, held grudges over the most petty bs. I honestly am scared for that girl.

  94. The new judge didn’t see any evidence of neglect…but what about all of the other things that have been going on there? All the 911 calls, Maryssa’s testimony? How can all that be ignored? And now they’re sending Maryssa back into the lions den. That poor girl! That judge really needs to give her head a shake!!!! I hope CPS is on them like crazy!

  95. WTF? It’s going to take David murdering one of them in the house in order to get all those kids permanently removed. I wonder how this will effect Nathan’s custody case?…

  96. R u kidding me? No wonder kids kill kids. This judge is wrong. I hope emergency appeals come in time. Her putting her kids in jeopardy by leaving guns assessable. No poor babies. Lol

    1. This is total BS,it will happen again and I pray the kids don’t get hurt.Does everybody see the two thumbs down on every post David and Janelle no doubt,they are fixing to be broke cause he ain’t gonna and neither is she there meal ticket us gone along with that swamp they call the land,they ain’t even gonna have enough money to save there sinking house..

    1. To the Ashley I don’t want to hear any more about Jenelle and David I don’t want to hear anyting about them anymore. It’s only a matter of time before he kills it dog or one of those kids and if we’re lucky he’ll kill Jenelle and then himself.honestly right now I don’t even know what his possessed me to come back here I am just fuming with anger and hatred

      1. Wildcat, I feel the same way! I have fought this fight for a long time, and I have lost! My husband, who doesn’t even know these people, saw how upset I was and he just told me to try and let it go, that I did my best. I was sobbing! He did all that and he wins!

  97. What!? I’m absolutely disgusted with judges in this country today between this case and the one in NJ where a judge let a young admitted rapist off the hook from being tried as an adult because he was “from a good family”. Where is the justice for abused children and rape victims?!

    Nathan still has his case pending and hopefully Maryssa’s family will fight for her.

  98. Those poor kids! I seriously hope that the appeal is successful because this is ridiculous. An old recording saying a child is a good liar is enough to dismiss the case? I call bs! What happened to them forgoing custody of her? She’s the one I fear for the most since she made it perfectly clear that she wants nothing to do with David and refused to see him. Kaiser was doing so well with Nathan too. Poor kids! Hopefully now Nathan can begin his battle for full custody and win. Ensley is obviously their favorite but she would be best off in foster care.


    1. Why were they trying to prove neglect? I would think abuse would be what they’d go for. The kids were abused way more often than they were neglected. This man is insane. Nugget didn’t die of neglect. He died of murderous raging abuse. Neglect is not what everyone was afraid of and trying to prevent. Who cares if they couldn’t prove neglect specifically!? It’s always been abuse that’s the problem. Jenelle and David are abusive.

      1. I know it is crazy, if a toddler tells you he is bruised and names an adult, that should be enough. I think physical abuse is really hard to prove. Now if Jenelle had any moral conscious and was a decent mother, her testimony would prove abuse because she witnessed it. I think the lawyers were right to go for neglect and child endangerment because they and extroidnary amount of evidence.

  100. My comment was not printed. Is it because I said David was an animal murderer or That there is something shady about the new judge? Those poor kids especially his older daughter who he said so many hateful things about. Please Nathan and Maryssaas get andma keep on fighting to protect those innocent kids.

  101. What, did David threaten the judge? Or is it just some idiot judge like the one judge that said the kid that raped a girl at a slumber party should get leniency because he comes from a good family.

    Poor Kaiser.

    1. Just posted the same thing before I read through all of the comments. Ugh WTF is wrong with these judges!!! David’s tantrums in the parking lot weren’t taken into consideration obviously. What’s even more disturbing is the children’s testimony wasn’t taken into consideration seriously enough. Whitney’s ex who might have a bone to pick has more weight than that poor kid?!

  102. I am absolutely horrified, especially for Maryssa. How the hell did these two pass a drug test?!

    1. They’re probably smoking spice now and it won’t show up on a test. It will cause them to be a hundred times crazier, though, so I’m really worried for those babies.

        1. I’d honestly be surprised if neither of them had smoked it yet. It was a huge problem where I live and I know a lot of people that were bad on it. I’ve heard people that have smoked crack say spice had then crazier and more addicted than crack. That stinking shit seems right up their alley. Smoke, act stupid, eat everything in the house, pass out, and wake up raging because your high is gone.

  103. This is the craziest news I’ve ever heard of..The judge should be disbarred asap..What happens now when David beats poor Kyser..He honestly has nobody to protect him now..This is so heartbreaking.

  104. I don’t post on The Ashley’s articles a lot (but I love reading them) but this absolutely breaks my heart. I feel sick to my stomach and I know it sounds very Jenelle but I’m sitting here just crying over this news. I feel so bad for all the kids. I just don’t understand how this happens.

    I don’t understand how a judge knows
    1. Don’t have jobs and no income – how are they going to provide for everyone?
    2. Thinking that Sending back the oldest who testified AGAINST them is a good idea?
    3. ALL the evidence against them including things that haven’t been released to the public and still thinks there’s not enough?!

    The system and judge have failed these children in every single way. There is no happy ending for any of them in this.

    I pray that this doesn’t become a Dateline special within a year. I pray for protection of these kids. I hope the lawyers and other adults don’t give up on them like the system has. I hope the kids know there’s tons of us wishing the best for them.

  105. No order for all the guns to be removed?

    At the very least!

    Both of them have grabbed firearms when they feel slighted.

    This will only end in tragedy.

    And of course MTV will profit off of it and there will be a trending hashtag.

    1. How stupid,Janelle everyone knows it’s you giving the thumbs down,God your STUPID…

  106. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    How… that’s just crazy. Hope Maryssa doesn’t get punished the second she gets back to the land. I don’t see that going well for that poor kid at all. Or any of the kids

  107. I am not only sickened that they got those innocent kids back, but I’m so terrified for them. David will just punish them more for speaking out against him and Jenelle.

  108. This is SO wrong. After what hateful things David said about his daughter to put her back there is criminal. Something is not right with this new judge!!! Very shady. I hope Nathan keeps trying for kaiser. David anus s him. How can animal murderer be trusted with kids. It’s so wrong

  109. This is extremely sad and that judge should be disbarred for failing to protect those kids, I dont give it long before one of those kids if not all are killed by these 2 psychos.

      1. Add in the fact that there are plans to appeal this decision, this likely won’t end well. This judge is genuinely dumber than a bag of rocks, when police outright say this is a dangerous individual and you still give custody back, nope. Nopenopenopenope.

        1. Right – when the county sheriff says David is the most dangerous man in a three county radius, this idiot judge decides it’s a good idea to send the kids back to a house with an unhinged man who has many weapons?!

  110. Sickening. But I’m not shocked. They get away with EVERYTHING. That state’s legal system is a JOKE.

  111. What Devil has Juhnelle and Lurch given their should to in order to skate in EVERY legal battle they have?!! These kids are doomed. I am very sad and embarrassed to live in NC.

    1. I am sick about this! I even cried! So now, I throw in the towel. A dog murderer, child abuser wins! I am done! I have to let this go. All the things they have done that are so horrible, they win!!! Fuck the system!!! I have no words!!!

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