‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Nathan Griffith Says Jenelle Evans is Withholding Their Son Kaiser From Him; Reveals His Plan to Keep Fighting For Primary Custody

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  1. that not right ant that against court she should be in trouble he even let them come to his birthday party her ass need be throw in jail she a loony i pray Nathan get custody.she should loes costody of all the kids in on mtv show she had Jace in the car and she pull a Gun out and they should Daivd ass in Jail kill the dog not right he geta a way of that too

  2. Instead of thinking of Kaiser and what is in his best interests such as visiting with and maintaining regular contact with his father, Jenelle is her usual selfish, narcissistic self using her child as a pawn in a really sick and twisted game. She has always used Jace as a pawn in the game she plays with her mother. Some things will never change. She has absolutely no clue how to be a good parent. Again, that judge was blind, deaf and dumb for returning the children to that toxic and unsafe environment, and will have blood on her hands when one or more of the children is seriously injured or murdered.

  3. I remember getting all kinda of hate back in the day because I said I always felt like Nathan had a good side and jenelle just brought out the worst in him. And to this day I still believe that. He has made his fair share of mistakes, but I think he’s a fit parent and should have full custody of Kaiser.

  4. He tries to portray himself as a perfect person. I remember when he used to get pissed off and fight with her and call her names, degrading her. That just made her feel worse. Janelle I believe is a good mother. She loves her children. She just needs to be by herself and children. Men just don’t fit in her life. Why hasn’t anyone said anything bad about Nathan? That’s because he wants everyone to think he is a good person and they will find out he isn’t.

    1. So Nathan is the problem? Jenelle has no successful relationships in her life. No romantic partners, no family, no friends. Her children are reaching an age where even they are voicing their anger towards her. Jenelle is the common denominator here. She behaves in an immature fashion, she uses illicit substances. She is emotionally unstable and inconsistent in all areas of her life. This has even translated into criminal behavior multiple times. Jenelle doesn’t struggle because of poor choices in partners. Jenelle chooses poor partners as part of her overall behavioral problems. Which, I should add, she refuses to acknowledge and treat.

    2. You must be delirious. Even Jenelles own mother doesn’t want her to have custody of the children. I believe Nathan has cleaned up his act

    3. He’s not perfect but he’s Kaiser’s best option. He certainly had his issues back in the day but he seems to have improved and grown up. Jenelle pushed his buttons like she pushes everybody’s. Ever noticed how every interaction with Jenelle turns into disaster in a matter of minutes? He has PTSD from combat but it wasn’t really addressed on the show, he was portrayed as an idiot with anger issues. With the support system he has now, I really think he can raise Kaiser. The boy definitely looked much happier and relaxed than on the swamp. Jenelle is a lost cause, she turns into whatever man she is with at the moment, and only cares about herself and her current soulmate. She is unable to think for herself and will defend David no matter what he does.

  5. I mean, seeing how much happier Kaiser was with him should be enough proof to hand him back to Nathan. (who I again say, is not perfect but still better than her!) The kid is TERRIFIED of Lurch, I bet he was crazily nervous the day he came back to The Land. Poor kid. He had fun with his dad and now he is back in hell. SAVE HIM AGAIN!

  6. Fist of all NONE of them should have kids to begin with, Janelle can’t be without a man or she’ll melt or something, the only people with more abandonment issues than her, are her kids. David is slowly going crazy and will probably off himself and jenelle on election night. The good news is the kids might actually survive, the bad news is that they now have to be raised by either her mom or Nathan

  7. Omg, I’m sorry but he is delusional if he thinks he will get full primary custody of that little boy. Just like Jenelle thinking she’ll get custody back of Jace. Courts don’t cut off the mom unless there is serious evidence. Plus isn’t Nathans primary address in Florida? These people need to get there heads out of the clouds and start being realistic

  8. Hmmm. I’ve been wondering who’s been downvoting all the negative comments. Hit me that of course Jenelle must b reading the Ashley. Hi Jenelle u POS.

    1. Yep! I wondered the same thing ! , Its a pretty pathetic cover-up… I STRONGLY doubt that Swampman and Swampgirl have that many supporters! And if it’s the case ? Then how do you feel Knowing SO MANY people can’t stand you !….. You’re trash!

  9. Haha, Jenelle replied to one of my comments on her IG page, I said she failed to protect her kids, she said I only know that from a “biased judge”, that they “got a new lawyer who was fair”.

    1. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease! The arrogance of that bitch makes me want to vomit in my own mouth!
      You’re NEW LAWYER will more than likely have blood on his hands in the near future!

  10. Nathan has got to stop playing nice with those 2 terrible people. You cannot reason with crazy, and Jenelle and David are INSANE. I dunno what Nathan thought was going to happen when he decided to invite his child’s abusers to his birthday party…Jenelle and David are incapable of doing the right thing. Nathan says he wants Jenelle in his kids life, but Kaiser is WAY better off away from Jenelle…and mom or not, as long as she’s with David, she doesn’t deserve to be in Kaiser’s life.

    1. EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!! Playing “Happy Families” with those gutterscum came back to bite you on the ass! I can’t believe you fell for it Nathan! Those swamp rats will always have the knives out ( probably literally!)
      I just hope Kaiser is ok !

  11. Please don’t click Jenelles story links on twitter or facebook. A source close to her that told us she makes thirty to fifty thousand per month on these, hence the new Toyota sequoia. This pays her attorney fees also for the dog beating, killing, unemployed husband of hers. Ban together and dont click.

  12. She’s such an evil bitch, using kaiser who she doesn’t like and who lurch hates, as a pawn..

    The judge who sent this poor child back to the cesspit should be fired disbarred and jailed.

    The blood of these kids is on her hands.

    1. She’s such an evil bitch, using kaiser who she doesn’t like and who lurch who hates the kid, as a pawn..

      The judge who sent this poor child back to the cesspit should be fired disbarred and jailed.

      The blood of these kids is on her hands.

  13. Next time Nathan don’t invite abusers to your sons bd party. You are dealing with crazy. Jenelle and David will never do the right thing. I can only hope and pray that N gets custody. Everybody can see J is putting on an act for pics. If you follow Jenelle, UNSUBSCRIBE. Don’t give J money to fight N for custody. All J posts are lies,anyway.

  14. The fact that Nathan actually showed he is able to co-parent and not ax Jenelle out of Kaiser’s life during the whole month or so that he had custody speaks volumes on how much he has grown. Never was a fan but he is clearly, by far the better parent here. He even invited both of those monsters to Kaiser’s birthday party when he didn’t have to. I still think this hurt his case, but I digress.. Jenelle has had Kaiser back a whole 5 minutes and she is back to her normal, selfish, shitty ways.
    The fact that this shit stain of a judge doesn’t see how harmful and messed up Jenelle’s behavior is as a “parent” is disgusting. i’m absolutely blown away by this idiot’s decision to give custody back to those two asshats.

    1. God, it just sucks. Nathan indeed showed he is willing to coparent. Ashley has been nothing but good to everyone, now thundercunt is back to calling her Nathan’s “side chick”.
      No Jenelle, she is an educated woman, who loves your son and his dad the way they deserve. YOU are the utter failure, and don’t think we’ll ever forget that!!

  15. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Don’t click on Jenelle’s f.b., twitter links, all your doing is giving the nonworking deadbeats money for attorneys. Theres an article that says she makes 30-50K a month of the articles. Please don’t do it

  16. What’s going on with the case being appealed? How long will that take to know where or not it will be and can this case be used as evidence in Nathan’s case? Also, does Nathan see his daughter? I never see pics or vids of them?

  17. I am HAPPY to hear that he’s still pursuing the custody, Nathan’s attorney needs to file a modification (while he waits in the custody hearing) asking for the supervised visits to be changed as well as more visitation, like one evening a week, maybe a phone call once a day. In the meantime, continue to try calling him and save every call on his phone that went unanswered… try calling once an hour.
    I hope he follows everything his attorney asks of him and then some. Jenelle always falls into shit and comes out smelling like a rose so who know how this battle will end.
    The biggest win is going to be looking at a grown Kaiser and being able to say he did everything in his power to save him.
    I’m sure all of these TM kids are going to be filled with wtf questions some day, especially Jenelle’s and Ambers. These kids are already old enough to comprehend a lot of the shit.. was it just me or did Leah look disgusted when Amber said she might be pregnant? They’ve had to endure so much, pretty sad.

    1. At least Amber’s kids have fathers that are the sole caregivers in their lives. Out of all the shit she’s done wrong, at least she picked 2 decent men to get knocked up by.

    2. I just watched the ep where Amber announced at James bday party no less that she “might”b pregnant bcuz she was late for a whole whopping 5 days. The look of disgust on Leah’s face was pure gold as I’m sure it was the same as everyone else watching. Thank God she’s nit. This women should b sterilized. I know that’s harsh but jeez she cannot parent even on a part time basis. Her children r in danger if they r alone w/ her

  18. While nathan is no walk in the park I do believe people can change. You have to acknowledge that there is a problem. I think he has done that and had made positive steps in order to better himself. I hope and pray that whatever judge is on this case sees what is really happening here. He deserves to have his son. That little boy has been through enough. David and jenelle dont even want him. They want to use him as a pawn and dangle him in front of Nathan’s face like the 2 sick fucks they are. I really hope things work out in his favor.

    1. Agree. She’s had Kaiser back 5 minutes and already playing games with Nathan.

      Nathan should consider moving back in-state to be closer to his son. I’m sure he’s already considering this – if I was in his shoes I would relocate now and be moving heaven and earth to have my child with me full time and away from the adults that have abused him.

      I am still so shocked the judge dropped the ball here with all the kids.

  19. Definition of Hypocrisy = DAVID EASON WEARING A PRO-LIFE T-SHIRT

    1. Me too !!!!!! That Judge has got rocks in her head !
      Those poor kids must be terrified already….5 minutes after she got them back and she’s started drama !

    2. Same here, even tho I believed he was stupid to invite then to kaisers birthday party, which would never happen if the role was reversed (as we see already, not even back on the land a week, and she’s depriving the son she supposedly loves, from seeing his daddy)

      **Nathan thought he was being the bugger person doing what he thought was right, inviting those two clusterFucks, I personally wouldn’t have invited them**

      I am not a religious person, but I hope and pray that kaiser is removed permanently from the Swamp, and full and sole custody is given to Nathan.

      Yep jenelle you’ve sure learned from your mistakes!!!! NOT.

      You evil tw@

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