Andrew Glennon Files for Full Custody of Son James Following Amber Portwood’s Arrest for Domestic Battery; Claims Amber Hit Him With a Shoe

“You better call Jenelle’s custody lawyer!”

Andrew Glennon is taking his baby mama, Amber Portwood, to court following her arrest for domestic battery last week— and he’s attempting to get full custody of the one-year-old son he shares with the Teen Mom OG star!

TMZ broke the news on Tuesday, and The Ashley has confirmed via online court docs that Andrew filed papers in the Marion County juvenile court to request an emergency custody hearing, as well as a petition to establish paternity for James. An attorney appeared in court on behalf of Andrew on Tuesday. The former cinematographer shelled out $196 to file the docs in court.

Andrew has already retained two lawyers, and interestingly, lists his home address as the Indianapolis home he shares/shared? with Amber before the alleged incident. Amber’s address is listed as a home in Anderson, Indiana. (The Ashley is working to find out who lives in that house, but she believes it to be the home of Amber’s grandmother, as the address matches one Amber has lived at previously.)

As The Ashley previously reported, Amber was arrested and charged with Felony Domestic Battery for an incident that occurred in the early morning hours of July 5.

According to court documents, Amber has been officially charged with one count of “Criminal Recklessness committed with a deadly weapon”; one count of “Domestic Battery committed in the presence of a child less than 16 years old” and “Domestic Battery” by someone who has a prior conviction.

On the night in question, Andrew reportedly texted Indiana’s 911 texting system and stated he believed that his life, as well as his son’s life, was in danger.

“This is how we in the industry handle our problems.”

According to the preliminary probable cause affidavit filed in Marion Superior Court on Tuesday and obtained by the Indy Star, Andrew texted a Geist Patrol officer at 2:14 a.m.

“I need help,” he said in the message.”My life and my son’s life is in danger.”

Amber was arrested and booked into the Marion County Jail, where she sat for over 24 hours until she was bailed out by a mystery female.

According to the affidavit, Andrew claims Amber hit him with her shoe while he was holding James.

“Ms. Portwood grew increasingly agitated until she struck him with her shoe in the right side of his neck,” the officer on the scene wrote in the court document.”The officer observed scratches and red marks on [Andrew’s] neck. An evidence technician took photographs of the injuries,” the affidavit states. “[Andrew] told officers that Portwood has hit him several times in the past and has threatened him countless times. Portwood told police she was angry that her boyfriend had recorded her yelling.”

The affidavit states that Amber admitted to whacking her baby daddy with a shoe.

“Portwood stated that she did indeed strike [Andrew] with a shoe but stated that ‘it was in the shoulder and I barely hit him.'”

Baby James was reportedly not injured in the alleged shoe beating.

Andrew has not made any public statements since Amber’s arrest. However, it appears that they are living apart (based on the different addresses listed in the court papers).

Court docs confirm that a “no contact” order was filed on Tuesday by the State of Indiana, as is customary in cases like this.

Amber and Andrew are due to appear at the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion this weekend in New York City, but The Ashley is still working to figure out how MTV will handle this incident, and if Amber and/or Andrew will appear.

Amber is due to appear in court on Wednesday in relation to the domestic battery charge against her.

UPDATE! The Ashley has uncovered the Affidavit for Probable Cause, which describes Andrew’s version of events and it’s downright terrifying. Click here to read the new details!

UPDATE 2: Amber has officially been charged with three felonies, and has been ordered to stay away from Andrew and their son James. Click here to read the latest court details.

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

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  1. Yes I am an Amber fan (and I used to be a Jenelle fan until she married David). I am a firm believer that a person who is going through a tough time and seems to be genuinely TRYING to change (even if they need extra/professional help to achieve that goal) deserves to have someone outside of their families in their corner for support (whether that person is a friend or fan). And I also believe that anyone who doesn’t think that is a holier-than-thou, “God’s PERFECT gift to mankind” sort of person. I just hope that if their ever comes a time when these people need someone to support them, than they have that!!!! Because it is VERY lonely at the bottom, and no one should have to work their way back to the top by themselves!!!?

  2. At least this guy is smart and went the hell away from her! I hope he gets the custody and fills a restraining order in the process!

    1. Waaaaaah!!!Unlike you I dont give 2 shits what u think about me. Go take some parenting classes. Maybe they offer those in gel where u will inevitably end up.. fix your fucking life dumbass. Wait until people get on the I’m going to sponsors if u dont fire amber. Which I’m sure will be happening very soon. Have a good one loser!

  3. For all you dumbasses out the, there is such a thing as standing up for yourself!!! And considering the size difference, I think that if he were smart enough he could do it (but he ain’t got the balls). When you have someone who towers over you by at least 2 feet it is VERY intimidating (trust me, I know because I grew up with a 6 foot 11 inches tall alcoholic father who ruled my mother, myself (I’m 4 feet 11 inches tall and paralyzed) and my two older sisters with intimidation)!!!!

    1. Shut the fuck up amber. Stop trying to justify what you did. People with half a damn brain see u for what u are. A walking female version of david eason. Your a fucking instagram mom. What u did is unjustifiable. Kiss your kids goodbye. You dont deserve to have them in your life. You have absolutely no one to blame except your self. Might as well move out to the land with jenelle. Hope mtv fires your ass.

      1. I think I need a break from all the dumbfucks on this site!!!!! My God some people are really STUPID!!!!

    2. Good story but nobody buys what your selling girlfriend. U arent in any wheel chair. That’s fucked up. Amber doesnt have any fans so we know its u.

  4. Shocking how many people on here seem to think men can’t be victims or Andrew is weak/ should man-up. This is such a sad situation. It’s NEVER ok to hit anyone, even if it is “just a shoe” I’m surprised how many adults need to be reminded of that.

    1. I agree with your post. What was his alternative? Sit there and just take the abuse? Perhaps he should’ve laid her out with one punch to the head? If he did that, everyone would call him a woman beater. He did the right thing. Got to safety, called for help.

  5. Hannah I can’t find your comment but this is for you or Krystal. Bullshit that is not how law enforcement works.
    And if you believe that your a bigger idiot than these Teen Moms.
    I’m in Law Enforcement and so is my husband and other family members.
    Can you imagine; I need 3 more Domestic Batteries to meet my quota for the month better start making the public fight with with each other.

    1. I said, that I could see SOME police officers doing that, NOT ALL!!! GET YOUR FUCKING FACTS STRAIGHT, JESUS CHRIST!!!

      1. Why are u reading what people are saying about u??? Shouldnt u be more concerned with going to rehab or doing what u need to do to be able to see your son. People like u dont have the capacity to change because they never think they do anything wrong. Go to the dr so they can adjust your meds. And maybe this time you should take them instead of choosing alcohol over your mental health. you machete wielding c u next tuesday

          1. Your the whore honey. Close your legs and stop having kids that you cant raise. You even fucked up with your secound chance kid. Another useless bitch who cannot be without a man.

  6. Not sure what exactly happened, but I have the feeling that Andrew wants to move back to California so he can work. Amber can’t because of Leah so this is his way of getting custody and going back to Cali. It’s easy because everyone will believe him over amber because we’ve seen her act up and abuse her first Just not buying it..

  7. Andrew seems to be quite concerned all of a sudden about Amber’s anger and multiple mood disorders (BPD, bipolar). He wasn’t concerned when he saw her acting erratic and constantly threatening people prior to dating her? Andrew moved to Indiana and knocked Amber up pretty quickly.

    1. I honestly have been thinking this as well. I was wondering if Andrew really wanted a baby and figured that he would get full custody soon enough once Amber went psycho again. While I always hoped for the best for her – I did not see any actual change taking place. This way he has a baby, gets full custody like Gary did and gets to move on.

      1. So tough… we got prison amber in the house!!!lmfao. Nobody is scared of u. Maybe your kids and baby daddies but that’s about it. How sad

    1. That’s a really horrible thing to wish upon an innocent child. By all appearances, his father seems to be taking good care of him. Amber is such a lazy, awful mother that the fathers really stepped in to do all of the day to day care. I believe that’s why both of her baby’s fathers bonded so strongly with them and are such a good influence. Amber is very, very lucky that both men stepped up and are responsible, full time fathers. In a lot of similar situations, the children end up in foster care.

    2. He has to establish paternity in the eyes of the law before custody can be amended. So the court has to have its own paternity test done before they will consider custody because they weren’t married.

  8. “it was in the shoulder and I barely hit him.’”

    Ughh, I hate when abusers use this excuse. It doesn’t fucking matter, barely or not, you ?? still ?? hit ?? him.

  9. Wow, I didn’t think Andrew was that assertive. Not sure how a shoe is a deadly weapon though?

  10. Glad this guy was smart enough to get the h3ll out. Unfortunately, he let himself be abused several times before the pulled the trigger. My wish is that men and women in abusive relationships use this as an example to act immediately. IT NEVER GETS BETTER. Run as fast as you can.

    As for this situation, he doesn’t need to worry about custody. Amber doesn’t give two sh@ts about raising a kid.

  11. Amber has got to be pushing a deuce to a deuce and a quarter. That’s 225# for pure rage, anger, shame, and flat out bat shit crazy. She could do some damage to that big bag of corn flakes even with a shoe. She also has so many disorders no human could possible remember them all. She fucked up like a soup sandwich. Ever try to eat a soup sandwich? You can’t, it’s fucked up. Time to bring up another one from minor leagues to replace this nut job, put a fork in her, she’s done.

      1. So glad to hear this! I hope Andrew gets full custody. She doesnt move a muscle to take care of that baby and never will. Andrew has been a single parent since James came home .

      1. Fuck both of you!!!! This is an opinion site and I have every damn right to say whatever I want (thus the first amendment)!!! If you don’t like it, tough cookies bitches!!! You don’t have to comment back!!

        1. Just in case anyone on here is too stupid to know what the first amendment is, it’s FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!

  12. For the couple of comments on here that feel it’s just a meaning shoe she threw st him: back about a year ago we had a morning meeting a work, a piece was being read as an, I wasn’t playing on my phone ( probably reading the Ashley) and not paying close attention. The case was about a child being killed while caught in the middle of a domestic dispute and being hit with ( what I remember to be) a cup.
    My point, with enough anger and force a shoe can do damage too. Hell, look at Roxanne! She meant business with that stiletto.

    1. My thing is, NOBODY knows how hard (or even if) she threw it!!! Just because he said it doesn’t make it true. WHERE’S THE PROOF?!! And what Roxanne did has NOTHING to do with this!!! Stilettos can cause damage!!!!

      1. The proof ? Um, Amber stated she hit him with a shoe, there’s photos of marks on him, pretty solid there.

        1. I’m not buying it. Any DECENT father that was holding his child would fight back. He wouldn’t just sit back and let a girl half his size hurt him!!!!! Like I said, Andrew needs to “grow a pair”!!!

          1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
            And this is why men don’t report abuse. Because of dumb people like you. He didn’t have to fight back. He got the police involved. Like you’re suppose too…

          2. If he couldn’t fight back, he could’ve at least duck and protected his son!!!!

          3. I don’t think fighting back when he has a baby in his arms would have been a good idea.

          4. Decent fathers set an example and show their sons that it is never appropriate to be violent, especially with a woman. You’re a real twat.

          5. He still obviously overkilled his “abuse” (talk about crying wolf and making it worse than it really was). If I were in his shoes (no pun intended), I would do ANYTHING to protect my child(ren)!!!!

        2. But don’t worry people, he is like ALL the abused. He (and James) will be back with the abused in no time!!!!

      2. Seriously, did you READ this article? He also had scratch marks on his neck. Get a grip and stop humping Amber’s leg. You sound ridiculous.

      3. Unless “Hannah” is one of Ambers personalities, you can go home because you ain’t fooling anyone here!!

      4. The articles states he had visible bruises and she admitted to it herself. Reading is fundamental. Abuse is abuse.

  13. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    I’m not surprised at all. She seems to bounce when the kids get to be around a year old. It’s much more difficult to take care of a baby who is into everything and has to be watched like a hawk vs. an infant who lays around. She did it with Leah around the same age, and now James.

  14. Never have been a fan of Amber’s and sadly, this latest incident reinforces that dislike. While it appeared as though things had improved for Amber with a seemingly stable relationship and a sweet little baby boy, she self destructed once again. Not defending her because verbal and/or physical abuse are NEVER acceptable in any shape or form. Unfortunately, Amber suffers from serious mental health issues which require life long prescription medications and ongoing counseling to properly manage. Periodically Amber has stopped taking her meds in order to drink alcohol, or indulge in illegal drugs, or to try to become pregnant, or just for the heck of it. She plays a form of Russian roulette with her mental health management and has to pay the consequences for her extreme and bad behavior. It’s sad however, that there are now two innocent children factored into the situation. At least Leah has a stable and healthy home environment, and hopefully James will also have one with Andrew. Life is hell with a mentally ill mother. I know. I had one.

    1. Now that Jenelles fired and if Amber goes back to “gel” and loses custody, they will have to cancel the whole franchise. The 2 loons Amber and Jenelle, who kept the franchise going by putting all their business in the street won’t be filming. Macy, Chelsea and Kailyn only want to film family scenes like boy scout meeting and, finger painting class. CANCEL THE SERIES, MTV!

      1. Teen Mom won’t cancel OG OR 2 until they have bled dry with all the drama they can create. And when those shows dry up, MTV will create more shows!!!! And if they can’t, well then I guess that @theashley here will have to shut down!!! How sad?!!!! ????

        1. But if people start complaining to sponsors that’s when MTV starts losing money. It will happen soon. Mark my words. Nobody wants to watch abuse. Look what happened to jenelle.

  15. It doesn’t matter if it was a shoe or a piece of paper, are you that ignorant to think just because it’s a shoe that he was hit with it isn’t abuse.
    When someone is verbally abusing you, most likely on a daily basis, ranting and raving-like we already know Amber does, then hits you with Anything while holding your innocent baby IS scary and totally unacceptable. Maybe he thought that she wouldn’t stop at that point and any logical thinking person would reach out for help to protect the innocent baby from the trauma.
    If Andrew would have put his hands on her in any way to stop her and use his “size/weight” he would be the Big Bad guy here and you all know it!
    I understand just by looking at them you would think what’s the problem, he is bigger than her he shouldn’t be afraid. Well you don’t know that helpless feeling until you are the one holding your innocent child in your arms while the lunatic other parent is raging at you.
    Think before you speak.

    1. If you’re not married it is a requirement when filing for custody even when there are no disputes on who is the father. It’s common that it must be facilitated by the court to ensure it’s accurate and hasn’t been tampered with.

  16. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Honestly I don’t like Andrew, he seems kind of fake. He knew how Amber was and her struggles. She needs to just take a breather and rediscover herself.
    Just because you were someone in the past doesn’t mean it has to keep following you or holding you back. With the right love and support, broken people are able to heal. I feel for Amber and I really hope she surrounds herself with love and positivity cause haters are always going to hate-it’s up to you to be who you want to really be.

  17. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Good for him. Maybe he can find a nice “morning” person to help him raise sweet baby James. She’s a twat.

  18. Good hope he is awarded it. Leopards don’t change their spots, she is a serial domestic abuser. Domestic abusers never change it is something that is built into them.

    1. YEP; And it just goes to show that women can be JUST AS GUILTY as men when it comes to domestic violence! The same punishment should be dealt….whether male or female!

  19. How old is Andrew? He looks a lot older than her, and has a lot of grays. Not saying that snarky, but he legit looks at least 35.

  20. A shoe… come on Andrew (what a pussy)!!!! Now, if she had bunched on him like she did with Gary he may have had a legit argument argument!!! That judge is liable to just tell him to grow a pair, slam his gavel down, say “Case Dismissed” and then laugh his ass out of court?!!!!

    1. Do you think the judge will tell the police to “grow a pair”? Just wondering because they are the ones that classified the shoe as a deadly weapon. Could have been a stilleto, or snow boots with sharp metal treads. Either way, comments like yours are why people stay put in abusive situations. Many people already say to themselves “but s/he has never hit me” as though that is the only formula for abuse. This man was hit, with an implement, while holding a baby and feared for his life and that of his child. It’s really not something to be flippant about.

    2. Amber wears flip flops and Andrew wears either flip flops or those cushy bedtime slippers. NONE of those hurt when they hit no matter how hard or from what distance they are thrown (they don’t even hurt when they are thrown from point blank range!!! I could understand if Amber three some sort of work boot or heavy duty tennis shoe!!! And besides that, any judge worth anything could look at their height difference and see that Amber couldn’t do anything to hurt the man. She could make up an abuse to counteract this “shoe throwing” and chances are the judge would buy it!!!!

      1. When I was skulking through their closets I also noticed every shoe, slipper and boot owned by each of them. I thought I saw you there in the shadows. Next time we should say hi and meet up in Amber’s kitchen for a midnight snack.

    3. Neither one of them even own a pair of shoes that would really cause bodily harm. And yes I really think a GOOD judge would tell Andrew to “grow a pair”!!!! If a person doesn’t want to be in an abusive relationship, it’s their own fault. They can leave anytime they want. Staying is a choice!!!!! I’m just saying that is excuse for leaving is PATHETIC!!!!!

      1. Let me clarify what I mean before **SIGH** bashes me again, almost all abusive relationships start out with mental/emotional abuse, and if a person stays long enough for it to become physical, that’s THEIR fault!!! If a person is in a relationship where the abuse starts off as physical and they still, that is also THEIR fault!!!!

        1. You do realize that life is more complicated than that. Many abusers isolate their victims, often they don’t realize it until it’s too late. A significant amount of abusers find some reason the victim should stop working – the children need them, their coworkers are flirting, etc.

          So they can’t “just leave”. It isn’t that simple. Domestic violence victims are also at the greatest risk of being murdered when they leave. Sometimes the abuser hunts them down. It takes time, support, and a very solid plan.

          I know better than to argue with a troll. But the fact you’d say something like that makes me worry for the victims out there that are blaming themselves. It’s important that they know it’s not their fault. It’s important that they know there are organizations and people out there that can help them. And it’s extremely important they know that the rest of us aren’t judging. We are hoping they know that they’re worth more than that, it’s not their fault, and that there are resources out there that can help them successfully escape.

          Again, I normally won’t answer a troll. But any victim that could be reading this (and the percentage is a lot higher than you think – lots of people reading this are in an abusive relationship right now or have been in the past) needs to know how wrong you are. People like you are a food part of the reason that victims have been in the shadows so long. It shouldn’t be that way. Everyone deserves to not just be loved, but safe and respected.

      2. Considering what she has done in the past, he should count his blessings that it was only a shoe!!!!

        1. Amber isnt tough. She puts on this prison amber act and we are supposed to be scared. That’s why she beats up people who she knows wont fight back. Shes just a scumbag and a bully. ?? and stop trying to sway peoples opinions of u. You care too much. Maybe if you cared about your kid the way you care about acting tough you wouldnt be in court tomorrow. Dumbass.

        2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
          *** you Hannah I was in a abusive marriage 8 years (duel military and why I kept my mouth shut) barely escaped alive and a year ago lost my sister to an abusive sack a ? with HIs bio CHILD to eye witness the murder. Thankfully atleast HER bio 3 went to their dads 20 mins prior. I have been on both sides of abuse so again Hannah F with a capital F YOU. If anything I have gained an ANGEL?, another niece and another sister to help me through this as I do my best to help
          her and my niece which NEVER would visit her sperm donor without me or her step mom (MY SISTER) present. HANNAH AKA AMBER CO*K SUCKER STOP VICTIM BLAMING BITC£

      3. “Grow a pair” …. you mean like the bitch in the red shirt in the Disneyland video fight?! Would that have been better for you?

    4. Gee, you sound about as irrational as the judge on Juhnelle and Lurch’s custody case.

      Or maybe I should say, “Hi Amber”


        1. Oh amber your disgusting. I feel so bad for your kids. At least leah is starting to realize what a pos u are. And u think it’s ok to git the father of your child? It was just a shoe? He was holding your kid. A “real” woman doesnt threaten and beat up the man who gave you a child. And a real man wouldnt fight back while being assaulted while holding your child. The only thing real about u is the crazy and selfishness u posses. For someone who hates jenelle your an awful lot alike. Kickrocks you lowlife.

        2. Clearly we were right and this is Amber (or her proxy cousin Krystal). If you are going to get all riled up about people not using their real names, might want to do the same sweet pea.

          Enjoy gel again being the real one.

        3. My name really is Hannah. I am a 31 year paraplegic. And if you people really are as smart as you think you are, you would realize that when you comment to bash me or my opinion, I am going to reply back!!! So, be smart, grow a pair and stop replying to my comments!!! Duh dumbasses!!!!

    5. This comment is NOT OK. No man has to grow a pair or put up with any form of abuse.

      This is why men rarely come forward when abuse occurs against them. DV is never ever ever ok or minor or should be pushed aside!

      It’s 2019 get with the times!

    6. *** you Hannah I was in a abusive marriage 8 years (duel military and why I kept my mouth shut) barely escaped alive and a year ago lost my sister to an abusive sack a ? with HIs bio CHILD to eye witness the murder. Thankfully atleast HER bio 3 went to their dads 20 mins prior. I have been on both sides of abuse so again Hannah F with a capital F YOU. If anything I have gained an ANGEL?, another niece and another sister to help me through this as I do my best to help
      her and my niece which NEVER would visit her sperm donor without me or her step mom (MY SISTER) present. HANNAH AKA AMBER CO*K SUCKER STOP VICTIM BLAMING BITC£

  21. I seriously hope that Andrew gets full physical and legal custody of James. If that’s the case then I hope he will allow James to have regular contact with his big sister Leah.

  22. I think this is what he wanted al along! He never looked like he wanted to be there! I think he set her up!

    1. I don’t know about that.. that would be very devious.. and what would his reason be? To have her child? To get in on that teen mom money?? Idk..

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      I agree! He’s fake! You an telk by when he’s talking to her and his eyes twitch. Not only that when he said he still has things to accomplish in his life before he gets married!? Uh hello that’s a flag right there. I feel for Amber…

    3. Andrew’s family is rich. He comes from money and lives in Malibu, what could he possibly want from her in hillbilly ass Indiana?

    4. No I think she picks nice guys with low self esteem that she can manipulate and abuse. Except matt that went both ways with them. I’m beginning to think she got what she deserved with that pos.

  23. Why is he asking the Court to establish paternity? Hasn’t he already sign the papers when James was born? Or does that mean he’s not sure that he’s the father? (Sorry if that’s a dumb question, I don’t live in the States, I don’t know how those things works in there)

    1. If you are not married, paternity has to be established. It doesn’t matter if he’s on the birth certificate. He can take a DNA test or sign an affidavit accepting paternity.

    2. A lot of times that’s just a formality when going for full custody, in case amber would try and say he’s not his kid.

  24. Damn Amber you had it made. Then you had to show your azz. You had a Royals Royce, a nanny, and Malibu beach house. WTH!!

  25. Looool imagine getting hit with a shoe. I don’t really believe all of this. Y’all remember the Jenni/Roger chaos. He would record her flipping out while trying to paint himself as a saint.

    1. If a man had done that to a woman, say you would be saying something different. You are shaming men that have been the victims of abuse by women .

  26. Step one: Seduce reality star(psychotic or not). Step two: Move in with and live off said star. Step three: Make appearances on reality show portraying yourself as a great guy. Step four: “Accidently” impregnate said star. Step five: Go along with the story that said star has post partum and {enter mental illness here}. Step six: Get into altercation with said star. Step seven: File restraining order and get full custody. Step eight: Move back to beautiful Malibu, portray self as struggling single dad. Step nine: Get dat $$$$$. Operation complete!

    1. It sounds like Matt may have left his guidebook there when he left, and Andrew used it. Matt got hung up at step 4, but hit step 6 pretty hard to make up for it.

  27. Wow….agree with all the comments here. Amber is repeating her past. Andrew’s family has money and I am sure he will retain the best attorney. Also agree that he has been thinking about this. So sad that they brought a child into this world that doesn’t deserve any of this drama.

  28. So, obviously Andrew has been contemplating making his escape before this happened. Why else would he have been recording Amber yelling and carrying on? Stuff like that is usually pretty damning in custody court. I don’t necessarily think he intended for her to physically attack him, but he had to know it was a possibility. I wonder if he’s glad he decided to hook up with her erratic, hostile ass? Didn’t he see how she acted on Celebrity Couples Boot Camp?

    1. I say she has been hitting him all along doubt this was the first time. What stable person throws something at a person while they are holding a baby.

  29. Agreed with all the comments so far. Hopefully Andrew gets full custody of James and also if that’s the case, I hope Andrew allows James to have regular visits with his big sister Leah.

    1. Right! Him and Matt were overlapping timeline wise.I think this guy might think there is a chance this is Matt’s kid. I really hope Matt is not the father

  30. Amber’s attitude to hitting him and just missing her son definitely proves what I’ve long suspected that she is still the same horrible Amber. It’s not just a shoe, it’s assault. Glad Andrew had left and filed for custody of James, Amber does not need to be around him or Leah.

  31. Wow… So basically nothing’s changed with Amber.. But what is wrong with Andrew ..why would you tolerate physical abuse..You lucky your child was not injured..

  32. These girls are all such a mess. How many have multiple babies with multiple fathers? Teen Mom needs to go off the air so these girls can get real jobs. If amber is found guilty she needs to be gone.

  33. Oh I really hope he wins full custody. He was the one taking care of James anyways, and she has no business pretending to take care of children.

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