Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad David Eason Arrested Twice in 48 Hours: Allegedly Charged with Assault with Deadly Weapon; Wife Jenelle Evans Says She’s Leaving Him Again

When you find yourself “harrested” twice in two days…

Jenelle Evans‘ husband David Eason took back-to-back trips to the slammer this week! 

The Ashley has confirmed via court records that his first arrest of the week occurred on Thursday when he failed to show up in court for a misdemeanor charge against him. He was booked into the Columbus County Jail but was quickly released after securing the $`1000 bond. 

David’s mugshot for the first arrest is a beaut! Check out his stylin’ mug below! 

It’s suitable for framing if you ask The Ashley!

Court records located by The Ashley indicate that David was then booked again into the Columbus County, North Carolina, jail around 9:45 p.m. EDT on Friday. (The area’s Mobile Patrol app records also reported this.)

The area’s Mobile Patrol app posted this last night…

According to Celeber NationDavid is also being charged with “Assault with a Deadly Weapon,” as well as “Communicating Threats” for a separate incident on Friday. (The Ashley has been unable to confirm these exact charges, but she can confirm he was indeed arrested on Friday night.) 

“David Eason was arrested after Pistol-Whipping a gentleman,” the site reports, adding that the alleged pistol-whipping occurred when two of Jenelle’s friends went to The Land to fetch her belongings and things escalated into a fight.

“That’s when David got into a heated argument with one of the men over his truck keys and David struck one of the men with a pistol,” the site claims. “David misplaced his keys, neither Jenelle nor any of the men were in possession of the keys. They were found by David later.”

“I like them guns!”

From there, Jenelle told the site she and her friends filed a police report and a warrant was issued for David’s arrest. 

“One of the men that went with Jenelle had injuries to his back and neck from the weapon,” the site reports. “This is when the state decided to file felony charges against David Eason. And a warrant was set out for his capture.”

“Capturing” David wasn’t a difficult task, apparently. Celeber Nation states that the police went to The Land, where they arrested David and hauled him off to jail again.

“Hello, Maryssa? You got any money?”

Jenelle— who left David in October 2019 but went back to him by January— told Celeber Nation on Saturday that she is leaving David once again, and plans to file for (another) restraining order against him on Monday. She told the site that she and her kids are staying at a relative’s house. 

“I’m shaking and saddened by this, its time for me to move on from this relationship and find happiness for my kids and myself elsewhere,” Jenelle told the site. “I’m upset how everything ended up and wish the situation was taken in a more serious manner. I didn’t agree with the unsecured bond.”

Online court records indicate that David is due to go before the judge on July 6. He is also due in court in nearby New Hanover County to once again face charges for “Tampering with a Vehicle” and “Injury to Personal Property.” Those charges stem from an incident that occurred in 2018 in which David “self-towed” a stranger’s truck that he felt had parked too close to his boat. (He did this as Jenelle filmed and cackled through the whole thing.)

He is due in court to face those charges on July 28.

Jenelle and David appeared to not be getting along (again!) in the days leading up to David’s arrest-a-polooza. Both changed their social media profile photos from loving couples’ portraits to solo photos and/or photos with their kids. Jenelle also (once again) hinted via posted memes that she was tired of David not pulling his weight in the relationship. 

On Saturday, she posted a statement to her official Facebook page.

“I just want to let the public, tabloids, and my fans know that IM OK, IM SAFE AND SO ARE THE KIDS!” she wrote. “I’m going to take a few days out to myself to gather my thoughts and focus on what’s going on so I won’t be on social media much. I love you all for the support that you all have shown me and I’ll be stronger and better than ever soon!”

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available…

(Photos: MTV, Instagram, Facebook, BUSTED!)

116 Responses

  1. Why is she always the one leaving the house with the kids? Why isn’t he forced to leave the residence? Typically, the abuser is the one hauled out of the residence.

    1. She likes to play the victim…running for her life with the young children. Then send someone over there to retrieve her things. “Call the police, Bitch! This is all on you!”

  2. These kids should ALL be kept away from David! How in the world is he able to have his daughter from a previous relationship too?! Her mom and Jenelle both need to think of the kids first. If they want to be abused and badgered go for it but, keep the kids away from h!m!

  3. It takes on average seven times for an abuse victim to leave their abuser. I hope this time sticks. I’m pulling for you. What you did years ago, months ago, or days ago doesn’t matter. What you do from here on out does. Dig deep! Heal your trauma! Be the Mom your kids need. Read, “Why Does He Do That?” by Lundy Bancroft. Read, “The Deepest Well” by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris. Find a therapist who understand domestic violence. Seek out all the help you can. Change your narrative. You are powerful. You are strong. You can do this.

  4. They are toxic for one another! It will not end until one of them are either in prison or in the ground. It’s so sad but that is statistics. I hope they don’t end up that way.

  5. Trying to stay relevant. So sick of her. She is garbage,just like him. Wish they’d go away for good.

  6. These 2 are an absolute train wreck! Can we please stop giving them attention and maybe we’ll get lucky and they will both just disappear into the sink hole on their swamp. Just pray those beautiful kids end up in a stable home.

  7. LMFAO Finally. Get this psycho off the streets. It is really only a matter of time before he kills someone over something silly.

    1. But I thought he wasn’t abusive or dangerous, Jenelle??! That’s exactly what you said when you dropped your restraining order and went back to him and worse took your kids back to him. This makes me angry because when she plays with the police, and restraining orders and the courts like this, and then soon after takes it all back, it makes it even harder for other abused women out there who are trying to get away from their abusers. You can’t lie constantly about something and then expect sympathy when your back to saying he is dangerous. We all know he is, but Jenelle has used up all of her good will with me.

  8. Jenelle, I doubt anyone is happy the kids are with you. They would have been safe if they LIVED SOMEWHERE ELSE! I honestly don’t believe she will leave him for good, she will find another man (a rebound if you will), they will break up after a few weeks/months and then she will go back to him. She is SO PREDICTABLE!

    You can only cry wolf so many times before people start to think you’re full of sh*t. But we knew that before already anyway.

  9. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Typical Delujenelle. She will stand up for her friends and husband, but not her children. I cringe at the thought of all things the children have endured that we don’t know about.

  10. Ever see shoes dangling from powerlines and wonder who would do something like that? Jenelle and David are THOSE people.

  11. If Jenelle doesn’t leave after this (which she probably won’t) the next incident will be a death of a human. Pistol whipped?! You’ve gotta be a special type of sadistic evil to pistol whip someone…And all of you that were agreeing with a pistol whipping, menace to society, douche bag a few days ago look real silly now.

  12. Good riddance Janelle! You have no fans since you helped David after he murdered little Nugget. Bitch you deserve David. Disappear no one cares about you!

  13. how much do tbrze kids have to put up with? leaving, staying, packing, unpacking, fighting, making up. i just feel so bad that they have her for a mother. she’s terrible. just terrible to her kids! enough already! someone do something!!!

    1. Such an unstable and toxic situation for the kids. They’re both the absolute worst.

      David’s ex Olivia ran a successful GoFundMe campaign to raise money for legal representation. Maryssa’s family and Dorris need to do the same, although with high unemployment raising the funds won’t be as easy as it was last summer. I say Dorris because Nathan has proven time and time again that he can’t break his alcohol addiction. Ensley is screwed – Babs probably can’t handle another kid.

  14. This is what happens when two people list “being on TV ” as their profession, yet they can’t get jobs because no production company in hell will put up with their guns, drugs, child abuse, and other dysfunctional foolishness.

    And if Jenelle is waiting for David to go out and get a job to “pull his weight,” many of us longtime viewers already know she’ll be waiting for an eternity. David spent time in jail years ago with Jenelle’s first husband Courtland, and it’s been said on MANY occasions that this is why he sought her dumb ass out – in the first place.

    Will continue my prayers for the defenseless children who have no choice but to be caught up in all of this horrible muck.

    1. I recall reading that one of David’s other baby mamas (can’t remember which one) said a major source of strain in their relationship was that he wouldn’t get a job.

      Being a bum always has and always will be his m.o. He sure enjoyed mooching that MTV money for his arsenal and motorized toys while it lasted.

    1. He never abused her or the kids, no Never.
      And she wonders why the court didnt take it seriously with an unsecured bond

  15. Please, is there some way nasty David and pathetic Jenelle be exiled from this country? I think North Korea would be a good place for those two. The children should be permanently taken from them and all their animals on the “Land” should be saved from them. They should never be allowed to have any contact with any child or any animal. As long as those poor children are ok and those poor animals are saved, we truly DO NOT care what happens to David or Jenelle. We would start a fund raiser to buy them tickets to permanently leave this country. Please do not judge people from NC by these 2 things yes I said things, they do not act like humans. Sick to death of those 2. Just please someone make sure the children and animals are ok. That is all that matters !!!!!!

  16. Normal people call the police and not a friend if they are scared to pick items up. For me its just to coincidental.
    Just 2 days after she launched her new website. They need money.
    The children should be taking away immideatly. This is not an environment to grow up in.

  17. Wait, Jenelle has friends?! Now that MTV isn’t fitting the bill and hiring “friends” to appear with her?!?!

    Sorry, That was really bitchy and mean.

  18. Janelle, this time stay gone David is a loser and you do not need him. Your kids do not need him; he’s just leaching off you cuz you believe his bullshit. Enough already!! You’re better than that ok. Love you girl hang in there. A fan

  19. Interesting. It’s weird to me. That Jenelle got fired from the show but everything she does gets a story. Kail(Karl) never gets a bad write up here. I’ve said it multiple times. Now Kail is accused of racism with proof. Still nothing on here. Chris has even defended her. Still no write up. Kail has anger problems also. She’s been lucky that no one called the cops on her. I think it’s a felony to hit anyone. I think it’s a felony to cut someone’s dreads off. I think it’s a felony to file false police reports. CANCEL KAIL.

  20. So a few things, 1. As per usual, David’s mugshot looks like a demonic freak that’s been possessed by the devil; 2. I find this situation incredibly funny and only because EVERYONE know something stupid like this would happen and she would once again be claiming to leave him for the 500000th time (but trust, she won’t actually do it); 3. Jenelle sweetie, nobody cares if YOU are safe nor does anyone support you. We are (and always have been) concerned about your KIDS’ safety, because clearly they have a pathetic mother who doesn’t. Also, as much as I want those kids away from David, I hope the courts do not grant Jenelle a restraining order against him. She continuously makes a mockery out of the already fucked up justice system. She’s lied in court under oath for YEARS about so many events. They need to take those kids away from her PERMANENTLY

  21. Does anyone know who the friends were? I swear Gary Head posted he was heading to Willmington a couple days ago and now it’s gone… maybe it was him and Ryan? And that set David off.

  22. Take the kids from her. Neither her or Amber Portwood deserve to be a parent.Amber should have been fired also.

  23. To quote Jace, “mommy and David are pieces of s**t.” There’s nothing else to be said about them.

  24. so marissa is stuck with lurch? I know she doesn’t have custody of her but if it were I’d have taken her at least to keep her safe from the initial rath of him I’d also take her call the mom and tell her take fight for her

    1. Of only Junkmail thought the way you do. Poor Maryssa was called a liar in court…by them. Horrible situation that hopefully will teach her what NOT to do and I hope she’s planning for her eventual escape once she’s of age. I hope she’s saving her allowance money and making plans. She seems too smart and sweet for that family. Kaiser and Jace too.

  25. God…that guy is scary. Just looking at him makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Those poor, poor powerless kids.:-(

  26. I think she going to say oh lied again about the abuse wants that pity party I don’t feel sorry for her at all I do for the kid’s and animals who have no choice but to go where she dose.I don’t ever see her getting the help she needs because she can’t take responsibility for her own actions and all the lies she told over the Year’s. I think she will go back to him she can’t handle being alone jumps right in to another relationship without getting the help she needs so it would just be the same thing again also needs anger management

  27. Lmao, they’ll get back together soon enough..
    She’ll drop charges and say it was all a big misunderstanding and she don’t need to explain herself and her relationship again… He’s a great husband etc..
    She deserves the shitty life SHE KEEPS CHOOSING. But the kids ?

    1. At this point, I hope Jenelle loses it ALL. Her kids, her house, her money, her friends and family. She doesn’t deserve any of it. She does nothing but continually put herself and those around her in danger because she’s chooses to have a shitty life and a shitty relationship. Her and David deserve to kill each other on the swamp for all anyone cares but those kids and animals and anyone else don’t deserve to be harmed by them any longer!

  28. Kaiser belongs with Nathan. There is no reason he should be around his mother who has repeatedly put him in danger and around violent felons. Nathan needs full custody and Jenelle can go cry about it forever. Maryssa May be able to go with grandparents, isn’t this what happened previously? And have David forever indebted by paying child support for her. Ensley well, I can’t even imagine. She has to be 5 by now. What a horrible thing to be put in danger by both of your parents. Hopefully she has a grandparent who can take her in. Jenelle is just as bad as David for putting the kids at risk.

    How about the law pays attention to innocent young children involved.

    1. There is like no way Ensley is 5. 3 maybe. Can she even talk yet? I feel like I’ve heard she’s developmentally slow for her age. Probably because her parents are complete idiots who don’t care about anyone but themselves

  29. how nice for maryssa, Kaiser and ensley to witness. As if these poor souls haven’t been through enough. We all know Jenelle will be back with him in a week because David probably “had a mental breakdown and didn’t mean to shoot his pistol”. Sigh. The system has failed these kids. Absolutely disgusting.

  30. What is it going to take to red flag this MF-er and have his guns taken from him?

    And honestly what is it going to take to have the kids removed from their mother who has shown time and time AGAIN…she will do nothing but put them in danger!

    This will never end well.

  31. What else has this guy got to do to finally get some prison time?! He is a disgusting human being. He killed the dog, he threatened to kill the president, he damaged someone else’s property and now he’s pistol whipped someone. He is out of control and needs locking up!

  32. Give it a couple of months and she’ll be right back in bed with him.

    Listen, I don’t care if she wants to jump into bed with him and/or lose her life the next time this happens (there will be a lot of next times too). If that’s what she wants, then go for it. My problem is the children. Those kids are deathly afraid of him and they certainly have every reason to be too. What I can’t comprehend is how CPS is just sitting on their asses watching this unfold right in front of then. Just when you thought CPS got their shit together after years of being involved with this family, what do they proceed to do almost immediately after they took the kids away? Give them right back! Handed them over on a silver platter. Shame on everyone involved in this case especially the authorities. If Jenelle doesn’t give a shit about her own life, good…let her do what ever she wants. But the kids, they need a voice and someone needs to step up and tell David and Jenelle “F YOU”.

    1. Nah that’s what happens when you run out of $ for all the blow and H that’s been keeping you skinny

  33. We all knew this was coming. What is it going to take for those kids to be permanently taken?! Cause we all know Janelle will wait an appropriate amount of time before going back

    1. It’s the most Sasquatch-like I’ve ever seen him

      1. That’s not nice to insult Sasquatch. Sasquatch/Big Foot is dope. Even though David does look like Squatch.

  34. Maryssa do you have any money? That killed me.
    Also where is that poor child? Ashley can you contact her mom? I know you did a artical with moms boyfriend.

  35. I think we all saw this coming. I hope CPS pays another visit, and this time they successfully remove the children from the home. Jenelle absolutely cannot be trusted to keep those poor children safe, and since Maryssa is David’s child, she will likely be stuck with her shitty, abusive, dangerous, dog murdering father. I really will not be surprised if Jenelle goes back to David, either. I hope she doesn’t, but given her history, it’s likely.

  36. David probably thought if he hits the man with a gun he would become unconscious like in the movies????

  37. Are you sure “celebernation” isn’t just Jenelle peddling her “behind the scenes” website?

  38. Hold up, did she really say that she wished the situation was taken in a more serious manner (seemingly by the police). Bish you ARE the boy who cried wolf. Now she wants to file another restraining order! I guarantee that she knows the staff at the courthouse and the jailhouse by name. She is so freaking ridiculous, I hate to say it, but I have no sympathy for her at all. Also, big bad swamp man is so tough he has to pistol whip a man on his back!?! I don’t even think that’s called a pistol whip, it should be called a bitch-whip. He and Jenelle really are a match made in hell.

  39. Honestly, I don’t care. The kids/animals are the only victims here.
    That post she posted (doing things herself) hahahahahahahahaha! What exactly do you do Jenelle? Besides Tik Toks and putting a million hair ties in your nasty hair?

    1. That made me laugh too!
      “David is not pulling his weight”…
      Um, you mean by cooking, cleaning (questionable), outdoor chores, feeding kids, etc…
      The reason she went back was bc she can’t handle being a “mom”!
      Those kids only ate packaged foods in TN, at least they eat with him…clearly she does too!
      DE is unquestionably a POS but I really question how she believes she does everything in the relationship?!?

      Right JE, lets all just have a pitty party for you because you are so innocent and hard done by…

      Your “wolfs” have long run out and no one cares about you.
      We DO however care about the innocents in this situation: animals & kids…NOT you!

      By the way, how are those website subscriptions coming along?
      About as well as getting your MTV job back?
      Cause that was your last publicity stunt we didn’t believe…
      So predictable.
      Get a real job
      Get major help
      Get your kids in safe homes FAR away from YOU
      Give animals to nice safe homes and NEVER GET ANOTHER ONE!
      Rosie was a prop for 6 months max? You know dogs live for 10-20 YEARS right? F-YOU for this alone.
      JE is NOT a victim!
      This was ALL HER CHOICE!
      The kids and animals have NO CHOICE!
      If they did they would surely not choose swamp creature life.

  40. If there’s any truth to this story this is entirely Jenelle’s bad! It’s not going to take much to represent him based on this story. First of all, Jenelle just pulled this shit less than a year ago and soon recanted everything she said and pulling the protection order; claiming he’s a great man, a wonderful father, and never hurt any of them… now she’s to be believed?
    Second, NOBODY had any business doing Jenelle’s dirty work and going to his home demanding HIS TRUCK keys! They’re, married, doesn’t matter which one the vehicle is titled to, it belongs to both of them until the courts say otherwise, they’re lucky they didn’t get shot!

    1. According to the article, they were just picking up belongings-not trucks. David lost the keys to his own truck and thought the guy took them and that’s why he pistol whipped him.

      “David misplaced his keys, neither Jenelle nor any of the men were in possession of the keys. They were found by David later.”

      1. @ Gemma They had no business there, it’s Jenelle’s fault for sending them there. It doesnt matter what they are there to get , he doesn’t has to legally give them anything .. she should have went herself. Im sure he told them to get out of there and shit started . I did misread the keys ( thank you for that ) my point here is , this is all on her.. her friend is beat up because of her, she knows him better than anyone and sent them to her house.

        1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
          She should have had a police escort instead of friends to pickup her stuff but it would have been extremely dangerous for her to go alone. He’s a violent lunatic and they bring out the worst in each other.

        2. @bailey Trust me there is no love lost on my part when it comes to Jenelle. I’m not exactly sure why anyone would be friends with Jenelle anyway much less go on da land for any reason but I guess stupid hangs with stupid. I did think that if David is known to be violent, and he is then she should have had a cop go with her to get her stuff (if any if this is even true and not just a bs stunt) but as @audrey pointed out the cops wouldn’t even go there

          1. “Read the true story from her own mouth on her exclusive website for the low low bestie price of $75/month … but act now because this special pricing is only available for 24 hours”

            (Before it gets extended for 24h every 24h)


          2. I have none for David either ? just pointing out that it’s no secret what kind of person he is and how heavily armed he is. I just feel like they went there looking for trouble and they got it.

    2. That’s what I thought also. Her getting these men to go get things from that dog murderer, deranged maniac. They are lucky they didn’t get killed. Weren’t the cops hesitant to go on that property?

      1. @ Audrey, hey there! Haven’t seen Ya in a while… exactly, everyone knows he’s a lunatic and is carrying, especially on his own land. All she’s had to do was call the sheriff.. my husband and I are having problems, I need an escort to retrieve my personal belongings. Jenelle sends her friends into the pit of doom to do it for her..stupid! We don’t have details on how it all escalated, but the first thing that seems to be a FACT is that these people went to his home uninvited by him. Again, they can thank Jenelle for what happened. David bonded out on a personal $1000 bond.. that doesn’t scream that he’s in a heap of trouble to me. The only thing he has to say is “ I asked them to leave”. Jenelle can’t give people the right to go in her home without her and take things.

    3. The article stated he misplaced his keys and his paranoid looney toons brain automatically blamed the men Jenelle sent there for her belongings. He then found the keys later. Reading is fundamental. Yeah, Jenelle is an idiot, and I strongly feel she is partly at fault for everything that’s happened because she went back so that she didn’t have to be alone and can’t handle being single. BUT, nobody but Swamp Dick is responsible for HIS actions. She’s got mental issues, and he’s a dang psychopath. He’s been brainwashing her and disrespecting her their entire relationship lowering her self esteem even more than it was. They’re both awful people but hopefully she’ll finally do the right thing and stay away from him so her kids and her dogs stay alive.

  41. Jenelle has no money. David won’t work. That’s the problem. DAVID wanted to ruin her life and so far he’s succeeding. Land Of The Simple Minded.

  42. All those kids will need so much therapy now and in the future. I cry for them. I can’t imagine how incredibly unsafe they feel 🙁
    David and Jenelle should rot in jail.

    1. “Hey kids, what happened here tonight? Please tell us the truth since the last time you told the truth in court you were called liars and sent back into the abuse swamp but now with a target on your back”

      Who can those poor children even trust / count on!
      What a tragedy…
      NOT for JE or DE but for the kids & animals.
      JE & DE can run each other into the ground for all I care. There are other lives worth saving!

  43. She needs to leave for good and never look back. If this isn’t just another stunt as it had been in the past.. either way, David is dangerous and unhinged, and he could easily hurt her or the children, if he hadn’t already.

    She needs to woman up, it’s time to leave him for good for the sake of her children, at least!

  44. Please. Why would you even cite that Celebernation site? They’re on Jenelle’s speed dial; the article even says so. This is just bullshit so Jenelle can bolster the number of subscribers on her new “Jenelle’s World” website and then she’s going to settle back in with David and laugh at all the suckers who bit at the bait.

    1. Just like Ronnie and Jen, these two are heading down the murder-suicide path if they don’t get away from each other. Those poor kids…

    2. My first thought when I saw the headline is that her little fund-raising drive must not be going so well and these two chuckleheads cooked up some drama to try and raise interest. She’ll be back in the swamp ASAP and the charges will be dropped and she’ll be crowing about the best husband ever.

      Those poor, damned (in the sense that living with these two is the equivalent of hell on the mortal plane) kids.

    3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      She will not leave him again. She is too stupid to do so.

  45. I’m sure by kids she means Kaiser and Ensley. I wonder if the police called Marisa’s grandparents. She’s 11 right? Surely they can’t just arrest David and leave her there to fend for herself?

    1. I think she’s turning 13 soon? But, yeah, Hopefully, she’s back with her maternal grandparents. I know Jenelle definitely won’t want her.

    2. So basically in about a week Jenelle will be telling us to mind our business and respect her privacy while her and the kids moves back in with him. Per the usual.

      I imagine if that happens again, it goes right back to Nathan, Barbra and Maryssa’s grandma trying to take the kids away from these two again…last summer on repeat. I’m sure he did all this crap in front of the kids too. Ridiculous.

      1. I like when she tells all her FANS that she’s okay and not to worry. He could’ve knocked her head off and I wouldn’t care.

  46. How can anyone believe anything Jenelle says? Is this another PR stunt like the other times she has left? We all know David is a POS but so does Jenelle and she keeps dragging her kids back into that toxic environment. (not that I believe she is any less abusive to the kids) The only innocent parties in this are those precious kids who have immature psychos with IQ’s in the single digits.

  47. I was just thinking yesterday that there had been a little too long since Jenelle stirred up some sort of drama

    1. I was too! After her & David were demanding that MTV fire different people & were ignored I thought, hmmm wonder what they’ll try and do now to try & make themselves relevant? I don’t think they realize that no one cares.

      1. I was thinking the same thing, then I saw this and I was so happy. I will not click on anything. I’ll just let it play out. Watch and wait.

      2. Wash, rinse, repeat. Shut the F up Chinelle. No one cares about you. I also didn’t realize that Big Foot lived in North Carolina?

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