‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Jenelle Evans’ Cosmetic Company May Be Dying a Slow Death; Dr. Drew Reveals Which ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Are His Favorites & More

“Honestly, my favorites are anyone who hasn’t beaten the BeJesus out of a co-star on stage…Breaking up fights tends to wrinkle my blazers!”

From losing their businesses to losing their chance to go on another reality show, the stars of the Teen Mom franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! 

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so…

Jenelle Evans’ Cosmetic Company Trademark is Dead….And Her Subscription Website Appears to Be Sinking Faster Than Her Home on The Land.

“Don’t worry…I’m sure David has a plan to save my Eyebrow Empire!”

Jenelle Evans just can’t seem to hack it in the business world. 

Less than a month after the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star hopped on social media (and on top of a pile of unsold products) to announce her JE Cosmetics eyebrow kits were “back in business,” The Sun reports the company’s trademark has been abandoned and is now listed as “dead.” 

The “dead” status was allegedly issued June 19 after the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office failed to receive a response from Jenelle within six months of the issue date. 


There’s no word on where this leaves Jenelle and her Makeup Mountain – the one she sat on while dressed-up as a Mel B impersonator for the eyebrow kit photo shoot. However, Jenelle’s haters had already called out the aspiring makeup mogul for her boxes having a 2019 production date stamped onto them after she posted the photo to the company’s Instagram page. Her representative at the time told The Sun the eyebrow kits were purchased during Jenelle’s September 2019 product launch (which didn’t exactly go well) and had been “left at a warehouse.” 

Another one of Jenelle’s business ventures has also come under fire this week. The former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star was accused of ripping off her fans with Jenelle’s World, her newly launched subscription website. 

“Well Juhnelle, if ya asked nicely, I’d be happy to provide daily commentary on ya life for ya website! Who betta to do it than ya motha?”

Jenelle launched the site earlier this month to let her “fans” know what she’s been up to. The Jenelle’s World homepage touts itself as a place where “fans” can have access to “NEW Behind the Scenes & NEVER before seen footage, Exclusive Photos, and more!” 

But we think it’s best if Jenelle explains it in her own words… 

However, Jenelle’s trusty haters have been quick to point out on social media that Jenelle’s website has not been updated as promised, and that those who paid the $5-$75 monthly subscription costs had not been given any new content to “consume.”

After receiving some backlash, Jenelle notified her subscribers on Thursday that moving forward, they will receive regular updates in the form of newsletters “alerting you to consume some new pieces of content” that she’s uploaded. 

Jenelle also plugged an upcoming live event – the first of its kind on Jenelle’s World. Naturally, the topic of discussion will be…Jenelle!

“Hello Everybody! I’m kicking off my very FIRST series of live event updates about myself,” she wrote. “Get the real scoop on whats true and whats not, I may even talk about things nobody knows about! xox.” 

Jenelle and her list of “things nobody knows about.”

Jenelle went on to announce that she has also dropped her middle-tier subscription (the “Patron”) price from $15 to $10 so “more of the community and amazing supporters can connect during these events.” 

Jenelle is probably hoping her entrepreneurial efforts pay off, as she and David were hit with a $46,000 tax lien at the beginning of the month. News of the tax lien broke just a week after Jenelle announced she was leaving David (again) following his two arrests within a 48-hour period. However, all has since been forgiven and forgotten and Jenelle and David are back together, swampin’ it up (again) on The Land

(UPDATE!) Right around the time this story was posted, Jenelle added a note about JE Cosmetics to her Instagram Story, insisting that her cosmetics company was alive and well. (At press time, though, her company’s trademark was still listed as “dead,” though.) 

“Dispite what you’ve heard from the media… @JECosmetics is still up and running,” Jenelle wrote. “We are taking new orders everyday! And the pandemic has not stopped us from shipping or slowed us down! Thanks for all of your support for those who have ordered. Get your eyebrow kit now!” 

Dr. Drew Pinsky reveals which ‘Teen Mom’ cast members are his favorite.

“Quite frankly, some of these people scare me…”

Over the years, Dr. Drew has gotten to know all of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise cast members, thanks to his job as host of the franchise’s Reunion shows. (He’s also dodged catfights, caused many storm-outs and has even had to referee a few physical fights over the past 10 years!) 

During Thursday’s episode of Dr. Drew’s After Dark podcast, the Good Doc discussed his time as ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion host…and revealed which ‘Teen Mom’ cast members are his favorite. (Shockingly, he did not choose Jenelle’s mother Barbara Evans!) 

“It’s OK Docta Drew! We can be secret lovas if ya want!”
“Barbara, kindly remove your hand from my rearend…”

He stated that a lot has changed since he first began working with the cast members for the 16 and Pregnant Reunions.

“I know when we do the ‘Teen Mom’ [reunions], I go in as hard as I can, within safety… it used to be really interesting when they were 16 and 17…I had to hold them, make sure they’re OK. Now they’re adults, now it’s on!” he said. 

When his podcast guest asked how the ‘Teen Mom’ stars “turned out,” Dr. Drew stated, “it depends who you’re talking about, some of them pretty good.”

“‘Teen Mom’ has been a job for them and some of them have taken it very seriously,” he said.

Dr. Drew then revealed which cast members he holds closest to his heart.

“You know who my favorite is, and they’ve been my favorite from the beginning? God bless them, is Tyler and Catelynn,” Dr. Drew said. “Literally, when I first agreed to do [the “16 and Pregnant” Reunion], when I got to New York I said, ‘I’ve got to talk to these two.'”

“In the face, Farrah!”

“I brought them in, and they thought it was like going to the principal’s office and that I was going to dress them down or something,” Drew remembered. “I said, ‘Do you guys understand how amazing your decisions were?’ They didn’t really, but as they got older, they started realizing, ‘That was traumatic.'”

Dr. Drew commended the ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars for working hard to improve themselves and their lives.

“They’ve been diligent about their relationship, about their family, and their mental health, which has been tough. Catelynn’s had some really serious mental health problems, but managed them very well.”


Rachel Beaver ends her geographically challenged romance but is now getting along with her baby daddy.

“So long, my lil Swedish Meatball!”

The Ashley has some bad news for ‘Young & Pregnant’ fans who were hoping to see a member of the Beaver Bunch appear on an upcoming season of “90 Day Fiance.” Rachel Beaver seemed to confirm this week that she has ended things with her Swedish boo, whom she had planned to apply for the TLC reality show with.

“Relationships are not meant for me,” Rachel wrote on Instagram Stories earlier this week. 

She has also declared herself “Single” as her Facebook relationship status. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Rachel had been dating a guy who lived in Sweden, whom she recently declared to be the “LOML!” (That’s “Love of My Life” for all you older folk…) She also publicly stated that she wanted to apply for “90 Day Fiance,” but wasn’t sure she was allowed to, due to her contract for ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.’

Things appeared to be going well with her Swedish Soulmate. Rachel declared earlier this month that she did not appreciate the people in her life not taking her romance seriously.

“When I tell someone I’m in a relationship with someone from Sweden, they take it as a joke,” she wrote on Instagram Stories. “As if we aren’t serious & we really are. Kind of pisses me off.”

She added that she and her mother were “gonna try to get him out here this summer.” 

Rachel has not yet revealed why she and her boyfriend broke up. She did, however, post on Friday that she and her baby daddy, Drew, are now getting along. 

Although Rachel made it clear that she is not dating Drew, she said they are now working together to co-parent their daughter Hazelee.

“Glad we’ve put the past behind us!” Rachel wrote in the caption of a throwback photo. “I know you love our baby girl so much & I’m so happy that your takin the steps to change for the better. Much love for you…

“(No we are not together & we don’t want to be together but we are friends & co-parenting.)”

Drew has been mostly absent from Hazelee’s life, but did appear on “Young and Pregnant.”

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here



  1. I think they could have a mini series of the Rachel Beaver family. I think Rachel is actually smarter than she appears. I think it was a good thing her grandparents raised her instead of her mother or father. Yeah, the family is very dysfunctional but highly entertaining!

  2. Junknelle, whoever told you that “bead” hairstyle looks good on you, clearly hates you. Just like everyone else hates you.

  3. Cate and Tyler? Really? How about Chelsea? She doesn’t create drama, acts like a real adult, finished school, worked a real job while on her own, didn’t bring guy after guy into her daughters life, pays her taxes, married a good guy, didn’t have 10 children with ten different men, ect ect and did all this while having to deal with a shit and emotionally abusive baby daddy and his enabling family. Cate and Tyler? They haven’t done shit and they don’t act like adults. Their story was sad but that was a decade ago and they’ve done nothing since then.

    1. chelsea just lives a boring life, how is that commendable? her dad gave her a foundation to work with. cate & tyler come from severely broken homes and backgrounds. they have to keep themselves above water mentally every single day to stay on the right path. chelsea’s biggest struggle was crying over her dead beat baby daddy. give me a breaaaaak. if she never found cole she would still be calling randy and crying over adumb.

  4. I like Cate and Ty, but they try to act like them giving Carly up for adoption is the reason they didn’t go to college and “put their dreams on hold” when that was the EXACT reason they placed her for adoption to begin with. They have all the resources to get an education or start a real career. They have literally no ambition, almost like Amber. Dr. Drew should push them more if he really cares that much about them.

    And omg Jenelle’s company failed? You’re kidding. Wow I can’t believe it. I’m so shocked 😱🙄. I seriously can’t wait till her and David are completely broke and have even less supporters than they have now. How much you wanna bet they created fake accounts to subscribe to her dumb shit? 😭

  5. I had hopes for Catelynn and Tyler in the beginning. They made a difficult decision at a young age and they started out with ambitions of college and careers. Unfortunately, they got complacent with MTV money.

    I think MTV should have done a special or one or two seasons with them. But, they only had six girls to chose from and if memories serves, they couldn’t film Ebony due to AF restrictions and Whitney declined.

  6. Kate and Tyler are probably the saddest case of all. I thing they are slow,and were probably in a remedial classes. How do you are they $800,000 in just Federal taxes? Did they ever pay? What do they owe the state? What did they spend all that,money on and how do they plan to pay it back? Teen mom is all but cancelled. With ratings below $700,000 they can no longer justify those huge salaries and advertisers are all cutting their budgets. FB just lost its largest advertiser and more to come. I hope all these reality stars are preparing their next phase in life because the fat lady is clearly singing her lungs out.

    1. Rest assured the money is owed to the government. They will pay or they will go to jail and pay but the government does not mess around they will get their money.

      Every actor is a contract employee on reality TV shows. They get a check for the whole amount they are owed. They are responsible for every penny of taxes they owe mtv doesn’t get involved. I believe the tax rate for anything after 250000 is close to 40%. They weren’t smart enough to hire an accountant at the beginning and now it is biting them in the shorts.

    2. You think they’re slow, yet you cannot even articulate your thoughts into coherent sentences. Is irony a word absent from your vocabulary as well? Even if you may have had valid arguments, at one point in the thought process, that ended at the second word of your second sentence. If you’re going to lob out insults, you ought to ensure you’ve protected your own self first.

  7. I think Catelyn and Tyler have one of the most unique storylines on “Teen Mom”. However, I feel like being on the show this long has almost done a disservice to them. They should have done a couple seasons, gone to school, and gotten real jobs. Unfortunately they send Butch to a pricey rehab (which doesnt mean anything if you arent wanting to do the work to continue being sober every day the rest of your life). They give Amber a house to live in, bail Ashley out of jail. Catelyn is depressed and doesnt get off the couch for a couple years and goes to rehab several times away from her kids.

    My point is that I also have always like Catelynn and Tyler but I feel the show has almost stunted them.

  8. Good lord!!! When is jenelle ever going to figure it out.. you chose a living walking pos over your kids happiness and well being. Also your career?! He made u gain weight for a reason. Hes honestly going to kill u or one of ur kids one day. Grow a set and be a mom. Your getting your ass beat! Probably in front of those poor kids to boot. GROW THE FUCK UP JENELLE!!! U arent famous Nd u never really were. U just got a lot of easy money when u were young. Cancel teen mom for real. Havent watched it for very long time.

  9. Whilst Cate and Ty seem nice enough, their lack of ambition is frustrating! I saw a clip today from when they met carly, Brandon and Theresa at around 1 Year old. Theresa enquired about their education, and they both skirted around answering. I thought cate wanted to be a teacher at one point? Basically, once the show ends, they’re screwed! Money runs out quickly when you’re buying surprise pigs! Tys clothing line is not only, dated and lacking in style, but I bet it’s costing him more to keep going than he makes. Compare them to chelsea and Cole. He works, she got her cosmetology licence and they designed some clothes and bags too. The thing is, Chelsea has style… xx

    1. Cole actually quit his job a while ago, so he really is no better than any of them and is happy to sit at home doing nothing and living off those TM checks.

  10. By all logic, Cate and Ty should be Jenelle and David and they did save Carly from life in Hell, so I can why they have earned some respect. But let’s not act like they cured the coronavirus, Dr. Drew.

  11. Given the caliber of human being that would be a ‘fan’ of Jenelle, it’s safe to assume her target audience is incarcerated. Unless she can get Jenelles World subscription added to prison commissaries, she won’t even make enough to pay David’s child support.

    Even if she could get subscribers, she’s too lazy to produce new content on a regular basis. Given that she spends all of her time and energy on Tik Tok, the content would have to revolve around it, including the monthly giveaways.

    One lucky ‘besties’ level fan will be entered in a chance to win a supporting role in my upcoming Tik Tok video (must bring your own teeny weeny bikini)

    There is a silver lining to no income, she won’t have to pay taxes on it (not that she would anyway). The Eason’s won’t have to increase their running tab with the IRS.

    However, there is still time to earn income in 2020. Maybe Dancing with the Stars will see her Tik Tok videos and offer an invitation. Maybe David’s tools will be recovered, allowing her Sasquatch doppelgänger husband to come out of his early retirement

  12. What exactly have Cate & Ty accomplished?

    Jenelle is so embarrassing, that was so awful to watch I wanted to claw my skin off.

  13. Omg jenelles world! Hahaha!! “Pictures and videos, from my weekend with the kids” … forgive me but couldn’t we just check Instagram for jenelles selfies and photo ops with the kids? “Update on my projects” literally WHAT is she talking about haha

    1. Oh, she has made sure not to post anything since she announced Jenelle’s World. I think she may post a few Instagram stories here and there but, that’s about it. We will just find out the more interesting stuff through The Ashley and police reports for free.

  14. Dr. Drew gets on my nerves! One of the biggest enablers I’ve ever seen! Especially with Jenelle and Amber! He did it with all of them but Cate & Ty…now I know why. How Jenelle plans to support those kids, I have no idea because a business mind and work ethic she does not possess! I just hope and pray those kids will be taken from those two selfish monsters to parents that unconditionally love them, nurture them, and want the best for them.

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