‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Chris Lopez Actually Defends Kail Lowry, Jenelle Evans Tries to Hawk Her Eyebrow Kits (Again) & More

“Wait…did Chris actually just say something nice about me?”

From defending “shorties”, to offending fast food workers, the stars of the Teen Mom franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! 

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG, 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so…

Chris Lopez defends Kail Lowry against David Eason & calls her his “shorty”; Kail defends her decision to procreate.  

“We’re playing nice… today.”

After being asked to weigh in on the fat-shaming feud his baby mama Kail Lowry set off last week with former ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Jenelle Evans, Chris Lopez made it clear he’s Team Kail. 

“… it ain’t no competition in the area of those two, come on now,” Chris said on Instagram Live recently. “We already know. My shorty win–– or my son’s mom win.”

While Chris was quick to correct himself after calling Kail his “shorty,” the compliment he gave his ex didn’t go unnoticed on social media. Similarly, Kail threw some kind words in Chris’ direction (in a roundabout way) on Instagram this weekend when defending her decision to continue having children without being a household where both parents are present. 

Kail explained that when “you come from a f**ked up life and childhood full of trauma, you think you find love at 16 years old and boom, you end up pregnant.” She reminded people she was 17 when she had her first child (Isaac), and married and living “in hell for five f**king years” at the time she had her second (Lincoln). 

“Glad to see you’ve overcome it and aren’t holding a grudge or anything.”

“ … So, to sit here and say I keep bringing children and not having intentions of living in a household together, every single time I’ve had a child with someone, I thought that we were going to be together,” she continued. “I’m not just having children by random f**king people … ” 

Chris and Kail’s semi-truce was short-lived, though. On Thursday, she tweeted that Chris had claimed Lux on his taxes and gotten a stimulus check for him.

Jenelle Evans tries to hawk her failed eyebrow kits…again & gets called out for selling old products

“If you missed your chance to get eyebrows like mine, have no fear! There’s still time!”

Gather up yer cash, y’all! It’s time for a ding-dang swamp swapmeet!

Former ‘Teen Mom 2′ star Jenelle Evans proudly announced this week that a “new” shipment of her failed JE Cosmetics eyebrow kits had arrived on The Land. She posted a photo to the JE Cosmetics’ Instagram page of her (dressed, for some reason, as Scary Spice) sitting on the unsold eyebrow kits.

“FINALLY our shipment has arrived! After months of emails back and forth we are back in business!” she wrote. “You can now order more eyebrow kits and I will include a hand written note, just for you! More exciting products soon.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle’s eyebrow kit launch was basically a flop last year.

While Jenelle was claiming that the shipment of kits was “new,” some of her eagle-eyed haters quickly called her out after noticing that the boxes holding the “new” kit clearly state that they were manufactured in 2019. (The boxes also state that the products were made in China, despite Jenelle’s past claims that they were not.) 

After the post went live, the comment section was flooded with comments pointing out that the kits were old. (Jenelle later turned off the comment section for the post.) Still, the post was a popular conversation topic on Twitter among ‘Teen Mom’ fans and haters.

“If she was trying to pass this off as new or improved product maybe she should have made sure the production dates from 2019 were hidden,” one person wrote. 

“It’s the boxes that the company who dropped her, they shipped this garbage to her house and it sat in their garage for a year and now it’s taking up space so they’re trying to sell it to idiots who would buy this dollar store product,” another tweeted.

Currently, the Universal Eyebrow Kit is the only item available for purchase on the new JE Cosmetics site. The $40 kit, which comes with a brow wand, powder, wax duo, highlighter and brow tools, promises to give you “Jenelle-perfect” brows every time you use it.

Jenelle and/or JE Cosmetics has yet to respond to the claims of the products being from 2019.

“16 and Pregnant” Star Nikkole Paulun is engaged…for the third time.

“Maybe third time’s the charm?”

Nikkole Paulun— who starred with the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls on the second season of “16 and Pregnant”— announced this week that she is once again engaged to be married.

“So excited to share that WE’RE ENGAGED!” Nikkole posted on her social media accounts on Tuesday. “I can’t wait to marry Ky and spend forever with my best friend.”


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So excited to share that WE’RE ENGAGED!!! I can’t wait to marry Ky and spend forever with my best friend 💕

A post shared by Nikkole Paulun (@nikkolemtv) on

This is the third engagement for Nikkole. She was previously engaged to her son’s father, Josh Drummond (which, like pretty much everything related to Josh, did not work out). In 2014, she announced she was engaged to the father of her daughter Ellie. Although they were scheduled to get married in October 2014, they never made it down the aisle and instead broke up. 

Nikkole has been dating Kyle for several years. In August 2019, Nikkole and her kids moved in with him.

In February, Nikkole paid tribute to Kyle in an Instagram post, stating that he’s become a father figure to her kids.

“Can’t put into words how grateful I am for the love Kyle shows my babies,” she wrote. “From day 1 he’s made them a priority in his life…He truly loves being a father figure and helping me raise these two. He takes over the bedtime routine on nights I’m too tired and honestly gets it done faster and better than I do. He plays barbies with Ellie and hours of video games with Lyle without even complaining. He takes on the role of ‘soccer dad’ on Saturdays and proudly takes Lyle to his soccer practices since I have to work and can’t make it…

“He’s everything I dreamed of and hoped for in a man and a father figure for my children. We are all so lucky to have him in our lives.”

Nikkole has yet to announce when she and Kyle plan to get hitched.

Farrah Abraham proudly posts video of herself berating a drive-thru worker. 

“They should feel LUCKY that they get to serve the Number One Celebrity In Our Nation!”

Another day, another opportunity for Farrah Abraham to give basic human decency the proverbial middle finger.

The latest example occurred last week when the former ‘Teen Mom’ star decided to yell at an employee working the drive-thru at Jack in the Box and proceed to post a video of the incident to TikTok. 

Farrah went on to share the video to her Instagram, in which she blamed her daughter Sophia for putting her “on blast.” Though Sophia was allegedly the one filming Farrah’s antics, Farrah seemed pretty proud of the mini-outburst, during which she demanded to see the manager multiple times, name-dropped herself (shocker) and complained that the restaurant had not been answering its phone. 

Yes Farrah, they hear the phones ringing, they just have caller-ID and no desire to speak to you.

Farrah explained in the caption that the video was her “trying this drive-thru thing during C0VID.” In the video, Farrah refers to herself as the “Ultimate Karen” in what we assume is her poor attempt to be funny. 

As with most stunts Farrah pulls, her Jackass in the Box video didn’t go over well on social media, with many commenting that she should treat people better, be less combative and be more considerate, given the current condition in which these and other employees are working.

“Be kind [Farrah],” one comment read. “Can you imagine the stress the people are under? Do you feel better recording you being like this to someone? Oh and take the gloves off. You are not doing anything but cross contamination. Do some research. Oh and yes, please be kind.” 

To catch up on more of the latest ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: Instagram; VH1; MTV; Facebook; Twitter)


  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Well Miss Farah.. Employees are generally not allowed to pick up phones only managers, but you wouldn’t know that from menial labor would you.
    Actually would Jack in The Box & other restraints please take your employees side when dealing with these types of people!!
    Ask them NOT to return until they can at least show respect

  2. Why hasn’t Nikkole Paulun ever been picked for Teen Mom when they need replacements? She’s always been a hot a** mess…she would fit right in.

  3. Kail, if that’s your vision of a happy relationship then you have some f*cked up vision of marriage! I know people who grew up in a broken home, are usually really desperate to achieve the opposite but statistically speaking, history repeats itself and most of them end up having their own broken home(s). She is so desperate to live her ‘ideal vision’ of life that she doesn’t see she is only hurting herself in the process! Chris doesn’t love you, I don’t think he ever did, you were just someone he had a chance to get laid with (I doubt it happened more than these two times he knocked you up too). Trust me Kail, the hardest is to leave someone you loved live their life without you but you must for your own sanity! So I hope when you give birth to #4, you take a hard look at yourself as to WHY all of this is happening to you, your personality isn’t helping these men stick through (even if they all suck too) so the best for you is just to stay single and show your boys (especially Isaac who is old enough to realize everything) that you don’t need to be in a relationship every living second! Be a single mom and PLEASE stop chasing men who don’t want to be chased!

  4. If Javi was hell. What the hell was Chris? Kail never mentioned her abortions. What category does that go under. She claims she had a horrible child hood. I guess being abused. Being an abuser. Filing PPOs real/fake. Cheating in every relationship. Taking child support from the fathers who equally have the children. Publicly bash the fathers. Wanting a relationship with an abuser. Watching your mom be abused. Watching your dad be abused. Having another child with an abuser. All of that is not a terrible or traumatic childhood. Side note: Kail is now a tax dodger. Not surprised. Can’t lie her way out of this one.

    1. I don’t buy that he’s abusive and I think she only said this stuff to give herself a storyline

  5. Best part of Farrahs video is that the employee doesn’t know who she is even after being told her name.
    That must just eat her alive. She probably thinks they live under a rock to not know who Queen Farrah is when the truth is that Queen Farrah crowned HERSELF and SHOULD be living under a rock!

  6. If I ever ever see Farah I’m intentionally pretending not to recognize her or know of her or ever heard her name bc that’s the only way to deal with ppl like her. She is why you don’t give a narcissist a platform or any attention whatsoever.

    1. I can’t wait to read The Ashley’s article about the huge public scene Farrah makes over that. Make it convincing so she’ll assault you and maybe we can get a Farrah prison reality show.

  7. Kail is just not that bright. Lets knot pretend she wasnt having trap babies to secure insurance and child support before the show took off. Of course the relationship with Jo wouldn’t last long because SHE CHEATED ON HIM. She beat the snot out Javi before they got married and she cheated on him too. Im sure it was 5 yrs of hell. Chris was a drive by that became a regular in the rotation. I’m sure she did let Chris claim Lux. With Chris low income he could claim the EITC tax credit and get a large refund. She probably required him to give her a portion of his tax refund. Did she really complain that that he got $1200 +$500 stimulus? She makes close to $800,000 a year. How greedy can a person be?

  8. If I were pushing 30 and the father of 2 of my children would still only refer to me as hi “shorty” I would question all of the decisions I’d ever made.
    About Jenelle’s “eyebrow kits”: a. Homo Sapiens have been around for like 400,000 years and have never before needed some nonsense like this. b. Ah-ha to you for being so deluded that you thought you’d sell all that crap.
    Farrah is a human Quaalude.

  9. Kail thinks she’s some kind of martyr. A lot of people had crappy childhoods, but don’t use it as an excuse every 5 minutes for being a crappy adult. Boo hoo.

    I bet Jenelle’s handwriting looks like Ensleys. You won’t be able to tell who penned your handwritten message that comes with the slug-drawing kit.

    1. I just want to say I get a giggle 🤭 every time I see your name!!
      Sincerely Best Name award 🥇 goes to you
      in my opinion.

  10. In one breath Kail says that she’d been living in hell for 5 years then in the next breath she said that she only has kids with someone she thinks she’ll be with forever…….smdh.

    Jenelle selling old products, who actually thought she had the cash to pay for a new batch of crap? I can’t believe that anyone would buy anything that she was selling. Let the swamp swallow her up.

    Farrah is still rude af and continues to live under the delusion that she’s some big time celebrity. She’s lucky that the employees don’t add extra ingredients to her order. I don’t condone that behavior, but it would take a lot of character and willpower not to mess with her.
    I haven’t read any articles about her in years hoping that she’d disappear from all of our lives. That’s the only way she has a chance of learning a lesson. I read this about her without knowing she would be included.

    I know I have to change my username as well, lol. I can easily substitute Amber’s name since she now is the biggest fake cryer on the show. She even wipes away tears that aren’t there, lol.
    Oh, and that lie detector test was complete b.s. I can’t believe that they tried to pass that off as legitimate. They really think their viewing audience is compromised of morons?!?!?

  11. Kail is slowly but surely becoming the teen mom I can’t stand the most. Farrah and Jenelle has the titles for so long, but Kail is a monstrous b*tch and vapid airhead that thinks only with what’s between her legs. The fact that she will be raising 4 boys terrifies me, those poor boys are going to need lots of therapy. That’s what we need. Someone tell vh1 we need Teen Mom Kids Therapy

  12. Oh kail cmon now. You intended to be with Chris while bringing baby #4 into the world? Cuz it worked so well with lux right? 😂 and she better stop complaining about Chris claiming lux for taxes bc it’s her own fault for letting him have lux SS number, etc.

    1. The only reason she got pregnant by Chris again is so that at least one of her litter has the same father. If only they could switch moms lol someone call Vee, she’s needed

  13. Well that changes everything.
    Jenelle is going to send me a personal message with each brow kit bought. Send me 0 dozen.
    Can they get anymore delusional?

    1. She might even be able to “educate about somethings”(sic; Nod to her IG story) in the note too!
      Wonder how she will have time to write all those 0 hundred notes for each sale given how “busy” she always is on TikTok… uh, I mean “being a busy mom having the kids all day”…

      She must think that “all day” consists of the 3minutes she records videos. Her props (kids & animals, some not easily categorized) are useless to her the other 23.99h of the day. Maryssa should be the one answering “busy mom” questions.

      It’s obvious how “busy” she is teaching Bratley to speak, eat like a human, use the potty, ABC/123, basic manners, follow basic instructions, not to violently attack animals, to share, to respect others, not to suck thumb/drool as well as teaching Kai to read, write, and basic manners…or at least starting the alphabet. Their progress is such a clear representation of how committed she is to their development and how she cares about them substantially more than herself. {NB: OBVIOUS sarcasm…}

      Just when we think she has reached maximum pathetic she goes and outdoes herself once again!

      I hope you will post reviews of your 0 dozen kits!
      She might even throw in a Cameo for charity or a personalized TikTok with an order that size! It pretty much doubles her total sales to date! 🥴😁
      You are so lucky to be getting 0 dozen “limited edition“ kits!!

      Hey JE: Next time you feel the need to compare yourself to Kylie consider that she SOLD OUT of her kits (yes, plural) within SECONDS! EVERY TIME too! That’s a heck of a lot more than 30 in 9 months…but you are undoubtedly the next mogul…not the “popular celeb” definition of mogul but the “bump in the ground (snow)” definition…they just get in the way and are best avoided.

  14. Nikkole was always the teen mom girl that sent blood to my bone dog. You know she gets uber dirty in the rack. Congrats you dirty minks.

    stay lit

      1. Cassie, yes salons are open. I just got a mani/pedi last week. Maybe not open where she is tho. Still. She can FILE the damn nail🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

        1. Well good thing your priorities are in order during a fucking pandemic. I’m sure your mani/pedi was totally worth putting lives at risk.

          1. Sammy, it absolutely was worth it! I even – hold your breath – flew on a plane!!! I choose not to live in fear. Life goes on. Ya gotta die sometime. I won’t live in fear. I didn’t put anyones life in danger. Stop falling for the lies.

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