Former “16 and Pregnant” Star Nikkole Paulun Reacts After Her Baby Daddy Josh Drummonds is Arrested for Meth Possession & Armed Robbery

“They had your cell ready and waiting for you, Joshy!”

Josh Drummonds is once again back behind bars, and perhaps no one is happier about it than his baby mama, former 16 and Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun.

Starcasm broke the news on Wednesday that Josh— who is father of Nikkole’s nine-year-old son Lyle— was arrested on April 29 for “meth possession with intent to deliver.” The site states that, according to the charging document, “Josh was in possession of more than 4 grams, but less than 200 grams — a first degree felony in Texas.” In addition,  Josh was also charged with violating his parole and two counts of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

The latter charges came after Josh allegedly robbed two women at gunpoint on April 22. (Starcasm was not able to determine whether the alleged robberies were separate incidents, or if he robbed the women at the same time.)

This latest arrest came less than a month after Josh had been sprung from jail after serving over eight months behind bars for attempting to take a police officer’s weapon and assaulting a police officer during an encounter in a Texas hospital back in September 2018.

Josh’s latest mugshot has not yet been posted so his last one will have to do for now…

When Josh was released in early April, Nikkole expressed on social media and her YouTube channel that she was terrified and shocked, and that she was worried Josh would try to kill her, as she claims he has threatened her life several times in documented incidents. 

Following the announcement of his latest arrest, Nikkole once again took to Twitter to express her feelings about her ex being behind bars again.

“THANK  THE  LORD,” she tweeted. “The only ones I feel sorry for are the poor women he assaulted + robbed. Let’s hope Texas finally puts him where he belongs.”

She later told a fan that Josh being in jail “is the only way everyone can feel safe and have peace of mind.”

Josh and a newborn Lyle during Nikkole’s “16 and Pregnant” episode…

Nikkole has claimed that Josh harassed her for years when he was living in their home state of Michigan. He went to Texas in 2017, where he was eventually arrested for choking the aunt he had gone to live with. On Wednesday, Nikkole tweeted how thankful she was that Josh lives so far away from her and her two kids. (Nikkole also has a daughter, Ellie, from a different relationship.) 

“If he didn’t go to Texas on a whim I can’t imagine how bad things would have been for me and the kids,” Nikkole tweeted. “You just don’t know what someone on drugs + a mental illness will do. He’s nuts…There’s no better feeling than having peace of mind and feeling safe again.”

Josh is due to go before a judge on June 19 to answer to his charges.

If you’d like to read the long history Josh and Nikkole and Josh’s legal issues, Starcasm has a good link run-down you can check out by clicking here

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(Photos: YouTube, Fort Bend County, MTV) 

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  1. It’s a compliment to Felicia that I don’t remember her. It’s only the crazy ones I remember from 16 and Pregnant. *cough* Nikkole *cough*

  2. Josh has some serious issues, and prison seems like the best place for him…he’s aged about 45 years, and it’s only been 9 years since he was on 16 & pregnant. He needs to stop self medicating, and get professionally medicated.

  3. Can they just keep him in jail since he likes being there so much? Seriously people like him offer nothing to society. Either keep him locked up or just put him down.

  4. I watched 16 and pregnant from the beginning and I knew these two would never last. She was after the game and clearly dumber than a plank. But he showed worrying signs as a teen, he showed such an abusive streak never forget the way he spoke to her and her mother in the hospital. He seemed to be such a spoiled little brat so no wonder he turned out the way he has.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks her face appears too small for her facial features?! Yes I know that makes very little sense.

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    This guy is a danger to society, sadly he needs to be locked for life. Like Nicole or not, there’s children involved here and there’s no doubt this sick man would badly hurt her and those children in a heart beat.

  7. He probably really is a threat to her but why the heck does she keep talking about it. It will only provoke him. I will never feel sorry for someone that fake a pregnancy/still birth. She’s one to talk about his mental illness.

  8. Let’s not forget that Nikkole is fame-hungry and crazy. Like fake a pregnancy and stillbirth to the point of fake bellies and fake dead babies crazy. I wish no one would cover her, because she really needs to have zero exposure. I feel so sorry for a child that has parents like that; it’s just as bad as Jenelle and David.

  9. Holy… if you check the mug shots Starcasm posted, from the first ones to the most recent, this guy definitely has faces of meth (super gaunt/major weightloss). Hopefully he will serve time as well as get help for his mental and drug issues

    1. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but he wasn’t bad looking in 16&P.

      I’m gonna crawl in a hole and die now

      1. Honestly, I think the same thing….all the ones cracked out now, were attractive on 16 & Pregnant…Josh, Adumb, Rhine…But now they’re all poster children of how drugs can totally screw up your life and your looks. Stay away from drugs kids!

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