Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Calls 911 After Receiving Mysterious Powder in the Mail: Listen to Her 911 Call

“I was hoping this was just my ‘Welcome Back’ letter from the Brunswick County court system!”

Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason were left shook by a mysterious letter that turned up in the mailbox on The Land on May 15, prompting the former Teen Mom 2 star to call 911 to report it.

According to a 911 call obtained by TMZ and released on Thursday, Jenelle and David received a letter that allegedly came from the Brunswick County Clerk. The letter turned up in their mailbox on the day they lost custody of their daughter Ensley and David’s daughter Maryssa. When David used his girthy paws to open the letter, he was alarmed to find that the envelope was filled with a suspicious powder substance.

Jenelle then called 911 and hung up, causing the emergency service operator to call her back to see what was going on. Jenelle requested an officer come to their house on The Land to investigate the matter, which had the pair shook.

“I just checked my mailbox and someone sent me a letter that has powder in it!” Jenelle tells the 911 operator during the call. “When my husband opened [the letter], powder just came out all over my car and we don’t know what kind of powder or substance it is.. We would like for them to come check this out.”

Jenelle then gives us a terrifying mental picture.

“My husband just stripped completely in the middle of the road!” she says of David, who was most likely trying to get any clothing that had touched the powder off his body.

“I ain’t usually scared of no white powder, but this one done got all over my britches!”

“I’m looking at it right now, it’s on the ground. He dropped the whole pile of mail. It’s in the mud right now, but you can see the powder,” Jenelle adds. “We just pulled up at home from court and checked the mail. The mailbox is still open.”

TMZ first broke the story a few days back, but Jenelle’s 911 call wasn’t released until Thursday. While it appears that police did come investigate, it’s unclear if the powder was harmful or just meant to scare the former reality TV stars.

After several weeks of (almost) complete silence, the former MTV-lebrity opened up to Us Weekly on Tuesday about where her battle to regain custody of her children stands.

“There’s a lot of progress made on our behalf and [we] have to wait until our next court date as of now,” she shared. “All children are involved in this case, not just one or the other. In the end, either the three children will come home that live with us primarily [or not].”

Jenelle and David — who tied the knot in September 2017 — are due back in court on Tuesday, June 25. 

Listen to Jenelle’s 911 call below:

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube)

53 Responses

  1. Operator from the sheriffs department to Jennelle….We’ll send somebody out…………AGAIN !!!!!!!!

  2. Well well well David and Jenelle; accidentally spill your stash?
    What a genius idea ( NOT) to report a “suspicious white powder ” had been “PLANTED” LOL
    How many people have bought that story?
    Oh well , It might give your sinuses a chance to start clearing out Jenelle!

  3. If (lol) this is a hoax they may have truly fucked themselves. I would hope that this would be thoroughly investigated, either way, possibly by the feds (postal service and all).

    Of course, they wouldn’t have thought this all the way through and will surely be stunned when this, also, blows up in their face.

  4. I don’t see anyone saying what I think is the real reason for their powder hoax. When Janelle was with Barb and E outside of the courthouse, Barb mentioned Jace finding white powder and Jace’s comments about drugs. Janelle said she had herself testing so she knows exactly what is in her system. She tested herself, the only reason why she would want to know what was can be detected in her system is because they are concerned about court ordered drug tests. Most drugs other than pot (3-6 weeks average) stay in for 3 days, The courts might have ordered a drug test for David for the next day or so and they needed to come up with a cover up as to why he might not pass. An accidental exposure coverup is what they are trying to create here.

    I just wonder if it is coke or crushed tablets. IIRC, Barb used to complain that Jace said he doesn’t get his medication when he goes to their house and that David takes it, I want to say ADHD medication that has reverse affects for people who don’t need it. It would explain why David is more of an uncontrollable irate and aggressive at times and can manage to only be a jerk at other times. I am not sure how people that abuse that kinda of medication take it, is it something that some people crush up to consume if they are not just swallowing it as a tablet? I hope that we get an update to the investigation so we can find out what the substance was. I believe it will be exactly what David will fail for in a court ordered drug test and they will start pointing towards their coverup scenario as to why. It will be even more interesting if it is the same prescription medication that is prescribed for Jace that David got himself into because he felt entitled to it just because it was there.

    1. This was EXACTLY my thoughts when I heard about the powder! A way to explain a drug test fail! Idk how long stuff stays in your system but I wish they could have tested them early on because if they haven’t now, by the time they do, they’ll prob test clean because there’s so many ways to pass those urine tests now ?

  5. They’re creepy and they’re loopy
    Drugged up and their spooky
    They’re all together kooky
    The Eason family

    Their house aint a museum
    When cps come to see ’em
    They really are a fuck up
    The Eason family

    1. I even snapped my fingers to this like they did with the Addams family. Lol. This is brilliant!

  6. In one months time Jenelle & David have an open investigation with animal control, an open investigation with CPS, and now a FEDERAL investigation!

    There was someone on here ( The Ashley’s comment section) that works in the next county over from J&D, I’m curious to know if the local newspapers are reporting anything on these two.

  7. SOOOOOOO….David wants to go around threatening authorities and the police, but when he gets some flour in the mail he turns into a little bitch and wants the same people he threatens to come and save him? He’s such a shitty person. Wants to act all big and bad, but when something bigger than him threatens him, he turns into a punk bitch.

  8. An (lame) attempt at explaining why they will have drugs in their systems?? “Someone sent it to us in the mail!! We called 911!”

  9. Niether of them have a job and although i’m just guessing, I’m willing to bet she didn’t invest any money into the stock market where she would have gotten returns to live a nice life MTV or not. He took all the money and bought guns and other crap they don’t need, they are too irresponsible for kids but they have a right to as many firearms as they can afford. That makes perfect sense. Manufacture a power scare keep her in the news untill he can pimp her to some other network for a show, what he dosen’t realize that most people now they have nothing to offer so nobody wants to watch them.. Trust me if David can make money off Jenelle he would go from trump supporter to Starbucks and yoga in a heart beat.

  10. Hmmmm jace said he saw white powda in bags at jenelles house…He apparently wrote drugs are good on Babs car…jenelle got ALL kids removed…. now the court or someone suspicious is sending her drugs in mail?!!’ She is so desperate for a cover up… clearly it wasn’t anything good….

  11. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Makes me wonder if this was before their drug tests. Maybe this was an alibi for when she pops hot for something.

  12. Nope. Not buying this bullshit. Trying way too hard to over-describe and legitimize the event. Stupid people who think they are smart only insult the intelligence of those on the receiving end of their lies.

    1. I honestly was like “this kind of detail doesn’t sound like Jenelle”
      It sounds quite rehearsed.

  13. Bullshit. Probably powder laundry detergent that coincidentally matches what’s in their wash closet. Sympathy grab.

  14. Lol lurch and morticia! That’s perfect! This scared her? Not seeing her dog thrown against a cabinet?

    1. Did anyone notice the dispatcher didn’t even ask for the address? Haha! 911 knows these two well since they call on the regular with a crazier shit show every time, lol.

      1. YEP, I Noticed this from the operater ….I also noticed the almost ” BORED” tone in her voice; as though a call was to be expected LOL ?????

        1. If dispatch doesn’t get at least one call from the land per week, they probably assume they must be dead and send an officer out for a welfare check.

          1. It’s like the BOY WHO CRIED WOLF !!!!, They will REALLY need emergency services one day URGENTLY, and that will be the operators / officers….. say “fuck it” This will just be “ANOTHER” waste of time! They can wait !…….Then.. it’s to late !

  15. It’s so sad that it would not shock me to find out these idiot’s staged this in an attempt to garner sympathy

  16. Oh shut up jenelle. You and David are queens of rule breaking. You bash the police, David threatens them, but you want them to come save you when you’re in trouble? Very immature. I pray for your kiddies

  17. Free cocaine courtesy of an admirer.

    Jeez, I just can’t with Lurch and Morticia Eason anymore.

  18. Good !! They are both fucked up if that shook them !! I think losing your dog or kids would shook you up !! they don’t need to have any kids or animals !! BAD KARMA

  19. These trash boxes should have to pay a service charge every time they call 911. Jenelle treats the police like her personal security company.

  20. Why was she shocked? Was her delivery a couple of grams under weight ?

    Mental images of lurch rolling round in coke naked… Vom!

  21. And right after she hung up she got a text from their dealer saying “Y’all weren’t home when I came by so I left the stuff in your mailbox. Hit me up in a few days when you need more”

  22. No way will they ever get any of these kids back. With all the videos and 911 calls. It’s a freak show in that house. She ditched her daughter and hid in the attic. Mom of the year right there. I don’t believe she was sitting on the steps to the attic. That was an excuse when the 911 operator was basically like, wtf?!? You left your kid sleeping?

  23. They threaten to shoot anybody (including law enforcement) if they come on their land, but when they think they may have been poisoned they call and ask them to come and help. Really!?! Morons!

  24. Radar is claiming Jenelle called 911 right before Christmas while hiding in her attic. Curious when that call will be released?

    1. It’s posted already – this shit show gets more unbelievable and in fact, sad – Jenelle is so f’d up

    1. Jenelle got the group Anthrax and the powder Anthrax
      Mixed up when buying online ?????????

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