Jenelle Evans’ 911 Call From December 2018 Exposed! Former ‘Teen Mom’ Says She’s Hiding in Attic As Her Husband David Eason “Smashes Stuff”

“David mad. David smash stuff.”

The Ashley never thought she’d have a day where she had to write about two different 911 calls made by a Teen Mom star, but here we are.

Radar Online just released audio of a bombshell 911 call made by former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans on December 23, 2018. During the call, Jenelle claims she is in the attic, hiding from her husband, David Eason, who had become enraged because he thought she took his cell phone. Jenelle claims she locked David out, which further fueled his infamous temper.

“My husband is freaking out…I can hear him!” Jenelle tells the 911 operator. “He’s outside, freaking out because he thought I took his phone. “He’s smashing our front door right now trying to get inside.”

Jenelle says that David’s rage started because he was “upset about an article.”

The Ashley dug into her “This Day in Jenelle and David Trainwreckery” database and saw that, on December 23, 2018, North Carolina local Terry Hill pressed charges against David for “self-towing” Terry’s truck and damaging it. Jenelle had accused a local reporter of “harrassing” her family because he had helped Terry fill out the necessary paperwork to press charges. 

Anyway, during the call Jenelle made that day, she tells the 911 operator that David was  taking his rage out on their front door and other things.

“He’s outside smashing stuff,” she said, letting the operator know that David is armed. “He has a gun that he carries all the time. He broke my front door. I don’t know how my front door broke. I’m in the attic.”

It appears that only one of Jenelle and David’s children– daughter Ensley– was home during the incident, because she is the only kid Jenelle mentions. (However, a photo posted to Jenelle’s Instagram on December 23 shows both Ensley and Kaiser; however it may have been an old photo.)


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These two make my heart melt. Their bond is inseparable. She loves his kisses, I promise! ????? #BrotherAndSister #OldPicture

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“I’m upstairs in my attic and my daughter’s in her bedroom sleeping,” Jenelle tells the operator.

The 911 operator expresses concern that Jenelle didn’t take her daughter with her.

“How old is this child that you left in there sleeping?” the 911 operator asks Jenelle. “And you’re in the attic?”

Jenelle insists that she’s right above Ensley’s room and didn’t take the toddler with her because she didn’t want her to wake up, but the 911 operator appears to be disturbed by Jenelle’s parenting decision.

“Nobody’s down there watchin’ [her]?” the operator asks.

Jenelle assures the operator that she can see Ensley’s room from her perch in the attic. The operator tells Jenelle that she is sending officers out.

Radar Online reports that, later on December 23, David called 911 asking police to do a welfare check on Jenelle. 

“He said he’s not answering her phone or texts,” the dispatcher told the 911 operator. “He said he’s worried. He called 2 to 3 times and it goes to voicemail but it shows that she’s on Facebook and she should be able to answer his phone call.”

The emergency service workers then mention that they’re quite familiar with the ol’ Eason clan.

 “We have a lot of traffic with them!” the 911 operator chuckles.

Of course, this is not the first time Jenelle called 911 to report that David was getting violent. In October 2018, The Ashley broke the news that Jenelle had called for emergency services after she claimed David assaulted her. She sobbed throughout the call, claiming that that she was worried he had broke her collarbone. (She later stated that it was all “a big drunken misunderstanding.”

In the six months since Jenelle made her call from the attic, Jenelle and David have lost custody of all of the children they share. They are currently fighting to regain custody of at least some of their kids.

Jenelle and David have yet to respond publicly to this latest 911 call being exposed.

UPDATE: The folks over on Reddit pointed out that, on December 23, David was spotted at Lowe’s home improvement store purchasing what appears to be– you guessed it!— a new front door!

Listen to the full 911 call below!

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)

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  1. People like Jenelle, provoke any attention, negative or positive. They will not stop until they drain you, it is up to the other adults in the room to stop exchanging with her and finally see that their attempts are futile. The adults need to change their behavior, seek counseling for themselves and move on. Janelle is an anchor, she will take down a sinking ship with all of her disorders and she has a list of them.

  2. This happened on a Sunday night. Would Kaiser be there? Even if he was with Nathan for the weekend, he would have been back at the house by Sunday night right? Wonder if anyone (with SM, I don’t have any accounts) can see if Kaiser was at the house that weekend.

    1. I think Nathan or someone used to take him to kindergarten Monday morning and Janelle would get him back after he was out from that. I know others that have a similar arrangement – pick up from school on Friday and take them to school on Monday – as it can reduce parent to parent contact when there are issues between them.

  3. It is so disturbing that she left her daughter alone and protected only herself.

    Let’s hope one of the requirements for them to get the kids back is that they both have jobs, because we all know they will never do that!

  4. She calls it a she shed but it’s teally where she’s kept when David punishes her. It’s not a she shed. It’s Janelle Jail

    1. Hm, I am confused too. I thought the concept of a she shed was personal space – a place to be alone. Jenelle-leave-this-mold-house-for-a-few hours-to-be-ALL-ALONE-WITH-KAISER-at-a-hotel-over the-night-no-thanks, does not seem to value that concept much.

      In fact Jenelle-yes-i-rather-stay-sans-kids-with-murderous-husband-than-spend-a-day-without-a-taller-not-blood-related-male-within-drug-dealing-and-fighting-distance has an entirely different take on loneliness.

      She shed must be punishment aka jail?

    2. Hm, I am confused too. I thought the concept of a she shed was personal space – a place to be alone. Jenelle-leave-this-mold-house-for-a-few hours-to-be-ALL-ALONE-WITH-KAISER-at-a-hotel-over the-night-no-thanks, does not seem to value that concept much.

      In fact Jenelle-yes-i-rather-stay-sans-kids-with-murderous-husband-than-spend-a-day-without-a-taller-not-blood-related-male-within-drug-dealing-and-fighting-distance has an entirely different take on loneliness.

      She shed must be jail?

  5. I’m confused. Irrelevant she-shed, a maniac with a gun breaking down the front door, keeping an eye on your sleeping toddler through what apparently must holes in the floor, husband calling 911for a welfare check because his wife wouldn’t pick up his call on a lost phone??? You can’t make this she-shit up.Wtf do these loons keep calling 911 likes its Uber eats

  6. I posted a reply on someone else’s comment and it says it’s awaiting moderator approval. When did that start?

  7. Sooooo, he was seen out buying a door after he destroyed it the next day at Lowes. There’s no way she can say this was edited because the photo of him buying the door was posted right after and the 911 call was just released.

  8. I’m sorry but I LOLed that the dispatchers were cackling about being on the phone with them. We have a lot of traffic with them ? that’s pretty sad.

  9. Is it just me or does Jenelle sound like she is just making chit chat with an acquaintance on this call? She doesn’t sound scared, worried, or even all that upset?!

    1. My thoughts exactly. Sounds like she’s ordering a pizza. Not an ounce of urgency in her voice. If I were the operator, I’d think it was a prank

  10. **When the 911 operator cares more about your kids than you do**
    She didn’t want to wake her up cuz then she’d have to deal with her.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
        Spidey senses

  11. Merry fuckin Christmas! Just another example of why the children should not be there.

  12. Maryssa, Jace and Kaiser were spared this display of rage and bad parenting thanks to the guardians who now have custody of them. Thankfully they don’t blow off visitation like Jenelle and David.

  13. I love reading stuff like this but then she acts like a bada$$ in front if cameras further traumatizing her daughter saying there are two sides to every story. It’s like what could we possibly be missing or wrong about? JE has always been an unfit mother. Now her 911 games are going to bite her in her a$$ and pocketbook.

    1. No its FINE
      we are All FINE
      Everything is just FINE

      Its all MTVs fault they put David in a bad light. He is great je is a great father.

      Now MTV is gone i guess it will be Nathan & Barbaras fault David looks bad

  14. The real question here is what happened to David’s phone? Lol Since he called and texted I have to think it was a simple misunderstanding. Oops-it was in my pocket the whole time. Oh David you silly!

    1. I’m so confused..She-shed thrown into a 911 call, super x-ray vision through attic floors, a baby sleeping left unattended while a maniac with a gun is breaking the front door down. The maniac is outside looking for his phone but somehow magically calls 911 with a fake location because his wife did not pick up his two phone calls but he could tell she was on Facebook! Who calls 911 because someone did not answer the phone? If she us facebooking buddy shes fine WTF

  15. That bitch Jenelle is psycho just like her giraffe looking husband. The
    Whole Lot of them are hillbilly goats.

  16. Jenelle had accused a local reporter of “harrassing” her family because he had helped Terry fill out the necessary paperwork to press charges.

    ( dontcha mean arrassed jenelle)

    This is the failed to protect the huge means, you’ll never get these kids back hopefully.

    How can she see ensleys room from in the attic? Unless lurch pinched a hole in the bedroom ceiling!!!!

    I hope the courts take these 911 calls in to account

  17. “You failed your children as a mother”

    Wonder where the judge got that idea?

    Hiding in the attic leaving your child unattended while your husband destroys your front door in a fit of rage.

    Parents of the year right here. #parentgoals #relationshipgoals

  18. Thank goodness the children have been taking away!

    Mother of the year over there… you’re hiding in fear from a violent man but leave your baby unattended??! If you can hear him smashing things, surely the child can too and is not sleeping soundly??? If you’re unsafe, surely the baby is too?? This woman is a macadamia. No wonder in the video where Jenelle is arguing with Barb outside of the courtroom, Ensley is not crying — she’s already become accustomed to yelling and stress. Good grief.

    As for David, why wasn’t he charged? I thought in DV cases the police can charge without witness cooperation? His kids being taken should be followed by his being legally barred from owning guns and owning animals. He is clearly unstable. Law makers/enforcement, please do something!

      1. It can be used as emotional abuse or intimidation tho…especially with a child in the home

      2. Right but domestic violence is. She reported that he smashed the door in a fit of rage and she was hiding in fear of him. The call just 2 months before was about him physically attacking her and potentially breaking her collarbone. These both count as domestic violence situations, no?

        I’m not a lawyer or officer so I’d be interested to know why he wasn’t arrested even if she didn’t want to press charges.

          1. Dorothy, they didn’t arrest him because she’s the witness and they can’t make a case without a witness. Therefore no point in arresting him since they can’t make the charges stick.

        1. Dorothy (love the SN callback BTW) I think a lot of why David hasn’t been charged with multiple DV incidents is Jenelle always covering for him. Clearly she loves calling the cops out there, but acts like everything is FINE if anyone asks about it. Or even people are crazy to suggest David has a temper or is abusive. She clearly didn’t think David would harm Ensley while he was breaking down the door… and there’s no way, unless she was drugged,that kid was asleep through the whole thing

          1. Thanks @RoastBeef, @Renee, @Kesha Concert, @DLC, @Pain in the Ash, and @Lydia (BTW, some of you guys have some hilarious names!). I’m not familiar with NC laws, so it seems like Jenelle can call 911 unlimited times on the Yeti but nothing will happen until she decides to press DV charges? That’s not the case in my state. Frankly, it’s a shame that the law there has allowed this waste of taxpayer funds and child endangerment to continue unchecked.

            Why do I feel like the folks on this site are more alarmed by the danger on the swamp than some of the actual people involved?? Ugh, I’ve had it with these two! I can’t wait until they fade into anonymity — I just want to be sure that the children and animals are safe first.

  19. Its FINE
    Everything is FINE
    We are FINE
    Why wont people believe it?
    All couples fight
    All couples call 911 on their spouse every few months…IT’S FINE

    1. Every few months? You’re being generous. Based on the “we get a lot of traffic” comment I would imagine it’s at least a monthly occurrence, most likely multiple times per month. They’re a bunch of psycho idiots.

  20. She didn’t sound all that scared in the phone call – do you think she called 911 more to get David back, rather than because she was scared for her (but apparently not Ensley’s) safety?

  21. so he has NO job a wife that pay’s for his lifestyle, he takes HER money to buy guns, then has the nerve to shoot the dog that he probably cant afford to replace.

    What an absolute deadbeat beat. Girls this is who you don’t date, Janelle is so terrified of looking like a looser because all the other Teen mom’s have started to more or less get their lives in order BUT Jenelle she she makes the same mistake over and over and each time it costs her something else. It’s good the money is gone now David will leave her because hes a deadbeat leach, just another man she has to keep in her life because she just had to have a baby with her and he’s going to milk it for all it’s worth.

  22. Another fight while they’re under the influence, nobody ever goes to jail because they’re both pointing the finger at each other. David WAY out smarted Jenelle this night by calling for a welfare check… your door is all busted up Mr. Eason- I was worried for my wife and daughter and was locked out.
    Jenelle sounds out of breath, they must have been outside before she ran in the house and locked him out.
    You’d think the cops would be sick of it and just arrest them both after all these calls, at least alert cps. I can’t help but wonder who’s palm is being greased that all of this got swept away for so long.

    1. MTV $ greasing those palms to keep their “star.” They are complicit. Notice how Jenelle and David are starting to be held responsible since MTV left the picture. They’re despicable, the whole lot of them.

  23. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Don’t buy any of these calls they are shopping around for another Network to pick up their story I know that for a fact because somebody contacted me to ask me if I would financially support this

  24. Jenelle is the worst mother I have ever seen. Jenelle is scared of the big bad wolf saying he’s blowing the house down. But she isn’t scared enough to protect her child? No good mother would leave their child in a violent situation that could cause harm. She is dumber than a box of rocks, she gets into screaming matches with Barbara in front of the courthouse bullying the grandmother that is raising her two kids. David starts a screaming match with Nathan. Lord, please don’t let these two psychos have those children back.

    1. Yet she paid 5k to keep him outta jail… that could have been her escape. She’s the WORST!

      1. THIS!

        I have no sympathy for the battered wife narrative. She could have let him rot in jail and escape if she was really in constant fear. She is not. She is conditioned to believe this is normal and it’s exactly her own modus operandi.
        They should never get those kids back. Save the animals too. Let them drive each other crazy until death do them part.

  25. Jenelle I’m begging you to please leave IMMEDIATELY! If not for nugget, your children, do it for yourself! Girl! How can you live through this?!

  26. Did anyone else hear her say they and then not correct the woman when she said them? Meaning more than one kid in the house

    1. She probably doesn’t count Kiser as one of her children. She despises that boy, Davi and her both because he looks just like Nathan. They just fight for his custody to annoy Nathan.

  27. But why does she say so now I have a she shed-and I have a f!&$@ she shed cough?!?!? It’s m trying to get the she shed she said figured out?!?!?

  28. Pretty sad when a 2 year old can sleep through David flipping out, screaming, and breaking their front door. Smh. Just shows that this is all a normal occurrence on TheLand. As someone below said, I don’t think David would put his hands on Ensley and Maryssa, they’re his blood and he sees them as ‘superior.’ But Jenelle, Jace, and especially poor Kaiser (who looks just like his father, whom David despises) face the brunt of his wrath.

    1. Ensley could have woken up. Jenelle would just ignore her and shut the door if she woke up crying. Ensley may have learned that crying won’t make mommy come to her bedroom though, and soothed herself back to sleep.

  29. I know I’m going to get a lot of responses saying this but I’m going to I am so fed up with seeing people excuse her behavior because she is in a abusive relationship.

    -She is so scared and knows he won’t hurt his own kids…STOP…just because your blood he can/will snap on them in the right situation.
    -She can’t leave she has batter woman’s syndrome…STOP…she is in the best situation to get help MTV!

    There is so much more I want to say but I’m not going to. Please people stop with the EXCUSES FOR HER BEHAVIOR! she is a adult and knows right from wrong.

    1. Well said ??
      You should say what you think, be interesting to hear.

      And I’m sure it will be the truth too.

  30. You know it’s bad when 911 operators and dispatchers are saying we get a lot of traffic with them and chuckling.

  31. I’m probably giving her WAY too much credit, BUT… what if maybe she didn’t take Ensley with her is that she truly feared David was about to kill her and felt she’s safer in her crib.

    The reality is probably that she never even thought of Ensley at all until the dispatch asked her, but still. It’s a generous theory.

  32. This couple who get pissed off when the police come on there swamp to check on there kids and dogs sure are quick to call the POICE for HELP!

  33. This is so disturbing! Why does she defend him so strongly, she is fooling no one!
    Girl, run! Seriously! Just becuase this one married you, with a ring that I’m positive you purchased yourself, does not mean that this is love. David only married Jenelle for her daddy issues and money, then knocked her up to really tie her down. David is nothing but an abusive, lazy, gold digging creep!

  34. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Geez. I am not a fan of Janelle, but my heart breaks for her. This is a girl in a situation that she doesn’t know how to get out of. Her pride is keeping her with her husband, when she really needs to gain the strength to walk away. I know she has a bad past, but at this point, it’s actually really scary. I’m worried this situation may end up in a tragedy.

  35. I hope more info like this comes out…hopefully it’ll make it that much harder for these fools to get those kids back.

    1. And this is a ROL article, who Jenelle has sold several stories to before. So, there’s a good chance this has come from her for $.

  36. Jeez they really need to quit using 911 as their personal concierge. So glad our tax dollars are paying for this nonsense.

  37. I am BY NO MEANS defending her, I’m just curious if this situation gives more insight to typical home life on The Land. The only explanation I can come up with for why Jenelle would leave Ensley asleep and alone (which, no matter what circumstance, is a cowardly and selfish move) is that maybe David has only administered physical violence to those he’s not blood related to, i.e. Maryssa and Ensley. He’s a narcissistic sociopath, completely capable of seeing his own flesh and blood as superior to anyone else’s and focusing his physical rage on those he deems inferior.
    Perhaps Jenelle knew from multiple past experiences that Maryssa and Ensley was safe (from physical abuse, not verbal/emotional) and that only Jace, Kaiser, and herself (and their animals, RIP Nugget) were in danger of his physical wrath. Even if this “giving her the benefit of the doubt” situation were the case, she yet again failed as a parent for not protecting them.

    It’s obvious he doesn’t discriminate who he unleashes his verbal and emotional abuse on, including his own flesh and blood. What a sick individual. He needs to be incarcerated, for life, so he can’t escalate further.

  38. “Jenelle insists that she’s right above Ensley’s room and didn’t take the toddler with her because she didn’t want her to wake up”

    Lmao. Jenelle was really all about the fuck them kids.

  39. Not sticking up for her because she is horrible without him. But she is definitely suffering from battered woman’s syndrome. Anyone that has ever been in a abusive relationship knows you just don’t get to walk away. There is no way he will ever let her leave him unless it’s in a body bag, she is his meal ticket and the amount of control he possesses over her is scary. He is a man who has a history of domestic abuse usually men like him just go further and further in their abuse.

    1. Well she used to be his meal ticket. Now she’s just another mouth to feed. Speaking of which, she must have gained 30 pounds!

  40. Omg the she shed she said!i know this is a serious convo but I couldn’t help it. Also I remember a video of her looking miserable in her she shed while David was slapping her butt? I try to feel bad for her but the struggle is real…

  41. The 911 operator was more concerned about Jenelle’s child than Jenelle was? Sounds about right.

    1. All of us random commenters on The Ashley’s site are more concerned about Jenelle’s kids than Jenelle.

  42. JW. What does Jenelle do all day? Milk goats, collect eggs, swim in the broken pool, harass Barbara, scroll the internet, plant trees in sand, 4 wheel thru the swamp, get out the sump pump(it pumps out water under the trailer) take selfies,get up animal poop, fix dry wall, fix doors, stay in bed, and make 911 calls.

    1. Ima go with drugs, fighting, 911 calls and posing herself and her kids like plastic dolls on social media.

  43. Jenelle is one of those people who thinks domestic violence means UBT loves her. “Look how much he loves me! He bashed the door down to get to me! Look how much he loves me! He ripped the chain off my neck cause it was a gift from my son!”

    Jenelle’s addicted to drama. It’s a ‘high’ for her and the kids are a verrrrry distant 4th place (after d*ck of the month, herself and drugs).

    This is so sad. I honestly keep checking on
    The Ashley for when he kills her. So freaking twisted I think it’s not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’.

    1. Sadly most women in abusive relationships think the men that hit and abuse love them. They confuse controlling behaviour for love. Jenelle is somebody that never got love as child and clearly felt rejected by her father and mother ,you can see that from a mile of by the way she places everything into men no matter how bad they are. So yeah on one hand she does live for drama but when it comes to men I don’t think it’s drama it’s the fear of being rejected again for her. So she will put up with anything a man does to her.

      1. I was physically and mentally abused by my bio dad for 15 years (ran away at 15) and I’d KILL a man that laid a finger on me or my babies…. just saying

  44. Since Jenelle and David read articles about themselves I want to say…
    Dear Jenelle,
    Please value your life, as much as you value David’s.
    Please know that you are worth more than David shows you and tells you.
    You do not deserve to be his punching bag, physically, mentally, and verbally.
    Your physical bruises will heal, but the emotional will not.
    Walk away while you can.

  45. Wow – these days Eason clan is keeping The Ashley just as busy with daily dumpster fire updates as they keep the 911 dispatchers and police in their area. Thanks Ashley for the frequent articles even though the whole situation crossed the entertaining line into scary a long time ago. Sounds like Jenelle and the 911 dispatcher are on a first name basis.

    I clicked to the Reddit link provided in the article. One of the first comments back in December was someone asking if David punched out a door and someone else replied probably ? His actions really are that predictable. Hopefully these 911 calls will be used against them in court.

    Babs was right so many years ago – Jenelle IS the worst POS mother ever. Poor Ensley is screwed.

    1. I really hope they’re using the 911 calls in court because it’s PROOF of how things are in that house. I know rock solid evidence gets thrown out all the time due to technical issues or certain laws but you just know Jenelle and douchbag David are lying their asses off in court.
      I really hope the judge sees what’s happening and gets those kids out of harms way before something horrible that can’t be taken back happens to one of those babies. And I really don’t care what happens to Jenelle. She could croak for all I care. As long as those kids aren’t around.

  46. If they had jobs and we’re being productive citizens of North Carolina
    Maybe this wouldn’t happen

  47. Ohhh I think the Twitter user was finally smart enough to sell these stories!!’ I would too!!!

  48. I love that the dispatcher asked her those questions about leaving Ensley, you could tell she was disgusted by this idiots choice to leave her sleeping baby alone while she hides from her enraged husband. Way to put your kids first jenelle. I can understand not wanting to wake her up but you DO NOT leave her alone…just lock yourself in her room. Everyday I hate this pos more and more! Hope the judge hears this and uses this against them. Those kids should have been gone a long time ago!

    1. I’m guessing the reason Radar learned about this 911 call is that it was brought up in court. I suspect there’s likely more. The dispatcher and 911 operator joked about there being “a lot of traffic with them” and that doesn’t come from three 911 calls. It’s more likely 30+. I wonder how many more of these are floating around that no one has submitted an FOIA request for.

      1. This made me wonder. The Ashley – I wonder if you could submit an FOIA request for any 911 calls in the last year that resulted in a police officer being dispatched to The Land? Or maybe any 911 calls made from Jenelle and/or David’s phone number? I guarantee there’s a treasure trove there. They live in a county that isn’t very populated, so it’s definitely feasible for them to process this request relatively quickly. I’d bet there’s some interesting information to be gained from that.

        1. Request all incidents at the address and landline calls. She could have called direct line at times, but if you go by a
          their address you should get it all. Unless the it’s still under investigation.

    2. I doubt seriously Ensley was actually sleeping through all that, Jenelle lies about everything. Ensley was probably sobbing in her crib and her “mother ” didn’t want to admit it.

  49. Really hoping MTV doesn’t hire her back, when she and David divorce. I suspect MTV may do just that though-because it seems their issue wasn’t with Jenelle and she didn’t make them angry like Farrah did. Giving these worthless morons fame and money just encourages her.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they did. This is already unfolding to be Courtland 2.0 with some dramatic ordeal every other day, selling stories for drug money, getting super cocky, scrambling for excuses for drug induced behavior. It’s all super familiar. I’m waiting for the dramatic break up live tweeted, the “I was being abused”(and I’m sure we’ll hear a “He was choking me!!” since this bitch has some strange infatuation with being choked) any time someone calls her out for her piss poor parenting and the drugs, then finally dumping David and finding a new Nathan so MTV can share another “Look!! Jenelle really is sober and has come so far!! #JustLikeTheNotebook” bullshit story-line.

  50. New front door for Jenelle…$50

    New cell phone for David…$100

    The dispatcher’s reaction to this sh** show….priceless!!!!

      1. How can a 23 month old toddler sleep thru David trying to bust down the door and yelling so loudly that he can be heard in the background of the call being made in the attic? Either she is drugged to sleep OR its such a common occurence that she doesnt even notice it anymore. Probably both. And obviously Jenelle knew it wouldnt wake her because it never even occured to her to grab the kid. Apparently that was the normal for Jenelle as well. Judge put it mildly when he said she didnt protect her children. But what can you expect when Jenelle grew up in a house where Barbara got the shit beat out of her regularly for years AND STAYED. This came from Barbs own mouth on an older episode. Adults live the way they were taught as children and Jenelle is living proof.

        1. I doubt seriously Ensley was actually sleeping through all that, Jenelle lies about everything. Ensley was probably sobbing in her crib and her “mother ” didn’t want to admit it.

    1. Lol love this! Also the insurance commercial when the girls she shed was burnt down she shed lmao. No I sit it was struck by lightning omg these 2 should be on the commercial! At the beginning of the call all I heard ienelle say was my she shed. My she shed…..

  51. David Mad. David smash. David think French Bulldog should have more self control then grown man. David viltiligo made him do it.

  52. They truly belong together. Jenelle can you give me some of that marriage advise you like to dish to everyone else? Nothing like the excitement of constantly waiting the cops time. ???

    1. Lol, yeah I think these sickos truly get off on their own drama. I say when you’re over 18 and consenting adults you can do whatever you want to eachother behind closed doors but if you’re gonna be sick freaks or abusive to eachother don’t introduce kids into the mix!!!!

      So glad those sweet kids are all gone (and the irony that some of the most messed up people have some the sweetest kids never ceases to amaze me!)

  53. If jennelle was that scared of David in that moment, why on EARTH didnt she lock herself in ensleys room or take the baby with her? Is she NUTS? what a selfish dingbat. Sure go protect yourself but leave your defenseless baby sleeping. Also, why didnt she leave David’s sorry ass the second she could? She should have scooped up her kids and some things and ran, if she really was that afraid of him. This will not bear well for their custody case. How will a judge see this? That jenelle is terrified of a violent David, yet wants the kids back in their custody? She is laughable.

    1. Lol right. How in the world are you scared for your life that you’re hiding, but leave your baby lmaoooooo she so cares for her kid… I guess. Damn shame.

  54. Now he carries a weapon all the time, but not when he threatened the realtor lady.
    I’m sorry, her 911 calls are fake and she is crying wolf and using the system when she’s mad and wants documentation.

  55. One of two things:

    She just wanted some attention and wasn’t truly in fear for her life and left her baby in the house
    She truly was fearing her husband would shoot her and left her baby in a place where he could get to her.

    Classic example of a mother who DOES NOT put her children’s safety above her own.

    1. This is going to be a Lifetime movie one day when the kids are old enough to do a tell all.

  56. The courts made the right discision. Hes a fucking maniac. Hope the courts know about this 911 call if they dont they do now.

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