‘Counting On’ Star Jinger Vuolo Attacked Online for Dyeing Her Hair Blond: “What’s Wrong with Your God-Given Color?!”

“No more crunchy curls for this girl!”

Jinger Vuolo is once again shucking Duggar Family traditions!

The Counting On star shocked fans on Thursday when she debuted her brand-new blond hair, making her the first of the Duggar girls to dramatically change her hair color!

“Decided to go with the blonde balayage this summer,” Jinger captioned a series of photos posted to her Instagram account.

While Jinger’s new ‘do got mostly rave reviews in the comment section of her Instagram post, there were some nay-sayers who scolded her for going against God’s hair will…or something…

“Be careful sweety not to follow the temptations of the World!” one person commented.

“God made you a brunette for a reason!” another wrote.

“What’s wrong with your God-given color? What’s next?” one person wrote to Jinger.

It’s no surprise that Jinger was the first of the Duggar gals to take a risk with her hair. A few years back, she also became the first of the family’s female spawn to buck Fundie tradition and put on a pair of shorts(!) and regularly wear pants. (Her sister, Jill Dillard, has since followed suit, but none of the other Dugs have dared to wear anything but dresses and skirts).

This is not the first time Jinger has played with blond; in the past she has added highlights to her hair, but this is the first time any Duggar girl has turned herself into a blond bombshell!

Although the Duggar girls have all continued to have long hair, even after marriage. In their 2014 book, Growing Up Duggar, the Duggar girls (Jinger, Jill, Jessa and Jana), state that they “choose longer hair based on our understanding of 1 Corinthians 11:14-15. It says that even nature itself teaches us that, while it is a shame for a man to have long hair, a woman’s hair is her glory.” This is most likely why no Duggar girl has cut their hair significantly, even after marriage.

However, despite what some fans think, the Duggars have nothing against dyeing their hair. In Growing Up Duggar, Jana mentions in one passage that she and her sisters don’t think there is “anything wrong with dyeing your hair…We love to experiment with different styles, and some of us may decide someday to add highlights or change our hair color.” However, Jana says that, after a disastrous attempt to bleach her hair, “I’ve been content with the color God chose for my hair.”

Jinger’s sisters, however, provided some much-needed positive comments on Jinger’s photos.

“Looks lovely, Jinge!” Jessa wrote.

“You are gorgeous!” Anna Duggar commented.

“The Devil’s dye is gonna getcha!”

Jinger (and her new blond tresses) will soon be moving to California with her husband Jeremy Vuolo and their daughter Felicity. The move is scheduled to take place this summer.

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(Photos: TLC, Instagram)

41 Responses

  1. Just my opinion but the blonde hair does not go with your eyebrows you should have just put highlights in hair or at the end of hair a teal color.

  2. I love it. looks great on you dont worry what people say it’s your hair not theirs. when you lived at home there was lots of what you could do and now out on your own do what you like. my sure mom and dad will have something to say. but looks awsome.

  3. Too dramatic a change, all at once. Double-processed blonde (from dark brown to blonde) is damaging to hair. It’s good that it’s shorter, but it’s going to be a bitch to keep up with the roots. Does everyone moving to CA think they have to go blonde? I wonder if it was Reverend Fancy Pantses’ idea.

  4. Oh no, she’s starting to assert her own individuality by dying her hair. What’s next, having her own opinions and saying no to sex with her husband?

  5. Leave the Dugger’s alone. They are grown and should be allow to be live their lifes the away they wish. You people complaining that they are too religionists and then you all complaining when they do something against their religions belief. You people are rediculous.

    1. Their religious beliefs are oppressive of and repressive for girls and women. I have nothing against religious people until they trample on the rights of others, which the Duggar’s certainly do.

  6. One has to wonder, does the person who made such commentary wear makeup, have pierced ears, shave any portion of her body, change her brows…or any number of things we do to alter our appearance (generally speaking). I’d question back at that person… “what’s wrong with your god given body, why do YOU choose to modify it?”, though I’d likely never get a response.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t find anything whatsoever wrong with dying your hair, or making whatever modifications to your “god given” (such an icky phrase to me, but I digress) body you so wish. If you harm no one, and you enjoy it, who am I, or who is anyone, to say you shouldn’t.

    In fact, I say kudos to her, because odds are pretty damn good that ole mama and papa, regardless of any comments they might make, absolutely loathe it. I say, kudos just for that alone 😉 She’s got a good head on her shoulders, I suspect at least a couple other Duggar females do too, even if they haven’t yet been given opportunity to show the world, and that is so refreshing.

  7. Do as you wish with your hair! Don’t listen to the people that don’t want you to be you! I love the new color as well as your regular color !

  8. You go girl look great. As long as your husband approved your change in your hair color nothing else matters

  9. It’s a shame that so many people give a fuck what a complete stranger does with her own hair. Not just care about it, but care strongly, and feel entitled to comment about it publicly.

  10. God ain’t got nothing to do with it! That’s why he gave us a mind,opinions and desires so we can make our own decisions. You go girl !!!

  11. You people that continue to criticize everything that the grown up married Duggar girls do is ridiculous. They are married and living their lives. So what if Jinger changed her color. Get over it. I love God and I change my hairstyle and color all the time and the Bible says judge not.But it seems you people are judge and jury.Just chill. Let them live their lives and live yours.

  12. So they keep their hair long because of a Bible passage that says females should have long hair but males shouldn’t. Didn’t Jesus have long hair?

  13. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Beautiful hair color both ways. It’s fun to change things up a bit and have fun . Do not listen to the legalistic idiots. God is love. Nobody would be saying a word if she wasn’t attached to her Extreme conservative roots. Most who are commenting are doing it to be snarky. Jinger do you. Have a couple of kids and then relax and enjoy your life without man made rules. God is only concerned with how you love him and others. Everything else is just noise.

    1. Unpopular opinion: I feel like Jinger is going to divorce her husband soon, and she will finally have full freedom. I personally think she should have not have a kid, I am guessing she will use her daughter so she can get child support and welfare benefits, because she honestly can’t make it completely on her own unless she got her own reality show.

  14. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    It’s not a thing wrong about her dying her hair but I am very suspicious of her husband.
    I have this feeling that he is all over this.
    If she’s transforming herself because it’s what SHE likes, that’s different, but if he’s influencing her to do so then that isn’t right at all.
    I just have and had a bad feeling about him.

  15. If she likes it I love it! I know you shouldn’t have favs but Jinger has def been my fav. She’s the one I can relate to the most. She interprets the Duggar’s rules in her own way. Which is always something I can respect! I’m glad she’s living her best life!

  16. Looking GORGEOUS!! Kudos to her for having fun with her hair. Unlike a lot of people who experiment, she can carry either color flawlessly. Have fun with your appearance. The beliefs your family hold don’t seem to allow much else in terms of comfort or personalization.
    God gave free will. I HIGHLY doubt he’d have a problem with a hair color change. He’s got a lot more to worry about, like leaders making decisions about abortions, terrorists shooting up places of worship, people committing crimes in his name. etc etc..

  17. Your hair looks fabulous. Don’t listen to anymone who says whats wrong with your god given hair. They are jealous
    It lookd AMAZING!!!!!

  18. Wish they’d do a spinoff of JUST the Vuolos. They’re the only ones with any personality or even remotely interesting to watch. The other’s lives are all the same and just not interesting anymore.

  19. Oh please.. let the girl live. I cant stand any of the duggars. But she is my favorite out of all of them. Holy shit she dyed her hair and wears pants…. scandalous!!!! Lol!

    1. Some people are so stuck up in their beliefs it’s unbelieavable…if I always listened to my religious upbringing, I would be married now, be a housewife and be a complete “womanly woman” (whatever that means). Screw them, God gave us free will FOR A REASON!

    2. So funny that people on her instagram are giving her so much crap for it. It’s just hair people.

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