Nathan Griffith’s Best Friend Says His Son Kaiser “Has Changed So Much” Since Leaving Jenelle Evans’ Care: “He Isn’t Scared Anymore”

“This beats the swamp!”

Teen Mom 2 fans aren’t the only ones who have seen a visible change in Jenelle Evans‘ son, Kaiser Griffith, since the four-year-old went to live with his father, Nathan Griffith last month. Nathan’s best friend Katlyn McCormick says she sees Kaiser thriving in Nathan’s care.

“His demeanor as a little boy has changed so much since being with Nathan,” Katlyn— who was actually Jenelle’s friend before becoming pals with Nathan– told Hollywood Life in a new interview. “Kaiser is so happy and he even told me he isn’t scared anymore.”

Kaiser has been living with his dad since mid-May, when CPS removed him (and later the rest of the kids Jenelle and her husband David Eason have) from their home on The Land. According to Katlyn, Nathan and his girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt are working to help Kaiser get over the trauma he may have experienced from witnessing the death of the family dog Nugget at the hands of David.

“With everything that happened with Nugget and such, Kaiser knows all of that and at four years old, he’s aware of what happened,” she told the site. “He just feels so much love now and attention and everything he’s supposed to have…[Nathan has] really been able to take Kaiser out of his shell and change everything that he went through.”

Katlyn revealed that Nathan and Ashley have attended therapy sessions with Kaiser “to make him feel better and get past this trauma that he’s been going through.

“Kaiser is so happy, you can just tell the difference in him,” she added.

‘Teen Mom 2’ fans have noticed a change in Kaiser’s demeanor as well, judging by the comments they have left on the videos and photos of the boy that have been posted by Nathan and Ashley on social media.

“Omg what a HUGE difference in appearance and his smile in pictures,” one person wrote in response to photos Nathan posted of Kaiser recently. “Praying for him and you.”

“It’s amazing to see the difference in Kaiser’s smile when he’s with your family, his smile reaches his eyes,” another wrote. “I wish you all the luck, your son needs you.”

Nathan spent much of last month in court fighting to keep temporary custody of Kaiser. On May 28, a judge decided that the Easons’ kids would stay with the caretakers they are currently with for the foreseeable future. Jenelle and David were not happy with that decision, leading them to have several very public outbursts at the various caretakers, including Nathan. (Currently, Jenelle’s mother Barbara Evans is taking care of Jenelle and David’s daughter Ensley, as well as Jenelle’s son Jace, while David’s daughter Maryssa is at her grandmother’s house.

Katlyn told Hollywood Life that Nathan has put Kaiser “on a routine.”

“It’s not stuck in a house being scared anymore,” she added.

Jenelle has yet to respond to what her former friend said about her in this interview. Her friendship with Katlyn ended sometime around 2014 (while Jenelle was pregnant with Kaiser). While Katlyn never appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2’ (to The Ashley’s knowledge), she did appear on the short-lived TLC reality show Welcome to Myrtle Manor. Nathan and Ashley recently attended Katlyn’s wedding in New Jersey.

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(Photos: Twitter)

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  1. My heart is so relieved to see Kaiser with his loving father, Nathan. He does look happy and carefree as a four year old should! When Kaiser had bruises and seemed scared it tortured Nathan – you could see him suffering not being able to get his little one away from the dangerous David Eason. Jenelle allowed abuse from David and should never be allowed alone with Kaiser again. Please Judge – give full custody to Nathan. Nathan please give a ring to Ashley and make a perfect little family for your son. He deserves and you do too!!

  2. Awwh.. hearing that he’s noticeably happier just warms my heart, I’m so glad this kid is getting a shot at a real childhood ?

  3. I really hope that Nathan is granted sole custody of Kaiser, and Jenelle has to see him at a visitation center. His well being should be the courts top priority, and we all know he is not safe with that lunatic and her “husband”…no matter how much “couples therapy” they go to.

  4. This sweet baby. I can’t imagine what he saw to “not be scared anymore”. So much life he’s lived in only four years and it just breaks my heart into pieces? no child should know anything but peace that young. I’m glad he’s safe and I hope and pray it stays that way. Kudos to Nathan for getting himself together for both of his kids. He truly has risen above the odds and never stopped fighting for his children. Regardless of his flaws he deserves respect.

  5. I’m glad Kiser is going to therapy to help him process everything. He is still young and he still has a chance at a normal life.

    1. So happy for Kaiser!
      It must kill thundercunt and the dog killer to see this, and I am here for it!

  6. I was early for my golf game this morning, was walking around a little passing some time when I over hear two girls that work there talking about Jenelle! Obviously they watch teen mom, I was too embarrassed to admit that I watch it, I just listened in on them for a minute.
    Anyway, the big talk was about Jenelle posting a video of the kids with Nugget. My google search seemed to bring up everything we know already.. anyone else hear about this video???? Based on the conversation I heard this morning it seemed like brand new news.

    1. She posted a homestead lifestyle video, showing all the kids and nugget getting their new chickens and chicks. It’s very hokey in a way that they were trying very hard to convey wholesome family living…why she’s posting it now..???

      1. @KEL.. Thank You? what a poor lack of judgement to post anything with animals in it… ever again !

      2. I’d imagine Jenelle is still try to control the narrative. For awhile you had some people *still* defending her/believing she’d leave Lurch – I believe there’s very little people supporting her now or believe her. Especially not CPS or the judge. The 911 calls certainly don’t help her, leaving her kid behind while she ran from David breaking down the door… I’m sure in her drug ravished brain she thought releasing the video was a good idea, like luck, *happier*/family times

      3. She’s so stupid. All she’s doing is showing that the kids were attached to Nugget and she was a family member before David killed her in front of these kids.

        She thinks this shows her in a good light. By all means, keep it up dummy!

      4. It looks like they were trying to get a family show like Kate Plus 8 or the 18 and Counting. The filming, music and editing look similar. They must have been shopping it around or trying to get a YouTube station going by getting massive views. They are panicking on the land because they are running out of cash fast with no one working and paying teams of lawyer.

        1. I just read elsewhere that indeed they’re trying for Youtube money.
          I sure will go out of my way to NOT look at anything that might benefit those two financially. I hope Kail gets a bunch of her makeup and sets it on fire!

  7. They are taking steps to KEEP him. Duh-nelle and UBT haven’t done squat to get them back other than:

    Harass caregivers
    Harass reporters
    Post a damn video of “happy” kids and chickens

    David AND Jenelle need a mental evaluation done. David is legit ID channel crazy and Jenelle is just as bad. Jenelle molds herself into every guy she’s with. If they like fitness, she’s into fitness. If they like herion, she likes herion. If he likes guns, she will carry one.

    I hope that all of these kids can mentally move past their abuse. Even D&J fight verbally and physically is a form of abuse. Think about it… If it is behavior you’d see in an “R” rated movie which kids shouldn’t see an that’s FICTION, why should they see this behavior in their reality?

    1. Oh he’s a typical, evil lives her,
      Fear thy Neigbour, fatal attraction, snapped, I lived with a killer.

  8. On the reunion Babs said she doesn’t get any money for Jace and thar Andrew just,recently started paying child support. That means that lil bytch was making about half a million dollars a year and wasn’t giving her anything for Jace. That trifling trick was supporting Lurch and going on vacay to St Thomas but couldn’t be bothered with giving some money to the son that she abandoned and voluntarily gave up custody for. While crying to the cameras about “GIVE ME MY SON!” That money needs to go into a savings for Jace, Marysa, Kaiser and Ensley before Jenelle and Lurch shoot it all up their veins. I hope the judge puts child support order out for all the kids and make her pay back support for Jace because they are still Lurch and Jenelles responsibility.

  9. It’s unfortunate this lovely little boy is going 2 be able to see al the bs his mother, horrible stepfather & yes even Nathan did via old Teen Mom eps & social media. Kudos to Nathan for getting him into therapy. He unfortunately needs it thru no fault of his own. I hope Nathan gets primary custody w/ supervised visits w / mom. Shes shown thru her actions that hubby comes first b4 her children.

  10. It’s unfortunate this lovely little boy is going 2 be able to see al the bs his mother, horrible stepfather & yes even Nathan did via old Teen Mom eps & social media. Kudos to Nathan for getting him into therapy. He unfortunately needs it thru no fault of his own. I hope Nathan gets primary custody w/ supervised visits w / mom. Shes shown thru her actions that hubby comes first b4 her children.

  11. I’ve said it before, but Nathan has really grown up. I’m all for someone stepping up and giving Kaiser the happy life he deserves.

    1. I’m sorry but every man that has been with Jenelle becomes “crazy” the common denominator is Jenelle.

  12. Lord, we all pray that you will continue to guard these kids. Let them stay where they are safe, happy, and most of all, loved. Amen.

  13. It honestly says so much that Nathan immediately went to therapy with Kaiser. I wasn’t ever a big Nathan fan, but I’m very happy he stepped up and is doing what need to be done. I sincerely hope he keeps it up and that this little boy can finally thrive.

    1. I was also never a Nathan fan, but there seemed to be some hope with him to turn his life around, whereas Jenelle is hopeless. Nathan seemed to be the more attentive parent when Kaiser was an infant. Perhaps the influence of his mother and girlfriend are helping him get to where he needs to be. More importantly, he probably knows how high the stakes are for his son and if he slips backwards it will hurt his son more than it will hurt him.

    2. He does look great, Kaiser, his smile finally reaches his eyes.
      Thank God, and I pray Nathan and Ashley continue to flourish as well.

  14. I can already hear Jenelle’s response. “My former friend is so jealous of me so she took Nathan’s side!” ?

  15. Jenelle and David should be permanently fixed so they can’t have anymore children or just put that POS David in jail where he belongs.

  16. This is where he should be, in a happy healthy environment. Unfortunately, we live in a country where the ultimate goal of the courts is to get children back to their mothers (even when the mothers aren’t good mothers. Somebody needs to overhaul the system.

  17. Can’t imagine this sweet little munchkin having to go back to sheer chaos and misery. Going from this idyllic happiness back to being punched in the head by a demonic nut job in a swamp where he was a lost little boy named “Bubba.” A child we often saw shirtless in a muddy pair of boots and scared out of his mind.

    Still praying for the court system to make the only right and just decision:

    Kaiser gets to stay with Nathan.

    And Jenelle —gets to stay with David.

    1. “Bubba” hehehe, that’s hick speak for brother. Just like Leah says “sissy” for sister. Im from the mountains so I have a Masters degree in hick talk.

  18. Nathan’s not scared anymore either…of sleeves.

    On a serious note, I’m happy Kaiser seems to be doing so well. Internet hugs for the little roll.

  19. Wish only the best for Kaiser. I don’t think the Eason’s Will pass a drug test. I hope all they get is supervised visits.

    1. I hope they don’t get that. They probably won’t keep up with it anyway and all that would do is break the children’s heart longer every time they know they don’t show up for visitation. I hope they just walk away and let the kids heal and live a normal life without them.

  20. You can even see it in his body language in pictures he always looks so happy with Nathan and his girlfriend. Hope Nathan is given permanent full custody whatever you think about Nathan he seems to love his son very much.

    1. I agree with your comment. ??

      I think Nathan’s issues stem from his army service, I wish he would get help with this, poor guy.

      Thank you for your service Nathan

  21. Kaiser such a lovely kid. He reminds me of Ralphie from “A Christmas Story.” He looks so much happier now. He always had a forced tight lipped smile before. Im sure Doris spoils that kid rotten. Jenelle will be posting a hateful, batshiat crazy post towards Katelyn soon. I’m expecting Jenelle to go ballistic once she reads it. I will be checking the Ashley regularly for the update.

  22. Happy to hear this! Nathan comes with his own issues, so i hope he stays on track with or without Ashley and Doris. Kaiser deserves stability and it looks like he’s getting a sense a stability for the first time in his life. Therapy is also a good idea since he’s been traumatized in who know how many ways.

  23. Such an adorable kid! I’m glad Kaiser was finally freed from claws of his godawful mother and Lurch. Nathan seems in such a good place now (probably thanks to having a sane girlfriend too) and I hope he gets custody. Good luck kid!

    1. I thought that too, his girlfriend seems really good for him. Finally something happy has come from so much sadness.

      1. Ashley I believe, is the best thing to happen to Nathan, she’s decent sensible mature, with a good heart. (That’s my impression of her)

        She’s a good influence, hope they marry and have full and sole custody of Kaiser.

        She’s so good for kaiser too.

        I’m rooting for you

  24. I wasn’t a viewer of the show however I keep seeing commentators on here are twitter mention the child looks “clean” and happy. Did the child look neglected or dirty on the tv show?

  25. I’m glad nathan finally stepped up to the plate. Kaiser looks genuinely happy. Not that phony smile in all the pictures jenelle posts. And I think it’s great he’s in therapy. I can only imagine the horror he was living and will come out when he’s ready.

  26. Nathan has fought long and hard for his son knowing he was being abused. Nathan made countless 911 calls and CPS reports. It’s a shame that it took so long for them to remove these children. Kaiser has a light in his eyes that I never saw with David or Jenelle. I really hope these kids don’t have to be returned to them ever. Janelle has made it clear that she will always choose David.

  27. So happy for Kaiser. Hopefully the judge will leave him there. Very happy for you Nathan. You have really done so much better away from the nasty Janelle

      1. Start?
        She never stopped even during her pregnancies.
        Her children were born with it in their system.

        1. Hi. I thought she only tested positive for THC with Ensley and Ensley was negative for THC supposedly? I’m interested to know more. Thanks!

  28. So glad to hear this!☺ I hope all of the kids end up this happy. Praying for each of them.

  29. You can see that kaiser looks happy and relaxed, and clean.

    Please please let Nathan have full and sole custody.

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