The Daughters of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Jenelle Evans & David Eason Have Been Removed From Their Care (Exclusive Details)

“We’ll stash the youngins!”

North Carolina authorities were reportedly looking for Jenelle Evans and David Eason after they failed to turn their daughter Ensley and David’s daughter Maryssa over to CPS last night. As The Ashley told you yesterday, a judge signed an order on Monday to have both girls removed from the Easons’ care.

Although Jenelle and David refused to turn their kids over to authorities, they did bring the girls to another location and place them in the care of someone else. Us Weekly is reporting that the girls are at the home of their paternal grandma, Laura Jo Eason, and while that may very well be the case, The Ashley has not been able to confirm it.

Jenelle and David’s mom have had a strained relationship over the years. Right after the news broke that David had shot and killed Jenelle’s dog, David’s mom posted about it to her social media, causing Jenelle to rage-post about David’s mom on her own social media accounts.

CPS is still investigating and the kids will remain out of their parents’ care until further notice, though. But The Ashley can confirm that there are no more kids currently in the care of Jenelle and David. It is not yet known if CPS will seize the children from their current location(s).

As The Ashley told you, the couple left their home on The Land on Tuesday, but returned Tuesday night. (David and Jenelle returned home, but it is unknown if the girls were with them or not. It appears that they may have taken the girls to the other location yesterday and returned home solo.)

Jenelle was spotted at a North Carolina courthouse on Wednesday morning with her lawyer. The Ashley hears that Jenelle’s lawyer has been attempting to get the CPS investigation squashed but has not yet been successful.

Radar Online reports that “Jenelle is meeting with the kids at social services this afternoon. It is supervised visitation. She asked and they are going to allow it.”

Jenelle and David are currently back home on The Land.

Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans, has been contacted, and was supposed to be taking temporary care of Ensley. However, she does not currently have the two-year-old in her care.


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As The Ashley previously told you, all of Jenelle and David’s other children have been removed from their care. Kaiser, Jenelle’s son with Nathan Griffith, was removed from her care last Friday, when CPS informed Nathan’s mom Doris Davidson that she was authorized to pick Kaiser up from his daycare. Since then, Kaiser has been with his father, Nathan. On Monday, a judge signed an order to allow Kaiser to stay with Nathan for the foreseeable future. 

Jenelle’s other son Jace is being kept away from The Land by Barbara, who has custody of the boy. After Barb learned about David killing the family dog, she has refused to allow Jace to be around David.

David’s son Kaden is no longer allowed to visit his father. David was not allowed to associate with his son (with ex Olivia Leedham) for most of the boy’s life. In 2017, Olivia began allowing visitation between David and Kaden, but stopped after the 911 call made by Jenelle in October 2018 went public. Olivia went back to court to get David’s visitation with Kaden discontinued, and earlier this month, a judge sided with Olivia, ruling that Kaden would not have to go to his father’s. (Jenelle was not happy about it!) 

This story is still developing…The Ashley has read the other sites’ reports and is only reporting what she has been able to confirm with her own sources so that she knows the info she reports is accurate. 

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  1. Going through some of these comments ( a lot going back as far as 2017) there seems to have been numerous incidents concerning abuse. But there’s one that’s really disturbing and pissing me off the most….It’s the one where Jenelle calls 911 reporting that her husband has just assaulted her! HER! So she felt the need to report the abuse against her, BUT the abuse,physical and verbal against the children she did NOTHING about. FUCK YOU JENELLE

    1. Well said! And someone commented on all the men that have been around since the oldest boy, Jace? She has had way to many men around those kids. Please God…I pray…DON’T SEND THOSE KIDS BACK THERE!!! She is such a bitch! She is now Ex-Teen Childless Monster Mom. Enjoy your life you skanky piece of trash! And wait till they have to pay child support! They’ll both be in jail.

  2. Yes they are social workers. To work at CPS you have tohave a social work license. To get that you have to have at least a BA in a applicable field like psychology. Many have masters degrees. If you mean the people who supervise the visits yeah maybe they are lower level. That’s more babysitting. But the family case worker who is in charge if the case is a social worker.

  3. I am glad the kids are out of the home. To bed It has to go over the back from Nugget the dog. They should have Take the Kids away long time before. Now I hope they will Take All The Animals Out there and I don’t give a shit What happens to David and Jenelle they are trash if you are a real person you don’t abuse molest whatever your kids even not an animal

  4. ? sigh….i knew it was going to happen sooner or later.
    She just doesn’t know how to be a parent. She chooses the dumbest guys. She has these ridiculous tantrums when she can’t have jace full time.
    She is just so….incapable.

  5. She also said that about him killing the dog.
    She always has a excuse for RJ Kelly..oh I mean David.

  6. Radar Online is reporting that David was thrown out of the visitation because he was screaming at and getting into fights with the social workers and everyone around him!! I can’t say that I’m surprised, but my God, for the sake of your children, can’t you hold it together for just 15 minutes??? They’re already traumatized and scared having to be in this situation of visiting their parents at a social services center. David losing his shit isn’t making it any easier for them! ?

    1. CPS workers/case managers are not social workers. To be a social worker, you must have a social work degree or license. Most of the people who work in these centers only have certifications in child welfare. That’s not the same thing.

      1. Yes they are social workers. To work at CPS you have tohave a social work license. To get that you have to have at least a BA in a applicable field like psychology. Many have masters degrees. If you mean the people who supervise the visits yeah maybe they are lower level. That’s more babysitting. But the family case worker who is in charge if the case is a social worker.

  7. Yes would someone please go in and save all those animals before he goes on another
    rampage and starts taking it out on them. He has nothing to take his anger out on now that the kids are gone, it only leaves Janelle and the animals.

  8. I have a feeling if it had of been Kaiser that Nugget had nipped David wouldn’t have done anything, its only because it was his kid that he became out of control.

    1. And if it wasn’t nugget it would have been poor kaiser on the receiving end of David’s anger as always.

      I’m so sad poor nugget had to suffer for anything to be done to save those kids.

      I hope Nathan gets full and sole custody of kaiser.

      And I hope someone outside of the Eason clan, gets those girls.

      As David’s mom is as bad as her son.

  9. Remember Jennelle said at the reunion to Dr. Drew about David’s homophobic comments “He was just raised that way, so those are his beliefs”

    1. She also said that about him killing the dog.
      She always has a excuse for RJ Kelly..oh I mean David.

  10. I wish I could figure out why she thinks this guy is worth it. Within weeks of meeting he’s interfering with the cordial co parenting Nathan and Jenelle were finally doing, he started badmouthing her mother, he called her son a “little b****”, he called son’s father and dr drew derogatory word for a gay person, slammed fans for their shock over choice pic he posted during school shooting by blasting morals and making homophobic transgender hating tweets, he allows his wife to smoke weed while pregnant, moved Jenelle into the middle of a swamp, made her lose so many friends and family that she had nobody at her own wedding and yet still married him despite Jace’s fear of him stating he needed to “suck it up cause David was there to stay”, her second child states multiple times he’s been punched and hit and was told he couldn’t use a bathroom when he needed to go but warned he’d get in trouble if he had an accident, there was a blind item he possible molested Maryssa and pulled her out of school so she’d have nobody to tell, he towing a handicapped man’s truck because he didn’t like it near his car, he threatens secret service, he has weapons that he has no need for like poison darts and semi automatics, he’s scared MTV crew from being in the sane state as him, pushed things so far she lost her job, and no with upcoming custody case he’s made her lose all her kids after being the “big man” for shooting and beating a puppy! I forgot to mention her 911 call which we all know happened. Great guy! Funnier yet radar online posted his court order about child support. He stated his reasons for not paying were due to him homeschooling Maryssa(judge stated makes no since due to other kids in mainstream school), and he claimed he couldn’t work outside because of his skin condition(which we see him outside all the time and judge stated her was a pipe welder who could have go back to that) Judge stayed that he simple made up reasons to not work so he didn’t have to pay up and while submitted assets the judge found he made about $100,000 one year from team mom and Jenelle gifted him a $6,000 boat, he bought that scuba business for $3,000 and paid $3,000 for the land on top of the whole list of weapons and ammo he had to show. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Great job Jenelle! You really know how to pick them.

    1. I have never watched this show, but all the things you have stated, I can’t believe that young boy wasn’t taken earlier. That poor child, and FUCK YOU MTV! You filmed the treatment of this child, and you aired it. You need to be shut down for this! Teen Mom needs to end! I will now boycott you and all your advertisers.

      1. CPS should have been called after that whole incident where she pulled the gun on that guy. I saw it on YouTube. I was shocked the MTV show that and then they didn’t fire her then

    2. Honest to God I really believe that at this juncture it’s more about proving everyone wrong, you and me against the world kind of nonsense. Plus he’s had her isolated on The Land, convincing her that he’s the only one who can protect her from the big bad world off the property, who knows where her head is. It’s nothing new, she’s always been a s**t “mother” who chooses the bottom of the barrel over her own children.

      1. Don’t you need a much bigger dick than that?.
        I mean come on Good Good lord leah Davis is so small Jenelle told us so why do we have to wait so long. Do we have to stay a all day?
        To film?
        Please left me know.

    3. I’ll also never forget how he “met her” on tinder after hitting her on on there (not sure how it works exactly.married8 years)
      AFTER courtland shared a jail cell with him and told D-bag all about her (and probably how if he plays his cards right Jenelle will pay for everything)…. the whole thing was super shady from the get-go

  11. I still think something else happened that we don’t know about it. The dog was brutally killed at the very end of April, we know that Nathan had his scheduled visit that week, Nathan did alert cps of the situation and had to legally return Kaiser. Ten days later cps calls Doris and tells her to pick Kaiser up from day care, meanwhile cps has NO order yet for Kaiser, they’re scrambling to get one last minute.
    The first concern was to get Kaiser to safety and look into the welfare of the girls soon after. It sounds like daycare reported something to cps last Friday.

    1. There must be a reason that there’s two separate orders for the kids.. first Kaiser and then the girls

    2. Someone reported something. Or the kids talked. Either way, all the kids out of there. I think the news will slowly surface. But public knowledge is public knowledge. I still tear up for Nugget. This really hit me hard.

    3. I think that Jace and Kaiser were interviewed after they were relocated away from “the Land” and CPS likely got enough inside information from that for probable cause to remove the two girls.

  12. I’m interested in knowing how Nathan found out about the dog and reported it originally. Not saying this is a bad thing at all and thank God he did. I doubt Kaiser called him up and told him since he is 4. Maybe Janelle somehow told him? There is almost no other way Nathan would have that info to be able to call the cops and report the incident. If Janelle did tell him you know David is using that against her and blaming her for all of this.

    1. I’ve been wondering this from the very beginning, too. Why is it that Nathan’s 911 call has been released to the public, but not the initial 911 call from the “anonymous” male caller??? We want to know who made that call!!! Was it someone at Kaiser’s daycare? It would make sense if he said something. @TheAshley, can you look into this??

      1. I dont think Nathan is allowed to pick up or drop off at the house so we know he wasnt there to get this information. Maybe Kaiser told the school and they told him?

    2. I think someone else was there or Janelle vented to someone immediately for sympathy without realizing how it would sound to anyone who isn’t a psycho. I think that person didn’t want their name out there but tried to do the right thing by reporting it and telling Nathan.

    3. Jenelle probably called a producer after David killed the dog because she was freaking out so bad and the producers are her only friends. I think they called Nathan since Kaiser was at Jenelle’s when it happened. I get the feeling that Katrina girl that suddenly is filming with Jenelle is actually a producer too.

  13. As others have already stated here, North Carolina law enforcement already deemed David as extremely dangerous. So who’s to believe that his own mom isn’t just as afraid of him as well as his AK 7 assault rifles?

    Continued prayers for Ensley and Ashley until these two innocent children are placed in a “reasonable” safe harbor, and out of the influence of this murderous, psychotic nutbag.

  14. I agree, little Kaiser being hit should have been the thing thay got CPS out to the land.
    But, maybe because they admitted the dog murder. And posted it all over social media. And, they denied hurting little Kaiser

    1. Neither of them are going to fail a drug test right now. I AM an addict & every single time I needed to take a drug screen for anything while I was actively using, I knew exactly how to pass it. Drug testing isn’t as solid and reliable as some of y’all may think & they are very easily passed. A blood test is about the only solid thing they can do & normally CPS will not issue a blood sample, they do the hair tests but even those are extremely easy to pass. They are going to allow her to see her kids, they (hopefully ) won’t give her custody of any of them until she gets her shit together, not allowing her any visitation is highly unlikely.

      1. AMEN for your honesty! I have been sober for over 5 years and I definitely know what you mean! I know how to pass everything but I am completely sober and have been for years!

        1. I don’t think she’s smart enough.. she had to know she was having a baby and still tested positive for marijuana.

        2. Remember Jennelle said at the reunion to Dr. Drew about David’s homophobic comments “He was just raised that way, so those are his beliefs” – yeah, please take the kids away from the Easons and check on the animals.

  15. So is the police just going to ignore the fact that J&D absconded with the girls for almost an entire day while avoiding CPS’s attempts to retrieve them??? That can’t be legal?

    Also, I’m waiting for Jenelle’s clickbait article with pics of her kids telling “her side of the story” any minute now! Because she has to profit off of this drama somehow, as any great mother would… Gotta pay those lawyers, right Jenelle?!??

  16. I think you’re right, Jane. I think Grandma Eason is under David’s full control, very similar to Jenelle.

  17. Left the baby with his mom not a good idea, I’m sure he could run over her just like everyone else.

    1. I believe Maryssa is raising them too. She’s a 24 hour, live-in babysitter. My heart breaks for that child. She was dealt such a rough hand, and what we’ve seen of her seems like she is a sweet girl.

  18. FYI – Us old folks don’t have the dang stamina to raise y’all’s children. Stop acting out or don’t have children

  19. I sure hope there is no special treatment for these two , under any case plan two of the requirements are having a job that brings in steady income ( not I may be picked for marriage boot camp) and passing Radom drug testing.
    I think Jenelle being on TV and making 300k a year played a huge part in them getting away with so much shit on the land. The well is about to run dry so no more looking the other way.

  20. If NC is anything like NY, these idiots got to choose who the girls went too (same thing happened with my nephews, mother chose for them to go to her mother even though it was set up for me to get them). CPS will set up a 30 day safety plan and a court date. If these 2 idiots comply with all mandates, the judge will give the children back. In NY, you have 18 months from the moment your children are taken, to get your shit together. After 18 months, the state starts the process to terminate rights. As long as you do what they want, you get your kids back. Unless another family member files for custody and can prove they are unfit, they will get those girls back.

  21. I wish their parental rights would get terminated. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, I guess.

  22. I can understand why they are taking her kids jenelle could of done better then David just needs to get put away I liked jenelle but when she got with David i just didn’t care for her anymore she needs to get her shit together and leave that jackass husband of hers before getting her kids back your kids come first before anyone

  23. I can understand why they are taking her kids jenelle could of done better then David just needs to get put away I liked jenelle but when she got with David i just didn’t care for her anymore she needs to get her shit together and leave that jackass husband of hers before getting her kids back

  24. Wow, these two trash bags literally have no respect for the law. This is what happens when you have enough mugshots to fill a high school year book and have paid very little consequence.

  25. My heart bleeds for ensley… no doubt, for now this is the best decision to remove the kids from jenelle and especially david.. BUT ensley is so small, she doesn‘t understand why mommy is now gone and why she can‘t be with her mom and for such a small toddler this is horror! I‘m sure she didn‘t see david‘s mom a lot and now she‘s there all alone and confused, frightened and sad (ok at least she knows maryssa) but at this early stage she needs her mother the most.

    However jenelle ruined it all herself and especially for the kids. One mistake after the other. And now finally losing her kids, still standing by this morron. I don‘t get it. I‘m glad that things finally came to an end but my heart bleeds for poor ensley. Jace got barb, kaiser is with his father and ensley is with some doubtful grandmother she has probably barely seen.

    Jenelle how could you let things get this far? Your kids suffering is your fault! Turn things around, leave david, change your life, get therapy and be the mom your kids deserve

    1. I understand your point, but I honestly feel worse for Maryssa. If Ensley had to go into foster care, she would most likely be adopted immediately, and being so young will not have any memories of the trauma she has been through on “the land”. She has a chance at a good life, if only she could get a couple like the ones who adopted Catelyn and Tyler’s baby, Carly. Maryssa would probably end up being bounced around from foster home to foster home, adding to the turmoil of her time living with David and Jenelle. I really worry for her if there isn’t a fit family member willing to take care of her and get her some counseling.

        1. I don’t think Viva means she would literally be [legally] adopted immediately, but she would have a good shot at being placed with a foster family that is open to adopting a child of her age, giving her a good life. Every foster parent is able to submit preferences (age, sex, needs, prefers short emergency placement or long term). Unfortunately the statistics show that the older a child is when placed in care, the less likely they are to be adopted. If Jenelle and David had their parental rights terminated (which I don’t think for a second they will unless there is A LOT more we don’t know- CPS goal is reunification if at all humanly possible), Ensley would have a very good chance at being placed with a family looking to foster to adopt.

      1. I wonder about that to how great is the grandmother she made him and if he’s the way he is…then

  26. I’m happy the kids are safe (hopefully) and out of that home, but I can imagine how stressful it much be for all of them (the kids). All she has to do is leave the trash at the curb. It blows my mind that she’s still playing victim here. However.. I’m a little annoyed it took killing a dog to get them removed. Was the photo evidence of Kaiser’s abuse not enough? That’s where the uproar should have started.

    1. Seriously. Babies and children are beaten, neglected, starved, tortured, and killed every day in this country and everyone sends thoughts and prayers. But something happens to an animal and the entire country is up in arms. I can’t wrap my head around it. I love dogs as much as the next person, but I will never understand how people are so much more affected by bad things happening to animals than to innocent children.

  27. If they thought dropping the girls off with the person of their choice benefitted them they are wrong. CPS will have to meet with his mom and make them agree to a Safety plan where then cannot let kids contact Atleast David since he’s the one being investigated. Sad part is they normally give one parent that was non offensive stay with children away from the person investigated. Jenelle chose David over being there for those kids. That’s going to speak badly on them looking at her for neglect. And if they spent that time coaching the kids prior that won’t work either because Ensley is too young to be interviewed and Maryssa will most likely have to speak with a forensic investigator who will know if she’s lying. Jenelle basically dug her own grave standing by David. David is no man if he has to have his wife cover his butt for him.i applaud them for basically giving court everything they need to place these kids with other people but in all I feel bad for those kids because they had to see and hear so much chaos but also have love and care for these people and now they will have to go thru life knowing what awful embarrassing people they called parents. I hope they are all appointed a therapist.

  28. Because at a certain point a child needs to be around other children for socialization and to be in a setting where there is structure and routine. In this case, its great that he wasn’t subjected to being around Jenelle and David all day everyday given what he is subjected to on the land, but in the case of normal parents where one or both don’t work, its still good for the child, even if they only go part time.

  29. I’m really glad all the kids are safe at the moment and that it appears to have gone down smoothly. But I still feel like the worst has yet to come. I really hope I’m wrong but David and Jenelle are both so delusional and unhinged. It seems like every month or 2 things are constantly escalating with them and it needs to come to a stop, hopefully this is the beginning of the end for them.

  30. They shouldn’t get to choose who the kids are with. David can run roughshod over his mother and still take control of those children. They need to be in a neutral, safe location.

  31. Good article. I watch Teen Mom 2, Janelle is a train wreck. The mother(Laura) has nothing on FB. I wish Barbara would get Ensley, that way she is with Jase and Nathan and Narbra are close so the siblings can see each other.

    1. No they are not.
      They also had a “surprise ” sister show up from the dad.
      Does anyone know why David’s mom and Jenelle were fighting? Why she hadn’t spoke to David for months and quit babysitting and cleaning?

  32. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    so they were not actually removed from their care.. just dropped off by them to be with someone they know..? those are two different things.

    i don’t believe ensley & maryssa were ever in any danger with david aside from being witness to things they shouldn’t.

    kaiser was the one in real danger and i hope Jenelle is only granted supervised visitation of him from here on out.

    i do not feel bad for Jenelle like other people do….. you’re a shit ass mother if you stand by and watch your kids be abused in any form by your shit husband. theres a huge difference in not leaving because you fear for your life/the life of others.. and acting completely delusional to his behaviors while siding with him the entire time.

    1. Being a “witness to things they shouldn’t” *IS* being in danger! That is so emotionally/psychologically traumatizing and can screw you up for life. Emotional abuse can have consequences just as severe as physical abuse. Hell, look at Jenelle! She wasn’t physically abused as a kid, but sure grew up in an emotionally abusive and chaotic environment, and even with millions of dollars at her fingertips and access to the best healthcare in the world she still lives in her own personal hell and makes decisions that are completely irrational and self destructive!

      1. i said ASIDE from. that means i do believe that is a form of them being in danger. also you have no idea what kind of childhood Jenelle had you are nobody to say she was not abused in any form. theres a reason ALL of her siblings are messed up. you probably look at barbara and think oh what a sweet old lady. guess what everyone has a past. she was around her father too at some point and other relatives/family friends.

  33. I hope that this is permanent, and those 2 never get custody of those kids again…Now if only they could get Ensley and Maryssa away from David’s mom.

    1. Out of that entire area, there are no decent foster parents? No one from CPS? Not even a police officer and a family of one of them? Those kids need to be away from all the relatives. And everyone let MTV know they are boycotting them. They grew these monsters and paid them 6 figure salaries? I am disgusted! How much did she pay for Nugget to torture that poor dog it’s entire time with you! I am so upset about all this. Those poor kids and animals! They have hurt everyone they have had in their care. And MTV bank rolled it! You scum!!!

      1. CPS will always give children to relatives first. Their goal is to keep families together as best they can. As a foster parent I have struggle with this, some times it’s great and other times it’s not.

      2. I agree I’m really disappointed in MTV I had no idea that the show is even still on and that all this craziness is going on and that they feel it is okay. She needs to get a real job just like all other mothers have to have real jobs rather 16 or whatever. She has no clue and neither does he. I’m so disgusted about the whole thing with the dog too it makes me so sick I just cannot stand it

  34. What a cluster this has turned into. I really had to think about this. Jenelle is sticking by David. I feel that she is exhibiting signs and suffering from The Stockholm Syndrome. David has really gotten into her head. The one child I really feel sorry for is Maryssa. Over half of her childhood is over and look what she has had to endure and see. The damage is done. I hope someone steps up for her and becomes her advocate. Sounds like the other kids are safe…..for now.

  35. I guess I’m more asking for an opinion. Why is it that Caden’s mother got David’s visitation suspended after Jenelles 911 call alleging violence (with no action) yet Nathan and the school haven’t gotten anything done when they have had concerns about David. (Bruises, alleged belt whipping, no life jacket, 911 call, on and on)
    Why is it not the same or worse for Jenelles children by someone else/she shared custody with? Seems odd.

    1. We live in America. The system is more worried about the rights of others. Not the children. It takes a tragedy before they will step in. Even when they step in it doesn’t take much to get them back. Classes and drug testing to get them back.

    2. My guess is that its because of the state they live in. In my state the mother is usually favored. Fathers have to go through a lot to get their kids. I know someone that is a good father and his child’s mother made one phone call and got the child given to her that day, but it took him 3 years to get the kid back from the drug addicted mother. Its a broken system

    3. David only had visitation with Kaden, not custody, so taking that away is a lot easier / faster than changing custody. I mean, that’s what seems logical to me but I’m not even from the US so I don’t know if that’s really the case

    4. My guess would be that Nathan doesnt have as much pull due to his own legal troubles. His mother is the one that would granted any sort of custody of Kaiser, like she has now, and Nathan only gets supervised visitation. With that said, no one would have ever sided with Nathan a few years back since he was also (and still could be) a dirtbag. But, he has shown he deeply cares for his son and even Janelle. I think a lot of people are happy to see he has been diligently fighting as best he can for the safety of Kaiser even though he knows his mother would have to have full custody of him.

    5. My guess would be that Nathan doesnt have as much pull due to his own legal troubles. His mother is the one that would granted any sort of custody of Kaiser, like she has now, and Nathan only gets supervised visitation. With that said, no one would have ever sided with Nathan a few years back since he was also (and still could be) a dirtbag. But, he has shown he deeply cares for his son and even Janelle. I think a lot of people are happy to see he has been diligently fighting as best he can for the safety of Kaiser even though he knows his mother would have to have full custody of him.

      1. I agree! I think it should be noted that Nathan has always been protective of Jenelle even being in a new relationship. Him and Barbara constantly said they worry about Jenelle and Kaiser. No matter what a jerk he had been he said if Jenelle needed help he’d be there and Jenelle treated it like he still wanted her and used it to make David more mad. For him to put differences aside for his kids well being shows him growing up and I think that’s why people are rooting for him. It still amazes me how MTV played off the bruises on Kaiser and nothing that Nathan literally had to prove it by posting that picture. How CPS didn’t remove him after seeing those switch marks in shocked by my only thought is Kaiser is too young to be interviewed about it because kids repeat their parents.

    6. That’s why I asked if she was in a different county and jurisdiction because she got things done. But also things are different from one judge to another judge which isn’t right.

  36. But we all saw this coming. Trash bag David is a psycopathic menace & a danger to society. Thank God the kids are finally safe ??

  37. Animals now please.

    They are so not safe.

    Come on animal welfare go get those poor animals

  38. To bad it’s granny Eason that has the girls.
    After all she brought up fuckwit David and druggy Jessica.

    Poor kids with that lot as family

  39. I hope David’s mom can be trusted with the girls. Remember when she lied to David about Nathan? Anyway, I’m glad they are away from David and Jenelle.

    1. I wouldnt trust her trailer park ass as far as I could spit. She raised that monster and she defends that pos . He doesnt beat woman or children or animals etc. Shes probably scared of her own son.

  40. The kids are not really “safe” if they are with David’s mom.It is doubtful she would be able to to take a stand and do what’s best for the girls. Her first loyalty rests with David,it always has. She has stood by him in the past, don’t see that changing now.CPS needs to remove the girls and place them out of David’s reach and where he doesn’t have any say or control over what’s going on with them.

    1. I had the same thought. She may even allow David and Jenelle to see the girls in her home despite the court order.

  41. It’s bad that it took the killing of a dog for their kids to be taken away. I don’t understand why they weren’t taken along time ago. I know damn well MTV has footage of what’s really going on in that house. Jenelle has never been stable. Why didn’t they take Ensley at birth. Jenelle is a sorry ass bitch. Anyone that does drugs while pregnant should never see their children. Nathan and Barbara has said David was abusive. Why didn’t CPS do anything? David abusing his pregnant gf. Why didn’t they do anything? It’s very sad that it takes something tragic to happen before anyone steps in to do anything. I’m sad for Nugget but Iam grateful that it wasn’t one of the children.

  42. I don’t like that they are with his mom. First she’s not the best caregiver. Look at everyone of her kids. (Babs isn’t good either) Foster or a special home where the children or the family can be found is best. The fact that Easton’s (lol) chose this to be the best place because they have access to the kids and it’s on their terms is bull$—-ng the system. They need to be removed so none of the kids or families that have them can just have oop up visits and taken be gun/force

  43. Well, finally some good news out of this awful spiralling story.

    Question about Kaiser though: can anyone explain to me why two adult parents who don’t work send their child to day care, where Nathan’s mom picked him up the other day??

    1. Because they don’t each him around.

      He was a pawn to hurt Nathan with.
      Nothing more.

      It’s good he was able to get off the land and away from David.

      1. I may be wrong but I read somewhere that Kaiser was in daycare per a CPS order from a previous report. I think it was something to do with social/emotional immaturity.

      2. My understanding is that Kaiser was placed in daycare per CPS order. He was socially/emotionally immature and needed structure.

        1. Nathan is not a great dude, but he and his family are handling this in a way that suggests they are trying to do exactly what experts recommend. There’s only so much you can do when you think your kid is being abused without hard evidence. Getting the kid consistently evaluated by developmental professionals and having their recommendations implemented by court order is one of the only cards you can play. Anything you can do to keep your kid from being homeschooled is the other big one. It keeps them from being isolated and, as we saw here, is a neutral non-traumatic place to get them from when day comes.

    2. Because at a certain point a child needs to be around other children for socialization and to be in a setting where there is structure and routine. In this case, its great that he wasn’t subjected to being around Jenelle and David all day everyday given what he is subjected to on the land, but in the case of normal parents where one or both don’t work, its still good for the child, even if they only go part time.

  44. how its possible that some kids are forbidden to be around David and in the same time he gets custody of other?( kaden vs naryssa)

      1. She had MTV, her mom and all kinds of people in her corner. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t care about anything else but doing what David tells her to do. Not even what’s best for her children. I am not going to feel sorry for the mess she is in. It is obvious that Janelle is addicted to drama. She has to have it in her life. Well, she’s got it now.

        1. They are referring to David’s children, not Janelle. Kadens mother fought to keep him from David, no one fought for Maryssa.

  45. What about the animals? Has animal control been by to check on them and remove them if necessary?

  46. I’m not convinced the girls are any better off with David’s mom. I mean, that’s the woman who raised and created David. There’s no way she’s a positive influence either. Hopefully CPS picks them up and brings them to a good foster home. I suspect most of the kids will end up back on the land eventually, but hopefully the kids get a bit of a break. I’m sure they are all so relieved to not be living with a madman you have to walk on eggshells all the time around.

    1. I mean… Honestly she wasn’t alone in raising David, he has a dad too (who apparently is as bad as David is). I’m definitely not excusing his mother, because she defended his ass every chance she had

      1. I totally agree – are his parents still together? I only mentioned his mom because it doesn’t say the dad is involved – so I’m not sure.

  47. Dear lord, I hope these kids feel safe enough to spill the beans during this investigation. Unfortunately, since the court signed Monday and they were brought to his moms on Tuesday I am sure they coached the heck out of Maryssa and scared the heck out of her to try to keep her mouth closed. I am sure they used the whole, “make sure everyone knows how much fun we have and how good we are as a family so they dont send you guys away.” Ugh. I really, really hope they dont have to return and especially for Kaiser. But the girls deserve a safe and loving environment free from the crazy trains raising them as well. I am happy to hear they are not in j and D care.

  48. I’m betting that the mom will give the girls right back to David and Jenelle in a few days and get caught.

  49. I am so thankful that those kids are safe and away from David. It’s a shame that Janelle continues a relationship with someone who is so negative and it’s causing her to lose her own children. She should just divorce him but it makes me wonder if he has threatened to kill her if she leaves him that would not surprise me at all. It’s a shame that people ruin their whole future over being in abusive relationships. And how women allow men to control them. I just pray that she will have the courage to get a PFA against him and eventually move on with her life. She is in such danger being around him.

    1. I agree, I was actually hoping that someone would have gone in while
      they were off the land and rescue all the animals, they are not safe
      with Demon David, he’s proven that already.

  50. I bet Jenelle is only mad because she looks bad. I honestly believe she’s relived because now she doesn’t have to worry about anyone but herself. It’s her dream. She gets all the attention she wants ( who cares that it’s negative) and she gets to get high all day.

    1. I agree. Now she can post cute pics of the kids and talk about how much she misses them, how she’s fighting for them and everyone is out to get her. But she doesn’t actually have to take care of them so she can get high and hang out with her “soulmate” all day long.

    2. ?? Jenelle literally only cares about her image, but not enough to actually fix her very messed up image. I don’t get it, I feel like it would take less energy for her to just be a decent human rather than carrying on with her bullshit and constantly lying and trying to make herself look good.

  51. HOLY SHIT. SHES GOING TO GIVE UP HER KIDS FOR THAT GUY!! The judge is going to tell her to ditch him if she ever wants her kids back and she’s not going to do it. i can see this playing out just like this.

    1. Finally, they are paying for their actions. You can only get away with so much for so long. He isn’t above the law like he’s always thought. He’s lost the things that should be the most important to him. I hope The Land is a quiet & empty place without those children & they have to actually think about what shit people they are.

    1. I totally agree with you Gaby, for now we don’t have to worry.
      Maybe Janelle will come to her senses and leave him, and divorce
      his ass for good.

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