Judge Signs Paperwork to Have Jenelle Evans’ & David Eason’s Daughters Removed From The Land (Exclusive Details)

UPDATE! The Ashley can confirm that Jenelle and David have returned to their home on The Land as of Tuesday night. While their daughters Ensley and Maryssa may be with them on The Land, The Ashley is unable to confirm where the girls are at this time…

While some sites are reporting that the family is “on the run,” The Ashley’s sources tell her that’s not the case. This is still developing so stay tuned…


The Ashley has learned that a North Carolina judge has signed off on CPS’s requests to remove the daughters of Jenelle Evans and David Eason from their home on The Land.

The Ashley‘s sources tell her that the order was signed on Monday, as was the order to keep Jenelle’s son, Kaiser, with his father Nathan Griffith until the investigation into David killing of Jenelle’s dog is completed. Kaiser will be staying with Nathan for the foreseeable future, and Nathan is due to begin his court battle for full custody of Kaiser on May 30.

The Ashley broke the news on Monday that Kaiser had been removed from Jenelle’s care by CPS on Friday.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Jenelle and David heard about the order being signed and are no longer on The Land. Ensley and Maryssa are still with Jenelle and David, from what The Ashley hears, but the family’s location is unknown at this time.

Despite what rumors are floating around, Ensley was not placed with Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans, or Jenelle’s sister Ashleigh, and Maryssa was not placed in the care of David’s family….at least, not yet.

This story is still developing so stay tuned…

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  1. The kids will be better off away from this abusive hot mess & these two losers will be happier without them. Free to smoke their weed (Jenelle), drink their booze (David) & fight to the death while staging the perfect looking life for social media. All the time in the world for Jenelle to paint herself as the victim of an unfair system while doing nothing to get her kids back.

    Except now they’ll actually have to work since she gave up her job to appease this abusive turd. Oh what a rude awakening it’ll be for a childish late 20-something who hasn’t had a real job in her life. I only hope Nathan gets it together for Kaiser & his mom is present to provide most of his care. And lord knows where Ensley will go. Not really fair for Barb to have to raise TWO of this loser’s kids.

  2. I feel sorry for jennel I think she made a big mistake marrying David and now she has to stand by him because of the marriage
    Her life has been one disaster after another .
    Best thing for her to do is divorce him and try to sort her kids lives out she’s got her mum back in her life finally ??
    Let’s hope she comes to her senses and has no more kids with this idiot

  3. I think Jenelle and her husband are being mean to them kids when the crama isn’t around. I think he hits them kids. Something wrong you can tell when their being video that the kids don’t act right. I think their kids need to stay out of the home and taking from her and him. The kids need to be somewhere were its self. No kid should have to go through that. And they shouldn’t of killed that dog. The could of done that in the right way throw the law by taking the dog somewhere were the put the dogs down at, like a vet place. Janalle and her husband shouldn’t be parents. That’s all I got to say. One more thing I think their doing drugs and drinking beer and being drunk around them kids.

  4. Does anyone remember the guy whose wife came up missing & when the social worker brought his 2 sons for a supervised visit he locked her out & blew the house up? Killing himself & the boys. Thats David In my opinion!!!

    1. Thanks Ashley for finally giving title to who has what responsibility and authority when it comes to these kids…. the JUDGE! CPS is getting blamed all throughout these posts and it only shows how misinformed people are. CPS can have as many, if not more concerns than everyone and not want a child to be in a home. Unfortunately, if a judge doesn’t have those same concerns, they can rule against the advice of CPS altogether.

  5. Janelle needs to leave his mental ass before he kills her or one of her babies!! I truly hope she dont pick that pos over her own children!! She would probably be able to get her kids back if she gets away from him and as a mother hopefully that’s what she will do because your children should always come 1st!!

  6. Radar online reporting that the two girls were surrendered to cps. I feel terrible that they have to go through this (the kids). If Janelle doesn’t step up and DO SOMETHING then she must be taking hardcore unprescribed prescription drugs

  7. Sad that she puts her husband before her children. He needs to dry out and go to therapy for anger issues. Children need not to live in household with so many issue’s. She needs to realize she needs to make better choices for her children.

  8. Great, she gets Kaiser taken away, now she’ll just pop out another one to replace him, like he replaced Jace. Can the judge sign papers to make her have her tubes tied?

    1. It’s okay, there have been a lot of jenelle posts lately. It’s hard to remember or keep track of what this bum and a half has been doing lately.

  9. Is CPS intent on taking custody of the 2 girls now, or —-

    Does Jenelle get to keep custody of the 2 girls (or just Ensley) while a more thorough “investigation” is done as long as she keeps them off The Land and away from Lurch?

    1. Maryssa isn’t even hers so I think if she gets removed Jenelle wouldn’t even have a say. How that racist crack bag has custody of her is BEYOND me.

  10. When they repo the trailer. Will they hook up to it and take it away? Or will they leave it on the land and sell it as a package?

  11. Everyone saw this coming! The children should have been removed a long time ago!!! When is Jenelle going to wake up and smell the roses??? She has ALWAYS been desperate to have ANY man in her life that she continues to make horrible choices! Barbara Evans even states herself that Jenelle was going to have to hit rock bottom and lose everything before she wised up!!!! #NOLONGERATEENMOM. #BADPARENTING

  12. This guy is an immature piece of shit,he has single handedly ruined what was left of her already screwed up life,good job David The Loser..

  13. She can’t leave him, there’s no way he would allow that. A very high percentage of domestic violence-based murders occur when the victim attempts to leave, this statistic is well documented. And David is absolutely the type that would rather she be dead than to let her walk away and cast blame in his direction.

    I guarantee you their County is meeting every day trying to decide how to handle this, and considering an armed swat response on the land. This is very likely to end with bloodshed.

    I am equally certain that David is blaming Jenelle for all of this, that he thinks the problem is with her “running her mouth” about everything. He stands by what he did to Nugget and everything he has said and done, and feels they wouldn’t be having these problems if she hadn’t gone and posted about it all.

    This is a very perilous situation for Jenelle, and send you add on top of that her lifelong ability to make any situation worse and more amplified

  14. She has literally lost everything because of him…and she’s still choosing him over her and her kids well being…she’s disgusting. She had more sense when she was strung out on heroine than she has right now.

    1. Well if she would have kept her mouth shut after the bonfire I would still have my son.
      And if you would have kept your mouth shut about the dog and stood by me, you wouldn’t have lost your job and we wouldn’t be in this situation. Where now I’m losing my daughter’s. David.

      1. maybe don’t be a freakin psycho, and you wouldn’t have your kids taken away. Racist crack bag

  15. Your children should always come first . Husbands come and go but you cant ever replace your children

  16. Why is she still with him!?!? She’s going to lose everything because of him, and he’s definitely NOT worrh it.

  17. Who here knows anything about CPS? Can they just leave the state and not have to worry about the girls being taken away?

    1. Isn’t a CPS order like a warrant? They serve it and take whoever is listed? The big ol’ pussy will probably hold that baby in front of him like a shield. I just want Monster Mom and the bully Monster to suffer. Everyone else has…small children and animals.

  18. You lost your job, he killed your dog, and now you lost your kids. Girl get out, how many excuses do you need?

    1. No, you can’t ignore a court order signed by a judge in one state just because you skip and run off to another state. It may take a bit more time because they have to work with the authorities in the other state to apprehend you, but they will go after you. Usually they tack on additional charges for you taking off across state lines and avoiding the court order. I have covered legal and political issues for years. They will only make things worse if they don’t cooperate.

      1. Authorities said they won’t go on The Land so if David and Janelle weren’t given the papers how do they know there is an order from CPS to take the children? Can’t they just say they didn’t know about the order?

  19. A narc cares a lot about himself, he will sooner point a gun at JE cause she is not his precious blood than commit suicide.

    1. Hope she puts it on here YouTube channel, that clickbait I would wash.
      Here that J&D film all of these and clickbait it and we will get people to watch it.

      1. Watch lol sorry it’s so hard to post a comment with my broke phone and pop up Jenelle adds every where they won’t stop I’m about to give up and stay on Twitter.

  20. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    Would like updates Please, he’s a crazy man.

    1. If they run and they don’t would be a miracle.just watched real crime tonight same situation, guy got 8 year and them he got a different lawyer and they convinced the jury and the Judge he really wasn’t going to kill them he got attempt 2nd murder and kidnapping and they let him out just gave him probation.

  21. Attempted and/or completed murder/suicide in 3…2….

    David won’t give those girls up without a fight. I am legit scared for them that we’ll be seeing them in a crazy stand off on the news or something.

  22. I’d love to ve a fly in the wall wherever these two fools are right now. I could just imagine David’s psychotic ramblings!

    1. Whad are you tawkin ’bout
      Dem judges be using dem talking words
      Im fittin to fill this place with uppercuts if they think they comin on MY LAND (that my wife paid for)

      He must do a wonderful job homeschooling his daughter

  23. Even if they take the kids. All they have to do is take a parental classes and pass a drug test. At least that’s all they have to do where I live. When they get the kids back. All they will do is home visits.

    1. Are all of the animals on The Land just left to starve to death? Can they be charged for neglect for leaving the animals without care on top of all the other charges?

    2. Hey now, don’t forget about the five anger classes they may have to take ?
      You’re right, they claim that they’re goal is to reunite the child and parent in the meantime the tax payers are funding their bootleg “ case plan.”

      I had a project in school that gave me three file cases from archives ( no name or personal info) my cases happen to be from cps , I was to find discrepancies with the accused , there was just as many from the case workers! I was always left with a sour taste for them after that. Since all of this has been happening with Jenelle I’m realizing there’s a whole lot people less than impressed with cps all over. Children deserve so much better protection than a half ass plan from the county.

    3. That and a bit of anger management where David will manipulate the situation so that it looks like he cares.

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    It’s really sad that an innocent animal died, but this may be the catalyst that needed to happen for CPS to recognize the danger these children were in and legally step in. Finally.

  25. Holy shit. Honestly, I’m praying I don’t see them on the news in a bad way. This is next level scary. She needs to get away from him. None of these hoes care about their kids as they should!!! All about whatever man is in their life! BE A FUCKING MOTHER

  26. I hope they find the truth. I think they are both on meth or heroin. They may try to dry out but their crazy keeps getting..nwell crazier.

  27. This is GREAT news, I hope they are able to find the girls safely. I will never understand Jenelle’s thought process… let me lose my “beloved” dog, my only real source of income, AND lose all three of my children but no I’ll only consider divorce if he doesn’t agree to go to counseling (which I can guarantee they aren’t really doing, just another lie) I do not seeing this getting any better but I hope they can get all the animals and children away before David and jenelle self-destruct.

    1. They’re not going to any counseling, they’re broke! Counseling is expensive, and I would truly be shocked if they have any health insurance.

  28. A judge signed the order, but these poor defenseless children are still unsafe and at the mercy of these two unhinged idiots on the run, and no doubt — with guns.

    I swear, all things being equal Jenelle was far better off with Keiffer. He was an unemployed druggie just like David, but at least he didn’t beat her and was always sweet and playful as I can remember with Jace who was her only child at the time.

    Continued prayers for Ensley and Maryssa.

  29. Prayers for all the children. I hope All the children are removed and I pray Jenelle gets it together and open her eyes and walk away for ever. For her self and her children, he is not worth it. Her love of her children should be top priority over a man

  30. Wouldn’t be the least surprised if David booby trapped “the Land.” A bomb squad should be sent to rescue the animals that have been abused and abandoned. Sadly, this may end in a murder-suicide or shoot out. Thank God that Jace and Kaiser are safe, and praying that Ensley and Maryssa will escape physically unscathed.

    1. They’re going to act as if they have no idea that the girls are no longer in their (J&D) custody. Once authorities officially inform these two idiots, yes, they can issue a warrants if Jenelle and David fail to comply. It’s only a matter of time before they surface , authorities are going to let friends and family know that if they’re hiding anything they’re going to be charged with obstructing, etc. Don’t forget we are talking about two morons , I don’t think it will be too long.

    2. That’s what I was thinking. If they don’t surrender the girls, it’s kidnapping. And, both will be charged and arrested. It seems like the authorities are going to get all the kids out first, arrest David and (now) possibly Jenelle, and go on the land and do a clean sweep and remove all weapons and ammo. And, have animal control come get all the animals. They want the kids gone first, and the both crazies, before they go onto the land and remove everything. David will be charged big time and be in jail. Not ever to own a weapon again.

      1. It’s not kidnapping if they don’t surrender the girls. It would most likely be obstruction and what you’re talking about is an episode of Law & Order. None of what you’re talking about would happen.

    1. Something tells me this is not going to end well. So scared for those two little girls. Poor Maryssa is going to be scarred for life (if she makes it out alive).

      1. Poor Maryssa is right. David is a royal fuckhead for what he’s doing to her mind. Her mom is a drug addict and her dad is David. She’s totally fucked unless maybe Carly’s adopted parents will take her too lol

    2. She’s more assed about milking a goat at the moment than losing her kids. Wtf. look at her ig.

  31. They want to be the modern day Bonnie and Clyde. This will be great for their Marriage Bootcamp profile.

  32. when the producers kept bringing up David’s threats, Jenelle kept saying “but he apologized.” She is mentally stunted at 10 yrs old.

      1. i agree. she is absolutely borderline – like a textbook case. for some reason, you won’t get any support for that opinion here or on any other teen mom site – but you are absolutely correct. she has been abused and she is living in a cycle of abuse. everyone acts like barb is a saint, but this mom didn’t get her method of parenting and living in chaos from the wind. it’s a family dynamic. the chaos is familiar to J. so she thrives when things are like this. it feels like love and home.

  33. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    They want to be the modern day Bonnie and Clyde. This will be great for their Marriage Bootcamp profile.

  34. At leas ONE judge in North Carolina had the fortitude to take on David and Janelle. They have gotten away with just about everything they have ever been brought to court for. They have skirted the judicial system for years now.

    1. David was in jail, cell sharing with jenelles ex husband courtland and then when he got out he tracked her down. That’s weird. Courtland must of talked about her to him and then he goes and hunts her out and marries her. Creepy.

  35. These two are so self destructive and soooo stupid! Jenelle really thought ( the call from last nights show) Larry was going to bring back David in order to film her, her bluff was the worst ever. I hope they both go to jail and have an outrageous bond for this on the run stunt.

    1. She really did seem to believe that! He probably believed all along that if he made enough trouble, they’d cave and take him back.
      Finally, finally, these two are seeing ALL the karma.

  36. I hope that Barbara and Jace have left their home and are hiding out until David and Janelle are apprehended. David is such a nut he may go to Barbara’s house. The same goes for Nathan and little Kaiser…… they too should be hard to find. Janelle and David know no bounds.

    1. It’s messed up that all these other families and people are now affected by psycho David. That they will need 24/7 police watch on their homes at all times, until David and Jenelle are arrested and locked away.

    2. No David would never do that.
      David could careless about Jace & especially Kaiser, they are not his kids. He is probably telling Jenelle its not big deal.
      But now Ensley & Maryssa will be taken, well now he runs & refuses to give them up.

    3. This. I’m scared for not just the two girls, but the extended family. I hope they’re all smart enough to get out of their homes for now.

  37. Maryssa and Endley both need to go to a safe place away from Jenelle. Jenelle is not going to stay away from David. David is not in his right mind!! If Jenelle stays on the land or goes on the run with David-David could possibly hurt them, I don’t think he’d harm himself because he thinks too highly of himself.

  38. I see a lot of comments saying they are “on the run”- TheAsh posted on Twitter that is *not* what she is saying, just that they are not currently at home. Earlier a few mags were reporting that Jenelle and Ensley were staying at a friend’s house. Police have said that they will not step foot on ‘The Land’, so I’m assuming the entire reason it’s known they aren’t home is because Jenelle has told people that. On a positive note, if it does turn out that they actually are “on the run”, based on the prior statements Jenelle more than likely has her phone on her. With a subpoena to her wireless carrier, Law Enforcement has the ability to get current, updated GPS locations. If they feel the kids are in danger they will be able to figure out where she is. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get to that point. I’m very worried for everyone’s safety. This just proves the obvious: Jenelle is so dependent on having a man in her life he could literally kill her pets, get her fired from her job, and get her children taken away and she will still put him first. People like that don’t deserve custody- a child is ALWAYS a parent’s priority! I hope that the kids will be safe and out of this nightmare for good.

  39. They have to be shacked up in a hotel somewhere, not like these two have ANY friends or allies to help them out. This is going to end badly..Side note, now would be the time to take all the animals off the land that these two just deserted.

      1. If they ARE on the run (aka absconding) can’t they issue an amber alert? They’ve done that plenty of times for custody issues.

  40. Jenelle is on FB with the usual “don’t believe the rumors” nonsense. Maybe that means she is using her phone and can be traced.

    We all knew that David was not going to let the girls go without a fight. This is horrific. Hope they surrender the girls safely, but I’m not holding my breath. At least Ensley is still a baby, but Maryssa is old enough to know what’s going on and how unhinged her dad is becoming. I feel the worst for her.

    1. Its about time! He is a loser and. Janelle plays poor her! No pitty from this side. Her poor kids. Tjank god for her mom keeping Jace and hopefully Nathan gets his son! That scum bag is going to kill them all!

  41. I’m so scare my prediction is coming true. Google Blind Justice, I believe it when happened close to there.
    Maryssa has to be so scared.
    I guess the animals are next.

  42. So they’re on the run? I hope they are caught before David kills a cop while yelling that no one’s gonna take his family away from him and he is “protecting” his family. Speaking of that, those kids will be traumatized for life thanks to those two idiots, and on a smaller scale, way to teach your daughters to obey the law and own up to responsibilities! Ensley’s like 2 and she’s already brainwashed to hate the police.

  43. Now all of the children are out of that house of horrors!! Jenelle please open your eyes and leave David for your own good.

    1. Yet. Ensley and Marissa are still in the care of Jenelle and David. J&D took off with the girls when they found out CPS was taking the kids. So they are basically being held hostage by two psychopaths

  44. The good news is that Kaiser gets to stay with Nathan for now and hopefully permanently. The bad news is that both girls are now being held hostage. I get a murder suicide vibe about that. This whole thing is gonna end up bad. Is there a bolo out already? I can see them ditching the car and going into the woods.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      Ava, unfortunately, I have the EXACT same feeling. As much as I dislike Jenelle and her horrible decisions (over YEARS), it makes me sad to see someone’s life spinning SO out of control. Those poor kids…..Yeah…….I don’t see this ending well at all.

    2. I have said it time and time again. Look up fritz Klenner. He ‘married’ his cousin and acted a lot like him. Everyone was out to get him. The family was his to protect.

      1. Blind Justice!!
        That’s him. I have felt this since day one.
        I have had the sick in your gut feeling this is how it’s going down from the beginning.
        It even had a dentist just in a different capacity.

  45. oh man they are making it sooo much worse if they are legitimately running. David is going to be put behind bars for a long time at the end of this i just know it.

  46. Oh my god this is awful.I don’t like Jenelle,never have but right now she and those kids are in the worst kind of danger.I want the kids safe.I will never ever like her champion her or understand why she has let things get to this,but I don’t want to read in the next few days that she’s dead and this is looking like a murder/suicide situation.The fact they’ve gone on the run makes me feel he’s gonna do something awful.

    1. I hope they are running. Just adds more charges and a stronger case for the state to remove those kiddos for the long term.

  47. So they’ve left all their animals to fend foe themselves while they evade the law? Holy shit, those poor girls! The young ones I mean. Fuck Jenelle.

  48. Holy crap…I hope they get those kids away quick. David reminds me of a family annihilator…and this would trigger his anger terribly so.

    1. At least ONE judge in North Carolina had the balls to take these two on. They have been skirting the law and BS’ing the judicial system for years now.

  49. Well obviously they are going to run… you should have swooped in for all 3 at the same time

  50. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    This isn’t going to end well!!

  51. Jenelles sis confirmed this on another site I guess but come on…. they can find these idiots. They better do it soon before someone gets hurt. Issue warrants DO something….put out BOLOs or endangered child alerts!!!

  52. Yikes. So Jenelle and the girls are alone and in an unknown location with a possibly very angry David? Anybody else thinks that’s scary?

  53. I have a terrible feeling that this is gonna be bad. I hope they get those two kids out of there safely and in a way that isnt so traumatizing. But I’m sure it’s going to be terrible for them. Take the animals too!! I dont care if jenelle and David kill eachother just get all the innocent animals and children out of there!!!

    1. Thank God for those kids but they have so many animals out there that they need to be taken away too! If They are on the run what about all the animals?

      1. You think those 2 give any shits about their animals? Animal control won’t even step foot on their property because of David, and he’s the psycho type to booby trap the property for when/if cops do show up. David’s been escalating bad, and I totally don’t put it past him to have all this planned out. This isn’t going to end well.

    2. Dear God, please find the girls and protect them until they can be rescued from these two evil morons.

  54. CPS has really be slacking, but I’m so happy these trash ass parents can no longer abuse these children!

  55. David definitely as the family on the run. Those poor girls. I hope they’re found safe.

    1. The only positive thing is if they are actually on the run (and I’m not sure they are- TheAsh posted on Twitter that’s not what she’s saying, just that they aren’t home), is that Jenelle’s not super bright and likely has her phone on her per usual. If things were bad enough that the police felt there was danger to the children, they can subpoena the wireless carrier to turn over real-time GPS data (usually the location is updated every several minutes through the system LEO uses), and will be able to locate her.

  56. Here it goes… shits gonna hit the fan, and it’s not going to be good. Prayers for those poor girls, and I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but for Jenelle too. This guy has been her downfall. Yeah, she was always a hot mess, and a shitty mom, but this guy is just pure evil.

    1. Appears that way. I’m so scared for those kids. They are going to be even more traumatized by this horrible experience

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