Cops Head to Jenelle Evans’ House After 911 Caller Accuses David Eason of Killing Jenelle’s Dog: More Details


Jenelle posted to her Facebook that she was “feeling devastated” on Tuesday…


Cops are once again at The Land, and Jenelle Evans‘ husband David Eason is back under police investigation after a caller contacted the Columbus County police department via 911 to report that David allegedly killed the Teen Mom 2 star’s dog.

Radar Online broke the news on Tuesday that a “panicked” male caller phoned in the claim and was referred to the non-emergency number. (Just to clarify this “male” was not Jenelle’s oldest son Jace, as he is currently on vacation with Barbara Evans. It was also not Jenelle’s younger son Kaiser.)

The Sheriff’s Department confirmed to Radar that the call took place.

“A call was made today, and it was relayed that the woman’s husband had killed her dog. The Sheriff is out there right now investigating and there will be an incident report filed later.”

The Ashley‘s sources tell her that Jenelle’s Frenchie mix puppy, Nugget, was the dog that was (allegedly) killed, and he died after (allegedly) being shot.


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Just a swingin

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The alleged dog murder allegedly happened on Monday night after the dog allegedly snapped at Jenelle’s daughter Ensley. Since that time, Jenelle has been posting to her social media accounts that she is “devastated” and “sad.” While many ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans assumed that Jenelle was reacting to the episode of the show that aired on Monday night– in which David put a stop to Jenelle’s trip to Kentucky with her son Jace– it appears that her posts may have been about this alleged incident.

Jenelle also changed her relationship status on Facebook to “separated” and unfollowed David on Instagram. 

David and Jenelle got Nugget in August 2018. On the day David “introduced” the dog on his Instagram account, fans were already skeptical that Nugget would be alive for very long.


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These dog days got us hanging out the window cooling off! Everyone meet Nugget the Frenchie!

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“STOP getting animals. They never make it with you people,” one person wrote in the comment section of the post.

“They don’t need or deserve dogs,” another person wrote.

As The Ashley told you on Monday, Jenelle recently had a secret phone call with a VP of MTV in which she was given another chance to be part of the show, despite David’s antics causing the crew to be unable to film. The Ashley is not sure if and how the latest accusations against David will affect that decision, but The Ashley has reached out to MTV for comment on this story.

UPDATE! Click the links below to read the latest news regarding this story!

David admits to killing Nugget; Jenelle posts tribute to the dead dog

Jenelle gives first on-the-record interview on Nugget’s murder, reveals how kids are dealing with it



  1. Poor janelle…so desperate for a man that she isn’t able to make decisions for herself. Leave this piece of shit before you are the next victim…or worse one of your kids are!!!

  2. WHY is this man allowed near children or animals? He belongs in a cage! I don’t get why he hasn’t been arrested and how cps hasn’t taken those poor children away from him! If janelle stays with him or put some her children in harms way then she belongs in a cage also. I’ve never commented but now I can’t stop myself! Cos and law Enforcement get him and put him away! He has already threatened the FBI and said he would shoot anyone if they come through his gates! My god he I sent going to kill someone in his family one day!!!!! The man is a danger to society! PLEASE DONT LET HIM GET AWAY WITH ANYMORE!

  3. David eason should be arested and locked in jail and throw away the key and his saucy girfriend should join him and let themand have a happy dumpey miserable life.

  4. You have to teach children how to treat animals. And a 2 yr old needs watched
    That poor lil’ pup.

  5. I have to share what a friend (a life long multiple dog owner) just shared with me

    The VERY FIRST thing a dog needs to know when you bring it home is who is in charge! That’s what the dog WANTS TO KNOW.

    Through careful, kind but firm training, you SHOW the dog that you are leader.

    If no human steps into the leader role RIGHT AWAY, well guess what….. there’s a new sheriff in town

    And it doesn’t matter the size or breed from chihuahua to Great Dane, this is what will happen in every case. The dog will own that f*uckin house!

    If that dog hurt the child, it’s the adults fault because that dog was ALLOWED to do so.

  6. Ok I know I just posted but I have so many questions.

    1. If he shit the dog because the dog was attacking his kid does that mean that he grabbed a gun as this was happening and shot the dog as the attack was taking place? If so, couldn’t he have shot his own kid by accident????

    2. He keeps his guns loaded and at the ready with those little kids in there???

    3. If the dog bit or nipped or hurt the kid somehow, then AFTERWARDS he decided to shoot the dog, that means he had the time to think about what he was about to do to the animal. And did it anyway.

    All of these scenarios scare me to my core

  7. This is such a dark story. Reports are that she’s out of the house. Hopefully she will use this time to spend some real money on REAL security, actual bodyguards (like ex commandos) who will jump in front of her when that maniac husband of hers comes for her. I’m actually scared for her. I’m scared that while she’s away, this nutbag is on the land, all by himself, talking to his guns while he cleans and loads them. This is a very scary individual. Janelle is at def-con 5.

    I make no excuses for her at all. She needs help for sure. But I think she is in the grips of a dangerous man and I am absolutely 100% sure that she is fully aware of how precarious her situation is.

    His beard tells me everything I need to know about him.

  8. Just read on TMZ cops went to perform a welfare check Tuesday night and dumbass David said the dog was alive but would not show them the dog so there is nothing they can do unless Jenelle files charges

    1. Wtf North Carolina police?!?! David ADMITTED he killed nugget, maybe the PD will act when it’s a child (Kaiser) who is shot next. I’m infuriated by every part of this story and if nothing comes from this I’m fucking done.

  9. What psycho just shoots a god like that? Is he that ignorant oh I forgot HE is. Clearly he’s never heard of an animal shelter. Someone without kids could have adopted him. She needs to get out before it’s her he hurts! She’s probably too scared and he definitely has a lot of dirt on her but who cares jenelle! Leave him!

  10. The kids have no training. The dogs have no training. The dog didn’t even puncture the skin. I have dogs and I teach them. My dogs have snapped at my children. I punished the dog and I talked to the child. It’s all about teaching. It’s the Wild West on the land. Ensley seems to have something going on neurological.

  11. So he has now admitted it online and ne provides a pic of Ensley’s face which has no bite mark. There has to be something done about this now. This is unacceptable. He could have taken the dog to shelter ffs

  12. What is he going to do if Jace or Kaiser hit Ensley, as brothers/sisters typically do that kind of stuff. Especially Kai since he’s so little. And DouchebagDavid already hates that kid since he’s a mini-Nathan.

    I hope this is Jenelle’s rock bottom. Because the next time, she or one of the kids is going to be severely injured or dead. He has shown a pattern of escalation over their time together.

  13. My first thought when I read this was that he was waiting for any excuse to kill that dog as a means to hurt Jenelle. Watching the video he posted only confirmed my suspicion! Why else would he record himself ALLOWING his daughter to disrespect the dog’s boundaries, especially when the dog is visibly uncomfortable. He wanted to have video of the dog “biting” her so he could try to have the excuse. This poor dog never stood a chance. So so sad.

    1. Right, why was he videotaping in that moment???? It doesn’t sound like he was taping them as they were playing. And when the dog reacted to her by nipping (or whatever it actually did) he didn’t drop the camera and run over to the situation. If that were me, you’d be heard me react. Something like “oh my god “ and camera would drop. But David, continues the tape and I hear min say very calmly “oh no, child”. Wtf???

      1. In fact, he was saying “Good Nug, good Nug”…. then the camera dropped. So I believe he was setting up the dog. When he videotaped the dog he said “Get ‘em Nug”! Just about every time!

  14. This is no longer funny. This is no longer entertainment, this is life or death. This man is going to kill her and those children!!!! Jenelle for the love of God if you are reading this leave him please!!!! Why aren’t authorities doing more. So many red flags. That man has an arsenal, he is incredibly dangerous. Please remove those children from the premise. Why isn’t MTV producers doing more?? I’m sure they have ton of footage that show how dangerous David is why isn’t more being done to protect Janelle and those kids.

  15. #1 most normal people know that a puppy has to be integrated into a home. Especially if children live there. You don’t just bring a puppy into a big house with kids, and expect it to act like a well behaved family pet!!!!

    #2 small breeds can be less tolerant and should always be monitored around small children who have a tendency to play rough with pets and get right up in their faces. The dog was behaving as a normal dog would behave. If this did not work for them, then rehome the dog. Period.

    #3. No normal person would consider shorting the dog as an option. No way. He was glad he had a “reason” to shoot the dog. Only a parent in the throws of an actual dog attack would consider grabbing a gun and blowing the dog away. This video does not show an emergency situation

    #4. This is a man who is exhibiting “escalating “ abusive behaviors. It’s getting worse and worse. She should leave with the kids, the clothes on her back, and hide because no restraining order will keep him from her. I know people like this. They don’t give a f*ck. Especially when they’re angry.

    1. Perfectly said. Also, on his IG he literally said “sometimes worth killing people”. Everyone involved with this shitshow had better watch their backs.

    2. He seems like the type that once Jenelle leaves, he’ll really have nothing to lose…and being crazy and having nothing to lose don’t mix well together. He’s a horrible person, and we don’t know what else he’s capable of, and I honestly don’t want to find out…The thing with Jenelle though, is she always seems to find a guy worse than her previous boyfriend. Kieffer she went to Nathan, and Nathan she went to David…she’s constantly downgrading and putting her kids in danger.

      1. Idk if I’d say Nathan was a downgrade from Keifah. No prize, but not in jail for operating a meth lab out of his apartment, owned more than one tank top (green hoodie) employed. Sad when that’s the “better person” criteria

  16. Jenelle and David can go get fucked. I dont wanna hear how shes a victim. Shes complicit in this shit. Lets hope her childs not next.

  17. Twat has disabled his comments, but there are some well deserved hate on there ( hence the disablement of anymore backlash comments )

  18. Lets see if the police will do ANYTHING.

    He was NOT protecting his family, it wasnt a huge wild animal or a huge dog

    Why not pick the up & tie him up until you can take it to a shelter?

    But make sure you get more animals for your “homestead”

    1. The 911 dispatcher wouldn’t tell a child to call back on a different non-emergency number, she would take the call. I suspect it was an adult that called this in.

  19. Who was the “panicked male” who made the call? My 1st thought was Jace but another poster said he was “allegedly” not there? Do you think Nathan’s mom taught Kai how to dial 911?

    1. Jace is with Barb on a cruise. Best guesses are that it was Jamie’s husband Chris who called 911. The better question is: why didn’t JENELLE call 911? She’s so devastated but didn’t call herself? I’m sick over the whole thing. He’s a sociopath, she’s a narcissist. Those poor kids are his next targets; he was just using Bighead as an excuse to kill something. He’s been itching to shoot a living creature for a long time now. I wonder how long the state of NC will drag their feet before they take his firearms? He’s dangerous and unstable.

  20. Im not sticking up for him just asking, is the dog really dead or is this a lie that somebody created? If it is true how is killing a dog better than giving him to an adoption center? What horrible people. Did anyone see that video where the lady just tossed puppies near a dumpster?? Sick people.

    1. Both Jenelle and David have now publicly said Nugget is dead. David admitted to killing him and feels no remorse.

    2. He posted on his Instagram that he admitted it.
      It shows a video of the tiny dog snapping & the 2 year old crying & then a pic of the kids face, her cheek was red but that could be from crying. But no broken skin.

      He could have just picked up the dog & tied it up outside until they can take it to a shelter or something.
      That would be to rational & a typical bully will go to violence instead of thinking

  21. Is there a petition we can sign or someone we can contact to get those animals out of there? CPS has let the children down multiple times, but maybe an animal rescue group could at least save some innocent lives and ensure there are no animals on the land for the children to watch be murdered in front of their eyes.

  22. Does anyone know if he will b charged criminally for shooting the dog. I can’t imagine it is legal for a person to shoot their dog in any state. That is animal abuse!

  23. David posted the video of the “biting” incident. Ensley is on the couch with the dog and she is all over him while he cowers and tries to pull away with his ears back. Instead of recognizing this as an obvious sign that Nugget is stressed and scared, David just continues filming and allows Ensley to get in the puppy’s face. That poor thing snapped at her because it was the only thing to do. The picture David posted of the “bite” is at best a scratch. Nugget obviously wasn’t trying to hurt her. And who the f&;k records something like this without intervening?! He claimed this has happened before, so WTF was Ensley allowed to be on the couch with the dog? He was looking for an excuse to kill that puppy. He could have regimes it, taken it to a shelter, train it, etc. He wanted this to happen. Disgusting.

  24. I don’t think any child should be hurt for any reason…
    But any responsible dog owner could see from david the douchebags video that Ensley was really intimidating Nugget. The dogs body language is so blatantly saying LITTLE HUMAN IS TOO CLOSE AND SCARING ME.
    So the ADULT FILMING should have put the damn phone down and moved the child away from the wee terrified dog. Ensley is a little child she’s gonna pull and nark the dog but again the ADULTS are the ones who need to set FAIR boundaries for both the dog and child. Minute I seen the vid on his Instagram it said yep that dog is gonna react.

    It ain’t rocket science. RIP wee doggy, I hope you’re happier over that rainbow bridge than living in that hellhole

    I hope we aren’t passing on condolences on a child in a month or two. 😩😩😩

  25. Update: both Jenelle and David addressed this and DAvid justified it with a video where he was letting this kid get in the dogs face. Dog barks then he acts like she was bit but there is no mark. He’s scum!

  26. I just can’t with these two anymore. Their life is sick and twisted!!!! I cannot imagine what living with these two lunatics would actually be like.

  27. My first and terrible thought, is thank god the dog was shot and wasn’t tortured by this lunatic. Who knows what happened to it before hand though.
    This is so upsetting. Jenelle has proven time and time again that she is an animal abuser as we have seen the horrific conditions her “pets” live in while with her. I can only imagine how much worse David is.
    What the fuck MTV.
    Also Jenelle shut the fuck up about not needing any drama – get your life together and stay off the internet – problem solved.

  28. If the dog snapped at Ensley at all, David wouldn’t give a shit. Trying to flip this into protecting his daughter-please. He shot the dog because he wanted to shoot the dog. Even if the dog snapped at her big tough David couldn’t get this little dog under control and had to shoot it? He got enjoyment out of it and was most likely a “lesson” he taught Jenelle. Her reaction is updating social media to separated? What a pos.

    1. My thoughts exactly…he’s been trigger happy, and has been EAGER to murder something…I also think it’s a control tactic he’s using. He loves fear mongering… He posted a video of Nugget “biting” Ensley…Ensley was in that dogs personal space, and instead of David saying get out of the dogs face, he was encouraging her…saying good girl..the dog gave her a warning nip. Instead of shooting the dog, he should have re-homed it, and he needs to teach his kids to stay out of animals faces!

  29. Ain’t no way in hell I would film with or anywhere near Jenelle after this…MTV needs to FIRE her, and call it a day. Their film crew is not safe. It needs to be a wrap.

  30. This is absolutely AWFUL…That poor dog! Absolutely unforgivable. Deloris needs to work in overdrive to get Kaiser OUT OF THERE…They’re lucky it wasn’t one of the kids he shot. David posted on his IG, that it is true….he killed that poor dog, when all he had to do was re-home it.

  31. Ok so what do we think her cover story to defend David will be? Did Nugget find a gun just laying around and go after Ensley with it? Was he holding her hostage and David had to save her by shooting first? Did he think nugget was a violent criminal or trespasser?

  32. Omg poor Marissa is probably stuck over there scared out of her mind cause you know David wouldn’t let her leave with Jenelle.

    1. I was right. Nathan tried to find Jenelle and MTV told him she was at a friend a house with Ensley and Kaiser. So Marissa was left behind.

  33. I have zero doubt that the day MTV finally decides to let Jenelle go, with no more TM cash coming in to finance THE LAND and this sick moron’s arsenal of weapons, he’ll be pointing one of his assault rifles at HER stupid ass.

    But by then we all know there’ll be no time left for her to change her Facebook status back to single (for the millionth time).

    Let’s all please continue to pray for those innocent children.

    1. At this point the kids is all I’m praying for there. I thought of her as a victim until she allowed him to beat her child. Then she was just as bad as David.

  34. Both of them are psychopaths. Jax kills baby chicks and JE thinks it’s funny and normal, Nugget snaps at free range child not monitored properly around dog and David sees the opportunity he has waited for to really show ‘who is boss’ and what happens to any living being that doesn’t obey him blindly.
    This is intimidation and control.
    Next time it will be a human life.
    Everyone that can should petition for emergency custody when the police report plus other recent events is enough.
    Jenelle is NOT a victim by the looks of her social media posts. They are Bonny & Clyde.

  35. Jenelle is already posting on Twitter that she didn’t run away from home, didn’t know she had any visitors (aka cops) at her house, and doesn’t know what happened on her property..Smdh! Didn’t take long for her to start backtracking and defending that moron she calls a husband!

    1. She drives me crazy with her sh*t. She posts online that she is “separated” obviously so people will see it and then when people ask her about it she wants to be left alone. How about not changing your relationship status and just STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA and then people won’t ask you anything.

    2. She just posted that she’s devastated on IG. I mean, I know losing a pet is so hard, but unless she files for divorce TODAY, it’s hard to have any empathy or sympathy for her. I feel way more sorry for that poor puppy than her. Plus David posted a video of Ensley ALL IN Nuggets face, trying to justify why he did what he did…the dog gave her a warning nip. Ensley had no business being in that puppies face in the first place…instead of telling her to get out of the dogs face, or removing the dog…he resorted to shooting it. I hope there are FINALLY going to be some real repercussions.

  36. I don’t feel the slightest bit of pity for Jenelle. Absolutely none. She has always stood by her precious HUZBIN time and time again and has always defended his disgraceful actions in one way or another. It is the innocent kids and the menagerie of various pets that I feel sorry for. They have no one in their corner, showing concern for their safety and well-being.

    But we all know that this flea will get away with it. My fear is that Kaiser will be the one who’s actually next in the firing line. All it would take is for Kaiser to snatch back his food from Ensley (we all know she steals his food..) and for DogKiller Dave to see it, take aim and pull the trigger.

  37. David is truly a disgusting asshole, and I wish someone would shoot his ass. I will no longer watch teen mom if janelle is not fired. Neither one of these white trash losers deserve the honor of owning any dogs or cats, actually any live animals or children. This is soo sad and disturbing.. FIRE JANELLE OR LOSE A HUGE PORTION OF VIEWERS.

  38. I can’t even read the article. The title was enough to make me sick to my stomach. I hate that sick SOB. As long as they are on the MTV payroll, I will be boycotting any and all shows on MTV. Haven’t watched Teen Mom in ages. That show has run it’s course.

  39. Waiting patiently to see how Jenelle will label this one as a “misunderstanding” like all his other psychotic actions.

  40. I’m so confused. I lived in N. Carolina for many years and I applied for a gun permit only to be denied for a petty shoplifting charge when I was like 18 in another state that was non violent etc. How the F can these idiots keep getting away with murder? I live in the “live free or die” state now and couldn’t get away with what these 2 do?!?!?! Idk why CPS hasn’t done anything more then close their cases!?!? I’ve lived there they do investigate and open cases(Charlotte) they suck but come on these fools are on tv and in the news…. I do know in some states you have to shoot your animal if it attacks but idk about NC so maybe he made that sorry excuse to keep his ass outta trouble? I’ve never heard of a frenchie attacking either?

  41. I wish they would but Barbara kind of irked me when talking to jenelle about the custody stuff. She talked like he was ridiculous for doing this stuff when she’s the one who told Nathan how horrible David is to Kaiser in the first place. I get her not trying to rock the boat but she can listen and converse without saying things inferring it’s a stupid idea.

  42. Wow. It was a little dog too. I imagined a giant pit or something 🙁 What a fucking reject. Put his ass in prison for animal cruelty NOW.

  43. This is so disturbing on so many levels! David’s behavior keeps escalating and nothing is being done to protect those innocent children and animals. He is a ticking time bomb and it is all going to blow up soon.

  44. I hope someone is going to feed/give water to all of the animals that are trapped on the swamp……

  45. Barb, Nathan, go get those boys. Barb, while you’re there, get Ensley as well, or one (or all) of them will be next…

    Horrifying doesn’t even begin to describe what their childhoods must be like…

    1. This is one of the most decent comments you have ever made
      And I agree with it 100%

      RIP nugget😦😢

  46. And even though Jace wasn’t there (allegedly), I imagine the kids at school will alllll be talking about how his step-father shot a dog. Can you imagine how 1) scared he must be to go back to that house? and 2) how badly his school life is from having Jenelle and David doing all this psycho stuff and having it all over the internet?

  47. I hope Jenelle is reading these comments, please please leave this man. It will never get better. You and your kids deserve more than this.

    1. I really hope he pays the price for this the pos, he should not be allowed near kids or any animals.

      I bet he’s abused that little pupster before too.

      Today a defenceless animal tomorrow a human.

      Most killers start off my abusing and killing poor animals.

      I pray he gets what’s coming, I hope she has all the kids and animals removed adap.

      RIP little nugget

  48. Sad to say but I won’t be surprised if he gets away with it. They get away with EVERYTHING. He’ll say it was to protect Ensley and Jenelle will back him up. I know she changed her status to “separated” right now, but they’ll be back together within a week and she’ll lie for him. I HOPE I’m wrong, but idk. She’s got enough money to have lawyers good enough to get her out of everything else, why not this?

  49. They live surrounded by guns and ammo without any safety precautions. She allows him to beat her kids. He threatened strangers and choked a pregnant woman. Did anything think this wouldn’t end up in a death? Cps didn’t notice when kaiser was covered in bruises or being videoed on mtv being abused. Maybe peta can do what cps wouldn’t.

  50. They allow their daughter to be a brat. You can tell she has no boundaries. (Just like her parents) I’m sure she was messing with the dog. As a child like her would do… The dog nipped at her and instead of them being parents and making it a teachable moment….. the dog is dead.

    Glad Jace wasn’t there. Keep it up…All the more reasons for Kaiser to be with his dad. Hopefully this just helps him get there sooner.

  51. Oh yeah, that sure looks like a dangerous dog that had to be shot dead on the spot. SO good that David always has his gun belted on…..what a total pice of crap he is, and we know Jenelle will be back in a couple days, explaining how in reality, David SAVED Ensley’s life! She is beyond hopeless, however, MTV really should see this as THE END of their employing Jenelle and supporting this total trailer park trash she is so proud ot have married.

    1. They live surrounded by guns and ammo without any safety precautions. She allows him to beat her kids. He threatened strangers and choked a pregnant woman. Did anything think this wouldn’t end up in a death? Cps didn’t notice when kaiser was covered in bruises or being videoed on mtv being abused. Maybe peta can do what cps wouldn’t.

  52. Hopefully she can get all the children and animals out of there in time before we see this headline again, but with many more victims.

    1. Lol Jenelle doesn’t care about the children, and much less the animals. I think that’s been proven over and over with how she’s treated her past pets (dozens of them dead or given away or just fate unknown) and how she treats her children.
      She is not their saviour and never will be.

  53. Ok now David has killed her dog. She needs to get away from him or the next article we’ll be reading will probably be about him hurting one of the kids or killing her. David is mentally I’ll and probably taking drugs. SCARY

  54. I seen this coming way back when they got together. We all talked openly about him being bad news. Now ideology is becoming reality.

  55. This is disgusting. That poor dog. I don’t even know what to say except it wasn’t unexpected unfortunately. Im sick to my stomach.

  56. Fire them MTV. They are trash not to mention child and animal abusers. Didn’t he just abuse a pig a couple weeks ago? The cast needs to stop filming if she isn’t fired. There is no show with just Jenelle and Briana. He harasses the cast and is a threat to everyone in general. I hope all those kids get taken too. Kaiser can go with Nathan and Maryssa should go back to her mom. Barb needs to put a stop to allowing Jace to go over there too. I wonder if the dog even really snapped at Ensley or if that’s just the story they’re going with.

  57. Nathan needs full custody of Kaiser. Jenelle is dumb and a child abusing hoe. I hope CPS takes all her children away.

  58. What will Jenelles lie..i mean excuse going to be?
    The dog had rabies & David was saving the family?

    Wonder if this will wake her up?
    Will they finally take his guns aways?

  59. Most serial killers start by murdering animals. Only a matter of time before David murders someone, probably one of the children.

    This is really sad. I love dogs and knowing someone could just shoot their pet makes me sick. This man is unstable and MTV is paying his wife more money than most of us make in a year.

    What a tragedy.

  60. This is such a shock. Iam sure Jenelle loves that dog as much as she loves her children. 🙄 Iam being sarcastic.

  61. WHAT THE F……. animal abuse is a felony, I hope this worthless piece of trash gets locked up forever.

  62. Only in that bumpkin state could a lunatic with priors be running around shooting domestic animals and have it pushed to a non emergency line.🙄

  63. If that monster can’t even handle a puppy then why is he allowed to stay in a house full of children?!! Horrible situation but at least this will help Nathan and Dorris’s case for Kaiser.

  64. So if he shot the dog for snapping at Ensley, does that mean he shot the dog in front of Ensley? That’s child endangerment. Take the kids and lock him up.

    1. I would love nothing more than to see someone put this piece of shit down like he did to that poor innocent dog… What is it going to take for him to be put away for good? Mark my words, a person will be next. This psychopath has no limits. He gives me one of the worst vibes out of hardly any person I’ve ever come across in my entire life. Jenelle may not be the greatest person ever but I really fear for the safety of her and her children.. clearly she is blind to what the rest of the world sees bright and clear.

  65. He is a psychopath! No doubt about it. She needs to “lose” this loser! However, she’ll probably have to go into hiding to get rid of him. Crazy, crazy.

  66. He is a psychopath! No doubt about it. She needs to “lose” this loser! However, she’ll probably have to go into hiding to get rid of him. Crazy, crazy.

  67. This makes me so angry!!!! Why did nubody fcking save him before? Those animals need to be taken away!!

    1. It starts lwith animal cruelty. And ends in murder to humans. This man is dangerous. When will social services step in and remove kids to safety. I fear for kaiser. The hatred David has for him. Is in the way he looks at him.

    1. Murderers start, with animal cruelty. This eason is dangerous. He has so much hate for kaiser. It stands out a mile the way he looks at him. So why are the kids allowed to stay with him. He is half a sixpence, a real numpty. He’s ignorant, he’s racist. And for all I not keen on jenelle. I hope she has separated for her own and kids safety.

  68. I hope the poor thing didn’t suffer. Probably better off not having to live a full life in that house of horrors.

  69. What a heartless person to hurt a poor animal! Let me guess, in another week they will be back together. I hope Jenelles children don’t get shot next!! Keep Kaiser and Jace off the land!

  70. Isnt this the same dog they allowed the geese to bite and torment and then post all over snapchat and Insta? No wonder it snapped, it was probably sick of being mauled.

    1. Yes, it is. David encouraged the ducks to bite at that puppy who was terrified. The whole is heartbreaking. Animal control and CPS need to save the animals and kids from the land. This is beyond disgusting.

  71. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Oh my gosh!!!

  72. David is such an ass. Janelle should leave his punk was. You should never allow anyone too dictate your life, from money, children, animals, and relationships!

    1. I dont understand why he lives and great people die?? So messed up! One day he will have to stand before his maker and explain why hes a horrible disgusting guttermuppet!!

  73. The Easons have never taught any of those kids how to act around animals. You don’t let kids kick, hit, pull ears, poke at eyes or hold animals against their will. While Entezoa is only 2, she’s old enough to be taught. And we all knew the dogs were going to die. I can’t imagine what goes on in the mind of someone who would shoot a beloved family pet. Imagine how traumatized Kaiser is? Jenelle gets what she deserves for constantly making excuses. I wish the State of North Carolina would get their shit together and remove all his firearms. He’s dangerous & it’s just a matter of time before he snaps & shoots Jenelle and the kids.

    1. I highly doubt Ensley was really involved at all. I bet the dog just did something David didn’t like and he shot him out of rage. And he can say it’s b/c of Ensley so that he’ll get away with it for “protecting his daughter” and she’s not old enough to be able to tell what really happened.

  74. He is a disgusting Neanderthal. She is a co-dependent druggie. They will slip past this one again like the Teflon-coated losers they are. AND she will go back to him and say that one of the kids accidentally fell on the dog and David killed him as an act of mercy. Mark. My. Words.

  75. Let me guess-the dig was attacking him or someone in the house and he saved the day. Won’t be surprised at all if that is the story they come up with. Sure janelle will be up backing him.

  76. Ok. I love dogs and animals as much as the next person. So don’t kill me for saying this:

    After the numerous child abuse allegations and proof of it. The domestic violence calls/allegations and proof of that. All that proof of human abuse, drug abuse and property abuse. None of that could get Jenelle kicked off the show. Not even her defending her husband’s blatant bigotry and racism. But this, killing a dog, I guarantee you will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back! MTV will finally get rid of her over this because we know she’s going to lie and defend her husband over it. But yes, the killing of a pet will be what finally does her in. Watch. It’s sad to think though that an animal’s killing will have more principal over child abuse, but whatever. Like I said, I love animals and adore dogs and pets. He was definitely wrong and disgusting for this. First it starts with animals, then they graduate to humans. Smh…. when will they arrest lurch and get those kids out of there???? This is scary.

    1. I agree too. Animal cruelty groups like PETA have a huge social media presence unlike groups like CPS in North Carolina. Animal cruelty groups might slam MTV and their sponsors in ways they’ve never seen before. Here’s hoping something comes of this horrible story and Jelly finally has to pay the consequences of her continued support of her horrible husband.

      1. I hope animal lovers all over go to war over this.

        I have 3 rescue dogs, one of which only come to my home last September, and before I took her in, she has never been outside before, let alone leash walked.
        She’s still extremely nervous of other people, my other 2 dogs love their new fur sister, and I hate animal abuse.

        Crime on animal abuse need to have far tougher punishments ( world wide)

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