Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason Admits to Killing Her Dog: “I Don’t Put Up with That S**t!”

“I done it…what of it?”

After nearly a day of silence, David Eason is admitting he killed the dog belonging to his wife, Jenelle Evans.

As The Ashley told you yesterday, David shot and killed Jenelle’s Frenchie mix, Nugget, on Monday night after the dog snapped at their daughter Ensley. Although Jenelle was posting to social media that she was “devastated” on Tuesday, no action was taken until an unknown male called 911 and reported that David had killed the dog.

In a post made to his Instagram, David admitted that he did, indeed, kill Nugget, and seemed to be trying to justify his actions by showing a video of Nugget snapping at Ensley after Ensley put her face in Nugget’s face. In the caption of the post, David showed no remorse for killing the dog. (On Monday night, Nugget did not bite Ensley. She simply snapped at her.)

“I dont give a damn what animal bites my baby on the face… whether it be your dog or mine, a dog is a dog and I dont put up with that s**t at all,” David wrote on Instagram. “I’m all about protecting my family, it is my lifes mission. Some people are worth killing or dying for and my family means that much to me. You can hate me all you want but this isnt the first time the dog bit Ensley aggressively. The only person that can judge weather or not a animal is a danger to MY CHILD is ME.”

Even Briana DeJesus, who has been a friend to Jenelle, advised David to remove the post (before David turned off the comments for it).

“You should delete this David,” Briana wrote. “I know you want to protect your baby girl but there could have been other ways of doing that. Your wife is already going thru enough and dealing with a lot of unnecessary s**t. Be her peace!”

It appears that David posted this video to prove that Nugget was ‘aggressive’ in the past.

Jenelle, Kaiser and Ensley were staying at her friend’s house on Tuesday afternoon/early evening (during the time the police were on The Land investigating the dog-killing claim). However, from what The Ashley has heard, Jenelle has already returned to The Land. 

In a series of tweet-and-deletes posted late Tuesday night, Jenelle told everyone to leave her aloooooone!

I feel like all of you should leave me alone about MY PERSONAL BUSINESS,” she tweeted, later adding “Until I speak about a situation don’t assume a damn thing about me. #truth”

She also disputed reports that she fled The Land after the dog murder (although she did). She tweeted that she was just busy all day and didn’t have time to greet the “vistors” (aka the police) who were on The Land Tuesday afternoon.

Jenelle’s post from Tuesday night…

“I didn’t ‘run away from home,'” Jenelle tweeted. “Haven’t been home all day and been busy taking care of my kids and myself. Had no idea any visitors came by my house…still don’t know what happened at my house. Please stop making up rumors. I haven’t spoken to any media and still not. Bye.”

On Wednesday, Jenelle wrote on Instagram that she was “distraught” about the dog’s death and even apologized to the pup for what happened.

“Nugget… I’m crying everyday. I love you so much and I’m so sorry. I’m speechless,” she captioned a few photos of her with Nugget. “You were my side kick and knew the moment I felt bad and would cuddle with me. You still had a lot to learn and a lot to grow from your lessons. Everyday I wake up you’re not here, when I come home you’re not here, when I go to bed… you’re not here. You’re gone forever and there’s no coming back. #Heartbroken #Distraught”

While the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department confirmed to Radar Online that officers were on The Land on Tuesday, David was not arrested.

 “No arrests were made,” the Sheriff’s Department told Radar on Wednesday. “An incident report has not been filed yet.” The site reports that the investigation remains ongoing, however.

Jenelle and David got Nugget in August 2018. They currently have another dog, Jax, as well as chickens, geese, rabbits and pigs living on The Land with them. 

UPDATE! According to TMZ, the police returned to The Land on Tuesday night to perform a welfare check on Ensley, and found that everyone was OK. (This also proves that Jenelle was back on The Land by Tuesday night, and not at her friend’s house.)

A law enforcement source told TMZ that David told the police that Nugget wasn’t dead! He would not, however, produce the dog so cops could see that he was alive and well. 

“David told cops Nugget was alive, although he would not let them see the dog. We’re told cops have no evidence showing anything happened to the dog,” TMZ reports.

The site reports that, according to the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department, the only way David would be further investigated for the death of Nugget is if Jenelle makes a report about it on her own

“We’re told officers won’t act on ‘sensationalized media reports or social media posts,'” TMZ reported. “The source said it’s irrelevant to cops what Jenelle says on IG.”

Stay tuned for more updates…

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  1. Hopefully you no longer, “feel bad for” Jenelle. I was on her side long ago, I saw a very troubled young woman with no sense of self. By this point, losing all her kids is the result of A LOT more than David killing Nugget. CPS doesn’t take all your kids away bc your husband shot a dog that bit. There is probably SO much dirt we aren’t privy to. And it must be HUGE. She’s right when she posts and says, “we don’t know the full story”. You’re right, we don’t. But what we do know, is that there has to be some pretty extreme stuff happening on The Land, for CPS to remove all the kids….Far worse than David’s homophobia, more serious than getting a car towed or yelling at a lady who got near their property.
    When Jenelle chased down that driver and brandished a handgun, just feet from Jace – that video probably played a much larger role in CPS’s decision to remove the kids.

  2. CPS needs to get involved STAT. Those children need to be removed from that home immediately! Nathan needs to file an emergency custody case like yesterday. Nathan said Kai told him David killed the dog in front of him. Did the police interview Kai and any other child that may have been in the house at the time (excluding the non-verbal one) at the time. Killing a family pet is right out of the Classic domestic Abuser’s Playbook. Disgusting. Just disgusting.

  3. Oh why doesn’t he get a JOB????? Walking around that ridiculous property all day long in between target practice and trolling Instagram. GET A JOB!!!!!

  4. He will shoot a dog for going back at a kid after 15 seconds of that kid being in the dogs face, but he didn’t hit kaiser. Come on this guy is a fucking lunatic and I see a WACO situation unfolding on the Land if she files for divorce. The secret service was on to something when they visited him. I can guarantee ATF has a profile on him along with other federal law enforcement. This is going to end bad for more then just Nugget

  5. Surely you teach your child not to stick their face into the dogs, or better yet rehome the dog through the correct channels so it can go to a home with no children. The answer to no problem is to take any thing into the woods and shoot it!!! he is a bully and a moron.

  6. You could see how badly the dog was stressed about how the child was playing. Shoving a cup in its face, then leaning in to kiss it when it was obviously trying to avoid her. Maybe the parents should teach her to respect a dogs space, thus giving the dog no reason to snap in the first place.

  7. God!!! My mum had a dog that went to attack my daughter, and instead of killing it, to protect any further incidents happening, she rehomed the dog to someone who didn’t have kids. Little Kids should not be left alone with dogs, should always have an adult within arms reach, cos they are animals and little kids don’t know boundaries and Ensley was in the dogs face, so it would be expected the dog would snap, it probably felt threatened.
    I think the only positive thing to come out of this, would be the possibility of Janelle finally taking the kids and leaving him, she can’t defend him this time, he went too far

  8. Ooh David you’re such a big tough macho man with your “I’m all about protecting my family, it is my lifes mission. Some people are worth killing or dying for and my family means that….”

    How about getting a job to provide for your family? How about not traumatizing your kids? How about not throwing your wife to the ground? How about How about growing up and being a real man? Can’t do any of those things, but ok, keep telling us you are your family’s “protector”. Ok tough guy. Jenelle is the provider and you are the terrorizer. NO ONE is their protector.

  9. I can’t even with this bastard.
    He’s been looking for an excuse fo shoot and kill for a long time and this poor little dog was doomed from the start. He had no chance.

    It makes me feel physically sick to know that someone is so fucking heartless and committed an atrocious act like this and has ultimately gotten away with it AGAIN.

  10. Out of curiosity let’s say David says Ensley is alive and well without producing her. Would the cops be ok with that?? When you hear about something being murdered in a gruesome way why aren’t you pressing him more?? Where’s animal control to save the rest of those animals??

  11. I hope you stay away for your kids sake but if you get back with him get him mentally evaluated.

    1. Something tells me that David is the type to think psychology is a “bunch of con artists screwing around with your brain” kind of guy. But my wouldn’t be interesting to see the psychological evaluation summary on THAT guy!

  12. Anyone here ever see The Dog Whisperer with cesar Milan?
    Well there was an episode where the family’s number one complaint about their unruly dog was that it was nipping at their 3 yo (maybe 2 sorry don’t remember exactly but it was definitely a toddler) son all the time (for what they thought was no reason….) well cesar put up hidden cameras everywhere to observe the dogs behavior (to see if it was anxious, lonely, bored, neglected,etc) and interestingly enough they caught the kiddo going into the backyard alone and hitting the dog, first with his hand and then with a stick!!! The parents of course were absolutely shocked! Kept saying our baby would NEVER hurt an animal! But come on people they’re too little to understand that animals are sometimes NOT a toy and that they feel pain and get scared!

    I bet you anything there’s much more to nugget nipping at ensley for “no reason”. I cannot believe someone would KILL A DOG over a few little nips when the dog was just defending itself!

    This man truly sickens me!

    (Previously animal foster mom too! There are plenty of places to give up your dog or trainers you could call!!! Never just resort to killing!!!!!)

  13. Jenelle really needs to kick his ass to the curb. Over the course of the show you can tell that’s hes not stable and definitely has issues. I feel bad for her. She has been in one bad relationship to the next during her time on the show. You can tell that she means well and has a really good heart and tried to be a good person but between her momma not wanting to give Jace back and one bad guy after the next you can tell that she is just breaking and falling apart. She needs help as well and she really really for the sake of her kids and herself needs to stay single for a very long time. She needs to find herself again so she can be the mom we all know she wants to be for her kids. Jenelle, please, please leave David. You know in your heart that he is no good for you.

  14. Poor dog didn’t even have a chance. The dog snapped because he’s wasn’t trained, and probably used to plenty of abuse (especially at the hands of David)
    As a child, my parents always told me to never put my face up to a dog.
    Even if this was truly an issue for David and Nugget snapping at Ensley, he could have given him up to a shelter. Like someone with a heart would have done…

  15. I know this is probably a bit of a stretch. But I SO wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t payback for Jenelle recently having her tubes tied.

    I distinctly remember this overgrown, bearded nitwit raising his objections when Jenelle said she didn’t want to have any more children after Ensley was born.

    I guess this psychotic dumbass feels the need to bring even more kids into this world to frighten, control, and abuse.


  16. Neither Ensley or Nugget was properly trained, but that’s not their fault. It’s the fault of the idiot parents/owners. My kids have grown up with three dogs and there’s never been an incident in my house like this because my kids were taught from the time they could interact with the world that “do nice” to the dogs. What a mess. David deserves to go to jail and the kids should be removed from Janelle’s custody. Poor, Nugget.

    1. True. I used to be foster mom to animals (can’t now because hands full raising a special needs grandchild) and nothing pisses me off more than neglectful animal owners and patents of children. If you’re not teaching BOTH of them the PROPER ways of interacting then it’s neglect imho. (Dogs don’t know and little kids don’t know either! It’s the parents job because THEY are the grown up)

      1. I to have fostered dogs, and I used to break my heart when they found forever homes.
        But they are all looked after and loved by their new families, and my rescue dogs accepted every foster dog in to my home, I hate animal abusers

    1. When kaiser snaps at Ensley I’m sure he will shoot him too. This is fucking insane, give the dog away don’t shoot it. What the actual fuck?!

  17. The video shows Ensley using the dog to help her sit up and then going right up into his face. Ironic that David just happened to be filming, especially given nothing was happening. I have kids, I can’t think of one time I made videos of them laying on couch watching TV. Then again, I don’t utilize daycare while also being unemployed, so I don’t have as much time on my hands. If the dog had been aggressive in the past, he should have told Ensley to stop. Instead, he creepily said good girl over and over while she pulled on Nugget and got right in front of his face.

    “I don’t put up with this sh*t at all” yes, we know, David. Only you are allowed to physically harm your family members.

    If Jenelle fails to file a police report, yet again, she needs to held equally accountable for the inevitable (in the event she makes it out alive). Obviously she lies her ass off during CPS investigations, as her loyalty is to her disgusting POS husband, not the well-being of her children.

    MTV needs to fire her, but they need to get the kids and animals out first. When the money stops, the stress will increase quickly, once they realize they lack skills, talent, and motivation to earn any money. Once that happens, the violent episodes will only get worse. Unfortunately, Kaiser is the one most vulnerable at this point.

  18. His pile of guns and other weapons are a greater threat in his hands than a dog snapping at a toddler who needs to learn from her parents how to act around animals. He is completely insane and it’s disgusting that police refuse to do anything to prevent this from happening again. And it will.

  19. David is going to eventually kill Jenelle and/or one or all of the kids, unless Jenelle, CPS, or the cops do something about him first. How many increasingly violent warning signs has this guy showed?! I really hope that Jace isn’t allowed to go back to The Land and that Nathan/Doris can get Kaiser out of there ASAP.

  20. Shoot Ensley not the dog. She is made up of two of the most horrible people on EARTH. Kill the future Hitler, Bin Laden, Charles Manson now not that innocent dog. I will not watch this trash show ever again until she is fired this was the final straw. These are by far some of the worst people on earth and I bet this is not the only death by gun that The Land will see in 2019. I would put money that a human dies by the end of the year. Barbara, an MTV Producer, Jace, Jenel, or the whole family is a murder suicide? Please MTV fire her call the ASPCA and CPS because there is a big difference filming Ronnie with Coke up his nose talking about how he loves his daughter(This actually happened on Jersey Shore this past season) then a trash family who gets away with causing mass havoc in the state of NC while living on a 25k an episode living. MTV you should be ashamed of yourself for putting up with this shit!!!!!

  21. That piece of shit is going to end up killing his wife or kids. He’s out of control. Ensley was not being taught the correct way to interact with a dog, and nugget should of be rehomed or gone to an animal rescue. NOT taken out back and shot to death.

  22. He was punishing Jenelle. I guess Jenelle was doing something David didn’t like. It’s all about control. No wonder Marisa acts like she has ptsd or something.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking…he thinks she did something to him, so he went and shot her dog…He loves to fear monger, and the fact that she’s back at the house is sickening.

    2. Also, notice how he killed her dog after that call with the super high up at MTV?…yea, he murdered that dog because he was pissed at Jenelle, not because the dog was a danger. MTV probably finally put their foot down about him popping up and ruining shoots, David’s probably pissed at the way she handled it, so he killed her dog. He’s so sick.

  23. Can we get an update on productions feelings about everything?…Me personally, I would be scared to death to be anywhere near Jenelle, just for the simple fact this trigger happy hillbilly might show up anywhere at anytime and start shooting people…we all know he’s capable of doing it.

  24. Unless that tiny puppy was mauling Ensley, there is no way to justify being so drastic and shooting it. Should have simply given the puppy away. Maybe he should start telling his kids to never get that close to an animals face…This better be Jenelle’s wake up call, but we all know it won’t be. She’s never going to admit to the police that David murdered that dog.

    Oh and for the first time ever, Briana actually made sense…

  25. I cannot understand how a guy can admit to killing a dog online but blatantly lie to law enforcement and they say it’s up to Jenelle to file a report! Your telling me after multiple calls out to the land for potential domestic abuse, calls to show children are at risk, calls of guns being pulled in front of children, they just leave when David says to leave without further checking out the situation?! What exactly constitutes an arrest or lawbreaking in NC? Because drugs, guns and bruises apparently don’t.

  26. A french bulldog is not a danger to anyone. That is bullshit. If it was a pitbull or rottweiler then that would be a different story but it’s not. You don’t shoot a small dog that growls or bites someone for getting in their personal space. Babies and toddlers don’t know how to handle animals correctly and that’s why a lot of them get bitten. All he had to do was keep Ensley away from the dog for awhile and not let her handle it without him or Jenelle telling her how to pet him or hold him. David shot the dog because he’s a sociopath, not because his daughter was in danger. Period.

  27. The dog was physically showing its discomfort. Also, that dog didn’t even break the skin. Dogs are unpredictable, no matter how well trained. It is much easier to teach your kid to stay out of a dogs face than to teach a dog to tolerate being terrorized by children. I have 3 very large dogs and a child, I don’t want my child to be injured but he’s been taught proper behavior around our dogs and if he gets bit once, it will be the last time. Unprovoked attacks are one thing, but letting your children grab, taunt, or climb all over a dog is asking for trouble. This was not the dogs fault, it was the fault of his shit owners and their shit parenting skills. David just wanted an excuse to kill something.

    1. Exactly! Ensley is not being corrected on her inappropriate handling of the dogs so all that’s gonna happen is more dogs get killed for nipping at his kids when all they’re doing is protecting themselves!

  28. MTV needs to be done with her..: neither will be able to get real jobs because they made such asses of themselves on national tv And everything will fall apart! Can’t wait

  29. I don’t understood why the local authorities have no interest in stopping this monster. Note to self: if I ever decide to become a garbage human being, move to NC. You can get away with child abuse, pulling out a gun and threatening people’s lives, and apparently murdering your pet.

  30. He’s a psychopath. I have no idea how Jenelle can stay with this guy. If anyone ever hurt my animals I would be in jail for killing that person. Jenelle has picked some low guys but damn David is the lowest of them all. Jenelle is the person i think of when people say that women don’t make good judgement calls.

  31. So I guess this repulsive swamp creature never heard of no kill shelters or keeping a toddler away from the dog. None of this is a surprise though, the more he loses control over Jenelle and that mtv money the more her will continue to act out. It’s all go to play itself out soon and there will be blood on MTV’s hands for continuing to finance this s**tshow.

  32. He killed the dog because he felt like it, period. He was for sure not protecting his kid. Look at the video and tell me that’s how you protect a child from getting snapped at by a puppy? No way. That’s the opposite.

    My dog (who lived to be 16 years old) would never ever had hurt my kid. She was trained and she was the best – but did I let my kid disturb her when she showed me she wanted to be left alone? No, of course not.

    David clearly couldn’t protect neither his kid – or his 20 Lbs puppy.

  33. 1) Briana’s got a point there…
    2) Why continue to keep a pet if its been aggressive towards your child in the past. Not to mention, you either contact animal control or take the animal to the vet to have it legally euthanized. That’s only if the pet has physically harmed your child.
    3) I hope this will give Janelle an idea of why people are always up David’s ass. Seriously…what reason was there to kill an animal? Domestic animals do snap when their space is invaded and with Ensley being as young as she is, she wouldn’t have known that.
    4) Janelle needs to divorce his goofy ass.

  34. Who in their right mind would post a dog behaving like a threatened/scared animal as an excuse to kill it?! That dog wasn’t necessarily acting aggressively a lot of dogs will snap like that when anyone puts their face into a dogs face it also looked like she was pulling on the dog to pull herself up.the dog had its ears back and looked to give her a warning growl. Kids don’t know any better (haven’t been taught better) but putting the blame on the dog isn’t right. I doubt the dog had any training. It surly didn’t deserve a death sentence over this. Shelters humane societies and vets often take in animals who do this and can rehome them to families who are better equipped to retrain and handle behaviors like that. This poor dog. There’s no excuses this time. Jenelle got into hot water for yelling, violently crating and setting her and Nathan’s dogs free in a crazy outburst a few seasons ago, if they don’t fire her for this MTV has reached new lows. I will not support this show or their networks ever again. I hope for the dogs sake it was quick and painless and not used as “target practice” so sick and sad these people are on tv and have a platform.

  35. “I don’t put up with that shit at all” sounds so much more macho than “I literally shoot small dogs for misbehaving.”

  36. So the dog was more of a final straw for her than her own son? This is truly disturbing and I hope she is able to seek help for her and her kids.

  37. Um if you knew the dog had been “aggressive” with your kid before why would you continue to let her be around the dog? Or maybe tell her not to have her head up near a dog’s face. You guys have pitbulls too. They don’t take kindly to their space being invaded either. Just look at what happened to Kim Bierrman’s son’s face after being too close to their dog. Wtf he didn’t kill the dog? Jenelle wrote on FB how devastated she was. Fire them MTV. Your crew isn’t safe either.

  38. Since when was admitting to doing something on social media not sufficient evidence? That’s actually insane and it’s like the police are trying not to do anything. Police use social media confessions ALL THE TIME.

  39. You can see the body language of the dog anyway. They second he looked uncomfortable he should have told her to get away or took the dog away from her. Kids can’t use dogs as a stuffed animal. They’re living things with a mind of their own. He wouldn’t like it if someone was in his face like that. Idiots. My dog has snapped at my son multiple times but guess what it was my son not listening and being on top or in his face. Never. I hate this dude. And nothing will happen at all which is even worse. Thank god she got her tubes tied though.

  40. David Eason is Jenelle’s “karma” she deserves him, for every evil/illegal thing SHE has done in this life. Innocent children and animals DO NOT deserve him, however! This is no surprise, this is what we all expect from the vile “Teflon Easons”. A match made in HELL!

  41. What is it going to take for MTV to fire her? If they fire her and the money train stops, she’ll let Kaiser go with Nathan, David will dump her ass to move on to someone else he can leach off of and maybe…hopefully…she’ll do the right thing and let Barb take Ensley. She’s proven she’s not fit to be a mother. MTV did nothing when the pics of Kaiser were released. CPS has completely dropped the ball. Will the killing of a family pet be enough? And let’s all get real…this wasn’t about the dog nipping Ensley’s face. Monday’s episode made him look bad – again – and he was looking to take out his anger on Jenelle. What better way than killing her dog?

  42. If MTV continues to film with Jenelle I’m f-ing done, and I hope others are too. The vast majority of family annihilators slowly build up the abuse. It starts verbally, becomes more physical, they put restrictions on their spouse and children, they harm and kill animals to show “power”, and that’s exactly what David did. EVERY sign is there that this is going to turn into something horrific. He went against Jenelle, acted out in complete rage and murdered her dog in a home with children present. MTV needs to do EVERYTHING they can to help. Jenelle has made horrible decisions, but it all stems from something. This woman is severely damaged from a bad childhood, a mother who doesn’t appropriately display emotions and an absent father. Jenelle becomes dependent on men- it’s such textbook “Daddy Issues”, but at the end of the day she too is a victim. She needs help and encouragement to make a permanent exit plan, and I just hope this is a wakeup call, because if it isn’t there truly is no hope. David is severely mentally ill and acts worse than a child. Acting out and threatening to ruin every TV shoot he can’t be a part of, refusing to accept any responsibility or understand his behavior is completely bizarre and inappropriate– it’s just so, so sick. He’s insecure and uses violence, guns, and “fightin’ words” to try to overcompensate which everyone sees through. This is a crime documentary is the making, and I can already see how they will use clips of footage throughout the years to show the buildup and abuse while interviewing family and “friends” about how they “never expected it to get this bad!”. But this will be completely expected. Worse, it’s almost inevitable.

    JENELLE- THE UNIVERSE IS *SCREAMING* OUT AT YOU TO RUN! You need to put yourself and children first. I know you must feel completely defeated, embarrassed, and scared out of your mind trying to picture living a life without your husband. But this isn’t love. I have been in similar shoes, I was in an abusive relationship and I know how it can feel impossible to leave. I remember feeling like there was a constant knot in my stomach, unable to sleep or live my anxiety was so bad. I didn’t have money and I had no family for support. But I did it. I knew I couldn’t live the rest of my life like this. David is DESTROYING your life. There are issues every single week! Your only source of income- your job- is at risk. The custody of your children is at risk. And most importantly, the LIVES of you and your children are hanging by a thread. PEOPLE LIKE DAVID DO NOT CHANGE. They do not get better- they get WORSE. He will be desperate for you to stay, and the cycle of abuse will continue (I’m sure he’s love bombing you right now), but things will go back to being terrible shortly if you do back. If you leave, you will have the world’s support. Yes, there are Twitter “Haters” who drag you for every decision you make and it seems like you are very concerned about your public image. But you will be a hero if you leave. You will prove to the world you DO care about your children and yourself. I think you will be surprised at just how much support you will receive. You can do this, Jenelle. This may be your last chance.

    [Sorry for the length, I’m just so horrified with this, have been in a similar situation, and at the end of the day want the best for the kids and Jenelle].

  43. That is incredibly sad. If David is that mad and felt he was “protecting” his daughter, he probably beat Nugget very badly before “putting him down.” My heart breaks for Nugget. I look at my own frenchie and fathom how someone could do that. They could have rehomed Nugget if it was that bad. 😢 This was an unnecessary evil.

  44. He is a complete psycho. He killed the dog out of anger because he couldn’t totally control it. I also believe he knew this was a way of hurting Jenelle. This screams “set up” to me. He happened to be filming when the dog bit his kid? I truly think he was just itching to shoot this dog and was videotaping the dog in the hopes of catching “evidence”. If he loved his wife, he wouldn’t have done something to hurt her like this. It’s really simple – you have a dog that isn’t safe for your kids, you relinquish it and specify that they aren’t kid friendly. When David and Jenelle started collecting farm animals, my first thought was “he can’t wait to slaughter those poor things”. David is disgusting and shouldn’t be allowed to have animals. He isn’t safe to be around.

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