‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Gives Details of Horrifying Night Her Husband David Eason Shot Her Dog & Reveals How Their Kids Are Dealing with It

Jenelle said that David’s daughter Maryssa took the dog’s murder especially hard…

Jenelle Evans has given her first on-the-record interview following the murder of her dog at the hands of her husband, David Eason

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Jenelle recounted what happened on Monday night when David shot Jenelle’s Frenchie mix puppy, Nugget. It marks one of the first times Jenelle has made negative comments about David publicly. 

Jenelle confirmed The Ashley’s report from Tuesday that Nugget was shot after the dog snapped at Jenelle and David’s daughter Ensley.

“He doesn’t put up with that and those are his beliefs,” she told Us. “He just took [the dog] and shot her in the woods … about two acres away from the house.

“It’s making me feel he’s very cruel and doesn’t have a heart on many ends,” Jenelle later added.

On Wednesday, David confirmed on Instagram that he killed Nugget, and the police were on The Land investigating Tuesday afternoon. While Jenelle was at her friend’s house with Ensley and Kaiser on Tuesday afternoon, she eventually returned to The Land on Tuesday night. (The police confirmed that they went to The Land to perform a welfare check on Jenelle and the kids and they checked out OK. Jenelle, Ensley and Kaiser were back on The Land by Tuesday night.)

However, in her interview with Us Weekly, Jenelle states that she is not currently speaking to David. 

“David and I are not on talking terms,” she told the magazine. “I’m too hurt and upset at the fact he did that. It’s taking time to get over this whole situation.

“At this time, we are dealing with this rough situation. I want to focus on what’s best for me and my kids,” she added. “[Divorce is] in thoughts, but nothing is finalized.”

Sadly, Kaiser and Ensley, as well as David’s older daughter Maryssa, were home at the time of the dog murder. According to Jenelle’s story, the kids did not see the dog being shot by David, and the two younger kids are not aware of what happened. (Jenelle’s oldest son, Jace, is currently on a cruise with Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans and was not on The Land on Monday night.) 

“Kaiser and Ensley had no idea and [haven’t] said anything about it since,” Jenelle said.

Maryssa, who is 11, is aware of what happened and apparently was very upset by the incident.

“[She] immediately went to her bedroom and didn’t come out all night until the next day,” Jenelle said.

Although David defended his actions by saying that Nugget was being aggressive toward Ensley, a video he posted to Instagram shows the toddler sticking her face in the dog’s face and the dog snapping at her. David also posted a photo of Ensley’s cheek which was red but does not appear to have any sort of bite on it.

Jenelle posted a tribute to Nugget on her Instagram on Wednesday, apologizing to the dog for what happened to it.

“You still had a lot to learn and a lot to grow from your lessons,” she captioned a photo of her with Nugget. “Everyday I wake up you’re not here, when I come home you’re not here, when I go to bed… you’re not here. You’re gone forever and there’s no coming back. #Heartbroken #Distraught”

Jenelle told Us Weekly she has not decided yet whether or not she will stay with David. 

“[I] would like for everyone to just give me my own time right now to figure things out and clear my head,” she said.

As The Ashley previously reported, David reportedly told the cops when they visited on Tuesday that Nugget was alive; however, he refused to let them see the dog.  TMZ reported that, according to the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department, the only way David would be further investigated for the death of Nugget is if Jenelle makes a report about it on her own.

“We’re told officers won’t act on ‘sensationalized media reports or social media posts,’” TMZ reported. “The source said it’s irrelevant to cops what Jenelle says on IG.”

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(Photos: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Instagram)

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  1. According to new, unconfirmed reports, David viciously beat the poor pup, in front of the family, before shooting it. I can’t even recount the details here because they are so horrifying and upsetting.

    David is a sick, violent f*ck with increasingly serious anger issues, and he happens to be heavily armed. The trauma he inflicted on the dog was also inflicted on his children as they watched. It’s only a matter of time before they or Jenelle or even a bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time become his next victims.

    I do hope somehow David is held responsible for this terrifying act of animal cruelty perpetrated upon that poor dog. I’m just sickened to the core by it. It’s no wonder the Teen Mom crew, and her fellow castmates, refuse to be anywhere near David.

    Jenelle needs to take the children and whatever poor pets remain and run for her life.

    I know I’m not alone in thinking she won’t.

  2. David Eason reportedly punched and threw Jenelle’s dog before shooting, texts from Jenelle after the incident, Animal Control visits The Land???

  3. David doesn’t put up with a puppy nipping at Ensley but puts up with Jenelle on drugs while Ensleys in the womb. Davis also puts up with Ensley having a flat head. He also puts up with Ensley being neurologically damaged. A 2 year old should speak.

    1. You have not been around enough two year olds. Most say words, but not complete sentences, especially if they have siblings.

  4. So something that stood out to me in her interview is Jenelle claims David took nugget ”two acres away from the house”. An acre is not a measurement of distance, it’s a measurement of area. If the acre was a perfect square, that is only 208 ft in length. I’m not sure. I don’t know acres of land but, it just seemed off to use that term instead of feet or miles.

    1. In terms of land you say acreage. I live on 11 acres. I wouldn’t say I live on 479601 feet of land.

  5. Look at both Kaiser and Ensley, they are wary children. Children who have already learned that life holds no joy, and to be watchful. It’s just heartbreaking.

  6. Just to be clear: Antics like this ARE abuse- intimidation, overreacting, violence- it’s all abuse TOWARDS the family members. Much like punching a wall in anger- it’s all abuse. It’s not about the wall, or in this case the (poor sweet) dog- it’s about being in control, abusing and intimidating. (Just a PSA.) RIP Nugget.

  7. “Kaiser and Ensley had no idea and [haven’t] said anything about it since,” Jenelle said.”

    Then how did Nathan find out. Kai allegedly told him that he had seen David kill the dog. Nathan should file an emergency petition at this point.

  8. That’s some creepy serial killer shit. It makes me so upset. This crapgoblin (me) actually cried picturing that adorable sweet pupper with a gun shot in his head :..( I really hope that Jenelle finally woman’s up and leaves this son bitch.

  9. I haven’t read the updates yet but let me guess, she’s back at home asking everyone to mind their business and leave her alone (while she figures out how to bail David out of this one)?

    1. Pretty much…she wants time to think about what’s best for her and her children. Since when has she ever cared about what’s best for her kids? If she did, she would have been out years ago!

  10. If she goes back to him she can kiss her kids goodbye. She had David are giving Nathan all the ammunition he needs to show them being violent, drunk, irrational human being that pose a threat to his son. As crappy as he’s been Nathan has fought a whole lot harder then Jenelle has for his kids safety and sees to have made changes tj his life for a better because she’s still in this vicious pattern and he’s not had much bad stuff come out since his ex drama. When her life falls apart because of that man she only has herself to blame because when even your ex has concerns for your wellbeing as his child’s mother you know your in a bad way. And I think I read that it was Nathan who called the police to check up on son after hearing what happened.

  11. I honestly dont think I could be any more disgusted. Surely you take the dog to a shelter, you remove the dog from the situation. you seek training or help. You do not take a living breathing animal into the woods and shoot it, h is unhinged and is damaging the children and she is to stupid to see it. These kids will hate her, what happens when this escalated into disciplining the children. The man is an absolute nut!!

  12. I’ve donated $ to, and signed two petitions on change.org – one to lay charges onDavid and one to remove Jenelle from mtv
    I’m so done

  13. Oh good he wont be arrested
    For a 2nd there I thought this bully would finally be held accountable.

    No wonder why he always THINKS that he is right & always does the right thing.

    At least now his own daughter sees what a cruel monster he is

  14. Jenelle is mentally ill as most of the girls on this show are. What will she attract? Anyone that would dare get in a bed with her more than once, is mentally unstable including Nathan. JEnelle should not have any dogs, which is a privilege NOT A RIGHT or children, she should be mandated by the court to be fixed. She’s a poor excuse for a human being so is her mother, and anyone associated with her. She will be back with David, or have another penis lined up first, either or, it doesn’t matter, the end result will always be the same for her. Lovey dovey, fights, police, jail, do over. it’s the same thing with her and it’s boring. These people are all trash, and the shows should have been cancelled years ago. I do not watch either show any more, haven’t in years, just read Ashley’s articles, and it’s always the same old nonsense, it’s so boring, cancel this garbage.

  15. Jenelle and Nathan have a custody hearing again later this month regarding Kaiser (per reports). Here’s hoping Nathan gets full custody and David can’t go near Kaiser.

    1. He is a big POS and need to be charged with animal cutlery. Janelle is very crazy if she stays with him. She is putting her kids and self at risk of being killed. Nathan or Barbra should get custody of Kiaser. The POS makes me sick!! MTV should get rid of Janelle if she stays with him!!

  16. I don’t think this actually happened just have a feeling it’s made up like all her drama stories , they do these dramatic things to gain attention cause they’re a pair of losers who crave it. David is a complete sociopath and jenelle is a doormat willing to go along with his plan. I have no doubt they would lie about literally anything no matter how bad to gain attention. People really need to stop believing everything these two do. Just look at how much her instagram is getting, her two recent pics have gotten nearly triple likes and her followers have gone up by a lot. If she was leaving him she wouldn’t be following him still on Instagram. They haven’t been getting much attention in a while now it’s fully focused on them .

    Nobody hates these two more than me but there’s just something off about this story.

    1. I think you’re right. It’s too weird. She is posting her interview statements and all that. It’s not making sense.

  17. Cut Jenelle some slack this time, this mentally unstable guy has been isolating her for some time now. Even her fans who actually like her, can’t stand him.

    Her interactions seem limited to him and her kids, just Barbara recently so she could film segments. She probably really loved her dog because of the isolation and because pets are just the best.

    On the silverlining, maybe this will be the start of the change. It’s creepy AF to think David is scrolling out comments for attention, and you know he is.

    1. Cut her slack?! That’s a hard no from me. She’s stood by him through all the stupid shit his done while also being a dumbass herself. They can both go to hell. Justice for Nugget, justice for the LGBTQ plus community, justice for their kids, and everyone else who has been a victim of David and Jenelle. Fuck her. fuck him. period.

  18. Marissa looks so anxiety-ridden and unsure in that photo.. it breaks my heart (amongst the obvious) she’s the oldest, and I can only imagine the things that child had had to witness/endure ☹️

    1. That’s the first thing I noticed. Her body language screams “help me”). I see it in her shoulders and it looks like his touch is making her so uncomfortable. I’m no professional but but I don’t have to be to notice how utterly uncomfortable she feels. The poor thing. How bad must her mother be that this psycho has full custody? I’m sure David has told Jenelle many times that if she leaves him he will fight her tooth and nail for “his” kids. And that she has no one else. We all know she cannot be alone for more than a week. He has been gas lighting her for years and it’s very hard to recognize and even harder to take the steps to get away. My fear is that he will shoot all the kids in front of her and then kill her and himself. It’s not so hard to imagine. She has no stable people in her life to help her. It terrifies me and makes me so sad.

    2. Look at both Kaiser and Ensley, they are wary children. Children who have already learned that life holds no joy, and to be watchful. It’s just heartbreaking.

  19. I’m glad to see Chin is at least showing some remorse and a *slight* sense of reason by being pissed at Lurch, but girl…. your grammar is a whole ‘nuther travesty…

    1. Coming from someone with a “scuba certificate” and a “medical degree”. How unfortunate 🙂

  20. I really want to feel bad for her but being how she’s been on national tv holds her accountable for all this! Her dog should have never been killed. It’s sick and twisted but I can’t understand that this was her final straw above her kids. She has the money and means to get out, she has her mother’s support to get out since she’s been thru this, she has teen mom fans screaming get out, which is more than a lot of abused woman get which for them is why it takes so long. I’ve been there and understand but we’d all cheer for her if she’d do this. No matter how much we can’t stand her people would be happy with this choice. If she goes back she’s done. Respect would be gone. She needs to leave and get Marissa to a safe family member. Who knows what she’s going thru alone with David in the woods. With his ego issues I wouldn’t be surprised if that blind item about molestation is true. She looks so uncomfortable there. Just please rescue those kids!

  21. David your a low life why not give the dog away. If your kid is anything like you she probably needed to be bitten. If you were here well you would look like a meth head and gumming youf food. Jail time

  22. He’s a animal abuser which exactly proves everyone’s point that David is also a wife abuser, physical as well as mentally but his sort does not stop thier most people who watch TM2 also see for themselves that he is also quite happy to mentally and physically abused Kaiser time after time and yet he still gets away with these actions even on TV were it has been seen by viewers the abuse that Kaisers recives of the giant bully, hopefully this sad ? information will give Nathan the ammunition to get Keiser out from that house and safe just like his big brother Jace who lives safely and happily ☺ with his gran Barbara hopefully Barbara will stop Jace from going into a chaotic dangerous household but has supervised visits, as for Marisa she needs to live either in a foster home or with family, this disgusting incident give plenty of proof and ammunition to get these children out to a place of safety, and Janelle should follow suite as DAVID will turn out as a mass murder.

  23. Theory: It’s both their evil plan to prove to MTV how entertaining they are and how much attention/ views they are capable of bringing them. All staged with the dog really being shot though. Figured since it happened after news broke of the secret phone call. Everybody wants MTV to fire them, they want Jenelle to leave him and everybody is predicting he’s really gonna kill somebody etc…. it’s sadly all feeding into all predictions/ wishes and bringing more and more attention, more and more money for them and MTV.

  24. Oh Jenelle, you must be SO upset and SO hurt and just want people to leave you alone so you can deal with it.. but then you go and boohoo to the tabloids?? She and her HUZBIN both need to be jailed. She’s as bad as he is, enabling him to do this shit. She wouldn’t leave when he beat Kaiser, she’s not going to leave now.

    I just hope that those kids and the assortment of animals will stay safe.

    1. That is horrible to say
      And even worse its 100% plausible.
      I guarantee that he has hit Kaiser many times.

  25. I think it’s very possible Jenelle is trying to work through how to leave. We don’t know what threats he has made up to now including harming himself. She would leave Marissa with him. While Jenelle has done many vile things it’s clear he is a very dangerous man. No I don’t think they should pull her off MTV because then she suffers quietly. As it stands we all get to see how dangerous and violent he is. Many woman suffer in silence but Jenelle does not have to working for MTV. Everyone saying leave now May not understand the danger she could be in, the possible threats against her mother, children, or herself. We can understand that it takes a woman many times to leave and this may be the case with her. I think right now we need to encourage her, not best her down more. Let her know it’s okay to leave, let her know there are people willing to help and not judge. Everyone makes mistakes and I am saying this as a woman of color who I suppose should dislike Jenelle right now, but I don’t. I fear for her safety and the safety of all involved. I am quite sure she will piss us all off much more before this mess ends. She is clearly frightened. I remember the scene before the wedding when she was like we weren’t fighting. That was disturbing. Seeing the bruises on Kaiser was disturbing. Now this. She needs gain her confidence and leave when she feels most safe. Leaving is the most dangerous time for a DV victim. Instead of judging her, I will pray for her. I know this because I lived it as a child. My mom stayed many many years then left when it was safe. We suffered but I am glad we all came out of it alive.

    1. 1. If she left right away and didn’t let it get this far it wouldn’t be that dangerous to leave. She chose to stay and ignore the red flags that have only escalated.
      2. As the police have said, if she reports the dog murder they could arrest David and she could leave safely while he is in jail. She is choosing not to

      I’m sorry it might sound heartless but I don’t feel sorry for the “victim” that chose to stay in a relationship that long and let it get to that point.

    2. I would understand & feel bad if it was just her. As a mother her #1 concern is protecting those kids. She is not the only 1 in danger.
      If she goes to the police she can have him removed from the home & most importantly his guns taken away.
      She has the perfect time (the cops have a valid readon to take his guns if she presses charges & gets a restraining order) , unless she wants to wait until the next 911 call?

      If she wastes this opportunity you cant feel bad for her anymore

    3. It’s so true. The most dangerous time for an abused woman is right when she is finally leaving. I know this because my cousins daughter was shot and killed in front of her infant and 2 toddlers. It’s horrible. And she had just gotten a restraining order. Even with that they didn’t take the guns away from him. He snapped and she’s gone.

  26. Lazy, backass, hillbilly sheriffs that don’t want to do their job! Whoever the insider is that called 911 needs to call the mayors office and keep going higher from there until there’s results.
    Animal activists need to show up in front of the sheriffs dept. , David has connection there or they’re being paid off! We all heard Jenelle tell an officer to get off her property, that deputy had business there , he wasn’t trespassing and did not have to leave … but he did. Enough of turning a blind eye already!!!

  27. Instead of vilifying Jenelle, give her suggestions and offer her hope. There is help out there for her. She may not know or belie e that. She needs help. Being in a DV situation leaves one very fearful, feeling g hopeless and self hating. Help her, dont crucify her.

  28. So… him abusing her children won’t get her to divorce him but the dog does?

    Don’t get me wrong, this is VERY VERY bad and I’m about to throw up, but this woman makes no sense at all and I don’t believe for a second that she’s leaving him.

    God poor dog though… they deserved a lot better than this.

  29. What happens when she leaves him though? What is he going to do then? She needs to get away with her kids and have police guard the house. Then what happens to his daughter? He has her, how is she going to stay safe? This is just a complete mess and this is only a family we see on reality TV. Think about all the nightmare instances that happen with families throughout the world all day. It’s so sad. I hope she leaves him this time but he is not stable to be left alone with them or to be left alone by himself.

  30. For me, this unhinged lunatic’s behavior from beating Kaiser with a balled up fist, to nearly breaking Jenelle’s collarbone, to now the vicious slaughter of a family pet, is more true to form than shocking.

    What the hell did Jenelle think she was getting when she hooked up with David? When she first met him, it was a known fact that he choked his son’s mother while she was pregnant. And that’s why this woman had a restraining order against his lousy ass keeping him far, far away.

    And for all the times Jenelle has looked dead into people’s faces and lied and covered up for this slimy ball, forgive me, but I DON’T feel sorry for her now.

    Added to that, I probably never will.

  31. If you want to get these monsters off TV, you need to contact MTV and their advertisers.

  32. This absolutely blows my mind. No matter how “aggressive” any dog may be, a normal person thought would be to re-home or bring it to a shelter.. ALSO that is not a bit by any means, his paw probably scratched her face. Jenelle is just as guilty in this as David because she did not report this. There is no “thinking” about divorce (which she’s probably not) she NEEDS to get away and fast but we all know she’s probably just waiting for this to blow over just like the 10+ things David has done. But I really really hope this is the rock bottom and eye opener that Barbra, Nathan and everyone is talking about. My heart breaks just thinking about the beating that dog probably got before he was murdered. Makes me sick to my stomach to think she’d really stay with him after this…

  33. She isn’t leaving him. This is the same guy that abuses her toddler with a switch and physically assaults her. This isn’t the “final straw”, in a few days she will twist the facts in her mind that it was “just a dog” and he was “protecting Ensley”.

  34. I don’t believe for a second that that dog was aggressive. I’m sure david was pissed at Jenelle for something and did it to hurt her or send a message….and for the love of god, don’t let your kids get in a dogs face like that!! If you don’t teach your kids to respect the space of animals, then you can’t blame them if something happens. They shouldn’t even have animals to begin with. I’m so upset over that poor sweet dog ?

  35. Next time it’s going to be a kid. It’s not uncommon for an abuser to start with animals then move into children to punish their victim. We all know Kaiser is in danger but I guess that doesn’t matter to Jenelle, MTV or CPS.

    It makes me feel sick thinking about that poor boy and I don’t even know him. He looks terrified in every picture.

  36. While this is horrible I don’t recall as much outrage when she killed her own child through abortion. It’s a sign of our times that a dog’s life is more precious than a child’s :'(

    1. … yes, because that’s exactly what would have made this situation so much better – Jenelle having more children she could be putting in harm’s way.

    2. Get out of here with this nonsense. It’s a sign of the times when someone takes the tragic murder of an innocent animal and twist it for their own agenda.

    3. One has nothing to do with the other. It is a woman’s right to choose whether to continue a pregnancy. Her body, her rights. David callously murdered a living, breathing being.

  37. She’s not going to do anything to stop his violent, mentally ill ass. At this point, I hope she’s his next “victim”. That seems be the only way she’s going to “participate” in leaving that cretin and protecting her children. Make sure he’s not a beneficiary on whatever assets you legally can, Jenelle. Make a will. You’ve already enriched his dumb, broke, murdering ass so take steps to ensure that he doesn’t have AS BIG a monetary windfall when you’re no longer of any use to him. Get it done FAST. In the blink of an eye, David killed Nugget. Don’t rationalize to yourself and to others that you, your animals AND your children don’t exist in a toxic, high risk environment with David.

    1. Jenelle is not a good person and made loads of mistakes in her life, but saying you hope she dies because of her murderous abusive husbin is one vile thing to say. David needs to be send to jail and Jenelle needs some serious help.

    1. Me tol. Just the thought how he must have dragged her into the woods makes me sick to my stomach

  38. What is even more sick and twisted is that there is at least a 75% chance the investigating cops are good old boys JUST LIKE DAVID. Let that sink in. Which is why this dumb and dumber version of Bonnie and Clyde can have their way committing crime after crime and it’s all just monkey business in the Dirty South. Lovely.

  39. Where is Maryssa’s mother? What kind of mother is she that David has full custody of their daughter? Someone needs to get that girl out of the house. Nathan needs to get Kaiser (or his mother does) Jace can stay with Barb and I guess Ensley is just stuck with these two dumpster fires.

  40. It takes a real sorry low down person to shoot a puppy. I would not want him around children. I could never shoot a puppy no matter what it did.

    1. It takes a even lower person to stay with him and to keep her children around him. SHE has no excuse.

  41. Jenelle,you really need to think which is more important . David is a monster not a man.and your animals should be treated like your kids .he is going to snap one day and he might shoot you and or the kids.The man is a walking time bomb.what will end up happening you will lose all your beautiful children.he isn’t worth it.

  42. Those poor kids. Maryssa is probably totally devastated since she is old enough to know exactly what happened. Kaiser is probably confused and too scared to ask. Ugh, this is seriously awful. And the fact that he carried that dog into the woods means that Ensley was not in ANY immediate danger (which we already knew), there was no reason to do this.

    Also, Jenelle is just NOW realizing how cruel he is? Everyone has been screaming this at her for 3 years.

    1. You’re right, something doesn’t add up there. I don’t know which is worse: if they’re lying about the dog acting aggressively and trying to cover up that David took the dog out into the woods to practice murder or if David really did over-react to an abused dog acting out and they’re trying to cover up that he shot the dog in front of the kids.

  43. You know, for a guy who’s gotten second, third, fourth chances in life, he sure does skip right to capital punishment when it comes to the puppers.

    1. Isn’t it a little bit nuts that she’s so upset about a dog but when he abuses her son she sticks up for him without a second thought?

  44. This is sick and cruel. So glad Jace was not there. Jace needs to stay with Barbara until he is 18. If Nathan loves his son he and his family need to pool all their money together, retain a good attorney and request full custody of Kaiser. Remember the movie “We Need to Talk About Kevin”?? Well, they need to talk about David. There is something wrong with a man that kills a family pet. This kind of behavior only escalates. And we know how David loves his guns. David needs mental help. MTV needs to step in and help. They created all this drama with this series.

  45. It’s pretty crazy that it had to go as far as her husband killing their dog for her to figure out that he’s “very cruel and doesn’t have a heart.”

  46. The murder of the dog is horrific but please, Jenelle, think of Maryssa! She’s ELEVEN. Can you imagine how scared you would be if someone shot the family dog for no reason when you were that age?

    I can’t even say anything bad about Jenelle anymore. I just feel sorry for her. We are watching the this nut terrorize an entire family and I can’t see how this will end without tragedy.

  47. Oh, she hauled all the kids and her own sorry ass back, but she’s “Not speaking to David!”..that’ll show him! It’s very common practice for abusers to torture or kill “their” woman’s pets, as a warning, and just to inflict pain. Stick around Jenelle, you obviously have no heart, no brain, no soul, and zero courage to tell this leech to get off YOUR land, go to court, get an order enforcing that, and while Mayrissa may be doomed to live with him, get yoru own kids away before one of them is dead…it wasn’t the little dog that snapped, it was David. Oh and BTW, how it is he just HAPPENED to be videoing when this “attack” took place? Was he encouraging that ugly child to push the dog, push her face in its face, etc, hoping for an excuse to kill it? SO weird he’d be videoing (and where WAS Jenelle?) just as this happened, and apparently dropped the phone and grabbed his ever-present gun to “save!” this brat of rom a ten pound pup?

  48. If you have small children and the dog bites or nips, you re-home the dog to a family without children. You don’t shoot it. Janelle and her kids are next.


    1. Why the caps lock?

      Anyways, this dog has been seen on multiple videos looking scared, stressed, and abused. It cowers and has its ears back. David records ducks biting her (which he encouraged and laughed at). He encouraged Ensley to get in her face despite his claims that Nugget has bitten Ensley before. The dog is very submissive and scared, so it’s not odd that she finally snapped.

    2. You hope things work out and get better?? Things don’t get better with abusive men like David. Someone ends up dead.

  50. I hope the bunny’s alive She posted a pic(taken down) of her chest all scratched up saying the bunny did it David abused again no bunny!!

  51. This is what happens to your pets when you marry a rabid Neanderthal. She won’t leave him because we all know she’ll be next if she does.

  52. And after all of this, I bet you she still won’t leave him…However she hit the nail on the head when she called him cruel, because that’s exactly what he is. The fact that he has absolutely no remorse for killing the family pet, and not just giving it away, shows hes one sick MF.

    1. Yep, and this is the bed she’s made… I have zero hope for Jenelle leaving. MTV needs to fire her and hopefully someone can get those kids off the Land before Nugget’s fate becomes thiers.

  53. So sad for that puppy. Here’s her chance to finally end it with him. No more reasons to stay! She has an opportunity to also continue the show and get her income. Kick him out Jenelle. Be strong, you can do it!!

  54. It’s like he has a case of gradualis moronicus onset. With every passing day the guy keeps getting stupider and crazier. With those two geniuses around no wonder the dog was ‘snappy’.

  55. The silence from the kids speaks volumes. The guy executed a 20 Lbs puppy and the kids know to be afraid. This is horrible.

  56. I know we all love to give Jenelle $hit, but my god! Jenelle I know you read The Ashley’s articles sometimes and if you’re reading this : PLEASE LEAVE THIS MAN! He is violent, antagonistic, angry, and abusive. Get you, your pets, and your kids away from him or you all are next. That’s not sensationalism, it’s the truth.

    1. She’ll be on here shortly down voting all the comments, she’ll read your comment but she ain’t leavin her stud of a man.

  57. So basically she’s going to wait for this to die down and when she thinks we’ve all forgotten, she’ll start posting about how in love they are, he’ll post more inappropriate pictures of her on his IG, they’ll continue being white trash that live on a swamp and she’ll pretend she’s not married to an abusive drug addict. K, cool. Glad she’s learned from this.

    1. This is fucking sickening. Davis is truly the lowest of low and is the one who should die, not some innocent animal. Anyone recall when Kim Zolciak Biermann’s (Real Housewives of Atlanta) dog bit her son and it necessitated multiple surgeries? They sent the dog for training, modified his environment at home and slowly integrated him back into their family. Their son still loves their dog. THAT is how you handle the situation. Fuck David AND Jenelle for not teaching their kids how to respect animals’ space.

    1. Me too. Hes a monster. This world would benefit if he would just shoot himself. And I NEVER talk like this a bout anyone. I have no problem with this guy being killed or blowing his own head off.

  58. Calling all criminals to Rigelwood, NC! It’s a safe haven to the derelicts of the United States.
    It makes me sick to think about how scared that poor puppy was and the beating that occurred before he killed her.

  59. Countdown to her claiming she never said these things, it was a body-double, that her computer was hacked, that someone stole her phone, that she was having an out of body experience or that it was the Ambien talking. They’re both trash and no one will be surprised when his next victim is a human being.

  60. Maybe if you’d gotten a clue a long time ago, Juhnelle, this shit wouldn’t have happened.

    You married a monster and monsters do monstrous things.

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