David Eason Narrowly Escapes Jail By Paying Over $5,000 He Owed in Child Support to Ex Olivia Leedham: Jenelle Evans Responds By Starting Feud with Her

“Them judges takin’ all my money!”

David Eason almost went to jail on Friday— and it had nothing to do with him beating and shooting his wife Jenelle Evans‘ dog earlier this week!

The banned-from-TV former Teen Mom 2 star was in a North Carolina courtroom Friday morning to pay the piper on the $5,187 in child support he owed his baby mama, Olivia Leedham, who is the mother of David’s son Kaden…and Jenelle was not happy about it!

“The judge told David at his last court hearing that if he wasn’t caught up by the next hearing [which was Friday], he’d be going to jail,” The Ashley‘s source tells her. “He had a decent amount of time to come up with the money.”

According to TMZ, when David first showed up to court on Friday, he did not have the money he owed Olivia. 

“The judge gave him a reprieve … to come up with the money in the next few hours,” the site reported.

David left the court (but not before threatening a cameraman from the local news station, naturally) and later returned with the money he owed his ex.

“David is not currently allowed to see his son Kaden, so it’s possible he didn’t feel he should have to pay child support for the him,” The Ashley’s source told her.

Following the court hearing, Jenelle went after Olivia on social media, posting a series of comments about Olivia.

“Olivia Leedham I hope you have a good lawyer,” Jenelle wrote on Facebook. “You just HAD to post about me didn’t you? Trying to make money off my DEAD DOG? You’re such a sorry person it’s pathetic. I can say so much about you but I won’t…I’ll just pray.”

In another post, Jenelle wrote, “Olivia Leedham, when’s the last time you went to AA?”

Olivia didn’t respond on social media, except to repost a petition started by the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, demanding that action be taken against David, the remaining dog (Jax) be taken into protective custody, and animal cruelty charges filed against David.

At press time the campaign had nearly 60,500 signatures.

In case you’re unaware of David’s history with his son Kaden, allow The Ashley to tell you the story…

David was not allowed to see Kaden for the majority of the five-year-old’s life. Olivia obtained sole legal and physical custody of Kaden after David was found guilty of having committed domestic violence against Olivia while she was pregnant with their son.

“[David] endangered the life of the child by pushing [Olivia] when she was eight months pregnant and leaving her in the middle of the road at night when she was seven months pregnant,” the court papers from the incident stated.

Olivia filed a restraining order, and David was not allowed to have contact with her or Kaden after that. In March 2016, David was arrested for approaching Kaden in a grocery store and violating the restraining order.

In February 2017, The Ashley broke the news that Olivia had a change of heart and was allowing Kaden to visit David occasionally. However, by February 2018, Oliva had become alarmed by the change in David and the situation on The Land and begged a judge in court papers not to make her son go to be with his father. She listed David’s “recent firing from his employment” [on ‘Teen Mom 2’], as well as “potential substance abuse issues” and “marital strife” as reasons she wanted Kaden to stay away from David.

“[David] is exhibiting erratic and concerning behavior,” Olivia claimed in the paperwork. 

A month later, though, The Ashley broke the news that Olivia had backed down and closed her case in the New Hanover County, North Carolina, court, agreeing to comply with the custody order in place and allow Kaden to see his dad on The Land. David was allowed to have Kaden on overnight visits after that, provided that the boy was not shown on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

That all changed, though, after The Ashley broke the news that Jenelle had called 911 in October 2018, claiming that David physically assaulted her. Jenelle later called the incident “a huge misunderstanding” in the press and on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ but Olivia went back to court to get David’s visitation with Kaden discontinued.

Earlier this month, a judge sided with Olivia, ruling that Kaden would not have to go to his father’s.

Jenelle was not happy about the ruling, and took to her social media pages to rant about how unfair it is that some mothers won’t allow their kids to see their fathers. 

“Can’t wait until my husband can be happy with his son again. #Blessed,” Jenelle posted.

“No matter how badly you hate your ex, no matter how much drama you try to make up, the court system will NOT keep a child away from his father. #JustSaying,” she added.

She also made a post about child support. (Isn’t it ironic…don’t ya think?)

She posted a meme that stated, “Child support doesn’t make you a father. DNA doesn’t make you a father. Your presence and actions do.”

Jenelle then added the comment, “Yeah…sometimes it’s not that easy. Sometimes the mother won’t allow visitation to happen.”

David is not off the hook legally, however. On Thursday, the Columbus County Sherriffs Office and Animal Control launched a joint investigation into the death of Jenelle’s dog Nugget. David also has to go to court next month to face the two charges against him stemming from the incident in December in which he filmed himself “self-towing” a stranger’s truck.

Stay tuned…

UPDATE! According to Radar Online, Jenelle did, indeed, pay David’s back child support to keep him out of the clink.

“David left the courtroom and contacted Jenelle, and she agreed to pay the money to him,” a source told the site. “Jenelle refused to pay his child support before the hearing… David never paid because he didn’t have any money, but this time he convinced Jenelle that he was going to jail and she bailed him out.”

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90 Responses

  1. The sickest thing of all is the world and the NC PD cares more about a dog death than kids being beaten on the regular by a psychopath.

    Great society.

    1. They have no proof. In order for CPS to do anything there has to be proof. People can’t just call and claim they think a child is being beaten because how someone acts on a TV show they watch.

  2. Jenelle!! Are you reading this? Let me put this simply- he has nothing on you. Your public reputation has always and will always be shit because of your choices and overall terrible character as a human but especially a mother. There is nothing he can release that hasn’t already been known by the world. Drugs? Check. Violent? Yea we know that too. If you have any piece of a soul left let your kids stay in a safe stable environment until you figure things out. You will have so much respect and support if for once you put your children over your selfishness and stubbornness. David Eason does not love you. He is mentally ill. And so are you.

  3. Olivia is my hero, she is the only one who has stood up to these 2 and saved her child.

  4. Jenelle needs to get some new material. She says the same things over and over again to people when they strike a nerve with her. Coming from someone that does drugs and drinks all the time, she sure likes to toss out others faults. I don’t know this other woman, but I give her props if she is in AA and getting help; that’s more than we can say about Jenelle. If anything, what she said about this woman is a positive note. She’s bettering herself, and that is major kudos to her! Another ironic time Jenelle did this was when she was talking about her ex, Andrew. Saying that he drinks all the time and is an alcoholic and “probably won’t be sober.” Then, in the next clip, she is boozing it up with her mom that also drinks all the time and is an “alcoholic” according to Jenelle. This girl is so ass backward it’s comical.

  5. Can’t the men in black that he threatened, have him taken out???

    Have some Snippers on the land to put a bullet in this cnuts head???

  6. Jenelle is a fool for paying his back child support. She should have let him go to jail and use that time to file papers to kick him out and file for divorce. She should save her money because when they do divorce he isn’t going to have the money to pay her child support.

    1. She’s going to be paying him child support. He will get everything. Unless there is nothing left to get or they both die in a murder suicide

    2. I wish she would’ve did that too, but she would literally have to move far away because that man is scary and if she left him and stayed at that house, he would probably burn it down.

  7. So this is what it takes to get sponsors to pull out?

    Not repeated child abuse, loaded guns being available to children and MTV basically (thought his wife) enabling a violent predator to stockpile weapons.

    It’s horrific what happened but how child abuse and the weapons issue is ignored here is insane.

    1. MTV is gonna to have to learn the hard way. They will eventually lose that whole network dealing with Jennelle and David. Let them lose it.

  8. Just saw Chipotle, Extra Gum, Twix and Dove chocolate said they won’t advertise during Teen Mom anymore. I swear this better force MTV to fire Jenelle. Hit MTV in their pockets.

    1. David posted a video of him and Jenelle out together. She has already forgiven him. David quickly deleted it realizing Jenelle has to pretend to hate him for a while so she does not get fired. If MTV does not fire them, I am going to stop watching MTV all together. They can easily replace Jenelle with someone just as dramatic, but not violent.

  9. Just an update, People Magazine is also reporting on the story – updated 6 hours ago:

    Greenies, Persil ProClean, Chipotle, Dove Chocolate, and Twix are no longer running ads on Teen Mom

    It is working you guys, don’t give up, animal lovers have made a difference and Nugget’s death will not be in vain even if the cops can’t do anything. And give the rest of the advertisers hell.

    1. TMZ reported a few hours ago David said he is seeking anger management threatment, why he unleashed and killed the dog. If there is ANY doubt he beat the living crap out of that dog before he killed it – let’s stop that right now. Secondly, I have no doubt the advertisers being pulled and all this media backlash (numerous sites calling Jenelle out for her clickbait) has *finally* “scared” him/them. Do NOT let up, this is thier BS half ass attempt to keep thier employer – DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. Continue to hit the advertisers and let MTV know that is enough is enough and we will not let them continue to support these drug addled animal and child abusers. United we stand.

      1. Threatment = treatment, but what a Freudian slip, no? He’s *threatening* treatment to not have to deal with the repercussions of his abuse. He’s used to it with Jenelle, he hasn’t changed just had some sort of wake up call. If he has to rely on Jenelle’s purse strings because this loser hasn’t had a job in years – that’s why. They are about to lose their major income. Don’t stop. If there is anyone that deserves to finally be punished for all thier misdeeds, it’s the Easons.

      2. He’s always been angry, this poor dog isn’t why he’s seeking or supposedly seeking anger management.

        He is a fucking lunatic….
        He will not get anger management, as in his mind he’s perfectly ok.

      3. It’s too little too late if you ask me. There’s no fixing that POS’ “anger” issues. He’s a psychopath that wants to threaten, beat and kill living things. He needs to be locked away. I really hope that this is the thing that is Jenelle’s wake up call to LEAVE him and get her kids out of that situation…but we know it won’t be….so I’m really hoping that this gets her fired…then maybe shell get the reality check she so desperately needs, that David is the WORST thing that’s ever happened to her and her family…and that says a lot considering her life.

  10. he kills her dog and then pays him money to keep him out of jail………………DUMB! I would have been like TOO BAD SO SAD! ENJOY JAIL BUDDY

  11. I grew up watching teen mom for over a decade. And I admit, a guilty pleasure liked watching a train wreck occasionally.. but this isn’t entertaining. I am so disgusted someone could shoot your dog, get you to pay their back child support, and then you go after the child’s mother because he’s a horrid human being?? This is beyond mental. You’re mad she doesn’t want her child around someone who just shot your family pet??? Do you even have a brain cell??? I hope everyone comes together and boycotts teenmom2 this week and the advertising. This is bigger then reality tv.. there are children and other animals around these people and they need removed ASAP. Afterwards I could careless what they do to each other.. but help the kids and animals.

  12. So he murders her dog on Monday and she’s contemplating divorce and not staying at the house; but by Friday she’s giving him 5k in child support so he can come home instead of rotting in jail. Find a fucking backbone and some self respect while you’re at it.

  13. I posted this link yesterday, but please find a list of current sponsors and how to contact them. Google, “Reddit TM2’s Advertisers and Sponsors”. Their direct contact information is listed under each sponsor. Please continue to put pressure on these companies. Lack of revenue from advertising will force MTV to make a stand.

  14. Jenelle you are just as bad as the monster you live with. You know he is nasty to Kaiser and you don’t care! He beat a poor defenseless little dog and then shot it after his daughter tormented it. He is sick and so aren’t you. I pray for the children and any other animals you have that he will abuse and kill. You are ruining your kid’s lives for a big ugly mess of a man.

  15. My comment was going to be that Jenelle paid it. They’re back together… Who’s shocked?? Not me!!


  16. Why can’t Nathan get in cohorts with Olivia and hire her lawyer to help him get full custody of Kaiser??…and Jenelle is a total piece of shit for bailing that murderer out of jail. The girl gets dumber and weaker by the day.

  17. Jenelle has numerous clickbait articles about the dog for somebody that is supposed to be so upset. I had no idea he had beaten up his pregnant ex while she was pregnant ? Why has this creep never been to prison ? He needs to be dropped of a cliff he is literally a waste of oxygen.

  18. I can’t believe how this fu*k face threatens every person he comes across and gets away with it! David is walking through the court house where there should be deputies everywhere and he’s threatening the media, unreal! He thinks he’s a “ Good Ole Boy”’, he’s a coward hiding behind armor is all.
    I’d love to see both David and Jenelle come on up north to the big cities where cops don’t have time for your badass ACT, theyd be down his throat and out his ass before he could call them boy.

    1. Yep come to Cleveland or Boston…. I lived in Charlotte NC for 2 years however it was a big city and they didn’t cut slack for anybody… I wish he would come to Cleveland. I would love to see his punk a$$……

      1. I’ll join you if he comes to Cleveland – see what he does when the redneck’s out of the woods…

        1. I seriously hate this guy. I hope he blows himself up one day. Not one redeeming quality. Not one. Just an absolute horror show. I cant even feel bad for jenelle. She has 2 kids to worry about and she doesnt even care. Fuck them both. Wastes of space and air.

    2. So.Much.Yes. If he came up to the area where I live, he’d be crying and running back home within an effing DAY.

      And can you imagine what professionals like attorneys, judges, doctors, bankers think when they see him coming? He literally looks like a neanderthal from the history books.

      If it wasn’t for the kids and pets, it would almost be funny – like, he acts like he’s this big tough macho guy “protecting” his family, but every single thing he has was paid for by JENELLE. How is he not embarrassed to death of himself??

  19. The only reason the kids look up to David, is because he is tall lol.
    And he is so not a great father.

    1. David doesn’t seem to understand that loving respect and fear are completely separate things. You don’t demand respect. You earn it. Even from
      A child

    1. Yup and MTV has allowed this violent idiot to create a stockpile of weapons by continuing to pay his wife.

  20. Here is the link to the Petition to sign. At the bottom of it, it also has the numbers to call to file your complaints against these two monsters. We have to keep the pressure on the Sheriff’s Dept., Attorney General’s Office and Animal Control if we expect something to happen. Otherwise they will once again get away with it. Like I said in another post, it is up to us to make something happen and make a difference. So let’s keep the pressure on MTV and their sponsors also, that we aren’t going to watch people who conspire and are complicit with murderers.


    1. I signed it hours before knowing she paid his child support however at the time I felt bad thinking she was too scared to leave him. Now I know she’s just ridiculous. She could have not paid and he would be in jail for one she could have filed a police report for David killing her dog…. she could stand up and admit what he’s done to Kaiser but she hasn’t and clearly NEVER will. It’s sad but I no longer feel bad. I’ve been in a crazy DV situation that involved guns and unfortunately I didn’t have money or a job because I wasn’t allowed. All she had to do was not pay and she could have went to get help file police reports etc…. she has the means to hide. I had no money no job but escaped to a DV shelter with my kids and no one could know where it was. It was hard but I did it with nothing. I left everything I had just me and my kids on my back. I didn’t care it was better then being beat and scared. It took a long time to get to that point but I’m glad I left. Come on jenelle YOU CAN DO IT! Leave home – everything who cares. The safety of you and your kids are worth more then ANYTHING – PROPERTY or MONEY! If you leave you will still have support and people who love to watch you. You would have move support if you leave this POS. It’s scary I know but do it for your kids. They need you…

  21. Well Jenelle once again you’re going back to your old ways. Lies. You are a waste. No hope.

  22. This is all just a shitshow. All the issues… how can one couple cause this much trouble and never pay for any of it? How can anyone have this many problems all at once and a judge not see that they need serious mental help?!

  23. “David Eason Narrowly Escapes Jail” should legit be the epithet on this a**hole’s tombstone.

  24. I just hope Teen Mom sponsors are still pulling their ads and hitting MTV in the pocket where it hurts. Eventually, they’ll have no choice but to fire Jenelle. And next time there’ll be NO money lying around to bail David’s abusive, murdering ass out of his multiple messes.

    This useless HUZBIN of yours kills your dog. Then you go after his son’s mother for speaking out about it, while demanding that this deranged creep pay his rightful share for his son’s welfare. Nice.

    Obviously, every mother is NOT a trifling example of a mother like you, Jenelle. Thank goodness.

    1. I can’t think of another celebrity that is such an egregiously bad mother. Jenelle lost Jace as an infant because she wasn’t interested in taking care of him. She barely ever took care of Kaiser as an infant, enough to keep him alive.
      She’s terrible, she was terrible before she ever met this sociopath.

  25. Geez this guy is freaking legal teflon! Why in the world hasn’t at least one law enforcement officer and judge seen him for what he is?!

  26. So I don’t want to hear one more thing about “poor Jenelle” and how she can’t get away from Lurch – she legitimately could have not paid his bill and he would have gone to jail. Fire her MTV, continue the boycotts – she can sleep in the bed she’s made.

    1. Absolutely disgusting. Not that I thought she’d leave him but paying that money owed to keep him out of jail is sickening. I’ve signed the petition, shared it and called the numbers on it. Can’t imagine the terror those poor kids and other animals feel. These 2 worthless shots are a complete waste of air.

      1. The boycotts/informing the advertisers are working. Keep up the good work. It’s bee years coming, the Easons deserve to actually have repercussions for thier actions

        1. You’re right! People who never heard of any of the TM are talking about this, and outraged. I really think Jenelle’s out of there this time.

  27. Just get the kids and animals out of that hell hole. Frankly, at this point, I don’t give two shits what happens to Jenelle.

    1. Y’all know he called Jenelle for the $$ right? 3..2..1..It was all a BIG MISUNDERSTANDING. SMFH

      1. I was shocked that they don’t share a bank account. She strikes me as the type to be dumb enough to share a joint account with him. Clearly he has no money of his own or Jenelle wouldn’t have paid it for him. They need Teen Mom money. Why he makes it hard for them to film her is even more stupid since it’s the only income they have.

  28. So heartbroken over her dog’s murder that she pays the murderers bill and then viciously attacks someone who wants to see the murderer brought to justice. GTFO Jenelle, I’m now convinced you didn’t love that dog! There’s no fcking way you loved him. You are just as fcked in the head as he is! I hope CPS gets you guys this time and I hope every animal and child goes to a safe, loving home. CPS take them all before she comes forward in another incident about her husband to shrug off bestiality and pedophilia as just another “one of his beliefs”. You and David deserve every miserable thing that WILL happen to you in life. David, spend, spend, spend ALL her fcking money! She deserves to be penniless and destined to be living in squalor for her own selfish stupidity.

  29. Anyone else amazed that this asshat found multiple woman willing to procreate with him?

  30. What kind of man allows his wife to pay his back child support? And what kind of woman actually pays it? Thinking about that makes my brain hurt.

    What I’m confused about is if David is literally found by a judge to be so dangerous to one son that he can’t see him, how is he allowed around the other children? It doesn’t make sense.

    1. I know! No man there. Jenelle and David thought nothing of withholding money for that young boy’s living expenses while spending lavishly on themselves. It’s always about bullying others because THEY can’t do life the right way.

    2. The kind of man who has no compassion about shooting and beating a dog… whipping a little two-year-old boy and denying him food and not letting him go to the bathroom.. Why with THIS of all things ..surprise anyone?

  31. Leave it to Jenelle to go after the woman who actually does what a mother is supposed to do and protects her child.

  32. All this news and I bet you anything nothing at all will happen to David. He’ll get some kind of fine and that will be that

  33. Yeah…she’s really on the fence about divorcing David you guys…she’s paying his back child support and picking fights with anyone she thinks is being mean to him. The only thing Jenelle cares about is having a man. She doesn’t give a crap about how many of her children he beats or how many pets he kills…she’s not giving him up.

  34. She really is. She went on a rant about people writing fake news about her dog’s death and nobody will leave her alone to mourn. All the while she’s still is posting clickbait articles and doing interviews and still apparently has time to go after a woman who is protecting her child. Something she should consider. She said nobody has been to her house but there are records saying they did.

    1. Olivia is obviously a loving mom, something Jenelle will never truly understand. I believe she’s really empty inside myself.

  35. Just like we all knew would happen, Jenelle is going to stick by David. She paid his child support today and is going after one of his baby mommas. She’s no better than David. She is needy and insecure and probably thrives off of all of David’s apologies and kiss assing after his tirades. She is hopeless.

    1. I’m almost positive that he wouldnt be apologizing about anything. He can do no wrong in his eyes & probably has Janelle convinced this is all her fault. I had an abusive ex & he would never grovel afterwards, just make me do it instead. They remind,me of each other

  36. Ok WTF jenelle. She herself was posting clickbait articles about her own dead dog! Profiting off your own husband killing your beloved pet in cold blood. Just low class, no education, hillbilly white effing trash. MTV better fire her as$ ASAP. I’m so sick of their shįt it’s unreal.

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