6 Reality TV Fathers You Should Be Thankful Aren’t Yours

“Want me to be your daddy?!”

Note from The Ashley: This post has been updated for 2020! 

Today is Father’s Day, and many people are paying tribute to the men who raised them, guided them and helped keep them from every appearing on an episode of Cops.

While you may be grateful for the father you have, not everyone is so lucky. In fact, there are plenty of reality TV kids who had bad luck in the daddy department.

From dads who choose their women over their kids, to fathers who aren’t even allowed to see their offspring outside of a court visitation center, here are five reality TV dads you should be thankful are not yours!

Adam Lind (Father of Aubree, former star of ‘Teen Mom 2’)

“I’m not a great dad, but I’m a pretty good inmate, right?!”

Adam has been a pretty terrible father to his daughter Aubree since she was only a few days old. During his very first TV appearance, Adam called newborn Aubree a “mistake” in a text and asked her mom, Chelsea Houska, when he could sign over his parental rights to her. Over the years, Adam has continuously no-showed for Aubree and spiraled into drug addiction. Currently, the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star– who has been arrested literally dozens of times— is only permitted to see his daughter at a court visitation center.

Although he is also the biological dad to another daughter, Paislee (by his ex, Taylor Halbur), Adam is no longer in her life. In fact, he signed over his rights to the little girl so Taylor’s new husband could adopt her. 

Jim Bob Duggar (Father of 19 kids, star of ‘Counting On’) 

“My favorite part of parenting is making the kids!”

On the surface, Jim Bob appears to be a great dad to his 19 children. However, the Duggar Family patriarch has committed his share of bad dad offenses, most notably failing to protect his daughters from his son, Josh, even after it became known that Josh had been molesting his sisters. Jim Bob and his wife, Michelle, also allowed their older daughters to raise all of the youngins that they created from their endless hump sessions, even bragging that as soon as one of their babies was weaned, they were handed off to one of the older girls. 

Jim Bob also has the talent of being able to make literally anything about him. He manages to make many of his kids’ happy moments (birthdays, baby announcements, wedding videos) into a chance to talk about himself and his own life

Thomas Ravenel (Father of  Saint & Kenzie, former star of ‘Southern Charm’)

“I think my kids are the only two people in Charleston who like me at this point!”

For years, the former ‘Southern Charm’ star was locked in a bitter custody battle with his ex Kathryn Dennis for custody of his two kids, and, even though the two have now called a somewhat-truce, Thomas has proved to be a less-than-stellar father in the past. During the custody battle, much of Thomas’ dirty laundry (including drinkin’, alleged assaultin’ and whatnot) has been exposed. 

Kathryn has accused Thomas of pawning off his kids on nannies while they’re in his care, and one of those nannies– Nanny Dawn– has accused Thomas of sexually assaulting her.

Josh Duggar (Father of six kids, former star of “19 Kids and Counting”)

“My mom says I’m cool!”

Josh is the second Duggar to make this list. While fans of the family haven’t had a chance to see Josh’s parenting skills in action lately (due to him being banned from appearing on the Duggars’ TV show ‘Counting On’) we’ve seen enough to know that he’s not exactly Father of the Year. (Who could forget when he went to go take a nap while his wife, Anna, was in active labor with one of their children?) 

In 2015, it was exposed that Josh had molested four of his sisters, as well as another young girl. Shortly after, it came out that he had been unfaithful to Anna during their marriage and was seeking to have an affair via the website Ashley Madison. (This is, of course, after he campaigned for the Family Research Council for years against anything that fell outside their Christian family values.)

Josh has become persona non grata in the reality TV world, and his children have had to deal with the world turning against him. He is currently the father of six kids, and it’s likely that he and Anna will add to their brood again.

David Eason (Father of three kids, former star of ‘Teen Mom 2’)

“Kids love me!”

It’s no surprise that former ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad David Eason made this list! The husband of Jenelle Evans currently has three children and two stepchildren. (He’s not allowed to see his son, Kaden, at all currently.) 

After David brutally murdered the family dog last year, CPS stepped in and launched an investigation that ended with all of the kids being removed from David and Jenelle’s care. (They returned the kids in July 2019.) In just the last two years, David has been visited by Secret Service (due to his posting videos that were deemed threatening to government officials), fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ for making homophobic comments, and been left by Jenelle at least twice. (The most recent estrangement came last week, but Jenelle has already returned to their shared home on The Land.) 

David recently racked up some new court charges, including Assault with a Deadly Weapon charge, after he allegedly pistol-whipped a friend of Jenelle’s, all while the Eason/Evans kids allegedly watched.

Kody Brown (Father of 18 children, star of ‘Sister Wives’

“You guys have no idea how hard it is to be this loved and adored!”

Over the years, Kody’s behavior on ‘Sister Wives’ has shifted from wacky and fun to egotistical and downright demeaning. His four wives frequently complain about him on the show, and they and their kids have stated that Kody’s hair-brained idea to move the entire family from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona, on a whim has devastated the family dynamic– and budget.

‘Sister Wives’ fans frequently comment on social media that Kody refuses to consider anyone’s feelings but his own, and often demeans his wives and kids on-camera if they disagree with him. His marriage to first wife Meri has been on the rocks for years, and fans frequently comment on the poor treatment she gets from Kody. 

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40 Responses

  1. Well now a days we live in a society where everyone is winner and no one is a loser. There you go, all of these Jack asses are the winners of the crappiest father award ?. My applauses to you gentlemen. Hope someone kicks you in the nuts.

  2. What the Hell is wrong with Nathan? Why hasn’t he stepped up for KAIser? I do t understand. JEnelle was at the beach with Kaiser. Letting kaiser swim in the FNG OCEAN. WHIle shes with Ensley on shore. WTF!!! A grown man can be swept away. Barbra was sitting there not saying anything either. It was big waves. SMH!! Who does that???

  3. Add, “Did not protect his son Josh from molestation either” to Jim Bob’s list of faults. Little boys don’t molest for the fun of it; it’s triggered by something. And 99% of the time, it’s triggered by what was done to them.

    Unpopular Opinion: I don’t hate Josh Duggar. He never stood a chance, growing up in that F-ed up family. And at least he went for an extended stay in rehab, even if it was wayyyyyy to Christian-y for any of us to be comfortable with. It’s more than anyone else on this list has done in terms of owning their sh*t.

    1. I would hope you would change your mind if someone molested your child. If not, then you are definitely a Duggar (aka disgusting)

  4. Ugh, a bunch of losers for sure. It’s a shame when someone looks good because they signed away their parental rights.
    To me the Duggars are the worst, because they put themselves out there as “good” people, role models for God. They can take permanent seats with their hypocrisy.
    Don’t get me started on Josh and Anna. Disgraceful.

  5. I heard that she was posting pictures of an empty pool all over social media, and complaining about how quiet the house is, she’s trying to get everyone to feel sorry for her, and that isn’t going to happen!

  6. Ugh, Jim Bob and Josh, gross. David and Adam, Teen Mom POS. I REALLY can’t decide who is worse, one kills animals for fun, other molested his sisters for fun, one dry humped his wife for fun and Adam….is just a druggie who doesn’t care about his kids (at least he can’t have anymore children unless he gets it reversed). As long as David stays with Jenelle, they can’t have children anymore either (Thank god!).

    So it’s a toss up between JB and Josh for me. But because the first can’t procreate anymore and the latter still does, I’m gonna say Josh because poor future kids of his. I am especially afraid for the girls!

  7. Andrew (Jaces absent father) and Matt Baier (father of many and dad to none) didn’t make the list?

    1. Matt would have made the list, but let’s just be thankful he isn’t actively on any TV shows right now!

    2. That’s a bit of a toss up. Andrew, Jace’s father;is a loser and a complete wanker!. But on the other hand he could be classed as an EXCELLENT father….. because he’s vacant from Jace’s life !

  8. The Duggar’s are just the worst. Even worse than David. Adam is just a druggie who isn’t around so he isn’t that bad. He was at least smart enough to sign over his rights. I vaguely remember who Thomas is. Only saw a couple episodes of Southern Charm. Have no clue who the other guy is.

    1. I agree with you Ava. Child molestation is the absolute worst and the parents covering it up is so disgusting. They victim blame as if the girls have to wear clothing to the ankle or the men will be tempted.
      The dog killing is horrendous and by no means ok.

  9. Correction: Eric kicked daughter out of THEIR apartment (originally Tasha’s but she invited her then-homeless dad to stay with her & added him to the lease). To quote Jace ‘he’s a piece of sh*t’

    Eason’s pretty sh*t too.

    1. I was so mad at Tasha for volunteering to leave. She was on the lease, i would have made him take me to court & been a nightmare to live with until the eviction

      1. I trust Tasha will NEVER make that mistake again. So good luck POS Eric when Leida figures out you’re the one making trash/can’t keep a roof over your head. Go take care of her kid when you trash/throw put you’re own. I really loathe Eric

  10. Sorry, Josh tops the list for me. Molesting your own sisters, living what amounts to a double life… he’s more dangerous because he has the Christian Right on his side. Everyone protecting him. David only has Jenelle

    1. Not to forget he will have his SECOND child after the scandals broke out…..second! I mean, not surprised but disappointed in Anna’s decision to stay with this prick.

  11. Why didn’t Adam Lind sign end up not signing over his rights to Aubree right after she was born? It would have saved Chelsea a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, she was head over heels for him at the time.

  12. Eason is 2 for 2 as far as lists go this week. Idk whether he’s going to lose his shit over this, or actually be proud and take it as a “Medal of Honor.”

    If he were my husband, I couldn’t be any more ashamed or embarrassed of him and his behaviors. Not Jenelle though. She takes “stand by your man” to a whole new planet!!!! It’s sick.

  13. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Even on Father’s Day…Jenelle is a HORRIBLE FAILURE AS A MOTHER…

  14. I give Adam and David from Teen Mom 2 the tie of worst! I feel so bad for those kids, but least Aubree has a good mom and stepdad. David and Janelle’s kids are screwed. The Duggar parents are bad, but more in the respect of selfish and out for financial gain. I never watched 90 Day Fiancé so I can’t comment on him.

  15. Adam said he wanted to sign over his right to Chelsea and she should’ve done it. Things would’ve been so much easier.

  16. I’d say Andrew, Louis and Rhine are honorable mentions…I don’t think Jace would know Andrew if he passed him on the street, Rhine seems to be making it his life’s mission to not be around Jagger until he’s at least 3, and Stella was genuinely terrified of Louis when she saw him because she had no idea who he was…

    1. Another honorable mention is Kail’s third baby daddy Chris Lopez. He’s a waste of space.

      Butch Baltierra certainly qualifies as a POS father too even though his kids are grown.

  17. Wow. I honestly dont know which of these men r the worst. All of them are mysogenistic jerks but David comes out a wee bit in front of Josh Dugger.

    1. Yea, those Duggars are in a cultish lane all their own…but David was able to pull through and come out on top. All 3 are abusive, but David murders things.

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      I’m pretty sure molesting your sisters and another girl is worse than killing a dog….

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