’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Ashley Martson Leaves for Rehab to Treat Her Depression : “I Pray This Week Helps Me”

Now that 90 Day Fiancé star Ashley Marston has moved on from her marriage with Jay Smith, she’s putting her focus on getting herself healthy. 

On Monday, Ashley confirmed that she was on her way to an inpatient treatment facility where she will seek help in battling her depression. Last week, Ashley stated that her failed marriage to Jay, as well as other trauma in her past, are things she hopes to address in rehab.

On Sunday– the day before she was due to check in to rehab– Ashley posted a lengthy post to her Instagram stories, informing fans that she will be not be using social media for the next week.

“I pray this week helps me find that happy, loving Ashley that I know is in there,” she wrote. “My silence on social media is to better focus on my mental health and my overall well-being so I can be the best version of me.”

Ashley told Radar Online that she has been encouraged by the show’s fans since announcing her plan to seek treatment.

“At this time, I’m focusing on my happiness and my future to better myself,” Ashley told the site. “I appreciate the support from TLC and the audience of ’90 Day Fiancé.’”

A source told the site that Ashley will be entering a mental wellness retreat for women in North Carolina. Ashley’s mother will reportedly be watching her children during this time. 

According to E! News, Ashley’s stint in the treatment facility will also help her to cope with a sexual assault incident she experienced as a teen, her PTSD and teach her “how to be better in her relationships.” Ashley’s tumultuous relationship with Jay—whom she previously filed for divorce from and then withdrew said filing—also contributed to her seeking treatment. 

“A lot of me deciding to seek inpatient help had to do with Jay [Smith], but I was kidnapped and raped in 2005,” she told E! News. “I am always in fight or flight mode, I am always on edge and I have never gone to therapy over it.” 

Ashley went on to explain that she doesn’t think she “actually felt depressed” until her divorce from Jay. 

“Thanks for that, by the way.”

“ …I have never dealt with anything like I have been feeling right now, with Jay,” she said. “Jay wants to work things out but I am not interested at this point. I am trying to cope and move on from what I thought was going to be the marriage of a lifetime, and it’s not.” 

On the current season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, fans get to see Ashley and Jay attempt to mend their marriage in the wake of revelations that Jay was speaking to other women via dating just days after getting married. 

Ashley filed for divorce in January, however, after being hospitalized for acute kidney failure just days later, Jay was by her side in the hospital and Ashley ultimately withdrew the petition. She filed for divorce for the second time in April. 

(Photos: TLC, Instagram) 


  1. Does anybody know if Ashley’s children have the same father ?
    Does she have custody of them?
    Just curious because she never mentions them?’

  2. Ashley is “Praying” This week will help her heal ??🤔 Is this the SAME ASHLEY that if God himself came down and told her Jay had been cheating,she wouldn’t believe it and she wouldn’t care 🤔 A tad hypocritical don’t you think Ashley ????

    1. Her lupus scare, kidney troubles and ovarian cysts (complete with surgeons coming in to decide if they need to operate) have disappeared. She is headed to rehab leaving Jay behind to frolic with the females. Oh, oh…that would mean her new love will be left alone to go out frolicking, too. The only thing she is leaving behind ere her charges for the fire extinguisher incident. Oh yeah and her children.

  3. If Ashley is genuinely seeking help, albeit 14 years late, one week of in-patient care is insufficient. It should be at least 30 days and then she needs long term out-patient mental health counseling. I feel sorry for her children who have to deal with the constant lies, drama and instability. Ashley needs to stop obsessing with the lure of faux celebrity,and just lead a healthy, normal and productive life.

    1. One week inpatient is usually a starting point for out patient therapy. It can be used to stabilize a patient as well. not everyone can do a Caitlin and leave their kids for a month.

      Speaking from experience, 1 week is enough to stabilize and then go to out patient.

      1. Lordy Mercy I just read she’s back in the hospital with a lupus flare-up. Yet again her tragic life continues.

    2. People like her are unaware of the concept of “normal”
      She lives with her nose in the air and her head in the clouds !

  4. She’s only spending a week in rehab? Did I read that wrong? I don’t like this girl. I mean calling the high school kid that Jay cheated with was so immature.

  5. I’m sorry to hear that. I sincerely hope you’re doing much better and are on a road to a brighter path.🙏😊

  6. I have to say that while it’s great these folks are addressing issues and bringing awareness, I think they need to be level and honest if they share. I was feeling very down and struggling, so I thought “I’ll go and get myself better.” I came out worse than I went in. The majority of places that are actually accessible to normal people (ie not cost $50,000 a month or have a major TV network pay for it) are nothing like the places these people talk about. I found out the hard way. Lesson learned.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. I sincerely hope you’re doing much better and are on a road to a brighter path.🙏😊

  7. Smells like another publicity stunt…This is why you can’t cry wolf, and then get defensive when people don’t believe you.

    1. She got charged for throwing a fire extinguisher through Jay’s window and has been bothering him day and night. Not sure how she has time for her new love who has made her happier than she has ever been. Let alone time for her children

      1. I’ve NEVER known a “HAPPY” person to go throwing fire extinguishers through windows!!!!!!! I hate to imagine what she would do if she was in s “BAD” mood !

  8. Normally I have a very understanding take on mental illness and wish the best because that battle is never easy… but considering the source, I just don’t believe Ashley, she lies about everything! And loves the attention she gets from it. So I do hope she will address her many issues she hasn’t seemed too, I doubt she’s going for the reason(s) she said.

    1. I’m guessing this is a kind of a hail Mary…she’s probably hoping they’ll ask them back for next season, so she needs a new story line. Honestly after all the stuff her and Jay pulled this season, I really don’t want to see them back on TV. Anytime they come on my screen, I distract myself with something else…I really can’t take their story line seriously because we all know it’s totally fabricated. Sad that she can’t be taken seriously.

  9. We all pray it helps you but,sadly, we are pretty sure that you are beyond help. Keep a stiff upper lip…life happens.

  10. Her and jay aren’t divorcing. She’s supposedly filed twice, but the first was withdrawn a day before she leaked the story, and the second was never filed. She does this for attention, and she loves it. She’s all about the drama, wether it’s negative or positive. As for her mom taking her kids, she only sees them every other weekend and on Wednesday’s, the fathers have custody and she has visitation. She lies about everything! This chick even faked her death on fb years ago, putting up a post supposedly written by her mom saying that she’d been killed by a drunk driver, then claimed she had gotten hacked. I can’t imagine how exhausting being in a relationship with her is, with all the drama and hysterics.

    1. And she’s probably going to rehab, and using the Leah Messer excuse of inpatient treatment for ‘anxiety and depression.’

    2. I had no idea she went as far as faking her own death, and that she only has visitation of her kids…She’s not wrapped too tight is she? I really liked her the 1st season, but then all the lies started getting exposed…with the hospital stuff, the fake cheating, the go fund me…all the stuff you just don’t lie about, has turned me all the way off to her. I honestly don’t believe that she needs to go to rehab.

      Also, I believe that she was able to manipulate Jay into marrying so that they could get on the show…he’s basically still a child…although 20 is a legal adult, the rational part of a brain isn’t fully developed until 25. She probably sold him dreams of moving to America and becoming famous.

  11. stop giving these losers any press. she is running from her scamming and lies do some research on top of fake go fund me accounts

      1. I want to feel sympathy for her and I probably would for literally anyone else, but it seems like she is doing literally anything and everything she can to remain in the spotlight. Like…you’re going away for a week. Don’t act like it’s a three month hiatus. She loves this, down to him allegedly cheating on her. I’m not sure who she’s managed by but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s someone Teen Mom affiliated. It’s almost like they follow a formula. The only person I think that went to rehab because they desperately needed to go and not for a ratings or attention grab is Leah.

    1. Wow just read about Ash being charged for throwing a fire extinguisher through Jay’s window and all the Ash activity going on at Jay’s apartment not at Ash’s house.

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