MTV Reportedly Furious After Johnny Bananas Jumped On Stage During MTV Movie & TV Awards & Accepted An Award for ‘The Challenge’ Meant for ‘Love & Hip Hop’

“I mean…are you even surprised?”

Johnny Bananas is tired of The Challenge not getting the respect he feels it deserves, and he reportedly made sure everyone knew it Saturday night at the MTV Movie & TV Awards!

According to The Blast, the longtime ‘Challenge’ star was upset that the show he has basically anchored for the last decade or so lost the ‘Reality Royalty’ award to Love & Hip Hop. The site reports Johnny stormed the stage and “accepted” the award anyway, grabbing the mic from the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ cast before they were able to give their acceptance speech.

The site reports that Johnny’s rant lasted a few minutes. During that time, he pretended ‘The Challenge’ had won, telling the crowd, “We finally won! After all these years, it’s about time MTV finally gives ‘The Challenge’ the recognition it deserves.”

Johnny then reportedly slammed the others shows that were up for the award (which, in addition to ‘Love & Hip Hop’ included The BachelorVanderpump Rules and Jersey Shore).

“All the other shows that got nominated are essentially paying rent in the genre we created!” Johnny said.

During Johnny’s “Kanye”-esque speech, the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ cast attempted to give Bananas the heave-ho from the stage, assuming he was just some rando who managed to get up there. (Apparently, the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ cast members aren’t ‘Challenge’ fans…)

Although the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ crew was unhappy, MTV was even more upset about Johnny’s antics.

“MTV is furious with Johnny Bananas for doing this. [They] are considering editing the entire incident out of the show,” The Blast‘s source stated. (The moment was, indeed, cut out of the East Coast airing on Monday night. It’s unknown if it will be cut from the West Coast’s airing.) 

“Sources tell us it is unclear if he will face any discipline actions because of the outburst, but the issue is that both shows fall under the MTV/VH1 umbrella and this is their talent,” The Blast reported.

Johnny seemed to have no remorse for his actions. When a fan tweeted the link to a story about Johnny’s outburst, asking how MTV could hide it from them, Johnny retweeted the link, writing, “Don’t hide the banana!” 

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(Photos: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images; Twitter)


  1. I haven’t watched the mtv movie awards in years. Man they’ve fallen extremely far. This guy is relevant how?

  2. Johnny made something about himself?! I am shocked. SHOCKED.

    He loves attention, positive or negative, so I’m sure he’s just basking in this. I feel sorry for the real winners. That truly sucks for them.

  3. He has always been a rude, loud mouthed attention hoe. Always involved in the fights, even instigating them. He needs to grow up and get a real job. But if MTV was footing the bill for me to be an ass, I too would take full advantage of it. I do it all the time for free!

  4. This guy is SO TRYING to stay relevant! I can imagine him doing challenges on crutches when he’s old, he is OBSESSED with it! And dude, that wasn’t even entertaining, you tried to copy Kanye…and you failed. Go back to where you came from! (And PLEASE stop doing The Challenge, ugh, shoo, just go away!!)

  5. I mean.. he’s right. the other shows are scripted reality at best,and have no point. At least the challenge has a point. And the reality is actually real.

  6. Why aren’t they furious with Johnny bananas for whatever he allegedly did on their other show “game of clones”? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔 his episode was cancelled because he allegedly assaulted one of the girls.

    They are always covering for him.

    1. Easy
      He is drama
      Drama = ratings = money

      Just ask Jenelle from Teen Mom, they didnt fire her when she pulled a gun out on a guy with her son in the car while filming.
      She wasnt fired until sponsors started pulling their ads.

      1. He got booted from the show early last season and the ratings were the best they’ve been in forever 🤷🏽‍♀️.

        The fact that he was at the award shows spoils the new season, too. The new competitors are smart enough to get him out early.

        Last season he made a deal with Zach… Zach was supposed to throw the game so banana would stay in the house but Zach changed his mind at the last minute and beat him sending him home. 🤡

  7. Nobody watches The Challenge anymore…and LHH has bigger names attached to it than The Challenge…Cardi B was on LHH. I haven’t watched The Challenge since like 2005, when it was still the Real World and Road Rules casts competing…Johnny is this near middle aged man seeming to be going through an early midlife crisis, still playing on a game show with 18 year olds for more than a decade. He’s always seemed to be a cocky jerk…he needs to get a grip.

    1. I will say that I’m shocked LHH beat out the Jersey Shore…Deena and Angelina are acting like they got robbed out of an academy award or an emmy…but at the end of the day, there was no way “The Challenge” was going to win that award.

  8. Um, Yeah okay, Johnny. The Challenge is nowhere close to creating reality t.v. Try the Real World or even Jersey Shore. And both of them are/were so much better than the Challenge.

  9. I’d be willing to bet 75% of the people at the show had NO IDEA who he was! It’s not like he’s in the entertainment news a lot where he’d be recognized. How embarrassing.

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