Maci Bookout Slams MTV for Making Her ‘Teen Mom OG’ Storylines All About Ex Ryan Edwards

“I’m the star, y’all!”

Teen Mom star griping about the show’s editing is hardly breaking news; however, it is noteworthy when the gripe comes from one of the show’s stars who never really complains publicly.

Maci Bookout voiced her frustrations with MTV on Monday night, taking to Twitter to complain that her ‘Teen Mom OG’ segments have essentially become the Ryan Edwards Show.

“It’d be amazing if the chaotic, cute, real life, family/marriage stuff we film made it on the show,” Maci wrote. “Do I feel like my story is accurately portrayed on the show? Absolutely NOT. Do I wish they’d stop making something/someone my entire story on the show? Absolutely YES! #TEENMOMOG”

While Maci’s co-stars Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell frequently yap about the show’s editing, Maci rarely speaks out. (She tends to do her griping off social media and to MTV…and usually ends up getting things done!)

Catelynn retweeted Maci’s complaint, and Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry (who has frequently complained about her show’s editing) wrote, “I am with you 100%.”

“Ain’t no one want to see your mugs in my segments!”

Fans replied, agreeing with Maci that her segments focus mostly on Ryan, his family and his substance abuse issues. (To be fair, the first two episodes of the season do focus heavily on Ryan and his wife Mackenzie.) 

“I agree,” one person tweeted to Maci. “LOVE watching you guys and your family and it’s so annoying that we miss out of the fun stuff for Ryan and his s**t.”

“I certainly didn’t need to see Mack and her friend at lunch,” another wrote. “I’d much rather see the cute kid stuff with you!”

“It’s no fair!”

Season 8 saw the return of Ryan to ‘Teen Mom OG.’ As The Ashley previously told you, Ryan was kicked off the MTV show before last season, when Maci basically told the show’s producers that if they allowed him to be part of the season, she was leaving the show. The producers sided with Maci and gave Ryan the boot. (His parents and Mackenzie continued to appear.) Ryan was brought back for Season 8, though.

Last month, Maci revealed that she and Mackenzie do their best to stay out of each other’s way.

“We don’t really have a relationship,” Maci said of herself and Mackenzie. “It’s not negative. It’s not a bad relationship, there’s just really not one.”

She also confirmed that she has not been around Ryan since he was released from the clink after a 90-day jail stint earlier this year.

“I haven’t seen him or anything. [He] hasn’t had the chance to impact [me] or have an impact yet,” Maci told Us Weekly.

Ryan and his crew have yet to respond publicly to Maci’s tweet.

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43 Responses

  1. Here’s an idea, if she doesn’t like her storyline why doesn’t she just leave the show and get a regular/real life?!!

  2. For $300,000 + a year, we can film my bowl movements of they want. You get an obscene amount of money while leaving your clothes on. Who cares?

  3. Cause your BORING… yeah I said it idc…. not good enough for reality TV and you should be happy with your ginormous house!

  4. How the hell has Maci not figured out that this is reality TV? They don’t want your feel good story about your clothing line or Taylor’s Bud Light habit (literally EVERY scene). They want what sells, period. Ryan’s downward spiral and the fallout is more interesting than the things going right in your life. Sad, but true.

    1. Every single one of these girls, with the exception of Chelse, would have been on welfare in a trailer park by now without teen mom. Every one

  5. She had a storyline when she had two back to back pregnancies but now…her life is noT chaotic so they try about her talking about Ryan to at least make it a bit interesting. Just like they make Chelsea’s about Adam. She is basically the Chelsea of OG, both girls could quit.

  6. I don’t need constant drama to be interested in a storyline. Sometimes I just like to be a fly on the wall. Same reason I wa attracted to the first season of RHOC, before all the fake shit. So I don’t think Maci (and by the same token, Chelsea)’s segments are boring.

  7. Who tf wants to watch Maci folding her weird leather pocket tshirts and drink beer all day? It’ would be like Chelsea’s storyline – stale. It’s great that they have happy and stable lives but it makes for boring television

  8. Normally I’m like boohoo, but she’s got a really fair point this time. I have sub-zero interest in Mackenzie and quite frankly I find it unethical to continue to film someone who is as addicted to drugs as Ryan is.

    1. It is unethical, look how enabling Jenelle turned out. Personally I doubt Ryan even wants to do it, it’s more like Mack is pushing it. I’m kind if shocked *if* he’s still sober that he hasn’t filed fr divorce. I remember hearing they weren’t living together once he got back out of rehab.

  9. The whole show is boring as hell. Saying goodbye to them would be entertaining. Bye Felica!!!

    1. She has a real job. She works in advertising. She just keeps it private from the show.

      And what, she’s never allowed to be frustrated or unhappy with the storyline they paint about her? Even her complaint was pretty mild and it’s probably from all of the boards of people who attack her from always talking about Ryan…

  10. Watching paint dry is more entertaining than Maci’s solo segments. Her storyline without Rhines drama is boring. It’s not bad that she has a stable life, but MTV and viewers love drama. Nobody in the age bracket that watches the show wants to watch “chaotic and cute” family marriage stuff.

    1. I agree to some extent but I do think they focus too much on Ryan. That scene in the last episode with Mackenzie at her friend at the restaurant where she was ranting about showing her son’s birth certificate at the jail was ridiculous and didn’t need to be on the show.

      1. I really cannot stand Mack, and don’t like that they’re following her around like she’s one of the OG’s, but that unfortunately goes to show that Maci’s segments must be bland…I would rather them give one of the other girls, or the original dad’s, or even Jen and Larry more screen time as opposed to Mack. Mack is very undeserving of it.

        That scene also pissed me off, because she said Rhine’s been arrested 3x’s and she’s been there all 3x’s….ummmmm maybe take a hint and realize that you, and drugs are the common denominators every time he’s gotten arrested?? He never got into this much trouble with any other girl he’s dated…but he’s been arrested 3x’s since he’s been with her.

  11. They should make some her story lines about her never finishing college. Or her drinking while pregnant. Or without MTV her and Taylor would be welfare recipients with crappy t-shirts. Maci is a loser who has done completely nothing with her life but spread her legs.

  12. I think Maci is drinking Jenelle’s kool-aid if she’s so delusional to think that fans actually want to watch her boring, non-existent personality, along with her “happy family.” Of course people want the drama. They want to see what will happen next? How will Ryan screw up this time? It’s why MTV brought him back. He was newsworthy, so fans want to see how things unfold with him and crazy Mac. This equals ratings. Sorry Maci, cute family gatherings just won’t cut it for MTV.

  13. I think a lot more people can relate to an addiction/coparenting storyline than the omg we bought another mansion for our multiple miracle baby fam and only sell leather pocket shirts for work storyline. People in the real world struggle and not everything is cutesy and fun. I however wouldn’t want to see Mack and would prefer jen and Larry be the focus of Ryan’s story and how they handle the relationships with Bentley and Maci as well. so many parents have addict children. It’s so sad this is the reality of our world but it is.

  14. I certainly have no interest in watching anything to do with Ryan,his parents or his wife. None of them are honest, they try but fail to push a fake image of what is really happening.Basically playing the viewers for fools.

  15. The best thing thing that ever happened to old ginger minge was the day Ryan dumped that clip in her. Maybe just say thanks. OK.

  16. I forgot all about Mac’s segments. It was pretty boring. MTV is trying to drum up drama because all the seasoned girls have learned from Chelsea how to hide their real life’s. Chelsea literally said the same thing after she had Watson. Chelsea that they do all these cutesy family things and MTV focuses on drama. DUH. The girls have all have followed Chelseas format of cutesy so much so that even Jenelle was mad,that they didn’t film the cutsey family stuff. Jenelle was mad MTV wanted to film the holes in the wall and how they got there instead of the family at the pumpkin patch

  17. Maci’s kids are adorable. I certainly like the segments with them on, but the show gets ratings from conflict and drama. Ryan is Bentleys sperm donor though; what got Maci her gig on the show. There’s also only been two episodes aired this season, plenty of time for those cute family scenes Maci was talking about to get aired.

  18. From the second I saw Ryan on 16 and pregnant I knew that he didn’t want to have any kids. I think his substance abuse is understandable. I am not excusing him and what he has done to his family. He was just a dumb kid who got roped into the adult life way too early and desperately wants to escape. Ryan should do all his kids a favor and just leave them alone.

    1. If he didn’t want kids then he should of had a vasectomy after Bentley. I think he wants a family but he’s an addict.

  19. I thought I was watching Mack’s story last night, not Maci’s. Honestly sick of hearing about Ryan. Sick of listening to Mack. I was with him the 3 times he was arrested and you don’t realize how hard that is to watch…um I wouldn’t waste my time watching him get arrested, I would of run at the first sign of trouble. But we all know she enabled him to get the guy, to get the ring, to get the baby…

  20. If I wanted to see cute family, I would watch TLC’ “Little Family.” I don’t watch MTV or a show calles “Teen Mom” for inspiration. Maci really believes the hype that they are really talented people with extraordinarily talent.

    1. This I agree with, but I know how hard it is to find a decent job, muchless a 6 figure job that you don’t even have to leave your house for…

  21. I understand where Mac is coming from. However, sonce she has a normal, stable husband and kids, a lot if ppl find that boring. Let’s face it, ppl love a train wreck…I could do without Mac though. She’s so nasty, mean spirited. Obnoxious.

  22. The Ashley – any insight Who was in Jenelle’s snapchat yesterday swimming in their pool? Looked like a little girl.

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