‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Javi Marroquin is Engaged to Lauren Comeau: Get Proposal Details & See the Engagement Ring

“I’m about to be the next Mrs. Marroquin!”

Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau are officially engaged.

The Teen Mom 2 revealed on social media that he proposed to Lauren on Monday and that she has accepted! The couple shares son Eli, in addition to having 50/50 custody of Javi’s son Lincoln (whose mom is Javi’s ex-wife Kail Lowry).

“June 17 I asked my best friend to marry me,” Javi captioned several photos of Lauren showing off her engagement ring.

“Our sleepless (mainly yours) nights… our endless laughs… and our countless jokes to each other now can be forever. Without you or gym wouldn’t be possible. Without you we wouldn’t have a place to call home. Without you we wouldn’t be complete.

“Thank you for being the greatest mom to Eli and now (soon to be) stepmom to Lincoln,” he wrote. “I feared not finding someone that would love me and linc the way you do. Never have I questioned that with you. Thank you for everything you do for this family. I can’t believe I’m this lucky.”

It’s been a long, strange road for Javi and Lauren. They started dating in the summer of 2017 but quickly broke up. Javi moved on with ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Briana DeJesus, but after that fizzled he quickly reunited with Lauren. Within six weeks of announcing that they were back together, the couple announced they were expecting their first child together. Eli was born in November 2018.

In an interview with The Hollywood Gossip, Javi– who is in Maine with Lauren currently– revealed that he wasn’t sure he was going to propose when he did.

“It was actually not really planned,” Javi said. “I took the ring just in case.”

“Initially we had our family pictures done and I was going to have a boat in the background saying will you marry me in one of the pictures but it was too hard to get a boat,” told the site. “So I was like alright whatever I’ll just do it another time.”

He then got the idea to propose at a lake in Lauren’s hometown…which is, of course, nearly identical to the way he proposed to Kail Lowry back in 2012.

“We went to this lake in Maine where she’s from,” Javi told The Hollywood Gossip. “We went there when we first met and so last year we went there as well right before I left. So this year- there’s a cafe spot on the corner- and she’s like ‘Let’s go get some smoothies and then we’ll walk to the lake and then you can leave.So I was like, ‘perfect idea.’

“It just felt right,” he added. “I texted her cousin and I said, ‘Hey can you go this spot and put a bunch of flowers and candles and have everything ready for me? We’re going to walk there and when we get to our spot I’ll ask her to marry me.'”

Javi said the “last minute” proposal was nearly ruined by Lincoln, who spotted Lauren’s sister by the lake as she was getting things set up.

“[Lincoln] said, ‘Lauren, your sister’s here. I just saw her running,'” Javi said. “I tried to play it off and she was oblivious. And we get towards a little table and there was a bunch of flowers and candles set up. And I just kind of started opening up to her, telling her how much she means to me and that I’m looking forward to a future with her and to do things together.”

“And then I brought Lincoln over to me and I said, ‘Would you like it if Lauren was your stepmom one day?'” he added. “And it was funny he was like, ‘just a little bit.’”

Javi says he then pulled out the engagement ring from Eli’s stroller and popped the question.

“She started crying and then her cousin was taking pictures and popped out,” Javi said. “It was just us and I think that’s how Lauren wanted it– me, Eli, Lincoln and her.”

From what The Ashleyhears, there was no ‘Teen Mom 2’ film crew present during the pre-proposal or proposal. However, they will surely be incorporating Javi and Lauren’s engagement into the next season of the show.

(Photos: Instagram)


  1. Off topic.
    What’s the news on the custody case with jenelle and the boat bottom cleaner??

    Is this true ???
    Jenelle Eason was hospitalized on Tuesday due to a lupus flare up.

    The flare up, that attributed it is do to the stress from Jenelle’s custody battle for her children

    1. No, E! News messed up. Another reality tv person has lupus, not Jenelle. The Ashley mentioned this on Twitter.

  2. This reminds me of the time the first time Lincoln met Lauren and they had this huge photo shoot to “celebrate” and announce Lauren was pregnant.

  3. One thing I know about my boy Javi, once you give him the keys to the F House he isn’t pulling out until his done. #breeder #droppingloads

  4. Once an actual fan of Javi’s, I’ll admit that these days I’m totally skeptical. Seems like the real Javi only wanted from DAY ONE to connect himself with girls who already had an “originated” contract with a TV show, i.e., Kail and Briana, to keep his face in the TV cameras. No wonder Lauren was obviously the third choice in that whole ridiculous Kail/Briana/Lauren “let’s see who I can knock up first” train wreck story line last year.

    Never thought I’d ever say this, but smart move on Briana’s part to unload his shifty, fame whoring butt when she did.

    And while I do wish him and Lauren the best with this upcoming marriage, both better keep fingers crossed that Kail never decides to up and leave TM2 any time soon. With that, leaving BOTH their very connected story lines in the dust.

    Seeking the limelight does indeed have its disadvantages.

  5. That’s a really ugly ring. I can get better rings from the 50 cent machine at the grocery store

  6. First of all, Eli is a cutie! Those Javi genes are STRONG.

    Second, I can’t wait for Kail’s meltdown in 3,2,1…

    1. Eli is adorable and that fluffy hair!! Also if they do get married I wish them the best
      But EVERYTIME I look at Lauren I’m like really girl,get some self love.i didnt know if someone could have lower standards then javi but here comes lauren…. like who trap babyed who?!?
      Like on national TV he completely humiliated you home girl take the L and run.

  7. Remember when Javi threatened Brianna saying he had a plan B girl who would move to Delaware etc if she didn’t? Guess he settled on plan B, all while seeing Brianna, Kail and Lauren all at the same time. Look out promo Pay wedding advertising on IG , smh!!!

  8. Lincoln is cute but man that other kid isn’t cute at all.

    If Kail makes any comment that isn’t just a simple congratulations then she still has feelings for Javi. For someone who cheated on him while he was away and claims baby daddy #3 is the one she wants, Kail sure does love talking about Javi and Lauren.

  9. How sad is it to agree to marry the guy who on NATIONAL TELEVISION is begging another girl to give him another chance by using you as the “I have someone willing to move to Delaware if you say no” side chick..and is banging his ex-wife ALSO at the same time…so both of those fall through and instead of being embarrassed and strangling him you agree to MARRY him? Ok girl, if those are your standards……

    1. While I agree, that was probably always the plan for her though. She already has a kid with him, so tied to him at least 18 years, if not for the rest of the kid’s life, using his connections to sell products online, fighting with the x-wife… I mean, might as well get married and maybe get some MTV money (seems like they’re always looking for new girls). I’ve always said this chick acts/thinks she’s special, Javi won’t do her like he did Kail or Briana. For me it would be embarrassing and a huge red flag that this guy cannot be alone… I mean, he even proposed to her almost the same as he did Kail. Good luck kids, you’re gonna need it

    2. She seems like the type of girl that probably feels like she won some sort of competition because she got a baby and a ring. Like out of the 3 girls he was trying to get pregnant, she was the chosen one. It’s bad when Briana DeJesus has more sense than you.

    3. Sorry red arrows by mistake. Grrr. I couldn’t agree with you more. He is a nasty little piece of work.

  10. Awww look! Lauren secured her installment plan! Baby and a now a ring…get it girl! Secure that bag!

    Lol but in all seriousness, this explains Kails petty tirade about the ads last week…she doesn’t like that she could possibly be stuck with Lauren as a legit step/co parent…I can’t blame her….I can only imagine how Lauren’s going to be as a step parent…the girl already thinks she has equal say in decisions made about Lincoln, just because she was the 1st out of 3 chicks his dad was banging to get pregnant.

  11. “Our sleepless (mainly yours) nights…”
    So, he’a admitting that he leaves Lauren to get up and take care of Eli while he gets to sleep the night away?! Selfish FUCK!

    1. If she breastfeeds/breastfed, that just makes more sense. Moms’ and babies’ sleep cycles are aligned and (most) dads sleep through anything. I’m all for equal task division but sometimes you just can’t ignore nature and babies need their moms the most & moms are most sensitive to newborns’ needs. They carried them for 9 months, after all.

  12. I’m no fan of fame whore Javi, but I really don’t understand when people (including Kail) say Javi and Lauren shouldn’t even be on TM2. What is the logic there? If you have a kid with one of the Teen Moms, you’re on the show and if you also have a significant other, so are they. Just like Joe & Vee, Cory & Miranda, Gary & Kristina, Ryan & Mckenzie, Jeremy, Nathan, Devon, Andrew, Luis, etc.

  13. This guy would give an interview to a high school newspaper if he got the chance. I liked him when he first came on the scene, but after the whole Briana debacle, it was very clear what he is all about. He should have minimal to no screen time because him, his gym and his third choice fiancée have very little to do with Kail’s storyline.

  14. I’m sure kailyn will think this is all about her somehow. Congrats to them, I never understood what his attraction was to his first wife.

    1. Same as Lauren’s to him – the cameras and the checks. BUT ironically, Javi and Kail are very very similar when it comes to normalized drama. I’m curious how Lauren is going to do with the constant texts and Javi’s weird power issues.

  15. Can’t wait to hear kailyn’s comment on this. I know it will be something along the line of “ wish them the best but idc” 🤣🤣 sure Jan!
    But on a more serious note I am happy for them because of course engagements are happy news but really who cares? lol Javi is soo boring and not the smartest & Lauren is extremely boring and seems naive as hell!

    1. Omg lmao someone please find the scene where he was gonna propose to Bri! I think they showed the ring or was it just the box? I’m dying to see if it is the same one!

    1. Awe how sweet of them to share such a private and intimate moment with a camera crew standing by. Javi is such an attention whore 🤦🏻‍♀️

  16. Happy for you two.you have a wonderful family and two handsome little boys. God bless you all.

  17. Unpopular opinion, she is just dating Javi for the clout and the baby she had with him was planned for the tabloids. I am not a fan of Kail at all, but I accidentally will support her if she criticizes what ever, Javi or Lauren does. Both Lauren and Javi are game whores. Javi honestly doesn’t deserve Kail he just used her for fame, and one deserve to get used like that.

      1. Congrats to them I hope they are happy. But there is no need for them to be on Teen Mom, He isnt even the dad of the kid that made a Kail a teen mom.
        Have a good life-off my TV screen,

    1. I agree. I dont like kail all that much. But this girl is a fame whore and annoying. Javi is like howdy doody with that stupid smile on his face all the time. Hes not very smart.

      1. Clearly she’s a fame whore and puts up with crap to be relevant…She’s the Mackenzie of Teen Mom 2…Drugged up or drunk, Mackenzie was going to marry Rhine if it was the last thing that she did…and no matter if Javi was nutting in 2 other girls and admitted she was his 3rd choice, Lauren was going to get that baby and ring, to be on TM 2…she wasn’t about to let Javi’s other ex’s be on TV, and she not be on TV.

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