‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Star Bernie McGee Dead at Age 41: His Wife Paige, Former Potential Wife Brandy & Co-Stars React

Tragedy has struck the McGee Family of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife.

News broke on Saturday that family patriarch Bernie had died and, later his wife Paige confirmed the terrible news.

Jennifer Mills, a family friend of the McGees, first posted a message to Paige’s Facebook fan page, informing ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ fans of Bernie’s passing.

“I am posting with the permission from Paige,” Jennifer wrote. “It is with a heavy heart to tell you all that Bernie has passed away. Please give Paige time to be with her family, friends, and children.

“We just left the hospital and she is heading home. His mother is not handling this well. Paige is not either. But she has a bunch of hands around her. Please keep this family in your hearts and prayers. Thank you to the ones who have supported them through this journey. Please be patient and understanding if she does not respond to any comments or messages.”

Paige soon confirmed the sad news, giving some insight into what Bernie– who was only 41 years old– may have died from.

“Thank you for your thoughts and prayers,” Paige wrote on Facebook. “Bernie was out riding his bicycle and called me, saying he wasn’t feeling well and to come pick him up. By the time I got there, EMTs were working on him, but I could already tell. The coroner said he had a heat stroke/heart attack. Please bare with me. I will respond as I can.”

Bernie appeared on the second season of ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ with Paige. The show followed them as the tried to find a second wife for Bernie. The couple considered a woman named Brandy, but things between Brandy and Bernie did not ultimately end up working out. 

Following the news of Bernie’s passing, Brandy expressed her sorrow.

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Thoughts and prayers for the McGee family.

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“Thoughts and prayers for the McGee family,” she captioned a photo posted on Instagram of her with Bernie and some of the kids. 

The Winder Family, who starred with the McGees on the show, also posted their condolences to Facebook.

“We are so saddened this evening to hear of the passing of Bernie McGee,” the post reads. “We hope and pray that Paige and his family will be comforted in this time of sorrow. This life is fleeting. May we all live in our truth every day and strive to live as openly and with as much caring as Bernie did.”

The Ashley will update this story when more information is available.

(Photos: TLC, Facebook, Instagram)


  1. Sending warm hugs to Paige and the boys. What a terrible loss to your family. From God we come and to God we shall return. Thankyou for sharing your life with the world. What a tremendous loss. I’m so saddened by this news, I hope Paige and the boys are ok. Xxxx

  2. I had a friend who exercised regularly, She ate healthy, she never drank or smoked and she passed away suddenly of a heart attack at 36…..

    My brother in-laws grandfather smoked a packet of cigarettes a day, he drank 3 stubbies of beer a day… He passed away in his sleep of natural causes at 101…

    When your time is up, your time is up

  3. The article said he died from a heart attack/stroke. He should have lost some weight and stopped living such a stressful lifestyle (polygamy). He brought his death upon himself!!!

  4. I never watch the show!!!! Polygamy is about NOTHING BUT sex!!!!! One husband and one wife is the way to live life!!!

  5. So sorry to hear this news for the McGee family. Many prayers to all of you. My family just suffered a loss as well so I k ow how hard this can love. Lots of love hugs and prayers.

  6. Sorry to hear about your lost. I watch the show and I like u guys.all my prays are with u guys threw this time of ur lost.

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  8. As The Great BOB MARLEY said…..
    “I’m not perfect, I never claimed to be, but don’t go pointing fingers unless your hands are clean”

  9. Wow, some of these comments are awful. Whether you liked the guy or not, it’s still sad. He had 2 young kids. FYI, 41 is not old. It’s young to die at that age. Someone said he probably ate poorly, didn’t take care of himself, etc.. I recently list my best friend pretty suddenly. She worked-out, ate healthy, had a happy life. She was diagnosed with cancer, and passed away really quickly. So you never know what the future holds…. The mean comments are so unnecessary. Karma.

    1. These comments are not mean, they are reality. The man looked like he was in his 60’s. If you don’t have your health, you have nothing obviously. He was busy looking for some other woman to screw instead of getting his health in order. He had a bad diet, lots of dead animals, sugar, processed food, maybe he was a smoker, just all around bad health. That’s why he had a heart attack at 41 and died. If his death can wake some people wake up, than his death was not in vain. Many people don’t do well with the truth. So Joni go put in your head in a Disney book and ignore the world.

  10. I can’t believe y’all. Wtf is wrong with you? These comments are sickening. Seriously, I can’t believe Ashley doesn’t moderate the comments on her own website. It’s father’s day, a man died, have some human decency.

  11. I am absolutely in shock hearing this news. I cannot comprehend how devastated Paige and the children must be and my heart breaks for them. May God bless and keep them all wrapped in his loving arms as they move forward. May peace and love be their journey.

  12. These comments are so mean. Would you say these things to his wife and kids to their faces? Just days after his death? Can you imagine how they feel to have someone they love die so unexpectedly and then read these comments? Just because it’s how you feel doesn’t mean you should say it and purposely hurt people. Have some respect.

  13. You’re trying to tell me this 60-year-old looking guy was only 41?! Damn! He’s only 3 years younger than me, and I took half his age 😂
    In all seriousness though, even though I don’t agree with the polygamist lifestyle, and think it’s disgusting, a man is dead. Kids are without a dad now, and a woman (or women 😑 ) are without a husband.

  14. Paige it very sad to learn of Bernies passing. You’re in my prayers for comfort and strength. Gods Peace.

    Kay Carter Pack

  15. He should have paid more attention to his health than looking for other women to screw. He looked like an old man not someone 41. I bet he had a terrible diet, lots of dead animals and sugar. He probably had high cholesterol and high blood pressure, maybe he was a smoker? Good health should be everyone’s number one priority, there is nothing more important than your health, because without it, well we see what happens.

    1. Lots of dead animals, do you eat live ones? Where are you coming from.

      I hope you are able to stay in tip top shape your whole life, I’m sure when one is older it gets harder to keep everything together.

      1. No I don’t eat animals, I”m a vegan, I live a very healthy clean lifestyle, because having good health is a number 1 priority to me, nothing else is as important. obviously. This man looked 25 years older than he was, and died of a heart attack at 41. He obviously didn’t take his health seriously, and didn’t pay attention to it, sad, but hopefully people can learn from his mistakes, Most illnesses are avoidable with a good diet, exercise and no sugar which is poison.

        1. While you keep gabbing on and on about your amazing diet two sweet young boys lost their Father. Get of your soap box and stop stating the obvious.

          1. WOW! This actually left me a bit speechless, The previews for these new “Seeking Sister Wives” has only just started in the last couple of weeks.
            I’m not even sure if an episode starring Bernie McGee has aired here yet (Australia). I don’t watch the show , but none the less, this is a very sad thing to occur.
            My condolences to all of Bernie’s friends and loved ones.

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    My prayers to his Family

  17. Paige and family I’m so sorry for your loss my through and 🙏 go out too y’all God bless you and your family

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    So sorry to hear this. Prayers for the family.

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    I am so sad to hear this. I loved watching this family and I love Bernie and Paige. I Feel horrible for Paige and the kiddos. The show will not be the same without them. May god be with you all. I don’t even know what to say about this. It is such a shock.

  20. Even though I don’t agree with polygamy doesn’t mean those who are in it deserve to die an untimely death. Wtf is wrong with you? He had a family.

    1. Right he had a family, and didn’t pay attention to his health even though he had a family, and now he’s dead. Most illnesses are due to poor lifestyle choices. Bad diet, being exposed to pollution, bad diet, smoking. Things that can be avoided. This is the takeaway from his dying at 41, which is not old, when people are routinely living well into their 90’s now. He didn’t eat well, he probably ate a lot of meat, which is a killer, probably ate processed food, and sugar, those things kill prematurely. You don’t like it, change your life, don’t be made at the messenger. He wasn’t killed by someone, he wasn’t hit by a drunk driver, he had a heart attack because he didn’t have a healthy lifestyle, now get off of it already you immature losers!

      1. He died while exercising!!!! Maybe he was trying to change his lifestyle. And you are the one who sounds like an immature loser.

        But seriously, my condolences to the McGee family

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