Former ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Stars Ashley and Dimitri Snowden Reconcile: “We’re on a Personal Healing Journey Together”


Ashley Snowden is giving her partner Dimitri another shot. The former Seeking Siste Wife star shared the news in a since-deleted social media post that was published by In Touch. The pair, who share three children and never married, split last summer after 12 years together amid accusations they’d abused two of their former sister wives.

“So I’m actually not single anymore,” Ashley stated in the post shared by In Touch. “I have briefly mentioned in the past about reconciliation with Dimitri and that has also been something that has been a blessing and it’s specifically tied to my faith walk with Christ. And just like, understand this concept of like, this … responsibility of forgiveness, OK?”

While not specifically addressing the abuse allegations made by Christeline Petersen and Ariadne Joseph, Ashley did allude to difficult times with Dimitri and claims made against the couple in her statement.

“I want to give us that chance and it wasn’t an easy choice. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh yes, let’s go, let’s get back into the saddle.’ No. It’s taken us time, therapy, interaction, it’s taken tears, it’s taken acknowledgement, it’s taken apologizing and going back over some of the stuff that you just don’t want to go over. Like, it’s taken so much and that healing had to happen at the same time where our names [were] being dragged through the mud separately and together. I just feel like at this point in my life, I can’t carry anger and resentment and hurt and pain any longer. There’s no room for that.”

The Snowdens appeared on the first three seasons of ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ but were not featured on season four. Since splitting, Ashley and Dimitri have continued working on their various business ventures (hers include selling plant medicine on Etsy and wellness coaching, while he runs a company offering “experience design”) and have taken time to work on their relationship.

“So yes, I am on a healing reconciliation journey with Dimitri,” Ashley wrote. “And he’s also on his own personal healing journey, I’m on my own personal healing journey, we’re on a personal healing journey together. Our children are on healing journeys with us. We’re working to really like, be able to be true and authentic to who we are. Filter out that noise, people think that they’re entitled to our lives. It’s like, y’all, we are healing.”

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  1. They never split up. They only gave the appearance of having broken up online until things quieted down a bit. She’s been with him the entire time.

  2. Good, they can have each other, they’re both horrible people.
    I just feel bad for their children.

    1. Well good for them! If they hadnt been spending their time trying to bring in 2 other women into the household and put that energy into the kids they already have then they might not be in this situation! He thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread! Ugh!!!!!!

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