Update: ‘Little People, Big World’ Star Matt Roloff Offering Family Home for Short-Term Rentals

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You can spend your next vacation at Roloff Farms! Matt Roloff took to Facebook and Instagram Saturday to announce he’s going to be opening up his family’s home for short-term rentals and is seemingly pausing plans to sell the home and a portion of the family farm.

“A few weeks ago I promised everyone a big news announcement.. so here goes…. When I put the small side of the farm up for sale I knew large deals like that take a much longer time (i.e. 6-12 months) to complete with no guarantees. What I didn’t expect was how many new business partners and networking connections I would make in the process. Several interested parties talked about many different business ventures such as purchasing the small farm with big house to use it as a short term rental .. think AirBnB…. One of these companies entered into serious negotiations with me and after having many meetings and conversations (and spreadsheets haha) I have decided to pull the small farm off the open market and partner with iTrip.net Vacation Rentals] and open the @rolofffarms to everyone and anyone who wants to spend a few nights in the Roloff family home. Fees will be determined by demand and seasons. More information will be forthcoming soon … but needless to say we are scrambling hard behind the scenes (plus running the busy Pumpkin patch) to convert (re-furnish) the home to be ready for its firsts guests. Thanks to iTrip.net Vacation Rentals] #itrips for convincing me to try this very exciting PLAN B idea. We realize this #staycations style homes aren’t for everyone but it’s my hope many families will be able to pull together and have family reunions in this home. Who knows maybe even our family will reunite one weekend at the old house.. at this point … we are not live yet but working feaverously to get it ready before year end. Put your name on the list at ‘stay at Rolofffarms dot com’. #lovelove to you all!” Matt shared with his followers.

The announcement received some positive reactions, with fans of the show sharing their excitement for planning a trip to the farm they’ve watched on TV since 2006 and wishing Matt the best in this new business venture. Others, though, were critical of the move, calling out Matt for continuing to make money off of a property he could be sharing with his children.

“So let me get this straight… instead of keeping the family home for your children to buy and grow their families in, you’d rather lose them, keep their family home and invite stranger in? wow!!! Talk about ‘money talks’!! All you care about is money signs. Matt, when you’re too old to move and too old to make amends you will see what really mattered. You’ll have money, sure.. but not what matters most!! I feel so sorry for your kids,” reads one Instagram comment.

 “It did not sell because of the bad vibes he created. He should have sold it to one of the boys. He did it to himself. He was wrong, period. The property is cursed now, and he bought it all on himself. Just my 2 cents,” reads another.

“I love watching your show and watching the kids grow up and start having their own families. It breaks my heart that it turned out to be all about the money for you. The best most precious things in life is your kids. I can not believe you didn’t want to give the farm life to your grandkids. I would never ever even have taken a dime from my children and would have been beyond thrilled to give them what I built and your kids were going to pay what they could afford and you said it wasn’t enough. Honestly breaks my heart. I hope the income you get for the air bnb brings you joy,” one comment reads.

Matt listed a portion of the Roloff Farms property, including the family home, for sale earlier this year for a $4 million asking price. The sales webpage still shows the listing as active, though In Touch is reporting that the property has been removed from listing sites.

“I have dedicated much of my adult life to creating an imaginative environment filled with adventure for my family,” Matt said on the property sale webpage. “I have decided the timing is ripe, after 30-plus wonderful years, to hand over the reins to the next owners of this magnificent property to plant some roots of their own and watch them grow.”

As The Ashley reported earlier this week when speculation was brewing that Matt was going to turn the home into a short-term rental, the ongoing drama regarding the family farm will be featured on the upcoming 24th season of Little People, Big World, which premieres on TLC Nov. 1. Check out the trailer for the new season on Instagram.

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  2. I say go for it Matt. What have you’re kids done for you. Nothing but entitlement. You’re not gone yet Matt and you worked your butt off throughout the years you spent with you’re ungrateful wife and spoiled kids. You had a vision for you’re family when you both bought the property. I remember when you an Amy were raising you’re kids ,u could never make Amy happy. Complain, Complain is what she did.You’re entitled to reep the outcome now as you want, holheartly. Continue with whatever you want with you’re property. Donot give into the remarks from people giving you a bad time. It’s you’re life and youre kids and there wives are only thinking about themselves.Ive always admired you ,live you’re life to the fullest. God bless you Matt.

  3. Everybody says he’s a piece of crap for not giving the house to one of the twins. Ok, tell me who should he have given it to then? It only makes most sense to sell for a large profit and split the monies amongst all four children in his will. He has even said this was his plan. Unless that girlfriend of his squirrels around with things.

  4. We have a working farm ranch, thanks to our grandson. He and joined 4 H thus He breathed life into the farm. He raises and breeds cattle. Harlee got involved and showed lambs. Our
    daughter is learning from Ian,she is a banker, who would have thunk it
    now my other granddaughter is in 4 H and showed a steer this summer. Its now a family affair. We have a lot of land and a large farm house . 4 barns equipment. It belongs to our grandson and our daughter. I never set foot on the farm the grand kids are involved. Ian runs the farm. We have everything for Ian and those who chooses to be involved. Thats 4 generations. We now have a great grandson, he loves everything about the farm. That is what Matt Roloff is missing. Shame on him

    1. The farm, your kids, and your grandkids sound WONDERFUL! Unfortunately, whether you like him or dislike him, Mr. Roloff is saddled with two neer-do-well sons: Jeremy, who seems to be led around by the nose by his self-promoting wife, and Zach, along with his ditzy spouse, who thinks the world owes him a living.
      Molly was the smart one. She disengaged from the family antics, and lives her own (well-adjusted) life.
      Now, Jacob has returned, and I wish him all the best!

  5. Matt you and your partner deserve each other both miserable money hungry people and she definitely did not want your children or grandchildren to be part of the farm. She comes across greedy selfish and very self serving. I am sure she will get everything you own when you go

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