Zach Roloff Says Relationship with Dad Matt Roloff Remains Strained Due to “Narcissism” Following ‘Little People Big World’ Season 25 Finale: “Nothing Has Been Fixed”

The show may not go on, but this father-son feud certainly will.

The future of Little People Big World remains uncertain and according to Zach Roloff, so does his relationship with his dad, Matt Roloff. 

On a recent episode of Zach and Tori’s Raising Heights podcast, Zach told listeners that the situation with his dad has yet to improve since filming the finale of ‘LPBW’ nearly a year ago. He also hinted that his dad’s “narcissism” and inability to admit that he did anything wrong may be the reasons the father/son relationship has still not been repaired.

“Oh, it’s not great,” Zach said of his relationship with Matt. “People are still in denial [they] didn’t do anything wrong. 

As The Ashley told you last week, Matt confirmed in an interview with ET that TLC has yet to announce whether or not there will be another season of ‘Little People Big World’; however, if there is a Season 26 of the reality series, Zach and his wife Tori Roloff won’t appear on it, as the couple announced in February that they were stepping away from the show.

Zach and Tori’s departure from ‘LPBW’ came nearly two years after Matt announced on social media that he was selling a portion of the Roloff Farm, despite previously claiming that he wanted the farm to stay in the Roloff family. 

Matt’s announcement–- which seemingly blamed his and ex-wife Amy Roloff’s twin sons, Zach and Jeremy Roloff, for having to sell the farm–- kicked off a public feud between Matt and Zach, which played out on social media and on the family’s TLC series. 

On the Season 25 finale, Zach told viewers there was still “not much of a relationship” between he and his dad, and while “time might even it out,” he predicted things will “be different” between the two going forward. 

Most likely.

On his podcast, Zach seemed (somewhat) hopeful that he and his father could eventually repair their relationship.

“In my mind, it’s a narcissism,” he said. “So yeah, it’s not great, I don’t know … more time may heal.”

Zach went on to say that the “dust [has] settled, but nothing has been fixed.” 

“It’s a bummer because I thought we were kind of evening it out a little bit,” Zach said. 

Following the release of the podcast episode, Tori took to her Instagram Story to weigh in on the issue as well, telling fans that “forgiveness and boundaries are two completely separate things.” 

“For everyone saying we need to forgive; we did a long time ago… we hold no grudges here,” she wrote. “However it caused us to create boundaries.”

Tori also insisted that she and Zach–- who moved from Oregon to Washington in October 2021–- aren’t preventing their children from seeing their grandparents. 

“The crap about us keeping our kids from their grandparents needs to stop,” Tori wrote. “[The grandparents] can come visit any time they want.” 

Tori responding to the last podcast comments
byu/phosphatecalc inLittlePeopleBigWorld

When Zach and Tori confirmed in February that Season 25 of ‘LPBW’ would be their last, the couple claimed their children were “a huge reason” why they’d made the decision, although they also admitted that the recent happenings involving Matt and the farm were also a contributing factor. 

When asked his thoughts on Zach and Tori’s exit, Matt said last week that he was “happy for them” and “proud of Zach” for making the decision; however, he didn’t disclose at the time that he and Zach remain at odds. 

“I think that’s a very difficult and powerful decision to step away,” Matt said of his son and daughter-in-law leaving ‘LPBW.’ “They’ve got the three little kids and it’s not for everyone. Zach knows better than anybody how difficult it is to raise your children in front of the camera with all the scrutiny and nitpicking. 

“ … there’s a certain amount of people that write really nasty stuff and it’s hard to subject your family to that kind of negativity and have stuff like that written about you that goes into the Internet and lasts forever,” he continued. “So I’m super proud of Zach for making the decision that he’s made for his family.” 

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  1. Just keep it in house. Maybe that will help rather than you and your father blasting everything online.

  2. Everyone has moved on except man baby Zak. I have some advise for you, CLOSE YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU CHEW YOUR FOOD, Freaking heathen.

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