Ariana Madix Fires Back During ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion After Lala Kent Says She Doesn’t Regret What She Said About Ariana on Season 11 Finale

“Before you even ask, no, I don’t wanna ‘get popped,’ Lala.”

The Season 11 Vanderpump Rules Reunion concludes Tuesday, giving viewers the cast reactions to the season finale fourth-wall breaking that we’ve all been waiting for. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Ariana Madix made an early exit from a party during the season finale after she was ambushed mid-conversation by her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval, in yet another attempt to force a conversation with her on-camera. Before leaving the event, Ariana confronted one of the show’s executive producers and explained why she wasn’t playing along with Sandoval’s “performative” on-camera apology. 

“Ariana Madix, OUT.”

In response to Ariana refusing to speak to Sandoval at the event, Lala Kent went on to also break the fourth-wall, as well as sling a handful of insults Ariana’s way. 

“ … This happened to her, the world rallied around her, she now thinks she is Beyoncé,” Lala says to Scheana Shay, Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, before then calling out Ariana for refusing to film a conversation with Sandoval while still living under the same roof as him.  

They might be wearing gold, but these two are green with envy.

“I get it, he f**king cheated … but he did not kill somebody,” Lala added. “ … I have never in my life experienced someone who gets cheated on and suddenly she becomes God!” 

In a sneak peek of the third and final reunion episode, Lala is asked to address the (multiple) comments she made about Ariana in the final moments of the finale episode, resulting in the (former?) friends exchanging words and shedding some tears. 

“I was livid that night. Livid!” Lala says to Ariana in a sneak peek of Tuesday’s episode. “And I’m sorry if I hurt you, but I stand by what I said. And I probably didn’t say it the most eloquently, but this was days of me– Scheana saw me– I was sobbing on a regular basis.

“Did our Uber Eats commercial mean nothing to you?!”

“I love f**king filming with you guys, even when you f**k up and I want to torch you all … ,” she continues, before Lisa Vanderpump jumps in to stir the pot clarify why Lala is so upset. 

“So you’re saying you felt let down by everybody because the true story you were getting wasn’t the true story they were filming?” Lisa asks. 

“It was difficult because I understood where Ariana was coming from, but I was like, why does she get to dictate how this goes down when I’ve never gotten to dictate?” Lala replies. 

Lala, pointing to who she thought would be doing the dictating this season…

When asked by reunion host Andy Cohen to respond to Lala’s comments, Ariana begins by assuring the group that she doesn’t think she is Beyoncé or God.

“I don’t think I’m Beyoncé, I don’t think I’m God,” Ariana says, referring to the comments Lala made about her in the Season 11 finale. “Talking about sobbing on a regular basis, yeah, I don’t do it in front of Scheana, I do it on my own.

“…and thanks for reminding why.”

“And arguably, if you wanna talk in show terms, me walking away from that conversation [with Sandoval] was a lot more interesting than me sitting there and having it,” she continues. “Was that not a better ending to your season, to give you another season for another paycheck?” 

Sandoval, wondering when anyone is going to finally mention how ‘Uncle Jesse’ his hair looks today…

Lala then argues that had SHE not broken the fourth-wall, the finale would’ve ended with Ariana “walking out the door.” 

The three-part ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion concludes Tuesday on Bravo. Watch a clip of the episode below. 

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(Photos: Bravo; YouTube) 

4 Responses

  1. Lala really wants to inflate her self importance. No Lala didn’t save the show by being a shady bitch she does that every season, it’s not new. Honestly compared to the Valley this show needs to end. I like Ariana she has many other opportunities. Hopefully lala and Scheana don’t go to the Valley because then I will have to stop watching that too. The forced conversations with Sandoval that so-called “friends” of Ariana kept trying to set up made me feel violated and uncomfortable. She made herself very clear repeatedly that she was not going to have yet another conversation with Tom trying to manipulate the situation. I would be perfectly fine with never hearing from Sandoval again honestly. Ever. In any capacity.

  2. Lauren is shady, considering she was able to control her own storyline during her early relationship with Randall. IIRC, she had people sign NDA’s and everyone was upset about it and talked about that on the show.
    But honestly, Ariana should just quit. She has her book, probably more lined up, her sandwich shop, and a hosting gig. She doesn’t need this.

  3. I get what she is saying but does she? Because you can’t control the audience or popularity. I feel like they all have lost touch with reality.

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