‘Vanderpump Rules’ Exes Tom Sandoval & Ariana Madix Both Demand Nonjury Trial as Battle Over Their Valley Village Home Continues

This may be the first time these two have agreed on something in over a year.

Former couple Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix may soon face off in court as the battle over their $2 million home wages on. 

The Sun reports that the Vanderpump Rules stars are both demanding a non-jury trial to resolve the legal issues surrounding the $2 million Valley Village, California, home they purchased together in 2019. 

As fans know, Sandoval and Ariana ended their decade-long relationship in March 2023 after Ariana learned that Sandoval was having a months-long affair with their friend and co-star, Rachel Leviss. While the couple has remained at odds with one another, they continued to cohabitate in their shared home. 

Ariana and Sandoval’s home, which will forever be known as the House of Hostility.

After months of disagreeing over the fate of their Valley Village casa, Ariana and Sandoval filed separate case management statements last week, with each demanding a non-jury trial. The exes claimed that the dispute over their shared home would take one to two days to sort out in the courtroom.

“Don’t worry, I already have my trial looks planned…wait until you see my courtroom platforms!”

According to The Sun, Ariana noted that “discord exists” between her and Sandoval. She stated that the disagreement has resulted in “a negative effect on the ownership of the property” as well as her “enjoyment of her interest in the property.” 

While Ariana is in favor of the non-jury trial route, she noted that she plans to file a motion for summary interlocutory judgment, seemingly hoping that she and Sandoval can hash out the home dispute before the case heads to trial. 

“I wouldn’t count on it, dude.”

Sandoval also acknowledged in his statement that “discord exists” between he and Ariana, though he and Ariana did reportedly confirm to the court that they have “met and conferred,” though the outcome of the exes’ discussion was unclear. 

We imagine it went a little something like this…

As The Ashley previously told you, Ariana filed a lawsuit against Sandoval in January, asking a judge to force the sale of the residence. In her lawsuit, she also asked for the payment of debt involved with the partition costs (aka the force sale), including “reasonable attorney’s fees and title expenses.” 

The following month, Sandoval responded to Ariana’s lawsuit, alleging that Ariana had borrowed $90,000 from him, which she had yet to pay back. Sandoval claimed that until Ariana did so, he would not agree to sell their home.  

Sandoval also accused his ex of not paying “a single bill for [the] house in eight months,” including the mortgage. He also claimed that he offered to buy Ariana out for substantially more than they purchased the home for, arguing that he also put more money into the home than Ariana did. 

“Relax, Tom…I’m not coming for your galaxy lights or penis flute.”

Meanwhile, Ariana–- who purchased a $1.6 million Los Angeles home of her own in March–- argues that she “paid for the majority of stuff” in her and Sandoval’s residence.

Seemingly proving her point, an episode in Season 11 of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ showed Ariana going through her and Sandoval’s Valley Village home with her interior designer Lucinda Pace, who helped calculate the cost of various items in the home that Ariana had purchased.

At this time, there has been no mediation session or settlement conference scheduled regarding Sandoval and Ariana’s shared home. 

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(Photos: Bravo) 

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  1. Bravo needs to bring back that divorce attorney/mediator show where a couple couldn’t agree how to split the assets. It was like antiques road show meets couples therapy, it was great!

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