‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Ariana Madix Sues Her Ex Tom Sandoval; Asks Judge to Force the Sale Of Their Shared Home

“You don’t deserve to live with THIS!”

Ariana Madix is done sharing a home with her ex Tom Sandoval— and now the Vanderpump Rules star is taking her lightening bolt lovin’ ex to court over it!

TMZ broke the news on Friday that Ariana has filed a lawsuit against Tom, asking a judge to order a “partition by sale for their shared house, which would mean the couple’s Valley Village, California, home would be sold, and the proceeds from that sale would be divided equally between Ariana and Tom. This type of sale requires both parties to exit the home, even if they are doing so against their will.

As fans know, Ariana and Tom split in March 2023, after Ariana discovered that Tom was having a months-long affair with their ‘VP’ co-star (and Ariana’s close friend) Rachel Leviss. Despite their split, Ariana and Sandoval continue to reside in the house they purchased together for $2 million in 2019.

According to TMZ, Ariana is asking that the judge not order a “division in kind.” This type of sale would divide the property equally between the exes. Ariana and Tom would still each own a percentage of the home, which means either one has the right to sell their portion of the home to a third party if they want to.

“We all know Tom LOVES ‘third parties’!”

“Courts tend to favor this approach because it does not require someone to sell their property against their will,” according to King Law Offices’ website

Since their split, Ariana and Tom have both commented on their um, unique, living situation.

The house of hostility currently shared by exes Sandoval and Ariana.

“I live in my home that I own while working with my lawyer and financial advisors to navigate the best path forward before uprooting my dog and my elderly cat and causing more trauma for the three of us,” Ariana wrote on Instagram in August, when asked by a fan why she still lives with Tom. 

On an episode of the Two Ts in a Pod podcast last month, Tom also talked about why he and Ariana still live together. After accusing Ariana of being “six months behind on bills,” Tom stated that their odd living situation all comes down to “the housing market” and “interest rates.”

“ … I mean, we’re busy, too,” he added. “Like, it’s a lot. This has been a lot to go through.”

While he and Ariana continue to cohabitate, Sandoval noted on the podcast episode that they do not see each other on a regular basis and that Ariana is “currently staying in some place.” He also confirmed that they still aren’t speaking and continue to communicate through either his assistant or a mutual friend. 

Tom has not yet publicly commented on the lawsuit. 



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  1. I believe Ariana has kept receipts and Tom is just manipulative and cruel. I would be shocked if Ariana didn’t pay 6 months of bills, but not surprised if Tom truly did try to kill Ariana’s pet. She just doesn’t want to be scrooed out of money from the home.

    1. I don’t buy that she hasn’t paid because she has also said that she has offered him to buy her out. If she was behind, as he claims, he would have took her up on the offer. It sounds more like he can’t afford her to leave because of him using his equity stake toward collateral on the bar, so he is trying to trap her until it is a more convenient time for him to sell. Clearly, with all the money she has been making in deals and leveraging this to her benefit, she has the money to pay for her bills. I also think a lot of his comments are geared towards saving face and jealous on how she has been able to turn his actions into profit and an upside for her life. Good for her for suing and making the best out of this situation. I like seeing someone thrive after these actions.

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