Ariana Madix Refusing to Film with Ex Tom Sandoval for Season 11 of ‘Vanderpump Rules’; Rachel Leviss Reportedly MIA From All Filming Days

“I’d rather live in our old apartment– blown fuses and all– and eat nothing but Schwartz’s ass steaks for the rest of my life than share camera time with you, pal.”

The cast of Vanderpump Rules has been back at work filming Season 11 for nearly a month, and while fans would assume that Season 10’s Scandoval remains a major storyline on the show, exes Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval have yet to film a single one-on-one scene together.  

A source told TMZ this week that Ariana is refusing to share the screen with her worm with a mustache ex and is unlikely to change her mind about doing so. 

Ariana and Sandoval have reportedly not spoken directly to one another since the explosive Season 10 Reunion– filmed in late March– and instead, they communicate through other people.

Meanwhile, the former couple continue to reside in their Valley Village House of Horrible Memories, where they were photographed on Friday having an “uncomfortable” run-in. 

According to The Sun, the two still live together but are planning to move out and sell their $2 million home. (Sage not included.) 

“Will you at least let me sing you a song for the cameras?”
“Haven’t you put me through enough?!”

As you know, it was revealed in March that Sandoval and ‘VPR’ cast member Raquel Rachel Leviss were Vander-humping for months behind Ariana’s back. The news of the affair between the cover-band squawker singer and Bambi-Eyed Bitch led to the end of Ariana and Sandoval’s nine-year relationship. 

A perfect description of Sandoval and Rachel’s affair…and Season 10 as a whole.

While Ariana hasn’t been down to converse with her ex on-camera, it’s reportedly getting down to the wire for producers to make a face-to-face convo happen between the two before Season 11 wraps around the first week of September. 

Ariana, preparing for the inevitable.

As of now, the closest Ariana and Sandoval have gotten to each other since production on Season 11 began was earlier this month at SUR, though they allegedly avoided each other inside of the restaurant. Scheana Shay also confirmed this week that Ariana (and Katie Maloney) didn’t attend the recent cast trip to Lake Tahoe, where Sandoval was present (and allegedly “emotionally draining” to film alongside). 

Not only is Season 11 currently lacking Ariana-Sandoval content, TMZ reports that producers have yet to film any scenes with Rachel. 

Rachel, revealing what she told the Season 11 cast and producers….probably

Despite Rachel being under contract with Bravo to appear in Season 11, she’s allegedly been absent from all filming days. However, according to TMZ, under California law, Rachel can choose to walk away.

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(Photos: Bravo) 

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  1. Ariana didn’t want to have sex so he found someone who did. Of course he should have told Ariana. But how you get them is how you lose them. Didn’t Tom cheat on Kristen?

    1. Kristin had been cheating with Jax and like 2 other dudes. Ariana was right to not want to sleep with Sandoval bc he kept trying to talk her into kids.

  2. Ariana needs to get over herself she isn’t a star she got cheated on big deal you loose them how you get them grow up move on sick of seeing her

  3. Should have just ended it last year. Going out on top is preferred to what the show was the season before the scandal… awful.

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