Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Discusses Recent Conversation She Had With Her Long-Estranged Mother Suzi: “Really Pissed Me Off”

“I may have some of Suzi’s tendencies, but at least I don’t have her reject Kate Gosselin haircut, so there’s that!”

Kail Lowry recently got a blast from her past: a Facebook message from her long-lost mother, Suzi Irwin.

During the most-recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail told her co-host Lindsie Chrisley that she was shocked to see a Facebook message from her mother, whom she has not spoken to in years.

(As Teen Mom 2 fans know, Kail has had a very strained relationship with Suzi for the majority of her life, due in part to Suzi’s alcoholism. Suzi has only met two of Kail’s seven kids because of this.)

Kail mentioned Suzi on a podcast episode several weeks ago, which may have prompted Suzi to reach out.

“I get on [Facebook] Messenger, and my mom messaged me,” Kail said on Thursday’s episode. “I think [the message said], ‘I love you, and I always will,’ or something like that…It took me a minute, but I messaged her back, ‘Then how could you walk this earth knowing that you have all these grandkids and you don’t care?’

“Suzi’s gonna Suzi!”

“And her response to that really pissed me off,” Kail continued. “Because she goes back and forth with [taking] accountability [for her past actions].”

Kail stated that, previously, she had taken Suzi’s accountability as “not an apology but at least an acknowledgement. 

“At least you know what you did and, you may not be sorry, but maybe that was your best [parenting]? I don’t know,” she said. “But you acknowledged [what you did], cool.” 

However, Suzi’s response to what Kail wrote about her not seeing her grandkids shocked Kail.

“You haven’t even met HALF of the Lowry Litter, Ma!”

“I just wasn’t prepared for that. She was like, ‘And your life? Walk a mile.’ And I was like, ‘Ma’am, you made my life hard. You very much f**ked me up. You chose whatever your life [was going to be].’ To this day, from all accounts that I have gotten about my mom’s life, my mom did not live a very difficult life. My mom chose a difficult [life]. She went down a path that ultimately…contributed to the life she’s living now. 

“…I don’t understand how you can say ‘Walk a mile’ when you chose that,” Kail continued. 

Kail’s interaction with her mom was short-lived, as Kail stated that Suzi ended up blocking her on Facebook. 

“That was the first conversation that we’ve had since she called me in 2019,” she said. (That convo played out on an episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ by the way.) “Right before that, she…called me because my grandmother passed away. So I’ve had three conversations with her in six years. And I haven’t seen her. ‘Walk a mile’ was the last thing she said to me.” 

“I meant that literally. I’m out of Smirnoff. Be a dear and walk a mile to the liquor store and get some for me, kid!”

Kail stated that she believes Suzi is happy and has accepted her life, and now expects Kail to accept what happened in her childhood and “sweep it under the rug.”

“My mom, she doesn’t deny [that that things happened] but I may never get an apology from her,” Kail said. “But I’ve accepted the relationship for what it is.”

As fans may remember, back in 2009 when Kail was still a minor and pregnant with her son Isaac, Suzi signed over custody to the parents of Kail’s then-boyfriend Jo Rivera. Suzi drifted out of Kail’s life, but eventually resurfaced when Kail’s second son Lincoln was about six months old. 

“There was a time where I left Lincoln with her,” Kail said in 2018. “When I came back, she was so f**ked up.”

Kail once again cut her mom off after that, meaning Suzi has never met Kail’s sons Lux, Creed and Rio, or her newborn twins. 

Kail, describing her current relationship with her mother…

During an Instagram Q&A last year, Kail was asked if she ever misses Suzi. 

“This is such a complex question,” Kail replied. “So she was never a mom to me but oddly, yes, I miss her. And I say oddly because I’ve always said you can’t miss what you never had. But I want a mom. I wish I had a mom — not even for me. But a grandmother for my kids.”

Kail discussed Suzi during an episode of her Barely Famous podcast last July, noting that she sees herself making many of the same mistakes Suzi made in regards to having lots of men around while Kail was growing up. 

“I very much did what she did, 100 percent, and I can’t deny that,” Kail said on the podcast. “It’s heartbreaking to see it, and know it and acknowledge it, and to know that at this point, the only thing I can do is acknowledge it, apologize, and try to help [my kids] heal through it.”

“I think that I did perpetuate the cycle of a lot,” Kail said. 

During a 2018 episode of Coffee Convos, Kail said she will never accept her mother’s drinking problem.

“I have a hard time with that,” Kail said. “I don’t have any sympathy or empathy or whatever you want to call it. I don’t have it for my mom, and it’s hard for me. I want to have a relationship with her but am I going to be OK with it if she’s not sober all the time…I don’t think my mom recognizes she has a problem, or if she does recognize, she doesn’t want help.”

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)


  1. Karl, you can either choose to have a great life in spite of your mum, or choose to have a shit life because of her.
    Karl is creating her own traumas for her kids. She will admit it but won’t change. So same same as Suzi.

  2. I can appreciate that Kail acknowledges that she is making the same mistakes as her mom, but she does not seem to be doing anything to stop it or help her children in not making the same mistakes! At this point I just feel terrible for all of these children!

  3. Kail made her own choices can’t keep blaming mom when you grow up and choose your own destructive path. People with a bad upbringing don’t always repeat the cycle and often make a conscious effort to not let it rule their life like Kail is even doing with her own kids. She mist just be oblivious and after cash and drama cuz why bother even discussing anyone on her podcast esp a mother you have nothing to do with. And why ever leave your kid with someone who hasn’t been around that was such a bad parent.

  4. The cycle repeats itself. All the men, constantly having babies with different men is so damaging to her kids. They have even asked her to stop and she goes on to have twins. To continue to do this to her kids over and over again is just tragic and causing unnecessary trauma to her poor kids.

  5. I could always tell if Kail’s mother, Suzie, was currently drinking or not at the time of filming. Her red face and bloated appearance always gave it away.

  6. Smirnoff Suzi really did a job on Kail….with all her TM2 money it’s sad that Kail continues the cycle. A different kind of abuse but abuse none the less with revolving door daddies, DV, screaming arguments and all that goes on behind closed doors.

  7. Sure, your mom IS in some way to blame for what you did, Kail. But you kinda never wanted to break the cycle, in fact, you added more children to the litter. THANK GOD your firstborn, Isaac, is a very smart kid and I’m sure seeing all this mess makes him NOT want to follow in your footsteps. (Still, you have 6 more kids who could) And if his brothers and sister will listen to their half-brother, I’m sure he can help them break it too. Cuz we know you won’t teach them anything…I still don’t see her and Elijah last. And then what?! She will have two babies and a toddler plus young kids and a new guy who will prob impregnate her again. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    I wonder if sometimes Isaac would rather live with Jo and Vee because at least he would get stability there and has only one (!) half-sister.

  8. Kail should really stop blabbing about her mom messing her up. My mom messed me up, tons of people have parents that “mess them up” in some way. So her acting like it’s suzis fault that she is 30+ years old and continues to make poor decisions is just… girl hold some accountability!!! Maybe having a baby at 16 was suzis fault. Maybe kail having emotional issues is suzis fault. But kail continuing to have kids just to be surrounded by chaos and constant drama is not her mothers fault. Kailyn chooses to do these stupid things and then whines about it being someone else’s fault. It’s truly sad for the kids because it will likely end up in all her kids having their own life and relationship problems. And her kids will continue the cycle, maybe not Isaac (and Lincoln) because they have quality fathers 🤞
    I cant imagine having more than three kids. I have 1 and I constantly feel like I’m not spending enough time with her, not paying enough attention to her or making enough memories with her. So imagine SEVEN, all super close in age. There is no way this is fair to any of those little guys.

  9. I think it’s obvious by now that by having so many kids she’s looking to feel the love she didn’t feel as a kid. She wants to create the family she never had. I don’t think that was she does is ok and I believe that anyone that has more than 3 kids is insane and ridiculous but I understand her motives for doing so.

  10. What Kail is doing is not much different than what Suzie did- just in a different form. I cringe when people say “At least she takes care of her kids!” when people throw shade on Kail. So, she financially supports them… so what?! They’ve seen SO many men come in and out of their lives, she has SEVEN kids- four under the age of four… There is NO way she spends enough time with all of them. NO way. Not to mention she’s allowed Chris to be around her kids, when he’s physically assaulted her and she’s assaulted him… I’m sure at least one of the kids was there at the time. She has her oldest asking her to stop having kids specifically and that hasn’t slowed her down… Money isn’t everything. I’ve seen plenty of parents that were pretty much uninvolved even if they DID provide money and supported the children financially. I don’t think Suzie is a good mom by any means. But for Kail to essentially blame her for ANY issues of her own with her “Ma’am, you made my life hard. You very much f**ked me up. You chose whatever your life [was going to be].” without any empathy for her whatsoever, makes me cringe. I am in recovery and had a dad that was an addict my whole life. He eventually died of a Fentanyl overdose and over the years, we had our ups and downs. But I knew he loved me- and I eventually just decided, look, I either love him or I don’t and if I decide that I love him (which c’mon, he was my only dad- of course I loved him) I can do so but keep myself safe emotionally if I do certain things, to heal myself. Yes, he may have done things to neglect me growing up in his own way, emotionally and mentally, but I am responsible as an adult, to do what I need to do to heal. In saying this, had I decided to not have an active relationship with my dad, I certainly wouldn’t be unkind to him in interactions. I would just inform him that I wasn’t interested in having a relationship at that point until he got sober or whatever my issue was with him at the time. Now that he’s gone, I will say I am SO grateful that I was able to heal myself- but still accept my dad for who he was and move forward with a relationship as father and daughter. Did I have to do it? No. But it healed a part of me and I know he knew I loved him. I think also because I have gone through my own issues with addiction, I had empathy for him. From what Kail says, my dad’s life sounds like Suzi’s life… He did not live a very difficult life- from the outside. But who can really say that about anyone? There are always things people don’t know about others and life is not always as pretty on the inside, as it may be on the outside. Yes, Suzie might need to “stay sober”, but it wouldn’t hurt for Kail to have some sympathy, or at the least, not verbally assault her every time she reaches out. They both seem very childish.

  11. I had mother similar to Kails, but I don’t act like a complete asshole and blame her for it. You have trauma, I have trauma, we all have trauma – most people don’t use it as an excuse to be a complete bitch. Grow the fuck up.

    I wonder what her kids will think of their upbringing in 20 years…Karma will be a bigger bitch than Kail herself…

  12. Kail’s lack of self awareness is.. whew.

    Kail also makes choices that make her life “””difficult.”””

    Kail plays the constant oppressed victim but she chose to lay down with 4 different men and complicate her own life.

  13. The cycle will continue when Kail’s sons are in adulthood and are resentful to her for bringing so many lovers in and out of their lives, sometimes with siblings being added. Creed will eventually find out his mom blabbed in public that his parents were physically fighting then he was conceived. And she considered aborting him. I don’t doubt Suzi was a garbage mom, but Kail is inflicting a lot of damage on her kids, even though they live in a big house, go on fancy vacations, have material comforts and are not abused.

    1. The irony is one day her children will tell her walk in my shoes.
      They are both shitty mothers,
      And she’s forcing her kids to relive her childhood. Maybe she doesn’t drink, but her lifestyle is hurting her children. Hell, even Isaac has begged her to be more responsible.

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