‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Opens Up About Her Relationship With Her Estranged Parents: Says She Doesn’t Know If Her Mother Is Still Alive

“I wish I could trade moms with Jenelle!”

Kail Lowry often talks about her life and her kids in interviews, but the Teen Mom 2 has been notoriously quiet about discussing her parents. During last week’s episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, though, Kail opened up about her strained relationship with her mother, Suzi, revealing that she hasn’t spoken to or seen her mom in years.

Fans first met Kail’s mother Suzi during her 16 and Pregnant episode in 2010. Suzi appeared on the first few seasons of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and Kail discussed how Suzi’s drinking shaped her childhood and negatively affected their relationship. Eventually, Kail said, she had to cut her mother out of her life.

“I don’t even know if she’s alive,” Kail said on the podcast. “It’s been years. I don’t think anyone in my family has heard from her.”

While chatting with Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra (who each have a parent that struggles with substance abuse), Kail admitted that the recent first birthday party of her youngest son Lux made her realize how little family she actually has.

“Like nobody, not even my extended family came…I was like, ‘I don’t have a family,'” Kail said. “My sister didn’t come, my mom didn’t come; I don’t even have a dad…My third son just turned one and, my mom, I haven’t heard from her. I’m kind of in my feelings about it….

A young Kail with her mother, Suzi…

“For a long period of time I cut my mom off, I had to, and I [was] OK with that,” Kail added. “I’m OK with her not being in my life, but now, I have three kids… I want my kids to have a grandma on my side. But I don’t know if I can handle it. I want it for my kids because, when my mom’s sober, she’s such a good person. She’s a good time, so I want my kids to experience that.”

Kail stated that the last time she spoke to Suzi was when her second son Lincoln was about six months old.  (Lincoln is now four years old.)

“There was a time where I left Lincoln with her,” Kail said. “When I came back, she was so f**ked up.”

Tyler explained how he accepted his father Butch‘s addiction, but Kail said she can’t accept her mother’s drinking.

“I have a hard time with that,” Kail said. “I don’t have any sympathy or empathy or whatever you want to call it. I don’t have it for my mom, and it’s hard for me. I want to have a relationship with her but am I going to be OK with it if she’s not sober all the time…I don’t think my mom recognizes she has a problem, or if she does recognize, she doesn’t want help.”

Suzi and Kail during an early episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’…

Kail said that, back when she was pregnant with her oldest son Isaac in 2009, Suzi signed over custody of Kail to the parents of her ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera.

“Right before that, she was sober for about nine months,” Kail said. “That’s the longest she’s ever been sober. But, my mom has always relied on a spouse.”

Kai admitted that she has started to see herself repeating what she feels are Suzi’s behavior patterns.

“My mom’s had so many people in and out [of her life], and I started to see that in myself,” Kail said. “Like when something didn’t work out, we’re on to the next person…This is the longest I’ve not been with somebody and I don’t want to jump into [another relationship] when I’m not ready.”

Kail said that her lack of family may be the reason she has issues getting close to people.

“I think people forget that I don’t have a family, so I just come off very cold,” she said. “I don’t know how to handle certain situations and I’m so defensive. I’m like, ‘Let’s put a poker face on and call it a day’ but…I cry a lot!

“I’m definitely self-absorbed,” she added. “Everything is about me…I want the person who doesn’t want me. That’s how my parents were. I needed my parents but they didn’t want me.”

Catelynn and Tyler offered that Kail had to be cold, due to how she grew up, and Kail admitted that Dr. Drew Pinsky has been telling her that for years.

“Dr. Drew says that and I get so annoyed because I never associated my childhood with who I am today,” she said.

As for Kail’s father, she said she has no relationship with him whatsoever, and hasn’t seen or talked to him since the day she met him while filming her “16 and Pregnant” episode.

“I met my dad when I was pregnant,” she said. “He asked me to borrow $20. It was super uncomfortable and I left and never spoke to him again.”

Kail said she was devastated after meeting her father.

“[Before I met him] I was like, ‘My dad is going to come rescue me someday,'” she said. “I’m going to have this superhero dad that’s going to come in when my life is f**ked up and he’s going to make everything better. And then I met him and I was like, ‘Oh f**k, no, this is not what I expected.'”

Kail said she had no interest in finding her father, but was considering trying to search for her mom.

“I don’t know where she lives, I don’t have her phone number, nothing,” she said.

The Ashley put her sleuthing and creeping skills to use, and has located Suzi. She is alive and well, and living and working less than two hours from Kail’s home. (The Ashley is not disclosing where exactly in order to maintain Suzi’s privacy.) She does not appear to have been in any legal trouble recently, but is still living with the boyfriend that she was with back in 2011. (Kail tried to file a Protection From Abuse order against him in February 2011 after he allegedly assaulted her.)

On Thursday, a fan commented on Kail’s podcast episode, and congratulated her on wanting to reconnect with her mom. Kail replied back, stating that she had changed her mind about wanting to contact Suzi.

“Sorry to disappoint but I no longer want to reach out,” Kail tweeted.

To listen to the entire episode of Coffee Convos–which features Catelynn and Tyler– click the link below!

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38 Responses

  1. Maybe Kail doesn’t want her mother in her life because Kail has it restraining order against her boyfriend… that she is currently with ….for assault. Kail is definitely a hard person but you have to look at her past to get such a clear idea of why she is the way she is. She never knew love her entire life so she doesn’t know how to give love at least to her babies daddy’s thank God she is ahe shows love to her children

  2. big deal. my mom is schizophrenic and has DID and killed someone. she went to prison and i haven’t heard from her since. my dad kicked me out when i was 15 (after kicking our asses our entire childhood) and you don’t see me spitting out multiple babies with multiple daddies. she says she’s not selfish but who is she thinking about when she adds ANOTHER kid to an already drama filled situation??!? she even admits that she has kids to fill a void. my mom did the same thing and look where she is now… i don’t know if she’s dead but i hope she is. my parents should’ve never had kids. i don’t feel sorry for Kail one iota.

    1. Having no empathy for anyone else is not going to change your past. Your “so what?” attitude is really crappy and is more of a reflection on YOU and how much help you need. Get a therapist and do something with your bitterness. Just because you haven’t popped out kids doesn’t mean you have broken the cycle of abuse in your family. Climb off your high horse and look at yourself, you sound angry and damaged AF.

  3. THIS is why I’ve always had a soft spot for Kail, even though it’s been faltering because of her actions and behavior recently. I used to have a soft spot for Catelynn and Tyler too, but I feel they keep enabling their parents (althought I DO understand why, rationally).

    I thought she seemed pretty self-aware in this, at least reading it. I don’t listen to her podcast.

  4. She needs to take a good hard look in the mirror at her Eric Cartman face and come to reality… she’s a horrible person that needs to get over herself . You only get one mother!

    1. I’m sorry but your comment didn’t have to make fun of her face. Clearly she struggles and does want to see her mom but she’s scared because she doesn’t want to be hurt again…. at least Kail is a good mother.

      1. She’s ugly inside and out! She also needs to find s new designer as she has exceed VS size limit. Any one who walks this world with her self centered , controlling , better than all ( when she’s trash ) needs to be knocked

    2. Wow. Kailyn has a lot of faults but not wanting to stay in touch with the woman who abandoned her and abused her is decidedly not one of them.

      Give your head a shake and learn some empathy. Did you miss the part where she says that she let her mom babysit once and she was wasted when Kailyn came back? You think Kailyn should endanger her kids because you “only get one mother”? Yeah- and some people get shit mothers.

      I’m ashamed for you- making comments behind an anonymous avatar about someone else’s appearance is pretty telling about you and what kind of person you are.

    3. This comment is bizarre. Her mother is awful. In her case, it’s actually pretty unfortunate that you only get one.

    4. How embarrassing for you ? You must be one of the perfect trolls on the internet who have no idea what it is like to have a parent that never parented you. Kail have her mother a multitude of chances that were not deserved and so you know what her mom did? She got smashed while babysitting an infant Lincoln and started feeding him ice cream. How petty and childish of you to resort to name calling and attack a persons appearance. Embarrassing AF.

  5. I remember that about her creepy ass father too! I cant imagine how wildly uncomfortable she must have been, especially after he asked her for money!??! I too have wondered what happened to Suzi. Clearly she doesnt want to speak to Kailyn either because she could easily find her between social media and teen mom and word of mouth. Sad all the way around.

  6. This is why I will always kind of have a soft spot for Kail, because I was in the same situation with my mom (and not as bad, because I did have my dad). It’s nice to see her take some responsibility for her behaviour, and hopefully she’ll work on it.

  7. First we have Amber realizing why she f*cked up, now Kail realizing why she goes from relationship to relationship……is something in the water in the Teen Mom world? Jenelle realizing she isn’t a good mother (and on drugs) and Farrah that she is crazy?! (Yeah, I know those two won’t happen)

    But seriously, I’m glad at least she admits where her mistakes come from. Her parents were absent from her life so she looked for love……..in all the wrong places. So she ended with 3 kids from 3 baby daddies…….yeah, she needs to focus on herself and be a mom, stop dating around and then maybe the right one will cross her path. (Man or woman, doesn’t matter as long as she’s happy) She is close to Leah who was single for a while and is now dating a great man so yeah, she should follow her steps.

  8. I think when it comes to ur parents u need to always find a place in ur hart to make peace. I know she wants to feel absolutely no regret she doesn’t have to spend a lot of time with her but at least have peace in her hart.

    1. I think when it comes to ur parents u need to always find a place in ur hart to make peace. I know she wants to feel absolutely no regret she doesn’t have to spend a lot of time with her but at least have peace in her hart.

  9. Am I the only one that finds it odd that she says she has no family despite having 3 children? I understand she has no foundation maybe. Or older familial support but to say she doesn’t have family seems wrong. Her children are considered family

  10. Sucks that she has no family. All she has is baby daddies and a bunch of fake friends with weird names, Sterling, Quay, Bone, Placenta, Alocasia etc. Not for nothing but Kail seems very unpleasant to be around with. I know, me personally, I wouldn’t want to.

  11. I remember the 16 & P episode where her father was so ratchet he had the fridge chained shut because he said food would go a missin’ lololololol!

    1. Oh and remember he didn’t have a door? I think he had a sheet instead of a front or back door that was right near his locked up refrigerator. I remember being like, uh oh, time to leave girl!

  12. Kail doesn’t want her mother in her life because she doesn’t follow Kails rules. To be in Kails life you have to follow Kails rules. If you go against what she wants your out of her life. That’s what a narcissistic person will do to anybody that doesn’t see how special she is.

  13. Her only family is with Jo and Javi essentially. Perhaps that’s why Jo is so patient with her now.

  14. Her life has been so hard. It is impressive that she has so much insight on how and why she struggles with all the relationships in her life. Except with her kids. She is a good mom, but when you think of the lack of parenting she survived, she seems wonderful with her kids.

  15. It’s interesting that you say that Suzi is doing well and doesn’t appear to have any legal trouble because in today’s podcast Kail opened up about how her Mom is doing since her friends and Lindsie found info online and based on the info they found she no longer wants to move forward with finding her/ reaching out.

      1. I agree. From my experience with friends that have moms like this, they hate that their mom chose a man over them

    1. I don’t think counseling will work, she’ll spend the whole time trying to school the therapist because “Kail’s. Always. Right”.

      1. I HATE that Dr. Drew got so into “Kail’s always right” and repeated it over and over. He didn’t call her out on anything (as per usual) and let Kail think, “Oh, Dr. Drew agrees!!!”

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