MTV Releases ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 10 Official Trailer

Here’s to another season of mother utter chaos! 

After giving fans a sneak peek this week of what’s in store for Season 10 of Teen Mom 2, MTV has released the official trailer and it does not disappoint!

We said we weren’t disappointed… we can’t speak for the cast.

After living in an overcrowded apartment for years with her mom, sister and two kids, Briana DeJesus will finally relocate her crew this season to a brand new home – one (hopefully) without any couch surfers.  

As previously mentioned, Season 10 will also show Briana reuniting with ex-boyfriend/baby daddy Luis Hernandez for a hookup that resulted in her contracting an STD

Us too, girl.

As for Jade Cline, she appears to still have a troubled relationship with her mother, revealing in the trailer that she’s “done being people’s doormat.” Later in the clip, we see the two get into a heated argument with one another, ending in Jade screaming at the crew that she doesn’t want to film anymore. 


This season will also document Kail Lowry‘s pregnancy, with the now mom of four revealing in the trailer that she’s 14 weeks pregnant, due in July and ready to buckle down and put on her “big girl pants.” In the sneak peek, we learned that Kail will also face some drama this season with her mom Suzi, from whom she is estranged

As for Leah Messer, viewers will see her address her past struggles with addiction, for which MTV essentially forced her to seek help back in 2015.

“I’ve never said this before but I was addicted to pain medication,” she says in the trailer. 

Leah will also open up this season about her daughter Ali‘s muscular dystrophy, as fans saw in the sneak peek.   

Finally, Season 10 will show Chelsea Houska and husband Cole DeBoer stressing over the possibility of returning to court (most likely for custody of Chelsea’s daughter Aubree) and, like the rest of the world, coping with life during the ongoing pandemic. We also see her getting tested for C0VID-19 at one point. 

A true ‘Teen Mom 2’ first.

Season 10 of ‘Teen Mom 2’ premieres Tuesday, September 1 on MTV. Watch the official trailer below!  

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube) 

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  1. I feel bad for Brianna. I think she has a good heart but is a little bit slow. I’m not sure of the official medical diagnosis and not trying to be mean either. Could that be why her sister and mother are always hovering around her? I have to turn the sound down when Jade’s segments air. I can’t stand her screaming.

    1. I don’t know if she is slow but she sure as hell makes stupid decisions. Why would you go on national tv and announce that you not only slept with loser baby daddy #2 but, that you had unprotected sex and contracted and STD?

  2. Worrying about the worst outcome is symptom #1 for anxiety. That comment was incredibly ignorant. You’re basically shaming Chelsea for a mental disorder she has no control over. When you do that, you’ve become part of the problem. People don’t speak up, don’t get help, KILL themselves because of this ignorance. I know The Ashley has NEVER moderated her comments and leaves ignorant and dangerous shit up all the time but it is getting unreal some of the shit people say here. Today alone, you shamed someone with anxiety, and there’s a fucking whack job on another thread saying Covid-19 is only as bad as the flu.

    The Ashley, the world’s changing. Maybe change with it before the PC police come for you for a legit reason. You’re allowing hate and bigotry in your comment sections. All other gossip sites are stopping comments like the ones that FILL your site. TMZ and Starcasim got rid of comments all together. Wake up because I’ve already watched your comment levels drop in the past year…there is a very good reason for that.

  3. How’s Briana gonna treat Devoin like shit, when he’s more of an active father to Stella than Luis (Stella’s face always lights up any time Devoin comes to visit)…but she’ll go and sleep with Luis unprotected again and let him to give her an STD (better that than another baby)…and continue to be so nice to him. Not once (on camera) has she physically attacked him, screamed at him, or thrown shoes at him, but she’s done all of the above to Devoin. This is why I don’t like that girl. She is so stupid, and to think I really liked her on 16 & Pregnant. Her episode was one of my favorites.

  4. Is that a giant STD on Brianas face? That 3 mole comes out of hiding about the same amount of times her sister in the Crop Top comes off the couch an episode. Also Kailyn is the queen of White Trash, and still preaches to her drunk mom who managed not to have 4 kids by 3 fathers so I guess alcohol for the win?? Chelsea whines about COVID to have a storyline. I hope Adam comes back at least he provided some white trash entertainment. Leah admitting to Pain Med addiction is less surprising then A David and Jenelle breakup and temporary order of protection. We did all see Leah almost drop her niese dosing out to 500 milligrams of Oxy. Ryan Edwards looked more sober then her that entire Season

    1. Leah admitted it was opiates? I really though she was more addicted to benzodiazapines like klonopin, ativan or xanax.

  5. Briana, Briana. You hook up with your ex who most certainly sleeps around (without protection obv, it’s a wonder he hasn’t knocked up some other chick already too) and then you are surprised that he gave you a STD?! At least it’s not a baby this time, god knows you don’t need anymore ‘oopsie babies’.

    Kail…yawn. Pregnant with another spawn of Chris (who just got born) and it’s obvious you aren’t finished with having kids. Do you ever think before you get knocked up?! Probably not.

    Finally Leah admitted she had an addiction. She is really making progress finally. (Hopefully I won’t eat my words soon)

    1. Still the old same old from the TM2 girls but does look better than the absolute SNOOZEFEST that was last season of TMOG. Kailyns going to have ten kids by 8 different dudes if this sh!t keeps up.

  6. To be honest, no one cares. I haven’t watched this shit in years but completely adore the Ashley and the recaps. It’s phenomenal how we we can just be entertained by a blog and not the show. Something to be said about actual entertainment. Let these “teen moms”/ 30yr old “mom” go… the Ashley will live on.

  7. Imagine being almost 30 and still having the same story line when you were a teenager. Popping out babies by losers. Begging him to love you. Pathetic.

  8. My boyfriend gave me an STD
    But I don’t want to break up with him because what am gonorrheally do about it?

    Don’t forget to tip your waitess

    stay lit

  9. My boyfriend gave me an STD
    But I don’t want to break up with him because what am gonorrheally do about it?

    Don’t forget to tip your waitress

    stay lit

  10. Is it just me or does Chelsea seem like a hypochondriac?! Like there’s always something majorly wrong with her!! I get she has anxiety but it doesn’t always have to be the worst case scenario!! I still think she’s the sanest one on the show though!! Also, I really don’t know what to think about Jade!! She is always bitching and complaining about her mom and Sean being addicts and she doesn’t know what to do about it but, then, she’s photographed in her bathroom with a line of coke & rolled up bill next to her! Hypocrite much?! I can’t take much more or Briana either!! All she does is talk shit on her baby daddies then she’s gonna go back to the worst one & not use protection?! Classy! Hopefully it wasn’t in the bathroom at the club this time around!!!! I will say though TM2 has been holding my attention much longer than OG does! At least their storylines are still somewhat interesting!!!

  11. The fact that Cheyenne was not fired is the most hypocritical bullshit MTV has ever pulled. Fuck them.

    1. I 100% agree!! If it was the other way around, and Cheyenne was white talking that way about someone of another race, she’d never see another MTV paycheck again!!! Hypocritical assholes!! It’s not like her storyline is too good to miss out on!! She’s boring as hell and does the same damn thing every episode… her and her weird ass sister!!! She would not be missed!!!

  12. How many times have I heard Jade scream, “I’m about to freak the fuck out?” That’s getting a little old. Speaking of old, how is that Brianna still doesn’t understand what protection is? Wtf is she going to teach her daughters? Is Kail just going to keep popping out kids for a storyline? Poor Leah, girl, you didn’t have to say it…you went to mtv rehab. We know you were addicted to pain pills. Think I will take a hard pass and just read the recaps on The Ashley, my brain hurts from just watching the preview.

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