Breakdowns & a Baby Daddy Blast from the Past: MTV Releases Sneak Peek of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 10

Me, mentally preparing for the Season 10 shenanigans to come…

Teen Mom 2 returns next month for Season 10, giving fans a few familiar storylines and one particular baby daddy blast from the past that leaves a lasting impression, so to speak. 

In the new sneak peek, MTV gives us a look at what the five moms have been up to in the off season, including Briana DeJesus, who is shown hanging out with her ex Luis Hernandez, the father of her youngest daughter Stella.

These two just can’t quit each other. Or da club…

While the image of Briana and Luis playing nice is shocking in itself, it’s Briana later confessing that Luis gave her an STD that really stuns, just as The Ashley told you back in May.

Well… she can’t say he never gave her anything…

We’re guessing that particular part of the sneak peek also stood out to Briana, who tweeted and deleted in May that she was hoping certain scenes wouldn’t make it onto the show this season. 

“This season will be trash for me,” she tweeted. “I cannot take it. Ready for everything to be over with…I’m praying it won’t even air but whatever, it’s out of my hands now anyway.” 

In the sneak peek we also see Kail Lowry dealing with some family drama involving her mother, from whom she is estranged. While speaking to her mom Suzi on the phone, Kail becomes aggravated and reveals her mom has never met her two-year-old son, Lux


Season 10 will bring us some of the same old drama involving Chelsea Houska and her ex Adam Lind as Chelsea worries about returning to court regarding custody of Aubree

“So… business as usual?”

Newest cast member Jade Cline reveals she’s “sick of this s**t” in the clip, while Leah Messer becomes emotional while discussing her daughter Ali‘s muscular dystrophy. 

‘Teen Mom 2’ premieres Tuesday, September 1 on MTV. Check out the sneak peek of Season 10 below! 

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube)


  1. So did Adam go to treatment and actually change or is this just more repeating because MTV thinks we like to relieve the boring past every season? We at least Jenelle is gone and we don’t have to listen to her whine about how she can’t film with out her huzbin Wavid! Leave me alone!

  2. The only reason Kail reached out to her mother was to have a story line. None of her baby daddies will film with her anymore, they’re way over this shit show.

  3. I really don’t like Briana, she is just too dumb for me to handle…It’s not even entertaining. How’s she going to be cruel and mean to Devoin, but let Louis give her an STD? She’s lucky he gave her an STD she can get rid of, and not another baby who won’t have a father in their life. She’s just so damn stupid.

  4. And then Brianna turns around and says that she gets singled out online for being ratchet. Sure, Jan. 🙄🙄

    1. Right! She always wants to cry victim, meanwhile her behavior is outrageous, and RATCHET. Then she has the nerve to call out/shame Kail for still messing around with Chris, and getting pregnant by him…meanwhile she’s still messing around with Luis, unprotected and catching STD’s! She is such a clown.

  5. What a shame Briana has never heard of safe sex. If only there was a tv show out there, aimed at educating young women about safe sex. Could you imagine such a show existing? I can’t.

  6. Brianna is going on national TV to discuss her junk funk, her panty crickets, her calm chowder. mother of god. Proud moment for the coven.

    stay lit

    1. Someone needs to tell these dim bulbs that announcing on nationaltv that you have a diseased crotch is not a good look. I couldn’t believe it when kail did it and it’s just as gross this time around.

      Men take note if you absoultly have to do this dumpster fire get a prescription for penecilian and a tetnus shot. Her mommy must be so proud.

  7. I think this will be the first season that I literally don’t watch the show at all and will keep up with all the mess from the updates from The Ashley. I’ve said since she first showed up on TM2 that Briana is slow which is why she is bodygaurded by her mom and sister. She’s pushing 30 and still acts like she doesn’t know how safe sex works. Also, how low does your self esteem have to be to want to hook up with Luis, hell, I wouldn’t even want to be in the same area code as the dude. The rest of the cast stories seem old and played, time to come up with some new ideas MTV, there are a lot of creative people out of work right now, they should have some kind of contest to come up with some kind of new show, because the TM franchise is just re-playing the same old tune.

    1. Briana is very slow, and has the worst taste in dudes. Luis is bottom of the barrel in both looks and personality. He makes Devoin look like the better choice, which is sad, cause he isn’t.

    2. There were some rumors recently that she is knocked up again, apparently posted a pic of her daughters with an ultrasound picture and then deleted it. I guess it was a joke. (with an old ultrasound) But I wouldn’t be surprised if Briana gets pregnant again, anything is possible and she does really want a boy she will name “Astro Cloud”. God help these children.

  8. Same shit, different season. Jade losing her shit with her druggie baby daddy Sean. Chelsea worrying about court and Aubrey when she should have kicked Adam out of Aubrey’s life the second he said, she should have aborted “that mistake” or the countless times he has proven he could give a shit about her and has been around her on drugs and has had his friends around her high. Aubrey has a dad, Cole. That’s who raises her and takes her to father/daughter dances. It seems like Chelsea worries about whether Adam is in Aubrey’s life not that Aubrey is longing for Adam. Too short of a clip with Leah and her girlses but I feel for Ali and her worsening disease, that can’t be easy for her at all. And, this wasn’t in the clip but is Kail ever going to drop that 4th kid!?

    1. I forgot about STD walking Brianna…how desperate and hard up do you have to be to get back together with Luis? Who is she turning down for fucks sake? Ewwww….just EW!

    2. I feel like it’s more his parents than Adam himself. They want to see her. They push the relationship. If it was up to Adam, he would have dipped like he did on the other baby his parents apparently don’t give a shit about being involved with.

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