David Eason Blasts Cheyenne Floyd & ‘Teen Mom’ Exec Producer Morgan J. Freeman in Late-Night Racism Rant; Jenelle Evans Slams Mackenzie McKee (But Later Apologizes)

“First rule of rantin’, Jenelle, is ya gotta read the whole article.”

The dial-up Internet on The Land was on fire in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, as both Jenelle Evans and David Eason were up, roasting their former Teen Mom franchise co-stars, network and producer! 

David took to Facebook around 4 a.m. (“The Land” time) on Wednesday to fire off a scathing Facebook status about Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd, writing that she should have been fired for the racist tweets she posted before her time on MTV. (As The Ashley previously reported, ‘OG’ girlfriend Taylor Selfridge was fired by MTV for posting very similar tweets, but at press time, Cheyenne remains on the show.) 

David was also fired by MTV back in 2018 for tweets, although his were mostly homophobic and not racial. (Jenelle was fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ in 2019.)

“Cheyenne Floyd has so much privilege she can say the most racist things out of anyone, delete her apology but still not fired?” David wrote, tagging Jenelle in the status. 

While David’s message did get some support from his followers, it was mostly met with comments from people telling him to stop bringing up the past, take ownership of what he did, etc.

“Why do you care? They got rid of you and Junkielle because you were costing them sponsorship money and she’s not,” one person commented. “It’s a business and they are in it to make money. You two swamp monsters are simply not worth the loss of one penny so they dropped you two like a bad habit. Maybe go find a job, pay your child support obligation, stop committing crimes and then you wouldn’t have all this spare time to cry about who MTV chooses to work with.”

“Trust me I miss seeing y’all on TM2, But at a normal job if you threaten your boss you get fired,” another person responded. “Remember that .. Calling out your old castmates ain’t making it better at all.”

When one person agreed with him that MTV not firing Cheyenne was an example of reverse racism, David had an oh-so-eloquent comment.

“You’re not supposed to say anything if it’s a female being a racist c**t,” he wrote.

Hours later, David fired his Internet back up to post a series of Instagram Stories (some of which even contained screenshots of The Ashley’s articles), tagging MTV and asking his followers to make Cheyenne (or, as he put it “this bitch”) “famous for being racist. Boycott @MTV, contact their sponsors!” 

He then came out swinging…er…”filling the streets with uppercuts” for ‘Teen Mom’ Executive Producer Morgan J. Freeman

“Morgan acts like he cares about racism but looks like he only holds white people accountable for their actions,” David wrote. 

David then posted some screenshots of Cheyenne’s old tweets, along with messages such as, “@MTV you gonna fire everyone or just pick and choose who you don’t like personally?”

“@MTV knowingly hires a racist,” David wrote on another screenshot of The Ashley’s story about Cheyenne apologizing for her old tweets. “@MTV did you know that Cheyenne deleted her apology after saying all this?”

This is not the first time David has took to social media to demand Cheyenne (as well as other ‘Teen Mom’ Franchise stars) be fired for making racist remarks. In June, he and Jenelle both expressed their feelings that Cheyenne, as well as Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant stars Bar Smith and Ashley Jones should be axed. 

When you just blasted someone on the Internet and you’re feeling “well” about yourself…

Cheyenne (and those associated with her) have yet to respond to David’s latest rant.

As stated above, though, David wasn’t the only Eason on the Swamp using the Interwebs to fire at a different ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars, Mackenzie McKee. After reading the article the headline of an article The Ashley posted yesterday in which Mack gave her thoughts on both Jenelle and Farrah Abraham, Jenelle lashed out on Twitter, thinking that Mackenzie called her “mean.” 

“The Internet is a dangerous thing, Jenelle. Remember that!”

Although Mackenzie’s comments were made about Farrah and not Jenelle, the former Teen Mom 2 star assumed they were an attack on her, so she took a break from recording TikTok dances and redirected that energy at Mackenzie.  

“If I’m ‘so mean’ why do you we follow each other on IG and you constantly like my pics,” Jenelle tweeted. “I’ve never met you before, you know nothing about me. Let’s keep it that way.” 

After realizing she had forgotten to tag Mackenzie in her tweet, Jenelle remembered she had actually blocked her on Twitter, so she asked one of her followers to relay the message to Mackenzie instead.

“Oh yeah, have her blocked on here.. someone tag her for me,” she wrote. “Thanks.” 

Despite having Mackenzie blocked, Jenelle continued with her rhetorical questions. 

“Why am I so relevant to you,” she asked, however, when asked to clarify the “you” she was referring to, Jenelle claimed she was directing the statement to every single person online. 

“Oh brotha!”

Mackenzie didn’t offer much of a response to Jenelle’s Twitter outburst, however, she did share a story calling out Jenelle for the mistake adding only “Yep…” to the post. Apparently Jenelle was finally made aware of her mistake as she later issued an apology a “sorry, my bad” to Mackenzie. 

“I take back my comments about Mackenzie, I didn’t read the article,” she explained. “Sorry, my bad.” 

After getting some heat for being so quick to jump on Mackenzie’s case without having read the article, Jenelle admitted to reacting after seeing only a screenshot of the headline. 

In the interview, Mackenzie actually stood up for Jenelle, stating that she hates when haters body-shame Jenelle. Mackenzie also stated that, other than being upset when Jenelle called her “thirsty” in an interview earlier this year, she has has no beef with Jenelle.

“I have stuck up for her a million times,” Mackenzie said. “I don’t really care what bad things she has to say about me. I don’t have a problem with her.”

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube; Twitter) 

36 Responses

  1. I’m black and I can’t stand David, but he’s right Cheyenne. She shouldn’t be on the show. Her tweets were horrible and she shouldn’t have been selected. But I also wonder why David continues to care when he claims he is the one who left mtv and he’s the one who claims to be above Teen Mom. She why does he continue to follow it?

  2. Why is David so obsessed with her? Black people can’t be racist and also that movie made lots of people have those feelings. Maybe he should watch it so he can see what his meemaw and papaw did to Black people and see why she tweeted that. Both of them are losers

  3. There is no such thing as reverse racism. Also black people can’t be racist because racism requires power. Black people can be prejudiced. David is a racist.

  4. Cheyenne has more class than all the rest of the ladies on this show combined. I think Cheyenne is a great mother and the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I will never forget that swimsuit she had on at the party!!!

  5. I beyond super dislike Lurch and his wife, however what he said was true. It’s not ok for Cheyenne’s post and thoughts to be looked over. If others are held accountable, she needs to be also. Fire her disgusting ass.

      1. Cheyenne SHOULD be fired. It’s a double standard. Her words were equally hateful.

        But The Ashley needs to quit making me agree with David fecking Eason

    1. Even I can’t believe that I am saying this; but David isn’t wrong. It definitely feels very one sided.

  6. I don’t like David I don’t think he had the right motivations for calling of Cheyenne. However, when they fired Taylor I was like WTF they doing that and then not firing Cheyenne. Both have grown and changed since then. They’ve both addressed it before it blew up this year. So it seemed to be misguided to take that route in my opinion. Bring Taylor back.

  7. Drunk posting on social media is more dangerous than drunk online shopping. Twit and Twat need their phones taken away to spare us all.
    And it looks like psychotic Morgan J Freeman (nOt ThE aCtOr!!11!!1) finally changed the about me section of his Twitter account to put “father” first instead of last where he had it before. That dude is so scarily obsessed with Trump that he put being a father after everything else. You can’t make this shit up.

  8. Some of the “messages” David was receiving were him sending messages to himself, talking about how very unfair it was that they got fired for being trash bags.

    Davey the genius forgot to black out the name of the contact at the bottom of the screen. He deleted it, but everyone could see it was him sending messages to himself to “prove” he was so unjustly fired.

    No brains are strained on The Land….

  9. David is such a whiny little bitch. He is the only one to blame for him losing his job on MTV. Crazy thing is MTV gave him the same opprotunity to keep his job as they did Cheyenne, apologize and stay on the show. The only difference is Cheyenne apologized, and his dumbass refused and stood by his effed up “beliefs”. Karma is taking WAY too long to get him…but I guess patience is a virtue.

  10. Lurch acts like a scorned lover. He says he’s over MTV but then won’t stop talking about them and obsessing over everything they do. Lurch wants mtv back in his life.

  11. I wonder if Lurch’s brain was fried before or after all of the drugs he uses. I guess when you are unemployed, you can stay up all night and hate-post. Since he and his equally repulsive wife were up until the wee hours of the morning, I’m guessing that Maryssa had to play the part of mom to Kaiser and Golden Child.

  12. Well said! That asshole killed a little dog. He should be in prtison. They are getting on each other’s nerves because they don’t have that MTV money.

    1. Agreed. David and Jenelle calling Cheyenne out when those two fools lost custody of their kids for awhile, not to mention don’t even have custody of two other ones. At least Cheyenne doesn’t abuse her daughter. David and Jenelle never check their own backyard before calling others out. Not to mention they talk about how they don’t care they’re not on Teen Mom anymore but complain constantly about cast members that are still on the show. Clowns.

  13. So, who’s going to get up in the morning and help the kids with breakfast? Such disgraceful behavior. He’s like a large menacing baby.

    1. Right! Who took care of the kids all day while they laid in bed hung over? If I’m looking at things correct in this article , they hopped on the internet to rant and rave and harass people and Jenelle realized at 5:30 in the evening that she made a mistake and sent out her half assed apology. So you know they slept all damn day

  14. Agree with others here that late-night “stoner” posting doesn’t erase the fact that these two swamp muppets were bounced by MTV primarily because David is an unhinged child abusing, dog murdering LUNATIC and the camera crew and staff routinely feared for their safety when going to THE LAND to film them.

    So they clearly need to stop telling MTV who they should and should not fire and realize once and for all that THEIR ASSES have been fired. Period. The end.

    They could also use all this newfound spare time on their hands to find jobs — and work on them like the rest of us.

  15. IF they’re so irrelevant? Why write a article about them? If your white Cheyenne wants to kill you.

    1. Taylor apologized on the show. SHe said it when she was younger just like Cheyenne. She was still fired. What’s the difference. Taylor never threatened to kill anyone.

  16. If these losers worked a real job they’d be sleeping at 4am on a Wednesday night like NORMAL people, not hate-tweeting and such. Get over it ya swampy losers.

    1. I think MTV didnt fire Cheyenne because on her Rivals 2 season on The Challenge Vince made really racist comments towards her and went after her a lot FOR NO REASON. I think they thought if they fired Cheyenne from Teen Mom for her old tweets that could open them up to a lawsuit from her since they not only didn’t step in when she was being harassed, but they let Vince stay.

  17. You got fired 2 years ago, you fucked up a bug fat papcheck that you’ll never get close to again. Get a job and go away …

    And take your dumb wife with you ?

  18. You got fired 2 years ago, you fucked up a bug fat papcheck that you’ll never get close to again. Get a job and go away …

    1. If she made racist remarks she should be fired but they won’t because she is black. Some black people are getting away with everything which isn’t fair. This is the time of The Black Lives Matter Movement but I say All Lives Matter!

  19. Poor fragile little Lurch, this bitch has a ton of other things a normal man would prioritize over comment on women who are on a tv show he and his worthless, pitiful, disgusting pig of a wife claim to not need. I wonder what goes through his delicate little mind when he looks in the mirror and knows that everybody hates him, everyone thinks he’s a joke, he’ll never be able to support his family, he’ll most certainly end up in prison one day and his loving wife will be on the internet searching for her next soulmate within 48 hours.

  20. So while Jenelle and lurch were on a drug bender they decided to post online about things from the past. I guess when you have no job and no life because you neglect your kids you have a lot of time on your hands.

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