‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason Goes On Homophobic Rant On Twitter

“I don’t like them gay folk!”

David Eason has only had a Twitter account for a few weeks, but he’s already managed to anger a nice chunk of Teen Mom 2 fans with his social media rantings.

On Monday David took things to a whole new level when he went off on transgender and gay people in a series of hateful tweets, comparing members of the LGBTQ community to dogs and stating that they are the way they are due to bad parenting!

David initially began posting tweets defending his right to own guns. (He did, after all, post a photo of Jenelle holding an assault rifle on the same day that the Florida school shooting took place.) Somehow, though, the Twitter conversation shifted from guns to David’s thoughts on gay and transgender people.

(Some of his original tweets have been deleted, but others remained on his Twitter account at press time.)

When someone pointed out that David’s parenting skills could use some fine-tuning, David unleashed his anger on the LGBTQ community.

“And just what makes you think you have the right to tell me how to be a parent?” David replied. “Because you think you know me? Lmao why don’t you go tell the homo and transgender parents to start teaching their kids better morals? Oh I forgot that’s supposed to be normal.”

When another Twitter user replied to David’s comment, stating that she had a transgender child, David again implied that people are transgender because of the way they were brought up.

“You need to learn some parenting skills,” David tweeted at her.

Unfortunately, the rant didn’t stop there. When another Twitter user asked David if he planned to teach his three children to hate gay and transgender people, David revealed that his kids would not be allowed to be gay or transgender or be around people who were.

“I’m going to teach them not to associate with them or be that way…If you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas,” David replied.

(Of course, David’s comments are incredibly ironic, considering his own wife, Jenelle, admitted to hooking up with her best friend, Tori Rhyne, for years. In fact, there are many photos floating around the Interwebs of Jenelle and Tori hooking up. In 2013, Tori posted a video in which she described one of her sexual encounters with Jenelle in graphic detail. Be aware, the video contains a lot of profanity.)

Anyway, David’s rant continued when someone told him he had a lot of hate in his heart, and that he hoped God would have mercy on David’s soul.

“God will have mercy on me but not those who are an abomination,” David replied.

When someone called David “homophobic,” the ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad seemed to not understand what that term meant. He replied as if ‘homophobic’ meant that someone was accusing him of being scared of gay people.

“Homophobic? You really lost it now, I’m not scared of s**t especially a homo,” David told the person. “Never said anything about being scared of homos.”

When a person on Twitter told David that her daughter is a lesbian and that his words were offensive, David came back with another hateful remark about lesbians having kids.

“Well if she is lesbian than she wont be able to have kids right? Or she could adopt some troubled children and confuse them even more right?” he told her.

“I would rather be totally radical than to walk around acting like I’m perfect,” David wrote later.

This is not the first time that David has gotten himself into hot water regarding this topic. During the last ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion special, David was caught on camera using a gay slur to try to insult Dr. Drew Pinsky.

David was caught on camera using a gay slur during the last ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion taping…

“He’s probably a fa**ot,” David said of Dr. Drew.

David’s Twitter rantings are very similar to what Counting On star Derick Dillard said last year in regard to transgender reality TV star Jazz Jennings. After Derick voiced his negative feelings about Jazz and other transgender people on Twitter, TLC– the network that airs ‘Counting On’– revealed in a statement that it would no longer feature Derick on its TV shows. (Derick later stated that he left the show and was not fired.)

The Ashley has reached out to MTV to see if the network had any comment on David’s rant.

Jenelle has yet to comment publicly on what her husband wrote.

The Ashley will update this story when more information is available.

To see how the other ‘Teen Mom’ franchise cast members reacted to David’s tweets, click here!

UPDATE: As of Monday night, Jenelle and David had both deleted their Twitter accounts.

(Photos: MTV)



  1. Judging by his obvious resentment towards the LGBTQ community, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he dropped the soap at least once in prison. Get this purebred trash off of TV already, we all skip past their scenes anyway.

  2. So…Jenelle sent cease and desist letters to the cast claiming that the negative things that they were saying about her and David would prevent them from getting employed in the future. Yet her dumbass husband goes on a homophobic rant on Twitter and they don’t think THAT will effect them getting employed?? Hopefully they’ll need to look for employment soon if they get kicked off the show. Kick them off but keep Barbra! Jesus these two are gross.

  3. Color me surprised lol…not. Lurch has some very poor male role models that impressed upon him some very shitty values as to what makes a “man”, which seem to trouble the loafing idiot to no end. Couple that with Chinelle’s constant anger and you get a no-win situation where the kids are never going to catch a break of good parenting. I really hope he reflects on what he did wrong and finds better friends/wife to hang out with. Freakin idiot.

  4. Me too. If they fired Farrah for doing porn surely they will fire him for this. This is disgusting and offensive behaviour. There is no way I will watch the show with him in it, or any other MTV show if they continue to employ him.

  5. I was following his tweets last night following the new TMOG episode. Dude was out to prove something last night. No idea what though. Literally insane. BUT DAVID ISN’T THE BAD GUY FOLKS, IT’S EVERYONE ELSE WHO’S THE PROBLEM, ESPECIALLY BARBARA. When’s MTV gonna pull the plug on these trashboats?

  6. Wow. He’s hit an all new LOW. Enough is enough. MTV needs to stop enabling his and Jenelles disgusting entitled behavior and hit them (especially David) with some reprocussions. Despicable. If they don’t want to get rid of Jenelle they have got to get rid of David.

  7. Well I hope MTV actually does something about this. It is tooo far in my opinion. But that pulling a knife wasn’t too far as well. First and foremost no humans needs to take any kind of parenting advise from David. Him giving advise on how to train children is TERRIFYING!!

    Secondly, I find it Ironic that is talking about lying with a dog and getting fleas when he is the biggest dog on the show ever.

    MTV this is too far and Jenelle needs to get out while she can. Because with this pattern for behavior I fear something bad will happen.

  8. David initially began posting tweets defending his right to own guns

    Doesn’t he have a felony on his record? Larceny after breaking and entering, out of North Carolina?

    1. Oh my god, I hope he accidentally outed that he has them and goes to jail for it. That would be perfection.

    2. Looking around at other sources, Jenelle and sources close to her deny Eason was ever convicted of a felony. It’s hard to say for sure without seeing the actual court documents. He was charged with domestic violence, but acquitted on those charges. He later pleaded guilty to violating a domestic violence restraining order – which I suppose is distinct from pleading guilty to domestic violence, which would also have been a disqualifying conviction. He also has a conviction for possession of drug paraphernalia, but not actual possession of a controlled substance, which would have been potentially ANOTHER disqualifying conviction, if recent enough. So all in all, it looks like he may, in fact, not be prohibited from owning guns, though I can’t say I’ve ever seen anybody skate so close to the edge.

  9. I guess the mental and physical child abuse wasn’t enough for MTV or anyone else to take action so maybe saying hateful things on twitter will get people looking at these two. We all had to know this evil hatred was coming after all those “stop screaming like a bitch” comments and the many times he talked about learning to be a man .

  10. Ha! You can’t say anything about any one else’s parenting when you have had a restraining order against you that did not allow you to see your own child.

  11. This is really bugging me because Real World: San Francisco was the first time I was really exposed to people who here out and accepted but those around them – I had friends who were bi/gay but they were slowly coming out because of fear of reactions. I honestly think we were so used to Pedro that we were prepped for Rickie in My So-Called Life and a year or so later Angel in Rent. MTV pushed so hard for the acceptance of LGBQTA+ people in the mainstream they need to come down hard on this.

    1. He made it so that he’s untouchable in that category. I don’t think any one else from that show is taking that title from him anytime soon, or ever. That was horrible.

  12. This is so upsetting. My heart rate actually went up reading this.
    He is going to end up killing someone with all his hate – whether by shooting them himself or causing one of his own children to commit suicide. I’m not joking and I truly feel this is the way life on The Land is heading. Full of really messed up tragic children, animals and events leading to something irreparable.

  13. Can’t say I’m surprised. He’s some backwoods white man who likes to abuse his spouse and children. Of course he’s a hateful POS with no intelligent, coherent thoughts in his thick head. What SHOULD happen is that MTV should fire this disgusting human being so we never have to see him again and he can just live his miserable life in his miserable house.

  14. I don’t understand what makes them so self righteous??? How can you need in such denial on being a piece of shit? All I want to say is F*** you Easons! I will eat my popcorn while you keep digging (or shall I say raking) that grave.

  15. He is such a dumb hick. He makes less sense than Farrah-speak. And acts like a child. Combine that with his insane temper and it’s a Dateline episode in the making. Nice job Jenelle, I didn’t think you could pick worse than Courtland, but you topped yourself. Those poor babies.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. Jenelle gave up jace for heroine and dick, yet they know about morality. Are you kidding me?! They treat Kaiser like shit and are complete narcissists. I love my gay friends, thank you very much, DAVID!

  16. Has anyone seen the blind item that said a teen mom significant other has been on a rampage and slapping her before telling her that she needs to make more money? Sounds like David and Jenelle.

  17. This guy has a huge head and a super-low IQ. I legit think he’s got something wrong with him, it just blows my mind that Jenelle is so desperate that any warm body will do for her. What positive qualities does he possess? It doesn’t surprise me that this troglodyte owns guns at all, I would have expected as much, what’s really scary is that he is surrounded by all those innocent children out on “The Land”. Jenelle and David’s situation will 100% end badly, I just hope no one gets hurt.

  18. You could be on to something here, Otherwise, why would he keep going on about it? I’m a Christian, but spewing all of that hate is wrong. We’re supposed to treat others as we ourselves want to be treated.

  19. I don’t have a twitter or I’d leave David a comment…I can’t comment on his Instagram because he blocked me for saying he should get castrated…..

  20. That’s why I posted about the petition on Saturday morning. I signed it as soon as I found out about it. If we don’t speak up, who will?

    1. I did too . This shit will not end well. I could care less about jenelle . But as a mother those kids and that situation breaks my heart. They are being subjected to hate, violence, and a sad childhood. And i will do everything that i can to take them off the air. That being said at least cameras are there to document it. Im scared of what really goes down when the cameras arent rolling. Mtv and the camera crew should be ashamed. Terrible

    2. Don’t you think it’s kind of pathetic that we need to sign a Petition for Michael I’m sorry I forget the rest of his name to realize that what David’s been saying is disgusting!! That to me is common sense and the fact that he seems more concerned about ratings then how people are treated speaks volumes about him as a person

  21. I have already emailed Viacom, and plan to write to every company that shows a commercial on tonight’s Teen Mom episode. The only way anything will be done to stop this is if those paying for airtime on MTV speak out against these foul acts and threaten to remove their sponsorship of the program. Apparently, David is now trying to create an illusion that his account has been hacked…let’s just hope that MTV will see through the BS. He needs to go. Let him abuse Jenelle on his own dime, and not for the world to see. He is clearly even more disturbed than anyone knows.

        1. Not sure why my reply did not post, but I also posted the Viacom contact info on Ashley’s other article about David’s disgusting rant.

  22. The fact that MTV has failed to comment makes me really wonder about the status of the entire Teen Mom franchise. Perhaps they haven’t considered firing him because they will drop the entire show. Between his ignorance and Farrah’s indiscretions they are losing cast mates pretty quickly. I hope Kaiser’s Father and Grandparents use this to help them gain more visitation or perhaps even custody of that dear little boy. Unfortunately Ensley will have to stay put.

    1. What ive been thinking is since there is a whole new teen mom 16 and pregnant dhoe coming on that they are going to fase this out in the next season or so. And try to sell us again with this new show…mtv is officially dead to me

  23. Of course, I am okay with people sharing their stupid opinions. But here’s mine- I support gay and trans people by literally not caring what people do, as long as they aren’t hurting others. I feel like that’s okay. I’m from California, and the gay community seems irrelevant because nobody cares- except when you realize that there are people like this who are violently scary. This guy is a dumb idiot and I’d love to see my huge body building gay uncle Larry punch him right in the mouth.

  24. Just when I thought I couldn’t hate David any more than I already did. His rants make Derick Dillard’s look tame. Babs was right when she said he was the worst boyfriend Jenelle ever had. I worry for Jenelle and the kids being around him.

    1. Not to defend Derek Dillard, but at least his thoughts about gay/transgender are based in conservative religion he’s been a part of since birth. Davids thoughts are are hateful and ignorant.

      1. It was grounds for him to get fired this is just disgusting. At least he was kinda respectful. ( hes a pos too.) Hate this guys being and im an excelent judge on character. Hes the worst of the worst

    1. I love the name and i was gonna say. Ill take keifa for 1000 lol thats how bad this scum is. Meth lab and all ? and thats saying something

  25. I sincerely hope David keeps digging his child abusing, illiterate self further into a hole with his foul mouth and trash nonsense, until no one including MTV will hire him and Jenelle. NO ONE.

    This is your brain — on drugs, folks.

    Any questions?

  26. He knows this to be a fact from experience obviously. He just came out to us. He is trying to tell us, in his dumbass Lurch-speak, that he is gay. Clearly his parents did the shittiest of jobs with his upbringing. Therefore, according to his logic, he too is gay! I always thought he had some feminine qualities to him. That’s probably why the wedding was almost called off. He wanted to be the bride! ?????

    1. Haha I see what you did there. But just cause he has feminine qualities doesn’t mean he’s gay! He’s gay because he likes penis! And that is A-OK! I agree with you…

      1. Naw, David’s not gay. His boyfriend might be, but he’s not. 🙂

        But seriously – something is going on because people that go on rants that extreme probably really do have those opinions and don’t want to be like that so they lash out. Either him or a family member.

  27. I really hope MTV adores this POS. David is literally the worst because he’s ignorant AND stupid. Hopefully people email/tweet MTV and complain because his behavior is unacceptable.

  28. What a disgusting piece of shit. Please get rid of these idiots. Can’t stand seeing their toxic behavior. If the gun the wasn’t enough, now he has to open up his ugly mouth again. I signed the petition to have them removed from Teen Mom. I’m encouraging everyone to do the same. Go to change.org and get rid of these two morons once and for all.

  29. Well, Jenelle, prepare for the rest of your sponsors to drop you as Blue Apron did. And you can’t spin this to make it seem YOU dropped them because of Kail. And you better write up a cease & desist order ASAP and hand it to your husband. He is doing a great job making sure you and he will struggle to find employment after MTV.

  30. I wonder how many dicks he can fit in those hamster cheeks he has. People who are so homophobic are the ones who are actually gay themselves. Dont worry david u will be in jail soon enough and u will get to play hide the sausage. Or hopefully broom stick.

  31. Ugh…. omg is this the nail in the coffin mtv????? Not one redeeming quality at all this guy is pure hatred and pure evil. And is extremely dangerous. Nice job jenelle. PROTECT Your kids u worthless piece of trash. I fucking hate this guy. Thinks hes god gift. Ugly ugly ugly. Inside and out. Honestly at thos point we all know jenelle probably gets beat on a daily basis and shes so fucking stupid sorry to say it but she deserves it if she thinks its ok for her children to be treated like garbage. David is a fucking punk bitch. I want someone to fucking pound his teeth down his throat he needs it. Eventually he will go to jail AGAIN and i hope he is someones bitch. What a waste of life

  32. Wow. Can’t say I’m surprised. I can’t believe someone this day in age would be so ignorant so openly. Maybe he gets off on pissing people off. I hope they disappear under a rock somewhere and those kids get rescued before this disgusting influence rubs off on them!

  33. I just honestly feel horrible for the kids they are exposed to this on a daily basis I think Jenelle and David both need to be fired from mtv they should not be given a platform to spew their hatred

    1. Wait! I mean with three kids of her own then David’s kids she would not welcome or have time for this kind of drama in her life Instead she seems to thrive off of it I genuinely question how well those kids are taken care of both emotionally and physical

  34. david is disgusting.this is just the icing on the cake.hope mtv follows tlcs lead and fires david..maybe then hed learn some humility..

        1. lol I’d rather watch the grandmothers at this point. I mean you’d have Barb, Debra, Jen, and April. Much more entertaining!

      1. Yaaasss – love it. I wasn’t going to go through the effort of petitioning MTV. However, if it means not having to look at UBT’s ugly splotchy face (I’m normally one to make fun of someone with a condition like that, but he deserves it) and more Babs time then I’m all in.

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