How Well Do You Know ‘Teen Mom’?: Take The Ashley’s Insanely Hard Quiz For Longtime ‘Teen Mom’ Superfans

“See how well you guys remember all of our hijinks!”

You may think you know your Teen Mom but The Ashley has concocted the ultimate quiz for the franchise’s longtime superfans!

From little known facts, to not-so-memorable ‘Teen Mom’ moments, this quiz is full of hard questions that will prove how well you’ve paid attention to The Ashley’s stories and the show!

The Ashley has seen plenty of ‘Teen Mom’–themed quizzes in the past, but this one is not going to have super-easy questions like “Who said ‘I seen ya wif Kieffa.’” This is for the true fans who love (or love to hate) ‘Teen Mom!’

(Just FYI: The quiz covers ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’–as well as 16 and Pregnant– so the phrase ‘Teen Mom’ can be used to describe either show and should not be taken as a hint.)

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(Photo: MTV)


  1. Darn. I took it and got a blank screen so I did it again and got a blank screen again. I’ll have to try again later on a computer

  2. I see my results, but it is showing I selected answers I didn’t. So I was mostly right, except the quiz picked the wrong answers, even though I selected the right ones lol.

  3. The question about the pilot is misleading though. Girl A was filmed first but Girl B’s episode was aired as the pilot for viewers.

  4. Am I supposed to be able to see my results? I was genuinely interested… I am guessing I got 3 or 4. I’m happy to know I am not nearly as well-versed in TM as I reluctantly admitted I thought I was.

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