Fired ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars David Eason & Jenelle Evans Accuse MTV of Being “Racist”; Say ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Cheyenne Floyd, Ashley Jones & Bar Smith Should Also Be Fired

“Hello, I’d like to speak to the manager of MTV… “

MTV’s decision to fire Dee Nguyen of The Challenge following a series of offensive comments she made about the Black Lives Matter movement this week has former Teen Mom 2 dad and husband of Jenelle EvansDavid Eason, accusing the network of “racist behavior and discrimination.” 

On Tuesday, David— who was served up an MTV pink slip himself back in 2018— posted a series of screenshots that included MTV’s statement regarding Dee, a comment from Cheyenne Floyd of Teen Mom OG/’The Challenge’, as well as now-deleted tweets Cheyenne made in 2012 about wanting “to kill every white person” she saw, for which she previously apologized. Accompanying David’s post was a caption accusing MTV of “only taking action when it benefits them.”

“[MTV] only takes action when it benefits them, they don’t actually care,” he wrote. “If they did [Cheyenne] would have never been accepted to ‘Teen Mom.’ Where is the equality with these big corporations? At this point, MTV needs to be held accountable for their racist behavior and discrimination!”

After posting his frustration regarding his former employer – the employer that severed ties with him in February 2018 following his homophobic Twitter rant – David received comments asking why he and Jenelle even care about the issue, given their past claims of not wanting anything to do with ‘Teen Mom’ or MTV. 

“Why do you guys even care about teen mom,” one comment read. “You’ve repeatedly posted about you guys filming a new show and doing your own thing now ur out of mtv contract.” 

In response, Jenelle jumped in to defend David/try to throw other cast members under the bus. 

“Because if David was fired for his actions and others are being fired to this day… why not Cheyenne,” she asked. “I’m confused too.” 

“It’s no fair, dude!”

Jenelle was then called out for previously denying that David actually got the boot from MTV, to which David then attempted to cover up clarify. 

“But u always said David wasn’t fired and just didn’t want to film,” one person asked. 

“They never officially fired me, basically I had to just assume it on my own,” David replied. 

As you may recall, despite MTV posting an official statement to its social media pages at the time, David insisted (and apparently still insists) he wasn’t actually fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’.  

Back in 2018, The Ashley gave you the real story about what went down behind-the-scenes when David got fired. Her sources gave her to scoop on why David believes he was not fired and thinks he quit.

“Basically, he was on the phone with [the MTV producers] who were not going to fire him, but they needed to have him apologize for what he said [on Twitter],” The Ashley’s sources told her back in 2018. “David refused to do that, and started spouting off even more [hateful] stuff. So by not agreeing to do what they wanted, he knew he was going to be off the show. So he believes HE made that choice, not MTV.”

From there, MTV issued the statement via social media, without telling David and Jenelle they were posting it.

Anyway, on Tuesday David was calling for Cheyenne’s firing, and insisting that MTV also boot Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant couple Ashley Jones and Bar Smith, both of whom accused Jenelle and David of being racist last week in response to Jenelle posting a video claiming the opposite.  

David shared a screenshot of a message supporting his stance on Ashley and Bar’s future with MTV, along with, “Whoever Ashley and Barbara is [MTV] needs to fire them too!” (Apparently, David thought Bar was named Barba?)

“Ya just can’t keep me off ya mind, can ya David?!”

David and Jenelle have both been called out recently for being racist. While Jenelle made a video last week, denying she’s a racist, David has continued to post race-driven content to his social media accounts such as the posts below.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; YouTube; Twitter; Facebook)


  1. As much as I like Cheyenne, her tweets were out of pocket and they were in fact racist. However, when is David going to be over it bringing up her name? He has said many times that he was quitting MTV, he didn’t need MTV, and he makes money outside of MTV. Ok, then, move on. Let MTV handle their own business.

  2. How long is this fool going to whine about MTV?? They didn’t want to work with him because he’s a good for nothing, pos. Maybe he should think about not being a pos and get a job.

  3. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that any American can honestly say with a straight face right now that they can possibly blame a black person for at one point in their life venting frustration about white people. Seriously? GO READ THE NEWS. Ugh. This comment section. So deeply tone deaf.

  4. Nope. A young black person being pussed off at white people after watching a movie like The Help in America is not comparable to being anti black. Not even close to being the same.

  5. It’s not one color that matters. ALL lives matter. No matter what skin color. Seems to they all need to be fired. Cancel TM. It’s a shitz show anyway.

    1. You are so weird. If you’re not complaining about Kail, you’re always making some other tone deaf point.

        1. Lol…say’s the troll that is obsessed with Kail Lowry. Do you not like her because she has brown babies? Is that what your problem is?

          1. BTW, that’s a rhetorical question. We all already know where you stand…I don’t want to get you started on your pointless daily rant about Kail. I could never imagine being such a hateful, lonely, loser that I felt compelled to make a username based off of Kail Lowry.

      1. You don’t know me. I never comment on anyone’s comments. Unless they comment mine. Unlike you I think people have a right to believe whatever they want. You are weird for commenting on mine. Get a life. Unlike you I am not hiding. That’s why I use the same name. I donot like Kail. The reasons are endless. I started using this name before she became pregnant with Lux. Everything is not a race issue. You are putting race where it doesn’t belong. ALL LIVES MATTER.

  6. Oh Davey davey. You where fired for so many more reasons than racism.
    You are a dangerous criminal. A child abuser, animal abuser, women abuser.
    You are a,racist a homofoob a stupid ugly hillbillie. And absolutely no one wants to see you or your wife on any public platform.
    GO AWAY!!!

  7. With the disgusting evil that we all just witnessed I find it appalling that David and Jenelle would use it to find a way to get their two cents out there. This is such a sensitive topic, a topic hard to really express your true feelings without coming across the wrong way to others.. we shouldn’t be giving people like the Easons the satisfaction of getting each other worked up.
    I’d like to add that every day of my life I stand for the wrongly accused, the wrongly accused is very often being blamed Simply for being black. When it comes to picking someone out of a line up or mugshots, you’d be very surprised how fast they’ll tap a photo of a black man, when it comes to a white man there’s hesitation, it’s thought about much harder not to send the wrong man to jail.
    I’m not saying all are innocent, just pointing out that we have a bad problem in this country. I’m a white woman that grew up in suburbia, I recognized it at a young age, anyone who can’t see it is in denial.
    MTV is as bad as David and Jenelle, NOW they want to go back and start cleaning house, they’re not fooling anyone.

  8. Hate to agree with David on anything, but he’s right. It’s a double standard. If a white girl would have said she wanted to “kill every black person” she saw, NO amount of apologizing or backpedaling would have kept her on TV. MTV only cares when their ratings are at risk.

    1. These things are NOT comparable. In America it is NOT comparable for a black person being pissed off at white people vs. white people hating black people. Those are two different situations. She had JUST watched The Help. I hate white people after watching The Help and I’M WHITE.

    2. For the blissfully ignorant soul that keeps typing all lives matter, you are clearly missing the point! We we say #blacklivesmatter we never said ONLY black lives matter!! I’m so sick of this bullshit! Stop playing the victim…we say black lives matter because we are the ones losing our lives everyday in the most horrific ways! Non black or people of color (poc) pushed the narrative that their lives didn’t matter to us, because we are standing for ourselves. We know all lives matter, we know police lives matter, but WE are being killed in record numbers not y’all! Instead of trying to include yourself in the cause in that manner, show support, show that you care enough to help change the injustices poc face every single damn day just because of their skin color!

  9. I will also say this, and tell you why he has absolutely no room to talk. He was asked to apologize for his homophobic rant, and he refused. Stood firm in his belief about being a homophobe, and Jenelle stood by his side and so he lost his job. Jenelle was asked to at least hold David accountable for murdering her puppy and she refused, and that is why she lost her job. Cheyenne was given the same opportunity both David and Jenelle were allowed, she apologized and kept her job, they refused and lost theirs. Any comparison David makes between him and any one else who apologized is null and void.

    However, I am hearing that MTV cut ties with Taylor and they didn’t air their special last night. Taylor apologized, and was able to keep her job, she even addressed the issue on the show with Cheyenne…Now it appears they’ve brought up the issue again, and either she left or MTV cut ties with her. That right there doesn’t seem fair to me. I would have left too if I were her. She’s playing a part in raising an African American child, so there is a pretty big chance that her stance has changed from 2012. I honestly don’t know what else they want her to do? It reminds me of the whole Kevin Hart situation when he decided to step down from hosting the Oscars because they were trying to make apologize again for homophobic comments made in 2010, when he apologized several times before.

    1. I can’t make up my mind about Taylor, she apologized for what she said in the past and she seems to have changed.

      Cheyenne hasnt really apologized, still blames it on a shared account. That means she could have deleted that message too when she didn’t agree with it.
      I’m now confused why Taylor is being punished while Cheyenne (and Brianna’s sister Britt) are not punished for their rasist posts about white people.
      Cheyenne just posted a comment I thought had a racist undertone, about a prejudice about all white women dating black men.

      I’m not aware of Ashley and Bar posting rasist posts however. They called David and Jenelle out but other than that? Did I miss that?

        1. Jenelle and David are morons, but they do have a point MTV is picking and choosing. I also find it funny Cheyenne was just complaining about Johnny and Vince calling her “Chantel” one season (which I don’t even think was intended to be racist, but it annoyed her and so they continued with it as they would anyone..) but she thinks it okay to post she wants to “Kill all white people” . Girl, gtfo. I don’t get how MTV is deciding what is acceptable and what’s not at this point.

  10. Weren’t David and Jenelle (finally) kicked off because of homophobic rants, threats and the murder of a puppy? Jenelle called Kieffah a N****R via text, and didn’t have apologize and kept her job for years after…David refused to apologize for a homophobic rant because those are his “beliefs”, amongst a list too long to type out on here of other things including violence, child abuse and being down right evil…and Jenelle finally got fired for supporting her homophobic husband who murdered an innocent puppy after the puppy was being antagonized by their sticky feral child Ensley.

    You guys are really letting JENELLE and DAVID manipulate you. People saying they have a point are showing their true colors. They’re the same ones who say they don’t “see” color, meanwhile if you had to describe someone to the police, you would say the persons hair color, eye color, and their race. Y’all were more upset over Nugget, than a man getting choked to death while begging for his life and his mother. Keep the same energy you had for Nugget to stand up against people like David Eason.

    1. His beliefs huh? When people share what they believe on Reddit, the Easons cry ‘targeted harassment’.

  11. Why would MTV fire Taylor and not Cheyenne also? It needs to be both ways for anything to ever move forward. I’m bi-racial and growing up it always felt like I was too “white” or “too Black” depending on where I was. I wish everyone could just act as one humane race and accept people for who they are but I feel like that will never happen no matter what. And every race has racist people

    1. Please reference my above comment, and my response below explaining the difference between prejudice, bigotry and racism. Thank you.

    1. I’ve gotta disagree with you. All David had to do was apologize and he would’ve been able to keep his job, he didn’t want to so he became unemployed. Cheyenne apologized and kept hers. Anything he or Jenelle complain about should fall on deaf ears. Honestly, the only person who has room to talk about who MTV decides to forgive and not to forgive is Taylor Selfridge. MTV did her pretty dirty. I didn’t like her or dislike her, but what they’ve done to her is down right unfair. There’s no denying it.

      1. Most likely they got rid of Taylor because she wasn’t a main cast member. She didnt contribute much to the show and since the shows rating a in the toilet they needed to cut cost. It wasn’t worth them losing the small audience they still have left to keep a supporting cast member.

        1. LEXII exactly!! Leave our fight out of your ratings drama if that in fact is what Taylor’s firing really is about. We have serious issues we are fighting to overcome!

  12. Look at who all downvoted my post for saying you can’t be racist to white people and you’ll find the racists here

      1. You do know there is a difference between racism and prejudice right? Minorities can’t cause systemic racism, because they are the minority not the majority…however people off all races can be prejudice all day.

        1. I mean… they aren’t wrong. It shouldn’t be ok for Cheyenne to tweet Something like that,, regardless of race.

          1. Ok Karen. And it shouldn’t have been ok for Jenelle to call Kieffah the *N* word in 2014, and not have to apologize…Plus she was able to keep a job on MTV for almost 5 years after the fact.

          2. I didn’t say anything about Jenelle and kieffer. All I said was they are not wrong about Cheyenne tweeting about killing white people. Which, I couldn’t imagine you are justifying?

          3. You are missing my point. They have a lot of nerve calling someone out for their actions, when they are incapable of holding themselves accountable for anything. I will never agree with anything that comes from those 2 hypocrites, and if people took time to think about their past and present actions, they wouldn’t either.

            And no, I do not agree with Cheyenne’s tweets, any of David’s racist, xenophobic, or homophobic tweets, I don’t agree with Jenelle standing up for this loser, I don’t agree with Dee’s current tweets, and I don’t agree with anyone’s negative tweets about races…past or present.

    1. People from all races can be racist towards another race. You can’t be that stupid to think otherwise.

      1. Let me break this down for you. Minorities cannot be racist. They can be prejudice all day and here is why:

        **Prejudice is when a person negatively pre-judges another person or group without getting to know the beliefs, thoughts, and feelings behind their words and actions. A person of any racial group can be prejudiced towards a person of any other racial group. There is no power dynamic involved.

        **Bigotry is stronger than prejudice, a more severe mindset and often accompanied by discriminatory behavior. It’s arrogant and mean-spirited, but requires neither systems nor power to engage in.

        **Racism is the system that allows the racial group that’s already in power to retain power. Since arriving on U.S. soil white people have used their power to create preferential access to survival rights and resources (housing, education, jobs, voting, citizenship, food, health, legal protection, etc.) for white people while simultaneously impeding people of color’s access to these same rights and resources. Though “reverse racism” is a term I sometimes hear, it has never existed in America. White people are the only racial group to have ever established and retained power in the United States.

        David Eason is all of the above. Got it? Or are you still too “stupid” to think otherwise?

        1. What you are doing is only picking the definition that suits you best.
          Look at the article from 5 days ago. (…) The dictionary currently offers three definitions of racism, and Sokolowski said the second definition touches on Mitchum’s point – but that “we will make that even more clear in our next release”.”.

          The universal declaration of human rights is very clear I think.

          1. Nah, I’m not picking and choosing what something blatantly is, some other people on here are though. Systemic racism is a very real thing that many people experience every single day. I get it though, no one wants to accept they are covertly racist. I know I wouldn’t.

          2. Lexii is correct, minorities cannot be Racists, however they can be bigots, etc.. do some research..

  13. David w a fired for the brutal MURDER of nugget and his escalating violence. Not for racism or homophobia. He remember,he,called Dr Drew a homophobic slurs at the reunion and still collected a check. He threatened the cast and had terrified the film crew so much that they were scared to come on the land. He had an arsenal of weapons stockpiled and reminded people often th a t he wasn’t afraid to used them.. He had the FBI investigate him for threatening the president. He also threatened a shoot out if police and CPS came on his land. David was a liability. Lets not allow him to rewrite history. As far as the Challege firing. Their rating weren’t has high as TM2 and their sponsors probably threatened to cut ties faster that the TM sponsors.

    1. David was fired in 2018. Nugget was killed in 2019. Jenelle was fired for what happened to Nugget.

      1. David was fired for standing behind his homophobic rants on top of the escalating violence and threats. They gave him the chance to apologize and he refused, that’s why he was fired…and Jenelle was fired because she supported David after he murdered a puppy. They were both given the same chance Cheyenne was given to apologize, and the difference is neither of them did, but Cheyenne did.

    2. ALL OF THIS! People are really allowing David and Jenelle to manipulate them. They have made xenophobic, homophobic, racist remarks, they’ve gotten away with child abuse, were and still are a menace to society, and still kept their jobs at MTV…It took the murder of a puppy for them to finally fire Jenelle, and it took David standing in his homophobic beliefs for him to finally lose his job, not all that other stuff.

    3. That is incorrect. David was fired long before Nugget’s death.
      Jenelle had to film without David but he threatened the crew and would disrupt filming when they were in a public place.

      David made homophobic remarks but also pulled out a weapon when they were filming a reunion show. MTV had to get extra security in.
      The next day everyone had to be searched for weapons before they could enter the studio for the first time ever.

      1. It took all that before they fired David. So it wasnt just one thing. We all know, MTV was eventually going to let David film again because he was ratings gold and he was Jenelle storyline. Jenelle was pushing hard for it. The murder of nugget sealed the deal for both of them.

      2. Was this after he pulled the knife and murdered the ballons?
        Because they/he are the type of idiots who would miss use a weapon because they are to afraid/chicken to stand up to someone without a weapon.
        It gives idiots & cowards a feeling of being in control and powerful.
        Like Jennelle road rage incidents.
        Thats why David wears his weapon to cook in the kitchen.
        He definitely has small dick syndrome.
        Im still scared to death something will accidentally happen to Kaiser & they will get away with it, saying Ensley did it accidentally.
        Hell they wouldn’t even get in trouble for not locking up their guns.
        #Teflon Easons

  14. He is not wrong. Though, racism against whites does not exist, when racism is aimed at whites it is called being brave, bold and beautiful. Duh.

    1. Taylor was fired. Cheyenne could possibly be next. Taylor’s old tweets were BAD. I had never seen them before. I don’t think Cheyenne’s were ever that bad.

  15. Kills me to say it, but he may have a point. A broken clock is right twice a day, so I guess David being right once in a lifetime is plausible.

    MTV has no principles, not just with issues of racism, but also domestic violence and animal cruelty.

    I’m not saying these people in the article shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions,I just think MTV have let much more damaging behaviour slide.

    Black Lives Matter is a serious and important movement, and should not be used by MTV to make it look like they care.

  16. I never thought I would ever agree with either of them, but I actually do about this. It bothers me to see all these white people being called out on comments they made, when I have never met a person of ANY color that hasn’t made some kind of remark regarding other races and none of them are being held accountable, only the white people. It should go both ways. I bet if people dug around they could call out others, not just the white people, for some of the remarks they have made.

  17. Jenelle and David are psycho lunatics! David has and always will be a homophobic, dog & child abusing, racist backwoods POS & Jenelle is no better! Having said that Cheyenne should be held accountable for what she said as well. Her apology shouldn’t mean anything because no one else’s lame canned “I got caught so now I have to” apologies mean anything either. Cory & Taylor’s special didn’t air even though it was promoted online today. People are wondering if it was due to old racist statements that Taylor made that she has since apologized for. Guess we will get that story when MTV decides to spin one.

      1. Did you? Crap, I tried at 8p and 10p and it was Catfish! Now, there’s news articles saying MTV “pulled the special” because they are “cutting ties with Taylor”? I guess not on all time zones?

        1. I live in Canada. Maybe MTV USA weren’t airing it. I actually enjoyed the birth special more than Teen Mom OG lol

        2. MTV said they cut ties, and she said she decided not to come back? So there seem to be conflicting accounts. And the special didn’t air here in the states…Honestly in Taylors case, if she decided to leave because she was made to apologize again, I can’t blame her. She publicly apologized, and addressed it with Cheyenne on the show. I’m not sure what else they expected her to do? But with David, this guy got away with offense, after offense, after offense, so anything he’s “preaching” about, I don’t want to hear it. All he had to do was apologize for his homophobic rants and he could’ve kept his job…Taylor apologized quite a few times for tweets from the past, got to keep her job, but it’s being brought up again…If she has an issue with that, I can’t blame her.

    1. I think the issue was that he refused to apologize. They said if he posted a public apology he would not be fired

    1. But that’s the point: there should be zero tolerance for *anyone* making ugly racist statements. (Not to mention that, according to MTV, in this moment, your statement is wrong. Apparently one *can* be racist to white people without consequence.)

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