Jenelle Evans & Husband David Eason Insist He Wasn’t Fired From ‘Teen Mom 2’: Here’s The Real Story (Exclusive)

“Stop talking, stop talking…PLEASE stop talking…”

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans touched down in Los Angeles on Wednesday to attend meetings in regard to her clothing and makeup line, and was stopped at the airport by TMZ. As per usual, she was dragging her husband, David Eason, with her. The reporter wanted to discuss David getting fired from ‘Teen Mom 2,’ but the Easons insisted that David was not fired at all, despite MTV releasing an official statement on its social media accounts saying that he was.

The Ashley will explain what’s going on here, but first let’s look at what David had to say about his firing:

“MTV never fired me,” David tells TMZ. “I don’t know who posted the thing on Twitter from the MTV social media account but whoever runs MTV’s social media is not the boss man!” (During David’s speech, Jenelle looks incredibly uncomfortable.)

“That’s not the person that makes the rules,” he adds. “They said that and that’s fine, but they never called me and said I was fired. They never told me that I’m not getting my money so they can do whatever they want, because it doesn’t really matter to me. They have not treated me unfairly. They told me, ‘Hey, we don’t want to film with you for the next three episodes’ and I said, ‘Well, great’ because I never wanted to film in the first place.”

When asked if he will be on “next season,” Jenelle pipes in and says “if we want to do it.”

The Ashley went to her sources, who were able to explain things a bit more.

“David said that because he doesn’t believe he got fired; he thinks he quit. Basically, he was on the phone with [the MTV producers] who were not going to fire him, but they needed to have him apologize for what he said [on Twitter]. David refused to do that, and started spouting off even more [hateful] stuff. So by not agreeing to do what they wanted, he knew he was going to be off the show. So he believes HE made that choice, not MTV.”

The source also said that David will, indeed, be paid for all of the episodes he appears in that were filmed before the Twitter rant in mid-February, which is the bulk of the 8B season. (As The Ashley told you on Wednesday, Jenelle is set to resume filming for the season next week.)

Regarding what David said about only being fired for “three episodes,” here’s what The Ashley’s source tells her:

“On this count, David’s not really lying,” the source told The Ashley. “They have footage of Jenelle with David for all but about the last three episodes [of Season 8B], so that’s true. The girls don’t know if they will be getting a Season 9 yet, so [the producers] told him that. But if Season 9 happens, he will not be part of it.”

There were a few other gems in the interview, including David stating that he doesn’t owe the LGBTQ community an apology for what he said about them (including comparing them to flea-covered dogs) because he doesn’t deal with any LGBTQ people!

“I mean, I don’t even know what [LGBTQ] means!” David said. “For gay people or whatever, if that’s what that means, yeah, I’m sorry. But see, I don’t even know. I don’t study that.

“It’s not in my life, it’s not in my family’s life to have to worry about something like that,” David added. “If it become a problem, then we would focus on it then.” (And, no, that’s not a typo; David actually said it just like that.)

Watch the full interview below:

(Photo: Twitter)


  1. Does anyone remember last Teen Mom 2 reunion when Dr Drew was talking to Jenelle and David did not like what he was asking her, David said “He’s probably a faggot.” David is a special kind of stupid

  2. i don’t know about anyone else but the look on jenelles face says it all, lol. i think the honeymoon is over. she may have bitten off more than she can chew this time.

  3. If Farrah hadn’t fired just before this, then I bet Jenelle would have been fired. You can see MTV scrambling just to fill Farrah’s empty spot so I can seem them biting the bullet as they can’t fill 2 empty spots.

    They should just merge both OG and TM2. Chelsea is super happy and has a perfect life so they really don’t need her anymore. Get rid of Brianna. And keep the rest and shoot double seasons if they need to fill the timeslot. Stop paying this idiot already

    1. I almost agree with you, but I don’t understand why so many people want to get rid of Chelsea. Yes, she’s the most put together on the franchise, that’s why she’s the only one I really like to watch. Everyone else I just wait for the shit show in the recaps. If anyone should keep their MTV paycheck and keep on doing their thing, it’s Chelsea. I don’t find “functional adult” synonymous with “boring.” She’s actually a parent to a grade schooler, an infant, and has one on the way. She’s got plenty going on to cover in her segments.

  4. If there’s not a season 9 (which I’m sure there will be, unfortunately) you can bet that WeTv will be salivating to give these two degenerates a show

  5. what a liar he most certainly know what he was saying as did she. You also forgot the part of the interview when janelle says people smoking weed oding on herorin hello pot meet kettle. So she didn’t get fired, she still thinks she has the pull to say what she wants and sadly mtv is giving it to her

  6. Just out of curiosity, does anyone care what happens at this point to any adult on this show, and would you want to have any of them as a fire?

  7. How low does one’s self-esteem have to be to think that he’s a prize. You can tell by the look on Jenelle’s face that she’s intimidated b him and will back anything he says, no matter how ludicrous. David is the king of “The Land” and I can not imagine how bad it is for all the children. How really hit the jackpot with Jenelle: woman with no self worth (check), no close friends or family (check), get on television (check), continue to have no job (check) impregnate (check), marry (check), isolate physically and mentally (check)……… I watch a lot of Dateline and I really hope this situation doesn’t go that route, hopefully someone can get through to her.

  8. There is something seriously wrong with him. Morally and developmentally. Like, I know we don’t the “the ‘R’ word” anymore, but I legitimately thing this guy is functionally retarded. Like Forrest Gump level. Except he’s not even a decent human being.

  9. OMG! Please make it stop. He didn’t want to film in the first place. Then why did you? Why don’t you go out and get a real job? Ha Ha. Jenelle said we’ll film if we want to. Bitch please, you’ll never give up that MTV money. Where else can you make that kind of money sitting on your ass crying poor me. Please make these two go away forever.

  10. Jenelle just stood there and did not DARE to interrupt David while he was talking and she never do that with any of her other soulmates plus she named other TM people that weren’t fired so he did get fired

  11. What really gets me is that she complained about Ryan on drugs and what not did she forget she shot up heroin with kieffa and never got fired!?!? She also smoked week while pregnant! What a piece of selfish trash! She has no room to be talking about Ryan when at least he admitted on camera he had a drug problem and went to rehab. Jenelle just denies everything and nothing is ever her fault.

    1. She straight up said in the interview they shot her doing those things. I was actually really surprised she took responsibility for them – but still blamed mtv for letting her do it and not firing her.

      1. It’s more telling that she acknowledged that behavior. It goes to show she has a very strong concept of right and wrong, but chooses to act accordingly. To me it made her seem less batshit crazy and more just shitty human being (especially as she silently listened to David rant about how “gays don’t affect him” when his own WIFE had lesbian sex with Tori….)

        1. Yeah but to him that doesn’t count as “gay”. He’s the idiot that thinks that’s hot if it’s two girly girls. If he can get off on it, the creeper.

  12. Jenelle does look legitimately worried as her homophobic hero spouts off his hate, but the really scary part is the threatening look in his eyes as she speaks. He is almost commanding her to stick to his script, or face the consequences.

  13. These child abusing animal abusing pieces of Shit, should get punished ) by mtv not rewarded with a huge sum of money to film on their swamp, ( sacked and no companies touch them with a barge pole)
    So now these moms and their spouses think they are invincible!!!!!! MTV should stop this shite show and go back to just playing music.

    I think they’ve all our grown this show and they all need to get in to the real world and get jobs, and keep their lives private now.

    #shame in you MTV ????

  14. I’m trying really hard to not sound like a petty and spiteful troll with this comment (so please give me the benefit of the doubt) but if all the MTV girls, Jenelle’s fashion and beauty tastes are not ones I would personally embrace or purchase. Her save-the-date photo ensemble comes to mind right now.

    Serious question—does Jenelle have actual fans? People who think she is a decent person, responsible parent, or admirable in any way? I am the first to admit I hate-watch Jenelle because I can’t believe that one person could be as truly terrible as she.

    1. Jenelle has fans. If you go to Twitter or Instagram, you will be amazed at how many different people tell her she is a wonderful mom who “deserves Jace back”. It makes me weep for humanity.

    2. Its scary but yes she does…maybe they are just really sarcastic?
      My favorite line is “I am so proud of you…you have come so far”
      Yes from shooting up to smoking pot while pregnant, i am so proud of her.
      (They even try to validate her getting while pregnant)

  15. As much as I hate to admit it, these knuckleheads do actually have a point. The heroin use, pornography, driving while on heroin, smoking weed while driving, etc etc etc ALL of those should have been fireable offenses! ALL of them! I can see how these people who refuse to acknowledge their bad behavior would see this firing as unfair. Because it is! They should have been fired a long damn time ago!

  16. Jenelle, I have a great tag line for your makeup line – “Covers up meth scabs, ladies!” You’ll have to try to stop getting caught on camera in airports without wearing it though.

  17. David insists he didn’t get fired and 30 seconds later Jenelle’s complaining saying They didn’t fire me for heroin, almost ODing, weed, they didn’t fire Ryan for driving drunk, “But He Gets Fired”. So obviously you did get fired David, you lying dumbass, because your wife just said you did!

  18. Oh FFS how about you both put down your phones, get off Twitter, get off drugs, get on some meds for your rage issues, and take care of your kids for a change. Trash.

    1. And these trash companies that give people like Jenelle and David clothing and makeup lines should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves.

  19. Where in the f**k does MYV get off thinking that an apology from this jerk is sufficient or acceptable??? I’m sorry, mtv knows damn well an apology wouldn’t be sincere or hear felt but they pushed it to change vet their own asses. Very appearant that mtv can careless of what he said or how it hurt and insulted people.. shame on them too!

  20. Just end these shows. It’s LONG LONG LONG past time these ignorant entitled assholes join the real world. They are no longer entertaining. Even to point and laugh at.

  21. The school David went to ‘arnt well.’ It was hard to tear my eyes away from his maniacal energy and refocus on Jenelle.

    I thought her head might implode from all the thoughts flitting across her expressions. UBT has got her under his thumb, its creepy the control he has.

    1. Yep and if she ever decides to try to get out, he won’t let it happen. And where would she go? He’s got her isolated from everyone and has her brainwashed to think Barb is evil. When she knows damn well that Barb took her in time and time again in between every abusive boyfriend. And deep down she knows that Barb will be the only one to take her in again if she were to leave David. Jenelle is no dummy. She knows the truth but just covers it all up to present a certain image when she’s with each abusive boyfriend. And then once they break up she ends up telling the truth. Scary pattern, b/c one of these times she’s not going to get out.

  22. We think we see the worst of Jenelle on TM2 with her screaming tantrums but when we get this glimpse into the calm & normal side of her life and she reveals her actual opinions on the world outside herself, she’s yet even worse. She completely dismisses that there’s any issue with David’s homophobic comments.

    All her drug history, abortion(s), fornication, violence, child neglect, and she jumps on a biblical high horse when it comes to homosexuality. Astonishing. And convenient.

    Oh wait, not that convenient because her and Tori had sex.

  23. Jenelles not realizing that everyone else that behaved badly on the show either apologized, or MTV was able to use a PSA after their clips as a kind of damage control about drug abuse, depression, mental health or pregnancy prevention. There is no damage control or PSA for disgusting bigoted remarks. These two are SO delusional, and the fact they’re raising 3 kids is VERY scary.

  24. His family doesn’t deal with it because it’s not in his family. But clearly stupidity is in your family and you don’t deal with that either. That would be a good start if you did!!

  25. “I don’t study that!” ????. He don’t study nothing because no one ever told him he had to. ???

  26. David is right. Just like with Farrah, MTV never fired anyone. They gave these idiots ultimatums and they are both so hard-headed that they didn’t give into it. MTV is as spineless as it ever has been and it sucks because when I read these two assholes were fired, I thought they were REALLY FIRED. But, no. MTV actually gave the she-devil an option to not do cam shows and she could stay. And David was told to give an apology and everything would be fine. MTV is a piece of shit, just like some of its “stars”.

    1. Exactly. I’m sure they’ll both be back. I get that MTV is a business and all, and the whole point is for them to make money, but enough is enough. When you’re firing producers left and right over nothing but there are no rules for these assholes, there’s a biiiiiig problem. I’d be so disgusted if I worked at MTV.

  27. So if you weren’t fired, David, what do you think the “we will not film with you” comment means??? It means you are done. You are finished. You are not longer apart of the show. You will no longer be receiving a paycheck because you will not appear be associated with the show. YOU WERE FIRED.

  28. Why does she look like she is holding her gas in or she did it and hoping he doesn’t smell it. Clothing and make-up, how original!

  29. You could see it all over jenelle’s face, she’s thinking “God dude just shut up.” She’s afraid she really will get cut from tm2 and it’ll be all her tool of a husband’s fault. Her makeup sucks, her clothing line is generic. We all know he doesn’t want to get a job and she doesn’t either, you know saving lives and whatnot?

  30. They both seemed so calm from what you see on the show. Jenelle was super quiet when he talked. It’s either because she is scared of what happens if she talks over him and he becomes abusive at home or she is very respectful of her man. I don’t think it’s the latter.

  31. Hey The Ashley. ? I just wanted to clarify something about Jenelle’s part in this interview. ? She’s talking about herself… She’s not saying, “They shouldn’t be,” she’s actually saying, “They showed me shooting up heroin. They showed me smoking weed. They showed me almost ODing on a couch.”

    Funny how David’s opening line is, “They didn’t fire me.” Yet, Janelle is listing off all those things that MTV showed her doing to make the point that they still didn’t fire her.

    EPIC FAILURES, the both of them.

  32. Whyyyyy wouldn’t they have just fired him?! I see why he thinks it was his choice.. he should have never been given an opportunity to even resume filming.. their sense of entitlement is ridiculous-I hope they don’t resume, as much as I love watching the show I’m ready for them to have to figure out how to live without the shows money.

  33. She’s scum. They are the scum of the Earth ! They are pure trash ! Mtv needs to silence both of them …. FOREVER!!!! I’m so sick of TMZ even giving these 2 losers the time of Day ! Stop !

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