‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Announces She’s Pregnant With Her Third Child

“There’s another Baby Cole-y on the way!”

The stork is once again visiting Teen Mom 2 stars Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer!

Chelsea surprised her 5 million Instagram followers on Thursday night when she announced that she is pregnant with her third child. Chelsea somehow managed to keep her third pregnancy under wraps for a long time; in her announcement she revealed that Baby DeBoer will be arriving soon– and it’s a girl!

“GUESS WHAT!” Chelsea captioned a photo of a sonogram she posted to Instagram. “A sweet baby girl will be joining the DeBoer clan in a few short months! We could not be more excited!”

Cole posted the same photo, along with the caption, “This proud dad is getting a new Bow ? and it’s nailed my heart!”

Chelsea and Cole did not reveal exactly when their daughter is due, but ‘Teen Mom 2’ can expect her pregnancy to be covered in the upcoming Season 8B, which Chelsea and the other ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls have been filming for the last six months or so.

Chelsea’s dad, Randy Houska, congratulated himself and Chelsea’s stepmom for not spilling the baby beans.

“I would like official recognition from Chelsea that Rita Houska and I are the most awesome secret keepers #BOOM #1moreDeBoer,” Randy wrote on Twitter.

This will be the second child for Cole (who shares one-year-old Watson with Chelsea) and the third for Chelsea who, in addition to Watson, has eight-year-old daughter Aubree with her ex, Adam Lind.

“Aubree did such a great job keeping this a secret and she said at school on Monday she’s gonna walk in and start yelling it down the hallways!” Chelsea told MTV News.

Chelsea said that Cole is thrilled as well, and talks to her baby bump every night.

“I’m ecstatic to have another princess under our roof,” Cole told MTV News. “The men in this household are standing their ground even though we are now outnumbered.”

UPDATE! On Friday, Chelsea informed her Twitter followers that she’s “about four months” along in her pregnancy (and due in September). She even posted a photo of her baby bump.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram, Twitter)


  1. How long will it be until Jenelle announces that she’s pregnant too and that Chelsea should stop copying her?? ?

    1. Of course it’s them. Chelsea is taking the news away from them. Besides what else do they have to do with their time, it’s not like their working.

    2. The extra three is from Kaiser, Mryssa (sp?) and Jace’s electronic devices….by David and Janelle.

  2. I try not to let reality TV affect my life too much, but I legitimately got emotional when a friend texted me this news!
    I am so excited for the DeBoer family! Congratulations to everyone!

  3. Yay!!!! Congrats chelsea!!! One of the only good moms on the show. Wonder how pissed off jenelle is about this. Shes gonna say she is just a copy cat blah,blah,blah… No she is in a healthy loving relationship and a stable household. Something jenelle will never have.

  4. They have the cutest and most stable family on TM, and they seem genuinely happy! Congratulations DeBoer family!

  5. I love how positive the responses are to this fabulous news! She’s by far my fave mom (can’t call her a teen!) Cole dotes on both children, regardless of the fact that he isn’t the birth father of Aubrey. They have a stable home, cole has an ACTUAL job and I am sure Chelsea did prior to having Watson. Now THIS is a role model teen girls and boys! It’s bloody hard being a mum, teen or not! Chelsea learnt the hard way, with some help from MTV xx

  6. Another healthy child being brought into the world.

    One that’s not born high, or viewers have to worry about being punched in the head with drugged up fists and neglected.

    Damn, what a freaking breath of fresh, clean, BREATHABLE air!!

    Go Chelsea and Cole! All the very best to you and your happy, growing family!

  7. Congrats!!!! This story is like a breath of fresh air. So tired of hearing about the David and Jenelle crap.

  8. This makes me happy, her and Cole are such loving parents to Aubree and Watson! Can’t wait to see how cute this baby is!

  9. See people are happy about this news because they are a normal loving couple. They have always had jobs and have never been dependent on MTV money. They have a backup plan when the train goes away.

    I am so happy for the whole family.

  10. That’s so exciting! If she’s expecting at the end of the summer, then she’s probably at the beginning of her second trimester, which is when most people make a pregnancy announcement publicly. She is bringing a baby into a stable, happy family that doesn’t rely solely on Teen Mom to earn a living. THIS is why she gets all the congratulations. No one is concerned that her children are neglected or abused. They all look so happy and healthy. Chelsea really grew up and it’s been really nice to see.

  11. In a twitter comment she said the baby girl is due at the end of summer! It’s crazy how excited we all get when she announces something special; take a hint other girls cause you are obviously doing something wrong….

  12. Woot Woot!! Congrats to the DeBoers!!!! What an awesome year for all of them! Aubs has the last name officially and now a new sister…. awesome!

  13. Why not?! She waited longest from other teenmoms and found a guy who i bet is a fantastic father. Wish them a!l the best and even more de boer babys:p

    1. She can have as many as she wants. Shes married to a good man who LOVES her and her kids. They both have JOBS outside of teen mom. Her husband isnt named LURCH and she doesnt do Drugs evey chance she gets or while pregnant. She also has custody of all her kids. She also doesnt live on the LAND where sadly a murder suicide will likely take place. Take a seat

        1. Why do you care? Chelsea’s family is well taken care of. They’re not living off of aid or anything that you think would affect you. Chelsea has said she doesn’t even use the support Adam does occasionally pay. She takes care of her kids.

          1. Medicaid paid for her ACL surgery. Rewatch it, if you don’t believe me.

            P/S I like Chelsea, so not a hater.

          2. She has the most important job in the world. Anyone who thinks that being a stay at home mom is not a job isn’t doing it right. Enjoy every second of those babies, they will be grown and gone before you know it.

      1. She doesn’t work and hasn’t in years
        So Jane you take several seats love

        1. If her job is that she is a stay-at-home mom, I’m quite sure she does work. 🙂 😉 Just sayin’. Raising three children isn’t a cake-walk. You go, Chels!

  14. wow this means all the girls from teen mom 2 all have 3 kids now. wonder if anyone will break it and have a fourth

    1. I think the first will be Jenelle. Wouldn’t be surprised if she makes an announcement very soon (YOU KNOW she wants to be Chelsea!) or/and makes David impregnate her……also ew.

  15. Congratulations to Chelsea and Cole! May you be blessed with a healthy, happy baby and a lifetime of love. You, Chelsea, of all your cast mates, have defied the odds and have earned all the love and happiness in your life. So excited for you.

  16. Chelsea is the definition of a “glow up”, in her style, health, confidence, man choice, hair, makeup, tanning. She is goals!

    1. Goals? Seriously?? Too far bud.

      Get pregnant at 16 by a loser, let daddy fund you and your kid’s lifestyle, then put your kid and your business on national television. THEN, continue to sleep with loser baby daddy until you find someone else wherein you can pretend to have it all. Don’t do anything to actually support yourself – cause you have tv checks and a husband. And then pop out more babies on top!

      Wear craptons of makeup, pile your hair into nasty ratty buns daily, sit around like a pig until you’re ready to get married and then lose weight.

      Goals? Hahahahahahaha

      1. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when they are young. It’s how you learn and behave *after* you make mistakes that shows true character. Was Chelsea lucky to have a father who was well off and able to support her when she was young? Of course. But you don’t see her mooching off anyone now that she’s older and established. She’s not out there making excuses for herself like some of the others on the show.

        How does Chelsea “..not do anything to support herself”-? Like it or not, being on television IS a job. Just because it’s not traditional work doesn’t make it any less of an income source, or something to put down. Additionally Cole works outside the home while Chelsea is raising her family, something millions of people across the globe do. She’s clearly a devoted and loving mother, and was smart enough to learn from her past mistakes in men and settle down with someone who is a good person, to both her and the children.

        1. Chelsea also is a licensed esthetician and was working then stopped when she was still pregnant with Watson.

      2. Bitter much? Who cares if Chelsea and her husband “pop out” more babies? They’re married, stable, and have non-Teen Mom income. Besides, three kids total isn’t even a lot…Its not like they have 6 kids between them like the swamp people. Watson and the new baby will be 18-20 months apart, also not unusual.

        Like it or not Chelsea does support herself. Besides, there is nothing wrong with being a SAHM, especially when all of the children are clearly loved and cared for. It’s obvious both Chelsea and Cole adore their kids.

        We all saw Chelsea waste several years on Adam, but she seems to have moved on and is living a happy, stable life. I get you not wanting to aspire to be Chelsea (I think she’s normal, not inspirational) but that was way harsh (Tai).

      3. Don’t support yourself because of tv checks and a husband? I don’t have tv checks but I do have a husband who earns enough for us to live comfortably with me staying home. Not every stay at home mom is a lazy loser. She also has an esthetician license she can use whenever she chooses. AND you’ve obviously never been a young parent because it is VERY easy to fall back into unhealthy cycles with your child’s father. Some of us break it quicker than others, no need to be a nasty bitch.

      4. Don’t support yourself because of tv checks and a husband? I don’t have tv checks but I do have a husband who earns enough for us to live comfortably with me staying home. Not every stay at home mom is a lazy loser. She also has an esthetician license she can use whenever she chooses. AND you’ve obviously never been a young parent because it is VERY easy to fall back into unhealthy cycles with your child’s father. Some of us break it quicker than others, no need to be a nasty bitch.

      5. So what if her father supported her and her child? She isn’t allowed to accept her father’s help?
        Yes she made some mistakes, but she ALWAYS put her daughter first. She did not go do drugs or get pregnant by the first loser she met.
        She took advantage of the opportunity presented to her by MTV. Took and still takes good care of her daughter and made sure her future and he kids’ future are set.
        How is that not something to be happy about or applaud her for?
        Why are you hating on her?

  17. Chelsea: Congrats!

    Jenelle: I know you are reading this. Yes we are happy for Chelsea. Because she is bringing a child into a happy life situation.

      1. Does anyone else see these multiple downvotes for posts that are specifically calling out Jenelle and think that Jenelle is signing into the Ashley from every single different device she and lurch and the children have just so she can downvote multiple times? There’s the string of single downvotes upthread where we’re not specifically calling Jenelle out, but just being happy for Chelsea. But then we get to these that are basically like “Jenelle, you wish you could be Chelsea—she’s doing it all right, you’re doing it all wrong,” and suddenly she needs to find ways to do multiple downvotes to make it seem like she has fans out there supporting her.

    1. Oh god, you know she’s FUMING ? you think her and lurch are planning baby #683937 to steal some of Chelsea’s attention?

      1. I was wondering if maybe Adam follows this site. Lol. Hitting the meth pipe, checking out the Ashley. What a bunch of negative people.

  18. I feel like a proud Mama seeing Chelsea grow up, find the man she deserved all along, be such a good Mom, still have her good close friends, and just be happy with her happy little family. Congratulations to all!

  19. Aw! congrats to her and her growing family! She has come so far since her days of chasing behind Adumb….Cole seems to be quite the catch!

    1. Funny your name is Lexi and that’s your comment. Lexi on young and pregnant reminds me of young Chelsea chasing douchy adam. Lexis bf Tyler acts just like Adam.

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