Jenelle Evans Says She’s Not a Racist & Declares “Everyone Hates Me!” in New Video: ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Bar Smith & Ashley Jones Weigh In

“I’m not racist…and stuff, dude…”

After more than a week of silence, former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans finally spoke out on Tuesday on the murder of George Floyd, following a gush of followers calling her a racist.

In a video posted to her Instagram Stories, Jenelle demanded people stop calling her a racist for not speaking out at all, despite nearly all of her former ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars doing so. Jenelle and her husband David Eason have been accused of being racists for years, due to their social media posts (with David declaring in 2018 that he was a “proud white man” and frequently blasting the Black Lives Matter movement.)

Needless to say, Jenelle’s followers— as well as several members of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise cast— were not amused by her video. 

In the minute-long clip, Jenelle, wearing her white ‘Teen Mom’ bathrobe (as you do) and standing in her bathroom on The Land, told her followers to stop calling her a racist.

“I have a lot of people reaching out to me on social media right now about Black Lives Matter, and they want to know why I haven’t spoke out since I am a social media influencer.”

(Insert giggle here.) 

“I’m not racist by any means, and I do not condone what that police officer did to George Floyd, and I’m very sorry that happened,” Jenelle said. “With this being said, I would like for all the racist comments to stop being sent to my inbox and I’d appreciate if you guys would stop calling me a racist because I haven’t spoke out yet.

“Just because I haven’t spoke out yet, you do not know my opinion, so don’t sit there and judge,” Jenelle instructed. “This is a very touchy subject, and I feel like every time I open my mouth about anything, whether it’s politics, whether it’s race, or it’s about parenting, everyone hates me, no matter what I say! So I’m not trying to comment on anything right now!” 

“Well Juh-nelle! Ya not wrong about that one!”

Jenelle then reiterated that she does not agree that George Floyd should have been murdered.

“I do want to let you guys know that I do think it was wrong, and I’m so sorry it happened,” she said. “It shouldn’t have happened. And it’s bulls**t that it did.”

She then reposted a follower’s post, proclaiming her to be a “MILF.”

As you do…

After Jenelle posted her video rant, several members of the ‘Teen Mom’ cast provided their reaction on social media.

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star Ashley Jones was particularly outspoken about what Jenelle had to say, noting that Jenelle and David have both shared their racist views proudly in the past.

“Girl you and your husband both are some punk bitch ass racist hoes,” Ashley wrote in the comment section of a ‘Teen Mom’ fanpage that reshared Jenelle’s video. “Just say it, what’s the point in making a whole explanation video cause we know you are lying.”

Ashley’s baby daddy, Bar Smith, also commented on Jenelle’s video. In his tweet, he referred to a comment Jenelle posted to her Facebook page on Monday that said, “Well while all of you are rioting and destroying your precious cities, I’ll be far far away on my boat away from all of you.”

“While you guys are destroying your precious cities’…shut that s**t up. You just ain’t spoke up cause you are a racist and David’s racist bitch ass gone kick you off[f] The Land if you speak up. F**k you and what you stand for,” Bar wrote.

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans will remember, Jenelle was called out on-stage at the final Reunion she attended by host Nessa for many of the comments she and David posted on their social media accounts about Nessa’s boyfriend (and early Black Lives Matter movement protester) Colin Kaepernick.

At first, Jenelle denied having posted anything about Colin, then tried to lie and say she had no control over her social media accounts. Nessa continued to ask questions about Jenelle’s racist posts, until the encounter ended with Jenelle running off stage crying. 

David has been very outspoken against the Black Lives Matter movement. On Wednesday, he posted a barrage of messages to Instagram Stories, including the pip below.

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter)


  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I wish people would leave jannelle alone I can’t imagine constantly being attacked

  2. #Youareignorant Try doing a tiny bit of research and thinking outside your own arse and you would see why all lives matter is stupid. Invented by butt hurt white people (& I’m white btw)

    “To those accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression”


      There have been so many simple analogies that explain why all lives matter is an idiotic and tone deaf statement. Please do 5 minutes of research to find out why your comment is so stupid.

  3. WHEW!…Everyone knows that her a David are racist AF…didn’t she call Kieffah the n-word a few times? Jenelle and David are seriously the EPITOME of what’s wrong with America. They are selfish and lack empathy. They abuse kids, fearmonger and intimidate the general public, they get mad at the way people protest and then cry when they get called out for it, they beat each other up, murder pets, they disrespect our vets, file fake restraining orders, abuse and misuse emergency services, the list is ENDLESS…I swear you name any bad thing a person could do, and it is on at least one of their track records…and the sick thing is, they get away with it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Let a black person do ONE THING Jenelle or David have done and gotten away with, that black person would be put under the jail. This, for the people in the back who refuse to see it…is why blacks are FED UP. People that look like Jenelle and David get 84917934798784 chances, and a black man gets murdered for spending a counterfit $20.

  4. Your white privilege is showing Jenelle. “ME, ME, ME, everything is about ME!! Who cares about social justice reform, who cares about police brutality, and who cares about other people. WHAT ABOUT ME!! PEOPLE HATE ME…WWAAAHHHH, feel sorry for ME! I am a victim!”

  5. It is strange that influencers never has to speak up and “use their platform” when a white person is killed by a black cop… When that happen the cop must be freed….

    Also, is Bar and Ashley the result of the american school?

    1. I don’t even know where to start with your comment. POC are far more likely to be killed by white police officers, and they have been systematically oppressed for decades. Also, it is *have to speak up, and *are Bar and Ashley. You might want to check your own grammar before criticizing somebody else’s education.

      1. Actual facts.
        More whites than blacks were killed by police last year.

        Not that any of this is okay….

        1. Since 2013
          3378 whites killed by cops
          1944 black killed by cops

          Download the report and read the facts.

          The charts are misleading because based of percentages.

          1. Because white people are the majority of the population. But compared to the % of blacks killed by cop, and the % of the black population in America, the death rate by cop for blacks is very disturbing, along with the incarceration rates. People who don’t want to listen love to try and change the narriative of the discussion/the real issue. Instead of listening, they try to insert themselves and make it about them…they sound just like Jenelle and her whole Everyody hates ME BS excuse.

  6. My personal opinion, I don’t think Janelle herself is intentionally racist, homophobic, etc. I am not denying she is complete and utter garbage, a waste of human life and air. Here’s how I see it I don’t believe she is capable of conscious rational moral adult thought. She’s just not. She goes along with whatever her soulmate of the week says. Now David is 1000% racist and homophobic and since she does nothing to combat that and sings his praises. Therefore she’s no better than a racist homophobe.
    Idk if it matters (and I’m not using it as an excuse because she had made her own choices) I don’t think you just born as the type of person Janelle is. Everyone is talking about how hate and racism are taught and I completely agree but a step further I don’t think complete psychosis is just born. I feel like there is a lot we don’t know and fully believe Janelle had to have been physically, emotionally, and sexually abused to be as psychotic as she is. It doesn’t just happen. And sadly there are three kids being emotionally and physically abused by her and David on a daily basis while being brought up to believe his hateful disgusting racist homophobic views. It’s a shame because unless these kids have someone teaching them it’s not right they will end up the same way and the hatred and racism will continue.

    1. I actually completely agree. She is whoever David wants her to be. David is a racist piece of garbage, so she’s a racist piece of garbage, and that makes her no better than David.

      Also, the way she talked about the murder of George Floyd….”It’s sad that happened. It shouldn’t have happened.”

      Like she was discussing how the price of bread had gone up at the grocery store, not how a police officer suffocated a man while he begged for his life for nearly ten excruciating minutes. Just casual, and entirely flippant.

      And that was ALL she mentioned. No thought to how systemic oppression works, no thoughts on how current police tactics and leadership had contributed to this. Just “oh, he died. Too bad.” And she thinks that’s acceptable.

      I guess we can expect no less from the King and Queen of the Swamp Racists.

    2. Time and time again we see Jenelle “morph” into whatever her current fling is like. Nathan was into fitness, so we saw a physically fit Jenelle. David is a giant redneck racist swamp thing….and we see Jenelle is too. Jenelle simply cannot be herself…she has a major desire to fit into the mold of whatever her current fling is like as well. Its fascinating to watch….

      1. She’s a relationship chameleon. I have a relative who is one and it has been interesting to see them morph over the years based on who their significant other is at the time.

        In Jenelle’s case each new relationship is worse than the last so she keeps getting more and more awful. She’s waaaay too damaged at this point for a nice, normal guy to want anything to do with her so there’s no hope for her morphing into something better than she is. And the kids suffer the most from her poor mating habits. I can’t imagine finding someone worse than David, but once they’re finally through she’ll probably manage to scrape the bottom of the dumpster really hard and emerge with a total POS soulmate. Perhaps by that point she’ll be broke and off the radar.

        Speaking of continually getting away with crimes, what ever happened to the charges against David for the towing incident anyway?

    3. Nah….I can see your thinking with that, only because she does seem to transform into whoever she’s dating, but I remember when she called Kieffah the N-word in some leaked texts. She was mad that Kieffah was talkin shit about Nathan, and proceeded to call him the N word…spelled it with an “ER” and everything….She is what she is.

  7. I am absolutely disgusted with what happened to George Floyd. Beyond sick over it.

    I believe a lot of America’s current proplems are a human problem rather than a color race problem!!

    No matter your race we all just need to be decent humans!!!

    As for Janelle… Like some else said, leave her alone. Why are we still wasting our time, rotting our brains bickering over her?!? Let her be. Seriously. I give her props on attempting to move on with her life and do her own thing. If theyre lying racists…. So what, they have the right to be, just like we have the right to ignore them!!

    Buuuut I love that everyone has shiit to say to Adurey. She annoys the piss outta me with her hatred towards “the dog killer” move along already. You, just like the Easons, are played out home girl!! Not that I condone shaming Adurey, but I can sure as shiit chuckle over it!!

    Let’s all just be good to each other. Our country is hurting!!

    Yes, I am white.

    And NO i would never choose a dog over a human… black white yellow nor purple!!

    People, human, white, brown & black lives all matter.

    Unless you’re a shiiity human and can slowly kill someone with no remorse because “you’re the law”… your life doesn’t matter homie!! The fact that the cop is still alive is pretty amazing to me. He won’t make it long. They’ll eventually get him!!

  8. Jenelle does what David says, and he IS racist as fuck which means so is she. She’s either racist or being racist isn’t a deal breaker for her, both are equally obnoxious.

    But I will agree with her on one point. Everyone does, in fact, hate her.

    1. “Everyone does, in fact, hate her.” Probably the only accurate thing she’s ever said in her entire life 🤣🤣

  9. I don’t think Jenelle is racist. She plays whatever role her significant other wants her to play. Let’s not forget she dated Kiefer. DAVID is a 1000% racist. I just want people to leave her alone. She’s not on TM anymore. Just let her go into obscurity. 20 years from now let’s see her on MTV with a catch up special. Living on the streets begging for money.

  10. So funny that Ashley Siren, the known racist, the no better than Hoenell, is calling her out. Bariki being the criminal that he is, calling out the swamp couple? Ashley done hit herself in the face too hard, she may have brain damage. Hoenell spoke out, and she got called out. She was in place of damn if you do and damn if you don’t. If she was racist, Keefer wouldn’t have been the love of her life. MTV gave the world this gift of delightful characters. Most of the casts are shameful cringe inducing backwards asses.

  11. I don’t think Jenelle is racist but we all know how she rolls whatever her current significant other believes in so does she. I’m honestly amazed David is with Jenelle due to her being with Keiffer for so many years in the past. He is a typical racist white male who thinks hes better than everybody else due to his skin color but is actually more of a piece of crap them most people in the world. He doesn’t work and doesn’t lets his wife foot the bill on their life. I am no Jenelle fan but feel sorry for how ignorant she is to life in general. sad that she is raising children when she cant even take care of or think for herself.AA

    1. Good thing David is a good white male role model. Oh wait, no. Ok, at least he didn’t actually kill anyone. Oh wait, no.

  12. Says she doesn’t want to comment on it because everyone hates her etc.
    While making a comment about it AND making it about herself and playing a victim…
    Wouldn’t expect anything less from her.

    1. The dog’s murder was horrible but how about we focus on the racism and murder of a man in cold blood? Our country is burning. Cops are turning on American citizens and attacking peaceful protesters. And you’re focused on the dog right now? Let me guess…you’re white? It’s showing. Get your priorities straight.


      1. You don’t know me or how I feel about George Floyd’s Death. You need to STFU! This post was not about the murder of this man or protesters. Go for Jenelle! In the midst of this all, she’s whining about how everyone hates her!

        1. There’s no need to say stfu. The poster has a point. Like in that Amy cooper video, people were more worried about her dog than the fact that she’s literally trying to commit murder by cop towards a black man. White people have this tendency to care more about dogs than they do black people. And it’s obnoxious.

          That’s all they were saying. Maybe take a second to learn instead of telling someone to STFU and keeping your mind closed.

      2. Why are you not attacking everyone else? New rule…No one is allowed to comment on anything but what EMMATHEREVELATOR says.

        1. To Audrey Stewart, instead of being ignorant and aggressive, you should LISTEN to what people are staying instead of saying “STFU” and being defensive. The only thing people were saying is that this is about Jenelle and her husband being racists. Everyone already knows David is a dog killer. We’re now talking about a major national issue that is occurring in this country right now. Try being more open minded because your ignorance is showing

          1. And BTW, the fact that you think I was attacking you for simply saying Black lives matter, and then AGREEING with you by saying fuck Jenelle and David, and acting like you’re some sort of victim right now is EXACTLY how Jenelle acts. You should think about that. Nobody attacked you. At least I didn’t

      3. Kail made it about her. When everybody went black yesterday. She was twitting about being sexually assaulted. The story is about Jenelle.

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